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MYGIP Side Story Chapter 2


We headed for a seat for four by the window.

“Then start with the two of you!”

Isley rushed to the chair and pulled out our chair like a gentleman.

“Ah, thank you.”

Yuria smiled and she sat down on the chair. I also said “thank you” as a token of appreciation. It’s been a long time since someone pulled a chair for me. Before reincarnation, this was the kind of treatment I had only received at the restaurant on the top hotel. I never thought I would be treated this way in this world. Who would have known that the noble master would do that for me? His special treatment still feels awkward.

After 10-20 minutes of choosing a dish from the menu, the food was served on the table. Ricotta cheese salad, vongole pasta, and steak came out. As if it had just been cooked, the medium-rare roasted beef was steaming hot.

The meal began when the staff who had put down the plate left. Seeing Isley moving his hands with a fork and knife, I exclaimed in admiration in my heart. It was because the way he cut the food was so elegant. Raise a cup to drink water, cut meat with a knife, put down used utensils, and raise a fork to pick up food.

I can feel dignity in every action. Even me, who doesn’t know proper eating etiquette, it looked perfect. Watching his movements made me feel like I was in an expensive restaurant. Yuria also looked at him curiously. As I turned to Isley again, I recalled the fact that he was a nobleman.

Right… Although he was usually frivolous, the master was a master.

As Isley lowered his head slightly and fixed his gaze on the bowl, his long eyelashes stood out. They are closely lined and tremble according to the movement of the eyeballs. It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone with such long eyelashes other than Yuria. He lowered his gaze and glanced at his sharp nose and red lips. really… One face is uselessly handsome.

Then bright red eyes stared at me. Isley, who made eye contact with me, stuttered his words in surprise.

“Why, why? Did I get anything on my face?”

“No. I just think it’s cool to see you cutting the steak.”

I uttered those words and took a sip of water. I was pretending to be calm on the outside, but on the inside I was sweating coldly.

I made a mistake.

There was no need to raise expectations by giving compliments. Saying it’s cool doesn’t mean that you like it. Isn’t it like torture of hope to make such a statement without even wanting to accept his heart? I feel cruel.

From that time on, Isley began to focus on preparing steaks. Then he glanced at this side to see if he wanted to hear me say he was cool again, like a puppy wishing for a compliment. I didn’t know what to say, so I turned my gaze away. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to say more. stop. There’s no use in making a gloomy face.

Isley slumped and shoved the meat into his mouth. He chewed and swallowed the food quickly, wiping his mouth with a napkin and putting on a terrible expression on his face.

“What is this?”

Yuria quickly blinked her big eyes.

“Yes? Why?”

“Why does this taste like this? Are you paying for these things?”

“Are you okay?”


How long have you been doing that? Has the day come when Michaela’s tongue is wrong? I quickly moved my hand to taste the steak. Beef cooked with moderate grilling melts in your mouth. The garnish made of vegetables such as asparagus, roasted garlic, and sweet pumpkin also went well with the steak.

“Ummm… Is it delicious?”

I mumbled that and tilted my head.

What’s the problem? It tastes good. It may be a tasteless food for Isley, who has lived his life on food made by a top chef. If you want to live as a commoner, you’ll need to get used to these things.

Isley’s eyes widened as if in bewilderment.

“Uh, so… It’s not very good, but it was said that it was a top restaurant. It’s heavenly taste! Is it really delicious?”

“As I said earlier. Seeing you suddenly change your words… Do you think it’s a lie?”

“No. Really!”

I laughed when I saw him making excuses.


Then, from somewhere, a voice bursting out of laughter was heard. As she turned her head towards the source of her sound, Yuria covered her mouth. As our gazes fell on Isley and I, she slapped her hand.

“Oh, nothing… It’s because I’ve never been eating steak for a while. Lala, eat it now! Come on, Isley, too.”

Didn’t it sound more like a laugh rather than a chewing?

However, I didn’t feel the need to go over it, so I decided to focus on eating. After a long and short meal break, Yuria headed to a shop and I walked towards the stop to catch the carriage. Isley followed me around as usual. He asked as he leaned back and stretched his body forward.

“Where are you going? Home?”

“From now on, I’m going to go to Upis, which is a bit far from Arya. I have work to do at the factory there.”

Recently I bought a building from Upis. It was a factory to produce goods for a new business to start. Well, it’s a small building that can even be called a factory.

The reason I started a business was simply to make money. If someone listens to me, they will ask, “Do you have any gold coins that the Duke gave you?” Yes, she still has a lot of money left. But it was not infinite. If you use it, it will run out someday. It was necessary to earn a lot of money before the gold coins ran out. Because it’s good to have a lot of money. Life becomes more comfortable and you can do whatever you want. You can even spend a happy life with Yuria. As someone born in a capitalist society, I can assert that money is happiness.

Hearing my story, Isley exclaimed, “Ah!”, as if he remembered something.

“I remembered. Did you say business? They said they would make and sell things in a factory.”

“Yes. I said it like it was flowing the last time, but I remember it well.”

“Of course. Don’t forget anything to do with it.”

His words suddenly pierce my heart. It was embarrassing that my heart was pounding at such a common work comment. I turned around quickly so as not to notice that I was agitated.

“Do you know what kind of business you are going to do?”

“I don’t think I ever told you that… What are you going to do?”

“I’ll keep it a secret for now.”

