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MYGIP Chapter 56


Chapter 56

As morning passed and around noon, the duke and two younger masters’ carriages arrived at the mansion. From outside, the sound of employees rushing to meet them could be heard. After a while, the mansion became quiet, as if there had been a commotion, and a maid entered our room.

“The Duke is calling.”

I and Yuria followed the guidance to the Duke’s office. Not long after she left, Yuria grabbed my hand.

There was a hint of fear on her face, with a similar feeling of noble will intertwined, which made me think it wasn’t just anxiety that grabbed my hand.

Why did the duke call us? Is it good news that they have completed the arrest of Count Nigor? Or is it the bad news that he ended up unsuccessful in his arrest?

I knew the duke’s ability, but I could not easily be sure of the result. Because as I twisted the plot, the story used to flip in the wrong direction. I moved forward with half anticipation and half anxiety.

The side of the hallway leading to the office is open; you can see the garden. In that beautiful garden, in full bloom of red roses, stood Isley, dressed in a uniform mixed in red and black.

Since the carriage arrived, I thought we would meet inside the mansion, but… I had no idea we would meet like this.

When our eyes met, he lowered his head  as if he knew his fault. Are you even apologizing for forcing me to kiss you? I want you to feel guilty. It’s just wind. Don’t expect too much.

Just as she was about to take her eyes off him, Isley lifted his head again. And he looked into my eyes as if he had made a decision.

The red eyes that sunk in the shade of the trees glistened in the sunlight. He seemed to have glimpsed feelings of affection along with the light in it.

I made a scornful smirk. It’s not love. Only I, who knew the novel, could be sure that there was no love in it. That is why the confession of love that came out of his mouth is funny, and the emotions in his eyes are terrifying.

The longer our eyes met, the more we felt. It makes me uncomfortable to see him. I quickly turned my head and looked straight ahead.

Suddenly, a huge door leading to the office was hanging in front of me. The maid who guided us knocked and she heard a voice telling her to come in from the inside. The door opened and Yuria’s hand fell from me.

In the office, there was a Duke sitting with legs crossed and Alexander sitting in the back straight.

In the center of the room, there was a rectangular desk with pockets spread out, and a sofa surrounded it. At the top was the Duke, and to the right of the head was Alexander, who had a hardened face. Me and Yuria bowed my back and greeted her.

“Sit here.”

The Duke pointed to the sofa opposite Alexander. As I strode over and sat on the sofa, Yuria followed me.

O turned my gaze slightly to the left from the front and glanced at the Duke’s face.

It was the first time I had come this close to her. That’s how she got to talk. Because the Duke had an atmosphere that was difficult to approach, I felt uncomfortable in the current situation where I had no choice but to stay close. It’s not enough to meet such a person, but Yuria, who even got a promise, is just amazing.

After a while, the Duke opened her mouth.

“Layla Hanson, haven’t you introduced this man to you yet? This is Alexander Walter, who works for me. You know him right?”

I nodded.

“Yes, I know him. I met him at Nigor’s mansion. I even got help from him.”

When I finished speaking and looked at Alexander, his green eyes fluttered. I inevitably have conflicting feelings for this man.

I was grateful for helping me escape, but on the other hand, I was resentful for not saving Yuria and turning away from her. My resentment grew when I learned that he was working for the duke.

Since the Duke believed him, I greeted him and Alexander nodded at me.

“Walther has been working at Count Nigor’s mansion on my orders, and was responsible for extracting information related to the auction.”


“I say he was my spy, and I don’t think you’re too surprised.”

“I already knew from my sister.”

“Right. So, let’s get rid of the useless stories and get right to the point.”

The Duke ordered Alexander to leave, and he politely bowed his head and went outside. The Duke rested her chin on the handle of the sofa and said languidly.

“The arrest of Count Nigor was successful. He is now imprisoned in the capital’s Selfpress jail along with his comrades. Duke Nikerman, who had been watching after him, also had to live in prison.”

At those words, my heart started beating faster. Count Nigor is imprisoned? really? I always wanted him to be punished. I wanted him to suffer and suffer, but I never thought that he would actually be caught.

Because life is not as beautiful as a fairy tale.

How many times in the world are good people blessed and bad people punished?

Even in the news or Internet articles of my previous lives, the punishment inflicted on criminals is felt lightly, and as much as the lightness, the word “evil punishment” sounds so ridiculous. When you get old enough, you realize that the world isn’t fair. Even when there was no class system, it was so unfair, how much more so in a class system society.

I was convinced that Count Nigor would never be punished.

He is a wealthy aristocrat, and we are powerless commoners. If Yuria and I are talking about money and position, it’s over.

Even if I told anyone about this, it was obvious that they would tell me to move on like I stepped on shit.

A wish that I thought would never come true has only come true today. Something swelled up from the inside of my throat, and my eyes became hot. Conflicting emotions came crashing down on me like waves. I was happy and it was refreshing. Whatever her intentions, I was grateful to the Duke who eventually caught him.

