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MYGIP Chapter 49


Chapter 49

Realizing that, the anger that had subsided began to boil again. I wanted to get Yuria out of this place.

How hard was it for you to be alone? It was painful for me too, but it must have been the same for that child.

In Oberon’s story, Yuria was not always treated as a proper person by Count Nigor.

Who are you to treat my family, Yuria like that? I’ve never hit the kid either. I get angry and my hands are shaking.

I rolled my eyes to make sure there was no doctor in the infirmary. At the Count order, the doctor rarely came to the infirmary, only injecting me with some sap or painkillers.

So I spent most of my time alone.

Except for Oberon and the doctor who occasionally came to report my condition to the Count, and Alexander, who sometimes, very rarely, looked at me through the crack in the door, there was no reason to act while thinking of others.

I forcibly lifted my broken body and searched through the cabinets in the infirmary.

In order to escape, I had to return my body to a state where I could move properly. So I found a pain reliever in the cupboard, shoved it into my mouth, and poked an injection containing the medicine into my arm, just like the doctor did.

Only then does the pain burning in my body subside.

When I was about to get out of my seat with a scalpel that looked worthy of use as a weapon, Oberon came in at bad timing.

When my eyes met, my body began to tremble. Oberon, who was pushing me hard every day, was an object of fear for me.

But now is not the time to be afraid.

Don’t be afraid, even if you’re scared to death. Swallowing fear, I thrust the scalpel toward him.

“Hah, hah…”

I took a deep breath and looked down at the floor.

Oberon had fallen there.

We fought and tried to hurt each other. It was me who won that battle. If I hesitated even a little, the person who suffered may have been me, not Oberon. As I watched him lay motionless, my body trembled and my chest tightened.

It was difficult to breathe properly. I don’t know if it’s because of the intense physical fight or something else.

I stood still for a moment and caught my breath. I felt like I wanted to sit on the floor like this. But it can’t be. Because I had work to do. I ran out of the infirmary with a new scalpel. As soon as I left the infirmary, I saw a servant. Before he could scream, I quickly covered his mouth and pushed him against the wall. I didn’t want to hurt anyone, but I don’t have time to worry.

I quickly subdued the opponent, and the panicked man couldn’t resist once and fell into a slump.

After that, I wandered around the mansion, avoiding people’s eyes. The inside of the mansion was empty, as most of the employees could not stand the Count’s character and left. It was lucky for me. Now that I’m out of the infirmary, I need to find Yuria.

I did not know where Yuria was staying. Oberon spoke briefly about the child, but never brought up where she lived. It is too risky to search through the rooms one by one.

Should I threaten a person and ask? This is also dangerous, though.

As I was thinking about it, I suddenly felt a throbbing pain.

Are the pain relievers slowly losing their effectiveness? It’s been awhile since I’ve taken the medicine, and it’s strange. I may have been pouring painkillers in to get my body moving, but the effect was halved.

I sighed and grabbed the scalpel. Then I ran into Alexander at a bend in the hallway. He raised his hands and said, before I could even run to him with a scalpel.

“I surrender.”

Alexander offered to help me instead of telling the Count of my escape.

He immediately told me how to escape and where Yuria was. I was laughing so hard at how casually he was talking about it.

“I will prepare a carriage so that you can easily get out of the territory.”

“… Is that a lie?”

“It’s not a lie. I am only telling the truth.”

“How can I trust you? There’s no reason for you to help me. The Count’s right handed…!”

“Why am I helping you? If I say you look pitiful…”

Alexander scanned my face.

“… Of course you wouldn’t believe it.”

He seemed to ponder for a moment, then noticed something and grabbed my wrist.

In an instant, I was hugged by Alexander and hid behind a wall.

“What are you doing…!”

“Shh, There’s a maid.”

As I leaned my head slightly against the wall, I saw a maid passing by.

Anyone who lies to get out of this situation would have been able to tell the maid about their situation earlier.

But when Alexander did it and helped me, I was relieved a little bit.

So, after the maid had completely disappeared, I quietly listened to his small whisper.

“I already say I’m helping you?”

“… Okay.”

“Then I will tell you. You are the second person to hear this.”

Alexander began to tell his story little by little.

“I had one older sister. Unlike me, he was a kind and smart person. If I had to pick one person I admire, I would always pick my sister. Our home was once a prestigious aristocratic family, but over the centuries it was slowly demolished. Still, I sent my older sister to her academy by collecting the households that I was trying to make use of our past glory.”

It was a dreamy voice.

“… If I had known that my sister would go through something like that at the academy, I would never have let her go.”

That voice carries some emotion and begins to distort slowly.

“My sister was horribly abused by her classmate, James Nigor and his group. When I found out all the truth, she went to a faraway place where I would never see her again.”

I lifted my head and looked at him.

“I came into this mansion for revenge. Because he took a precious family from me. I has endured all injustice for that alone, and has endured feelings such as compassion….”

His expression was calm as usual, but his eyes were full of anger.

“I couldn’t take it any longer to see you. So I’m just here to help you.”

For the last time, the memories of Alexander began to churn. Memories that had rippled like water hit by a stone began to radiate white light.

I quickly closed my eyes to the light, and when I opened my eyes again, I saw a white ceiling.

White room, smell of medicine and comfy bed. It was an infirmary. I felt the warmth and forcibly turned my head, which was not easy to turn to the side.

Yuria, who was sitting next to the bed I was lying on, was holding my hand tightly.

The headaches and confusion that kept piercing my brain made me unable to think properly. So I didn’t quite understand why I was here. I had a confused mind, but Yuria, who was looking at me, had a face that looked like she was about to cry, so I smiled in a way that meant not to worry.

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