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MYGIP Side Story Chapter 3


Despite the fact that he had run away, Isley stood in front of the carriage waiting for me. While I got up from my seat and opened the door, his face regained its original color, perhaps calming his mind. He hesitated and reached for me as I went down the stairs. His large hands were full of calluses. The rough deformed hands from long training.

“… Would you like to come down?”

“It’s okay. I will do it.”

Isley, who smiled embarrassedly, withdrew his hand.

After stepping on the floor, I arrived at the factory, following the memories of my previous visit to Upis. When I opened both doors and went inside, I saw about three employees making things. They nodded towards me. And one of them came with a prototype that had just been completed.

“Miss, this is the prototype and paper you requested last time.”

“Thank you.”

I received the prototype and took a close look at the exterior. It looks just like the one I saw in my previous life. If so, is the function the same? Just as I was about to test it, Isley asked, pointing to the prototype.

“What’s this?”

He opened his eyes and looked at things.

Come to think of it, this must be the first time he has seen it.

It would still be an awkward thing for people in this world.

“It is a ball point pen. It’s called a ballpoint pen.”

“Pen? This is the first name I’ve ever heard… As for the shape, the pen is like a tool for writing letters, right?”


When I clicked the button on the end, a pointed shim appeared. I grabbed a ballpoint pen and scribbled it on the paper. Black ink comes out and lines are drawn here and there.

What is finished is a picture of a large star. I wrote my name in small letters next to the star and then lifted my hand.

The ink doesn’t leak, and it seems to come out well.

“In this way, things that write like a fountain pen or a dip pen.”

In this world, dip pens and fountain pens were still being used. These writing instruments have inconveniences such as leaking ink well, inconvenient maintenance, and having to constantly refill the ink every time it is used. In this situation, what if there was a ballpoint pen that could be used and thrown away without the need to refill the ink? You can definitely make a lot of money.

I don’t know the detailed structure of a ballpoint pen or how to make it. It’s because I didn’t go to a related company in my previous life, and I wasn’t very interested in the things I used on a daily basis. So I sought advice from several craftsmen and made a blueprint from my vague memories. After that, I hired someone to build it. This object was created through several processes.

“Like that… It seems a little different from other pens.”

I held out a ballpoint pen to Isley, who showed interest.

“Would you like to try it?”


Isley reached out to me. And he carefully picked up a ballpoint pen and paper so as not to touch my hand. As he jotted down poems and the names of historical figures on a nearby desk, he let out a small sigh of admiration.

“Is this okay? Very comfortable. It doesn’t break easily even with a lot of force, and the quality of the paper doesn’t look very good, but the ink doesn’t smear. If it is released on the market, I think I will buy a lot of it. Making things like this… Layla, you are amazing.”

“Thanks for the good review.”

When I heard the compliment, I burst out laughing.

“… What.”

I smiled broadly, and Isley looked at me and smiled. I felt good at his admiration, but at the same time I felt embarrassed. Actually, it was someone else who invented that invention, not me.

Well… Ballpoint pen inventor, thank you for making the ballpoint pen. In the future, I will use it well. If I make a lot of money, I will make a big donation. I opened my mouth to pay tribute to the inventor in my heart.

“When you’ve seen everything, would you like to drop it on the floor?”

“What? And what if it breaks down?”

“It won’t break, drop it. Come on.”

Isley pondered for a moment, then dropped the ballpoint pen with the lead on the floor. Tak! The ballpoint pen that touched the ground bounced once and then rolled around. I listened to it and tried to write it again. Comes out well with no breakage.

“The durability is not bad.”

I think it will be fine with this one.

“Now that I’ve checked it, I think I can go home with a few ballpoint pens.”

“Oh, you’re right, going back. How many can I bring? Shall I listed?”

“No. It’s okay because I’m just taking a little bit with me.”


I told the staff how many ballpoint pens I needed, and they put the items in a small bag and handed it to me. Now I was thinking of consigning these items to another fountain pen and quill shop. When ballpoint pens become popular to some extent, I will open a store.

After giving words of encouragement to the employees, when I came out of the factory, I saw that the other side of the blue sky was dyed a pale orange. It’s about four o’clock now, so it’s not that late yet. Since it is winter, the sun seems to set early.

We walked to the place where the carriage was parked. If it was Arya, people would still come and go from place to place, but it was hardly felt here. Small factories on one side of the village are quietly emitting smoke. Everyone seems to be working.

It had been a while since I had breakfast and I was hungry. I murmured, clutching my rumbling stomach.

“I’m a little hungry.”

How did he hear that little voice, Isley spoke up at once.

“Really? Then, shall we buy some sandwiches from the store over there?”

He pointed to a store not far away. It was a shop with a nice interior, but it didn’t seem to be doing well. I smiled slightly and shook my head.

“It’s not like that. I ate a good breakfast so I’m not that hungry. You can go back and eat.”

“I am hungry. I’m going to buy mine and even buy your share, how about it?”


Isley looked down at me, his eyes twinkling. He seemed to say, “Let me buy it!” There doesn’t seem to be any sign of retreat at all. I had no choice but to nod my head.

“… Then please.”


I killed time by sitting on a nearby bench until he came. As I pulled out a ballpoint pen from my bag and clicked, a shadow fell in front of me. Two men were looking down at me.

