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MYGIP Chapter 53


Chapter 53

‘If it’s red eyes, it’s definitely the Duke of Emers son…’

Scary red eyes, lifelike eyes that seemed to strangle him at any moment were looking down at him.

The man couldn’t breathe for a moment.

Isley Emers smiled and approached Oberon. It was just an action, but his large height and the rigid body characteristic of a knight were enough to intimidate the opponents he faced. When he sees the sword hanging from his waist, he will have no choice but to break out in a cold sweat.

Wrong, it wasn’t a runaway, all slave auctions were done at will by Count Nigor, feet flew towards his stomach before Oberon got up, hesitatingly, before he could utter the excuses that came to his mind.

Oberon was pushed to a tree that was standing not far away and bumped into his back.

Bang! There was a loud noise and the trees rattled.

“Kek, ghh…! Ughh!”

The man crouched forward, holding his stomach. Tears flowed from his eyes, saliva dripped from his mouth and dripped to the floor.

‘Ugh… what… a great strength… like this!’

It felt like his whole body was shattered with that one kick. Before his pain could subside, Isley grabbed his head and lifted his head. And his fist was slashed fiercely in the face of his opponent.

A scream rang out.

Oberon raised his hand to block his fist, tried to cover his face, who tried to hit the opponent’s face, raised his nails and scraped his arm, but the large hand never let Oberon go. The more he rebelled, the harder his hands gripped him and the more his pain grew.

Oberon could not come to his senses because of the opponent who pushed him mercilessly and harshly without giving him a break. Even more terrifying was the face of the person who looked down at the messed up face with a funny smile.

‘… What, what’s so fun?’

Anger surged up. But that insignificant feeling was quickly quenched by the shock that struck him on the chin. My vision fluctuates like a lake hit by a stone. Red liquid spit from his mouth wet the floor. Oberon prayed.

Please, someone please stop this guy.

If no one can do that, please let Isley lose interest in attacking him!

But Isley never stopped attacked.


I had a hard life living in a slum, but I had never been beaten this badly in there.

At this moment, only fear and fear dominated Oberon. He was so frightened that he forgot the dagger he had hidden in his inner pocket.

As Oberon shrugged and mumbled to stop, Isley burst into laughter.

“Isn’t that funny?”

His eyes were folded into half moons.

“You’ve done something worse to that kid than this, and you’re only struggling this much.”

Oberon stared blankly at his face.

‘… that kid…?’

Who do you mean by ‘that kid’? Who is it? that made him beat me as if he had lost control?

Those sold into slavery? The women who were captured in the mansion? A lot of people who are bullied for business reasons? There were so many people who suffered at the hands of him, it was difficult to guess who they were. Also, I didn’t think he would have any contact with the young master, even if anyone could guess.

Because the people Oberon had touched were all the people of the lower classes who did not even deserve to meet with the high-ranking nobles.

“My job is to catch you and take you in front of my mother. But I don’t intend to catch you easily. I can’t do that. I won’t let you go until I’ve made you suffer as much or worse than that.”

Isley said. Let’s play a fun game from now on. I will follow you as you run away, so if you don’t get caught by me until you get out of this forest, I will send you back in good health, otherwise you will die painfully.

‘What kind of play is this! Don’t be silly! you gonna kill me? No, He can’t kill me. The Duke ordered him to catch me and bring me to her, so I must have some information he wanted to get from me. You won’t be able to kill me until you get it.’

Oberon knelt down while swearing inwardly. He bowed his head and apologized to young master Emers and to an unknown person called ‘the kid’. Because I thought it was the way to protect my body.

As soon as he finished his apology, he heard the sound of something being cut, and the cut hem of his robe flew in the air. There was a large wound on his right hand.

“Uh, uh… Arghh! Ughh!”

It was then that Oberon realized that he was making a big mistake.

‘This child… He might really kill me…!’

The sound of howling, the rustling of grass reverberated through the forest.


Isley grabbed his right hand and pointed the sword at the drooling opponent.

“Who told you to apologize?”

The blade of the sword lit by the moonlight shone white. And the red eyes shone so vividly. like an animal.

“If you don’t want to die, why don’t you run away? like bug.”

I know it wouldn’t be fun if he were caught.

From that time on, Oberon had been involved in an unwanted tag game.

Oberon turned his back on Isley and ran madly into the forest. The escape went smoothly. Oberon had no choice but to think that way because he could not see the figure of young master Emers nor could he hear the footsteps.

While he was being vigilant that he could not find himself, Isley suddenly appeared and attacked Oberon’s left arm.

