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MYGIP Chapter 9


MYGIP Chapter 9

My throat burned. I hurriedly gulped down the cool iced coffee that one of the employees gave me.

So this is the something that he said women would need. I blanket stared at the dazzling jewels in front of my eyes. They were so shiny that I was almost blinded.

I’ve never been to a place like this before in my entire life. I half-closed my eyes and glanced at the jewels. I would like to have one. I’d be rich if I sold it.

“Layla is a woman, so I thought you would know women’s tastes very well.”

“Read it only on moonlight novel”

Osses came up to me and whispered.

“So why don’t you pick out the prettiest one you see here?”

Get away from me this instant. He had come very close so much that my ears tickled from his breath. It was inconvenient, but I know I shouldn’t say anything about it since my sister had told me dozens, hundreds of times to hold myself back.

But how? My face naturally crumples up by itself before I know it! There were times when I went through bad times because my face revealed my true feelings, but on the other hand, there were many people who liked me for that because it showed honesty.

At the same time his long finger grazed the glass, he moved away.

“It doesn’t matter what the price is. Pick out the one that looks the prettiest, to the extent that even a person without emotions can think that it is pretty at first glance.”

“…I will try.”

Does such a thing exist in the world? Are you trying to burden me with the pressure, mister? I don’t know what to choose even if you say it like that! I wanted to tear out my hair and scream.

Right now we are at an expensive accessory store. It is a famous designer’s shop that only accepts customers of the nobility. It was the first time I had entered such a fancy store, except for the clothing store that I was taken to by force.

As soon as I entered the store, I was treated as a VVVIP and was escorted to the dining table for guests.

Tea, cookies, and jewels presumed to be gifts for solicitors came in one after the other. They seemed to scream the cost ‘~10,000 gold’ that my eyes almost popped out of its sockets. Is this the life of a diamond spoon? I was about to faint, but I just barely managed to keep myself together.

The glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling made it seem like the room was a huge party hall.

It was so huge that I feared it would drop on top of us.

I know it’s a bit of unnecessary anxiety, but still. I looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath.

The jewelry he asked me to pick out was probably a present for the duchess’ birthday. Although, I wasn’t sure why he was asking me of all people to decide what to gift her.

Isn’t it the child that knows their mother’s taste the best?

It was possible that he tried hard to find out his mother’s taste, but wasn’t able to figure it out. How could anyone know the heart of an emotionless person? No matter what beautiful things in the world are brought to her, only a cold smile or a cold expression are returned.

But this was surprising. I thought of this as the staff gave me a catalog.

To be honest, if you were a high-ranking aristocrat, like someone of a duke’s title, anyone would think that you would order custom accessories yourself. However, I was surprised to know that we were looking at ready-made products in the store. I glanced at Osses and then turned my head back to the jewels.

“…I think this will look good with Sister.”

I mumbled so quietly that only I could hear it. With a blue jewel reflecting my eyes, I shook my head.

Now is not the time. I’m here because of Osses’ request. Besides, no matter how much I try to find something suitable for my older sister, I couldn’t possibly be able to give her such expensive gifts.

I stroked my chin with my hand and half-closed my eyes. Something suitable for the duchess… I had a thought that red would best suit someone who was like a vampire. It should be fine if they matched the color of her eyes, right? When I imagined her wearing a black dress with red accessories, I got goosebumps. Well, even in this world, black clothes are worn almost only at funerals, so I don’t think she’ll wear such a dress.


After much consideration, I chose earrings and a necklace. Since they were a set, the design was the same. The accessories looked so colorful and expensive that I was afraid to hold them by hand. They were then beautifully wrapped in the hands of the staff. Osses, who was sitting on the sofa and quietly drinking tea, gave a satisfied expression.

“Did you choose the same color as my mother’s eyes?”

“Yes, I thought it would go well together with her.”

“How pretty. It’s red like the color of a blazing flame.”

The servant picked up the accessory box. Before leaving the store, my eyes focused on the sweets on the guest table.

I had tried some earlier and they were very tasty. I shoved the cookies into my mouth and pockets before hurrying behind Osses.

Even though the staff looked at me with astonishment, well, what does that matter? We’ll never see each other anymore! Just forget a girl like me! As I stepped outside, Osse smiled bashfully and poked his finger at my cheek. It looked like my cheeks were bulging out. I noticed this and quickly swallowed the sweets.

“By the way, I haven’t asked yet. Whose errand is Layla on?”

“I came here because Master Isley told me to come and pick up a sword.”

“Are your errands finished? When it’s over, why don’t we ride the carriage together?”

“Ah, not yet. I couldn’t even finish the errands! You can go first. Besides, I also brought a carriage anyway…”

“Then let’s go together.”

Damn it. I’m sure I’ll have to go to the blacksmith’s again at this rate. Cold sweat ran down my back out of fear that the lie would be found out. What would happen if I got caught?

‘Why did you lie? Is it because you didn’t want me to go with you? Oh, I see… It looks like Layla doesn’t like me. Which means, you will get in the way of getting Yuria into my hands.’

‘M-Master, calm down.’

‘Will you just disappear?’