On the other one hand… I was sad and angry. The world is so unfair. It was because I thought that I couldn’t really catch these people unless I borrowed the power of the Duke.

I took a deep breath. Let’s not cry. I didn’t want to be emotional in front of everyone else. As if reading my mind, Yuria held my hand tightly. How is she now? She calmed and turned to her side.

Yuria’s face was flushed with red. Tears were hanging from the corners of her eyes. The moment her pooled tears drew long lines down her cheeks, suddenly I felt like I was about to burst into tears.

I quickly closed my eyes with my hands. He shook his head, swallowing the tears that were about to burst out. Yuria also looked at me and wiped her eyes with her quick sleeve.

After calming down, I nodded my head toward the duke.

“… Thank you.”

“I didn’t do it for you.”

“Thank you, though.”

Yuria asked carefully.

“Then…  What will happen to Count Nigor now?”

“He broke the laws of the Empire and offended Your Majesty’s will, so he should pay for his sins with death. He will be executed sooner or later. We will see his neck fall in the square.”

“… Ah.”

“You were very helpful in this work, Yuria Hanson. Without the story, I would have spent a lot of time catching him. The pocket placed here is a sign of my sincerity. How about opening it?”

Yuria glanced back at me. She raised her hand as if to untie it, and she reached out towards her pocket.

As she untied the cloth that tied the mouth of the pocket, her eyes flashed golden.

“Hey, this is…”

Inhale, Yuria took a deep breath in surprise. I also lost my composure and almost jumped out of my seat.

Unsurprisingly, there were countless gold coins in the pocket.

It was enough to eat and play without working for the rest of our life. If there is this much, even in the capital city where land prices are skyrocketing every day, you will be able to buy at least one mansion. This money will support the happy future we will draw. Judging by this award, it must have been that Yuria was of great help.

I pulled the pocket in front of me.

“I will be grateful. but….”


“I am worried that I won’t be able to keep so much money well. If it’s okay with you, can you take care of us until we leave?”

“Then let me keep it for you. I wonder when you plan to leave.”

Yuria carefully sat down and said.

“Five days later…. We’re going to leave then. Duke, seeing you say that, is it okay to go outside now? Is it safe?”

The Duke nodded obediently and replied that it would be safe since she had captured all people of the Count.

A long and short conversation ended like that.

We opened the door and went out. Alexander was standing in the hallway right out of the office. Standing near the wall, he approached Yuria and me.

“Alexander? Why are you here?”

“I was waiting for you two.”

“… Why?”

Yuria looked at him with slightly wary eyes. She said it was okay to trust him, but it seemed that there were still some doubts.

Alexander bowed his head deeply at us without saying a word.


The words that came out of his mouth were nothing but apologies.

“At that time… I’m sorry I couldn’t help you when you were locked up in the mansion. I’m sorry for neglecting you. Yuria… I am sorry to give you bad news.”

Yuria opened her eyes and looked down at him. I was also a little perplexed because it was an unexpected situation. There was a part of resentment that said, ‘If you were going to help us like this, you should have to help us before it got worse’, but it was something he hadn’t done.

Helping us could make Count Nigor suspicious. If spying was found out, he would have been severely punished. To Count Nigor, and to the Duke of Emers. So… I didn’t expect to get an apology.

“It may sound like an excuse, but I lost a family to him as a child. She suffered horrendous violence against him, and my older sister died and my only family left to give up life in agony. So I really wanted to capture Count Nigor. whatever it takes… Even ignoring the torment of many women at his hands. I know it’s awful as a human being. It would be scum to me to see other people’s families ruined like my own family. I just want to say more…”

“I hate you.”

Yuria bit her lip.

“I still can’t forget that day. The day you brought my sister’s hair… You looked like a monster. scary… I hated it.”

Yuria took my hand.

“But I understand. If I had lost Layla, I might have been like you. No, I must have changed like you. I would have ignored it too, turned away, and even committed terrible things to the person who was suffering to get revenge.”

I also clasped Yuria’s hand tightly.

If I had lost Yuria, I would have become a monster too. Would I be a monster? So, can I see myself as a person? Could I already be a monster? Didn’t I kill a man in the name of saving her? Whatever the purpose, it does not mean that the action is right. it’s wrong, They must have had a family too.

Yuria turned her gaze to me.

“So I.”

The moment her blue eyes that seemed to contain the sky met, I realized that we were thinking the same thing.

“We are…”

Yes we-.

“Forgive you.”

We will forgive you

Yuria laughed like she was crying. Her slanted sunlight fell upon her.

So, it was as if Yuria was shining white. She is like the benevolent saint who forgives sins, like an angel. I couldn’t help but smile at the beautiful sight.

Sobbing was heard. Yuria and I did not try to find out where the cry was coming from. I just stood still and listened in silence.

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