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MYGIP Chapter 48


Chapter 48

When the curtain rose again, I was in the form of a newborn baby. From an adult to a baby, from the name Seo Min-Jeong to Layla Hanson, from the Republic of Korea to the Vincen Empire. Everything that made up me had changed. In an instant, I fell into an unfamiliar environment.

“Oh, her eyes are open. Yuria, this is your sister, Isn’t it cute?”

“Of course it’s cute. Because it resembles you.”

However, the reason I did not feel anxious was because the new family warmly welcomed me.

The happy days pass in an instant, and parting and tragedy come.

The beloved hometown was ruined by the new leader.

In a village full of laughter, only the mournful cries of people can be heard. It was unavoidable that I decided to leave my beloved hometown, and that I had to turn away from my parents’ grave and pack my bags.

I made plans to escape from the estate and was absorbed in it almost every day. In conclusion, I failed.

On the way back from meeting the soldier who promised to help me escape, I was caught by Count Nigor’s man. It’s just ridiculous to think that everything was going perfectly.

I woke up in a dark room. My body was firmly anchored in the chair.

When I raised my head, I was able to find Oberon sitting in front of me with a bored face.

Only Oberon and I on the desk were illuminating the room in pale yellow.

His mouth moved when I stopped twisting my body to get out of the chair and glared at Oberon.

“I mean. I was born and raised in a slum.”

His eyes were fixed on one place.

“Hey, why? There’s a place called the Empire’s Chibu or the garbage dump. The children there used to die like rats who were poisoned by a single word from a nobleman. Or be beaten hard with a stick and crippled… So, no one knows as much about nobles as I do.”

He put the pliers down on the desk and turned his head towards me.

“Do you understand why I say this? I wanted to let you know that if you offend a great and wonderful nobleman, they can do terrible things.”

He grabbed my hand and smiled.

I knew what was going to happen. Cold sweat began to trickle down my forehead, and I exhaled heavily.

If I could describe the time I spent in the Count’s mansion in one word, it could be called ‘hell’. Yeah, those were really hellish times. In the midst of a terrible day, Oberon sometimes told his story. I couldn’t figure out why he was telling me his story at first.

After thinking about it, it must have been that the Count wanted to get rid of me, so he must have thought it was okay to tell his old story.

Most of the words that came out of his mouth were from his time in the slums. The boy in the story was smart enough to never forget what he saw once, but he was destined to live in a garbage dump because he was born in a slum.

Working as a backstreet thug, he came up with a business idea in a kidnapping incident that often occurred in a slum.

Oberon never told me what kind of business it was while bringing out his story. Anyway, it was a decent business, and all he needed was money. So, he decides to go ahead and find a stupid investor.

That investor was James Nigor. The small business the two of them started in the capital is truly a jackpot.

It was not enough to collect a lot of cash, so he got a huge rear boat in the eyes of a high person.

“Isn’t it fun? Common people like this kind of story. A story from the bottom to up.”

Oberon laughed cruelly.

After waking up in the dungeon, pretending to fake me out of the mansion, or until I was transferred to the mansion’s infirmary.

There was one thing that I felt while going through a hellish time.

Any emotion is easily buried in the face of violence.

The desire to love and cherish someone, the anger that screams repeatedly that if I leave here, I will surely kill you, and the sadness I feel after hearing that Yuria has entered the mansion to save me, falls apart in the face of ruthless violence. 

The only thing a human being can do is ask for forgiveness when everything has collapsed and only the shell remains. I just kept begging for forgiveness in a voice that had been hoarse from screaming.


I’m sorry.

I was really wrong.


It’s scary.

Please forgive me.

What can i do

What should I do to be forgiven?


Oberon threw a pen and paper on the floor and yawned loudly. The shackles holding my wrists were released, and I crawled to the floor and grabbed the object.

“The Count told you to write a letter. Roughly speaking, all you have to do is write that you are doing well outside the mansion. ‘Sister, I’m doing well. I missed my sister, ‘Like that.”

So I wrote dozens of letters.

Yuria, how are you doing in the mansion? I’m doing fine. I’m a little lonely without you… It’s okay though… 

“Ugh.. uh, uh…”

I wrote stupid things like that.

Tears flowed as I wrote each word down. What I was doing was stupid and outrageous, and I just resented Yuria. Because all of this seemed to have happened because of her.

If Yuria hadn’t been noticed by the Count, there would have been no reason for me to suffer like this.

Without that child, I wouldn’t have been arrested here, and there’s no reason to write fake letters…! The hand holding the pen trembled.

I knew it wasn’t something to blame Yuria, but I thought so at the time. I hated it and hated her, and tormented Yuria in my head several times a day.

But why?

The more I resent Yuria, the more I hate her, the more I want to see her face. She couldn’t figure out why she was missing her more and more.

When I was taken to the infirmary and saw Yuria after a long time, my heart was overflowing and I could not think of anything.

I couldn’t tell if the emotion I felt for Yuria was hatred or love, or if it was an intense passion that made my heart ache. But what is certain is that I missed Yuria madly both when I was in her im the prison and now, and if her body is okay now, she would have hugged Yuria with all her might.

Worried about the dark shadows cast under Yuria’s eyes, I became saddened by her slender body.

Yeah, maybe this was, really, really hard to believe, it was love. No matter how many times she got angry in her imagination, she hated and resented Yuria that much, but she loved Yuria.

Feelings that I thought had collapsed and disappeared into dust. The desire to cherish and love someone, and the love that grows fondly just by thinking of someone, did not break down even in such a difficult time. It was just hiding in my mind.

Yes, some emotions don’t break under any circumstances.

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