‘Oh, you bastard! Since it’s come down to this, I’m going to say everything that I’ve been holding back! You are just a…’

Stab! Rip! Ahh! And so Layla passed away. Don’t leave, Layla. Don’t leave the world!

It was terrible just thinking about it. I left Osses outside and rushed into the shop.

The blacksmith who had handed me the sword earlier came to me after wiping off her sweat.

“Little girl, what brings you here ‘again’?”

“Uh, that’s…  Since I’m a little thirsty… Water- can I drink some water?”

She put on a puzzled expression. Her expression clearly said, ‘She came back just for water? What a strange person.’ And yet she passed me some water.

Unlike the blazing hot temperature of the inside of the shop, the water was incredibly cool.

Whew! It finally feels like I can calm down now. I then opened the shop’s door and poked my head out.

“They’re saying it’s going to take a little longer…? Young master, you can go ahead. I’ll be here waiting.”

“No. I will wait too.”

Really, why are you doing this to me? I think I’m going to cry. I acted exaggeratedly as I slapped my forehead with my palm.

“…Oops! Come to think of it, I didn’t mean to say that it was going to take longer. That is, the coachman said he was going to wait for me after taking the sword with him to the carriage! So, I’ll take that carriage back. M-master can ride his own…”

“Then I can tell that coachman and we can get on my carriage.”

“Actually, I have some work to do before I go…”

“Can I wait for you?”

You win. I get it, you punk. Let’s go together.

I have no idea what nonsense he’ll say after getting on the carriage. Are you trying to dry me out in this way?

I internally put my hands in the air as a sign of surrender and smiled brightly at him. Since he said he’ll wait for me, I headed to the bakery, the destination of my original purpose.

As soon as I entered the store, I was greeted with a sweet and savory scent. I purchased the apple pie and took the package into my arms. Along with the clothes Osses bought earlier and the apple pie, my arms were heavy. Is this what they call the happiness of consumption?

“Does Layla like apple pie?”


As we left the store, Osses asked out of the blue.

From the time he asked about my birthday, to whether I liked apple pie or not, he’s been trying to figure out information about me in a nasty way. Was it his type to figure out information about the person he was going to kill in advance? What a bastard.

However, when I nodded my head out of brief annoyance as a response, he seemed quite satisfied. I don’t really like apple pie that much. I like walnut pie more than apple pie. I didn’t buy this apple pie to eat, but for a bribe…

I can’t really say this to the young master, and I don’t really want to say anything about my tastes.

As I headed towards the entrance to the downtown area, there was a carriage that I rode in and a carriage that gave off an unusually bright glow. Even if you don’t see the rose pattern on it, you can tell that it is Osses’ carriage.

I went to the coachman and straightforwardly told everything that had happened. He looked at me in surprise.

“What do you mean? Why are you riding the same carriage as the master?”

“Seriously! Don’t ask questions!”

When I got angry, the coachman flinched. Because of Osses, I became sensitive for no reason, so I took my anger out on an innocent person. I scratched the back of my head in embarrassment.

“… I’m sorry I got angry. I don’t know why this happened either. Just know that and go ahead first.”

“…Hah. I get it. Come back quickly.”

I headed to Osses’ carriage. He was standing in front of the carriage. As I approached, he reached out his hand in an elegant posture.

Not knowing his intentions, I just stared blankly at his hand. Osses opened his mouth.

“You have to grab it and get on.”


Like a noble young lady?

“It’s okay…”

I firmly turned away from that hand. I didn’t want to even hold his hand on top of everything that happened earlier.

I struggled to get into the carriage and settled in the chair on the left. Osses sat on the right and stared at me. As the carriage moved, he looked away from me and began to look out the window.

Inside the carriage was quiet. Osses was uncomfortably quiet for someone who had been chatting with me before. He seemed to be deeply troubled by something.

It is impossible for me to understand what those red eyes, which have now coldly sunk, are thinking.

Whatever the case may be, why did you ask me to ride the same carriage then? I grunted to myself and looked down at the apple pie on my lap.

When I got a strange choking feeling from the silence, he opened his mouth.

“The items that Layla picked out were really pretty.”

“…Yes, yes, they are.”

He fiddled with the box he had left next to him.

“Perhaps they must be the ones worked the most hard-on by the designer of the store. I haven’t told you, but they were the most expensive items in the store.”

“… Ah.”

“Therefore, they must be pretty. Of course, they should be.”


“Although, I don’t know if my mother would think so.”

Osses let out a somewhat lonely sigh. I don’t know what kind of answer I should give. Maybe he’s just talking to himself.

I thought I went crazy for a moment, thinking this image of him overlapped with certain someone else’s.

“She will like it. Definitely.”

Oh, I made a mistake.

Keep your mouth shut, Layla. What’s wrong with you? Just think only about yourself and your sister. At my sentence, Osses smiled beautifully. It was the only sincere and beautiful smile I saw today. 

Yes, it was a smile full of humanity!

Don’t smile like that.

Feeling as though it was as if he was smiling to prove that he was a human and not a bastard monster who ate away my sister, my insides churned.

-To be continued

Translator: Byoun Editor: Seol

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