Red liquid splashed across Isley’s face, like the pupils he had. After that, Oberon was unable to move his left arm.

‘I made a mistake.’

If you think about it, it was natural that there were no footsteps. The second young master of the Emers was a professionally trained swordsman.

He was a person who even belonged to the Imperial Knights and would have been protecting the Emperor, so it would have been easy to erase his presence.

After that, he ran away again and got to the present situation.

‘Damn it, this child….’

Oberon chewed his lips and trembled in anger. He tried to clench his fist with his uninjured right hand, but he couldn’t force it properly.

His vision is blurred and his body temperature is dropping. Thoughts running around in his head are scattered all over the place. The pain that gnawed at his mind was no longer felt. The body is slowly dying. The fading sensation was heralding death.

Is it death.


‘Die, me?… I?’

Really? Am I really going to die like this? Is my life ending like this? Did I not use my hard-earned money properly? Did I just keep working without taking a break? Are you saying that I live while suffering to death and then die in vain? You mean to be rolled like a toy by a guy who’s never done anything like hard work and died?

‘I didn’t live my life like this!’

Heh, Oberon shed a small groan and shed tears. I want to live, I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I want to keep putting my feet on this earth and exhaling. But there was no way to survive.

Then, from somewhere, a whistling sound began to be heard. It was a famous nursery rhyme often hummed by children. The story of a baby rabbit lost in the forest being chased by a wolf and eventually eaten… 

Oberon at once realized that it was Isley’s whistle.

His heart starts beating like crazy with tension. He held his breath and poked his head out with a glance.

A boy in uniform was cutting the bushes with a sword and looking around. It was a little far from the place where Oberon was hiding.

‘… Did he not notice? Or are you pretending not to notice?’

If you haven’t noticed, please leave far away.

As if ridiculing such earnest prayer, Isley turned and walked towards the rock.

Oberon quickly lowered his posture and held his breath.

All of a sudden, Isley came close enough to hear the sound of his breathing. It was enough to stand up and face him right away. Seeing the young master standing with his back, Oberon pulled out a folding dagger from his coat pocket.

When he manipulated the handle, a sharp blade came out.

I don’t think I can kill that monstrous young master.

‘But, if I’m going to die like this anyway, I’ll try to counterattack before that….’

Oberon quickly got up from his seat and threw a dagger towards the boy’s neck.

No, that’s what he was trying to do. The man failed. Before the sword could even touch his skin, Isley turned his back and grabbed his arm.

“You said it wasn’t fun this way.”


Oberon once again get kicked. The dagger fell to the ground while floating in the air, and Oberon rolled on the floor.

Isley stomped on him.


“You only get hurt this much? That kid must have been sicker than this?”

“What… ‘That kid’, ‘That kid’, ‘That kid’! Who is it? Why are you doing this to me!”

The smile disappeared from Isley’s face.

“If you’re curious, guess it. Who is it?”

The tip of the sword shook in front of Oberon.

‘Not there yet. I have to make it more painful.’

Isley was in such a state of rage that he had thought about killing the man lying under his feet all the time.

He was angry with everything. He was angry with the man who was still alive, the man who had hurt that girl, and he was angry with himself, who acted like a fool without knowing what she was going through.

How heartbreaking it was when he realized that she was trying to leave the mansion to run away from Count Nigor, not simply because she didn’t like him.

“Guess it!”

Oberon, who couldn’t even remember properly, began to shout out the blurred names in a hurry at the angry shout. She passed the names of several people.

Then, the moment the name ‘Layla’ came out of his mouth, Isley felt like something in his head was cut off. His hand, holding his sword, moved arbitrarily and shot fiercely towards Oberon’s neck.


“Ugh… Huh….”

Oberon exhaled hard and looked at the sword stuck right next to his neck.

A red liquid leaked out from the throat cut by the well-forged sword. The blood from the wound flowed down the floor in a thin line.

Isley contorted his face and gripped the sword’s handle tightly.

‘I was going to kill you…’

He really intended to kill the man in front of him. But he couldn’t. It was a direct order from the Duke of Emers to bring the servant of Count Nigor alive.

‘If you disobey your mother, you will be punished. But it’s not that she will kill me because I was afraid of being punished. I was ready to accept being slapped in the face or imprisoned in the mansion’s room. I am… I just….’

Isley just didn’t want to disappoint his mother.

The thought to get revenge, even though he was so angry that he acted impulsively, he just stopped for that reason.

He smiled despairingly, reminding himself that he was still bound to her.

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