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MYGIP Chapter 59


Chapter 59

I arrived.

The wound on my back started to tingle again. The longer I stood still, the more the pain grew, but it was still tolerable. Am I okay? I can do it. I can face it. I swallowed my saliva and looked inside.

What is this?

Inside, a man who could not tell whether he was dead or alive was sitting in the center of the prison. His hair was messy, as if it had not been washed for days, and his clothes were littered with straw and dust.

A fly flew over the dark red bandage wrapped around the missing left arm. Saliva dripped from his slightly opened mouth, and his eyes were unfocused.

The way he smiled and shook his body back and forth seemed insane at first glance. It was funny enough that she came all the way here with her nervousness, to see Oberon’s shabby figure.

I couldn’t believe it at all. Is that Oberon? You mean the guy who laughed and tormented me?


I clenched my fists and asked the guard.

“… Why is he doing that?”

“Well, it must have been a serious head injury somewhere. It’s been like that since he came in. No one really understands him, and they don’t even understand what he’s saying. He was just smiling every day.”

“Can I go inside the cage for a moment?”

“Yes? I’m sorry, but that would be hard. Dangerous situations may arise… In addition….”

The guard blurted his words as if in trouble. But it was only for a moment.

“Please let me in.”

When his hands become heavy, he changes his attitude and opens the door of the iron cage.

The key from his pocket fell out of the hole and the cage door opened with a loud noise. She entered the prison as he muttered his words to be careful coming from behind. The rustling of straws could be heard under her feet.

Oberon was staring into the air with a stupid expression without even giving me a glance. Upon closer inspection, he wasn’t staring into the air. He was looking at a fly. Both eyes followed the fly busily.


No answer came back. Can’t you even hear your own name? Or is he just pretending not to hear? I called his name in my mouth once again, but his eyes didn’t fall on me.

I approached Oberon. Originally, my body would have trembled just to face him. But now… Strangely, it was fine. I myself could be surprisingly calm.

As I squatted in front of him, a foul odor wafted out. It was the smell of Oberon. It was also the smell I sometimes smelled when I was locked up in the basement of the Nigor mansion. I frowned slightly and opened his mouth.

“Do you remember me? You are the one who tormented me to death.”


Finally, he turned his head this way to see if my words came to my ears. His smile as if he knew nothing.

“Don’t laugh.”

Cause I’m annoyed. I raised my hand and slapped Oberon’s cheek. Slap! The sound of flesh hitting each other resounded throughout the prison. He fell sideways and shook his body.

“Ah… Ughh…! Ah?”

Oberon, who was groaning in pain, grabbed his cheek and looked up at me. Tears welled up in his only remaining eye. Instead of anger or irritation, his face was full of injustice and sadness. It was the attitude of a person who couldn’t understand the situation.It was a poor look, but I didn’t feel any sympathy.

“It hurts?”

It shouldn’t hurt this much. What did you do to me?

As I moved my feet violently, a scream broke out. Then a sob is heard. I couldn’t feel any emotions even when I heard Oberon’s watery voice. So it never occurred to me that I had to stop my own actions.

“You used to treat me like this. You treated me like a doll to play with when you were bored. Your smiling face while tormenting me. How does it feel to be on the other side?”

“Huh… ! uh…!”

“Why can’t you speak? huh? You speak well before.”

He trampled on his body. As the screams grew louder, I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s funny.

Oberon’s crying in fear of me, and the situation itself. Why? It didn’t feel very refreshing.

it’s embarrassing again Oberon chose to run away crying instead of rebelling. He crawled up and hid in the corner of the prison in a hurry.

Then he wrapped his arms around his head and screamed.

“Ahhh…! Ahhh! Ahhh!”

I stood there and looked down at him.

It’s completely ruined.

The ruined appearance of the enemy brought unpleasant pleasure and at the same time a feeling of disappointment. It would have been better if he had been sulking like Count Nigor, and screaming without acknowledging his mistake.

If he had, I would have been able to ridicule his pitiful plight. But in the present state, there was nothing to be gained. At best, all I could get was Oberon’s screams and cries.

He fell to the bottom and could not hear his feelings, desperate regrets, or false apologies. I’m the only one who’s angry at someone who doesn’t remember anything.