“Aren’t you the first to say it and not tell me? It hurts.”

“I’m usually a bit shy.”

As I was talking with him, I realized that I had arrived at the carriage stop. She got into the carriage. Isley also sneakily followed me into the carriage. I spit playfully at him as he climbed the stairs.

“I didn’t say you could ride it with me.”

“Huh? no…?”

Isley looked at me like a puppy in the rain. It’s amazing. He looks like a dog, so how did he make a face look like a dog? I can’t refuse if I see a reaction like that. I had no intention of rejecting it. I motioned for him to come.

“… Just kidding. Come on up.”

As Isley got on, the coachman began to move his horse. The wheels roll and the wagon starts running on the road. The scenery outside the window is constantly changing.

It took about two hours from Arya to Upis. During that time, Isley and I had to be alone.

It felt awkward to spend a long time facing him. It might have been difficult to be with him in the mansion, but I didn’t feel awkward. If you think about it, it’s unavoidable to think of this situation as rude. Isn’t it that one of the two people in the wagon made a confession, and the other was a person who did not give an answer after receiving the confession and put it on hold? Originally, it wouldn’t be strange if one of the two couldn’t stand the awkward atmosphere and ran away.

It is awkward…. It’s really awkward. Did I just tell him not to follow me? If she wanted to reject Isley, she could say no. Even when he said he would come with the restaurant, I could tell him to go away if I didn’t like it when he followed me. But I couldn’t afford to treat him harshly. This is because on the day Isley gave up everything and came to Arya, the compassion that developed in his heart prevented her from pushing him with all his might. However, neither does she have a rational liking for Isley, nor does she accept his heart.

I couldn’t like Isley.

Obviously, he was handsome enough to be chosen as one of the novel’s male protagonists, and his personality wasn’t too bad except for the arrogance characteristic of aristocrats. He also excelled in his skills as a knight. Such a man throws away what he had, kills his pride and personality, and is actively pursuing courtship. It was a dream-like situation that many people wished for. However, he was reluctant to have any feelings for Isley, perhaps because she had faced him in a bad situation.

I can’t deny it that way, I can’t accept it either… This strange and ambiguous relationship continues. When will this relationship come to an end? It’ll probably be over by the time Isley gives up on me and leaves.

Isley, who had been secretly spying on my face, pretending to look out the window, turned to me.

“I’ve never been to Upis before. What kind of place is that?”

“It’s a bit of a shabby neighborhood. There are many houses built, but few people live there, and there are not many amenities. There are only a few small factories running.”

He put on a worried look.

“Looks like a bad place… isn’t it a bit unsafe in such a place?”

“I can’t say it’s good, but the land price is cheap, so it’s good to buy a building.”

When I bought Yuria’s shop, I chose an expensive and good one without any hesitation. But when I tried to buy my share of the factory, it was a waste of money to spend. So I searched and picked a cheap area that wasn’t too far from Arya.

After the conversation about Upis was over, the subject of the story changed to something else.

Rumors from the neighborhood, sweets from a chocolate shop, the discomfort of a new house, and the things I felt while living as a commoner for two weeks. Isley muttered, changing the subject at a time. When he chattered with a smile on his face, I listened to him and added word intermittently. Looking at Isley’s face, what is it that makes him smile so much? I have a question about It’s amazing how much fun you can have just by talking to me. Would I be that good? What’s so good about an ordinary girl like me? Why does he like me.

How the hell did he come to like me?


“What’s the matter?”

“I have a question, may I ask?”


“Why did Isley fall in love with me?”

He opened his eyes wide and looked at me. I don’t think he ever thought I would ask such a question. Wasn’t it a bit random?

As Isley just stared at my face without saying a word, embarrassment crept up. As I was about to change my words quickly, he opened his mouth.

“You were the first person to get mad at my jokes and laugh out loud, or to approach me friendly without caring about me as a noble. I became interested in you, who has such a bright personality. Then I came to like the small things about you, everyday stories you tell, and the time I spent with you… Unbeknownst to me, I fell in love with a person named Layla.”

“Then… Are you saying that you fell in love with me because of my personality? However, I’m not really that bright. At that time, I suffered from amnesia and became a different person for a while. Right now, I can’t get mad at the jokes you made with the master, Isley, and I don’t laugh out loud. I won’t be able to approach you in a friendly way without taking your status into consideration, and I won’t be babbling over trivial things in front of you. From now on, when you’re with me, it won’t be as enjoyable as when you’re in the mansion. I am…”

I’m not like the Layla you loved. But wouldn’t it be foolish for him to give up everything for such a person?


Isley frowned and said firmly.

“It’s fun.”


“I enjoy all the time I have with you right now. Even if you don’t act like you did back then, I’m happy now that we can meet and talk like this. I don’t like bright personalities, I like you, Layla. I will always like you no matter what your personality is or how you change in the future.”

“… Is that so?”

He loves me. The suffocating sincerity, the bright red eyes that shine brightly even when covered in shadows are too burdensome for me.

My heart is so heavy that I can’t feel the excitement. Poor Isley. He’s falling in love with someone who doesn’t love him. He’s come to love someone who only considers your love to be heavy.

Silence engulfed the carriage as the last words of Isley. As the silence grew longer, his cheeks began to turn red.

Isley bowed his head and shouted.

“It’s just that…!”

Then the carriage arrived at Upis. Isley hastily ran outside.

When I saw that, I somehow laughed.

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