A red face with a sinister smile in shabby clothes, a grumpy posture, and the smell of alcohol. They weren’t men with a good impression at first glance.

“Miss. What are you doing here?”

What else is this? no way… gangster? They started to call me in dirty words because he couldn’t believe I was catching people. ‘You look bored, let’s make  fun, Why don’t you follow us?’ I’m going through a lot in my life. I don’t know about Yuria, but I never thought I’d suffer anything like this. I glanced over the men’s faces and clicked my tongue. Are they the ones who are flirting with every woman thinking, “Just get one”? Indeed, as I heard when I bought the factory, it seems that it is not a very safe neighborhood.

I put the ballpoint pen in the bag and exhaled firmly.

“I’m not interested.”

The man mumbled in a slurred tone as if drunk.

“Don’t be like that, okay?”

“I have a boyfriend. I’m waiting for him right now, so just go.”

“Oh, you had a lover. But would it be more fun to play with us than to play with the guy who makes the girl wait alone? There’s a cafe over there, let’s have a drink over there.”

He keeps hanging on his tongue.

We can’t communicate. It’s best not to talk to them at all. Holding back a sigh that was about to come out, I put the ballpoint pen in my bag. As I was about to walk away, a taller man grabbed my wrist. As the street got closer, the smell of rotting food and the smell of alcohol stung my nose.

“Don’t reject it, annoyingly!”

The man frowns and starts threatening me. The power of the hand that squeezes his wrist is strong. My wrist hurts. I contorted my face and said firmly.

“… If you don’t disappear from my sight right now, I’ll call the guard.”

I shook off his hand and looked around. I think I’ll have to run away from them, but I can’t find anything that can be used as a weapon.

“What kind of expenses? Security guards don’t go around here, either?”

I can’t help it. Let’s hit those bastards in the head with the bag. And let’s run to where the carriage is. I have quick legs, so I’ll be able to outrun them anyway. With that in mind, I grabbed my bag and prepared to hit it.

“When we say good things…”

… Bang!


Then, the man’s body flew through the sky.

Blood and a tooth floated in the air, and were thrown to the ground together with the body. The man, who had been stably beaten in the face, shook his body and shook his head to the side. The fainted man drooled his bloody saliva. The remaining man staggered back and retreated.

“You crazy…!”

A man suddenly appeared and stopped in front of me. The man had a large body and a large stature, so the only thing I could see in front of me was a strong back. I lifted my head and tried to identify him. The man’s true identity is… It was Isley. I realized that I had forgotten him for a moment because of drunken men. Isley was looking down at the men with a face I had never seen before. No matter how harsh his expression was, I trembled and stepped back without realizing it. Then something caught my foot. Sandwiches and drinks that he seemed to have bought were rolling on the floor.

“Are your ears blocked? Layla tells you to go away.”

Isley growled.

“What is this bastard…!”

Putting on his hat tightly, the short man took out his sword from the pocket of the jacket he was wearing. He ran towards Isley, holding the sword in both hands.


I screamed in amazement. “Ha”, and a laughter was heard from somewhere. When I closed and opened my eyes after hearing that sound, the situation had ended.

The man’s black sword fell to the ground, and he was lifted up by the collar in a huge hand. The man gasped, choking, and tried to pull Isley’s hand away. Isley lifted the man up and slammed it down to the ground. He kicked the man’s stomach, screaming to death. Then he sat down on the man and began to slap his fists in the face. The violence didn’t stop even when the man yelled at him to stop.

I am… It reminded me of Oberon who tortured me. My breath is choked and my body is trembling. I wrapped my arms around my body to stop me from shaking. Even if I take a deep breath, my mind does not calm down at all. Why are you doing this? Isley is not Oberon. I realized that to dispel the fear I had no choice but to stop his actions. I struggled to swallow my fear and knelt next to Isley.

Then I grabbed the arm that was about to punch the man again.

“Isley, Isley… Please stop. You just had to stop.”

Isley sighed heavily and looked back at me. And then he opens his eyes wide like a man who has come to his senses.

“Layla… are you okay…?”

Isley’s hand tries to grab my shoulder, but in the end it fails to reach and floats in the air.

“It happened because I left you alone. I knew it was an unsafe place…”

Isley’s face darkened. The corners of his eyes trembled incessantly, and he pointed fangs tickle his lips. Having killed the opponent with his sword casually, he was paradoxically terrified. It wasn’t until Isley hastily hid his blood-stained hands behind his back that he realized what I was afraid of him. Isley was afraid that he would scare me.

“I… Layla… sorry… Sorry… I again… you….”

Did you scared.

I calmed my trembling body and opened my mouth.



Isley looked at me with a silly face. I cleared my throat and said it again.

“Thank you for your help.”

Without him, something dangerous would have happened. He helped me, but why is he afraid of being hated by me? I’m not a bad person to be cruel to the person who helped me. I said with a sandwich and juice lying on the floor.

“Sandwich, it’s all mashed up. We just go back to eat.”

I dumped them in a nearby trash can, turned around and moved in the direction the carriage was standing. After walking for a while, I realized something was strange. I couldn’t see Isley, who should have been clinging to me. Where did you go? When I turned my head again, I saw a boy standing there with a blank expression on his face.

“Aren’t you coming?”

“Huh? Oh no…  I’m going…”

It was then that Isley came running to me as if he had come to his senses. His face was as red as an apple with his mouth shut.

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