It’s like talking to a wall. I’m losing my patience.

I took one step towards Oberon. As I got closer, the fear in his eyes grew stronger. At some point, the body starts to tremble as it clasps against the teeth. Even though there is no more place to go in, he is digging into the corners of the prison, making a suffocating sound.


When I stopped in front of his nose, he waved his hand as if not to come any closer. His small rebellion was so insignificant that it did not reach where I was.

As soon as he realized that his actions did not work for me, Oberon lowered his hands and shed tears. His saliva and tears were mixed as it dripped to the floor.

After a while, Oberon’s pants began to get wet. The yellow liquid that flowed from him stained the floor.

“Haha… What did you do now?”

Seeing that, I burst into laughter. dirty, disgusting and terrible

I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now. He looked so pathetic and stupid. Is it because you’re afraid? There is no such thing as pathetic. I can’t tell if it’s an animal or a human. I don’t even laugh anymore. I looked down at Oberon expressionlessly.

I know.

Now you’re the one who has no reason to fear and no worth.

When I realized that, the pain I felt in my back disappeared. The shadow of the monster that had tormented me for a long time disappeared and my eyes became clear. Oberon, I was no longer afraid of him. Far from being fearful, it was to the point of thinking that he was pathetic. Being face to face with him felt terrifying in a different way than before.

I turned around and left the prison. The guard who was standing outside came rushing to me and led me to the first floor.

The door to the self-press prison opened and the red sky greeted me.

I can smell the fresh air and hear the rustling of leaves in the autumn wind. Yuria was standing in front of the carriage. Perhaps it was because she met terrible people one after another, and when I saw Yuria, my heart sank.

As if absorbing all the light from the sun, Yuria was shining red. Light brown hair flowing down the shoulder line is wet with scarlet color. Her face turned white with her head bowed, and her long eyelashes trembled thinly. beautiful. A flower-like appearance, a strong heart, or a soft atmosphere are not the reasons.

The reason she’s beautiful is just because she’s my sister. Because she is the girl I love.

Leaving behind the darkness that fell in the prison, I approached her.


As if noticing me only after her name was called, Yuria suddenly raised her head.


“Where have you been, Lala? I went out first and heard that you were waiting, so I came here as soon as I left the prison….”

“Wait, where have you been?”

As she spoke, Yuria’s expression turned bitter.

“You said you would never hide it from me again.”

“I didn’t mean to hide it. I just thought I didn’t have much to say.”

“Then tell me. Where have you been?”

“… I met Oberon.”

“What…? Oberon is here?”

She widened her eyes. There was a sign that she did not think Oberon was imprisoned here.

It was the same with me. We were preoccupied with Count Nigor, and did not think of anyone else. Yuria ran up to me one step at a time and checked every corner of my body for any injuries. She put her hands on my face and looked down at me with a worried look.

“Are you okay? Why did you go to see him alone? You didn’t tell me… I would have gone with you…!”

I put my hand on her hand.

“You don’t have to worry. Nothing wrong happened. Rather, I am worried about you, Yuria. How about you? Didn’t that person say anything worse to you?”

“… Me, I’m fine.”

Yuria’s eyes could not look directly at me and turned downwards. As she looked at the visibly dark expression, it was felt that she was lying.

What do you mean? Also, it looks like he was talking nonsense.

Swallowing my boiling anger, I tried to remain calm. If you scream and cursing like before, she won’t feel the sincerity of what I’m saying.

I clasped her hand tightly and called out her name. At the word Yuria, blue and transparent eyes like glass beads returned to me again.

“Don’t worry about what he says, ignore it. Everything he says is bullshit. Those words have no use or value to you. He’s just  trying to hurt you.”


Yuria looked down at me with a soft smile. She said that she had defiled herself, and her face was grimaced as the circumstances of that time overlapped.

“… You are not dirty.”

“… Yes.”

It doesn’t matter if Yuria thinks of herself that way. I will tell her whenever she thinks about it. You are never dirty, the dirty is Count Nigor…  I’ll say it several times until she never thinks about it again. Hundreds, thousands of times… 

Thinking like that, I hugged Yuria.

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  1. I feel so proud for them for overcoming their past traumas. I really hope this story will end well because they really deserved to be happy.

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