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MYGIP Chapter 45


Chapter 45

The person there was Yuria’s older sister, her only family, and her sun, Layla. Layla was drooping with her head down to the side as if she had lost her mind.

Yuria screamed and screamed again, but her legs lost strength and she fell to the floor. Holding her chest that seemed to have been split in two, she fell forward. She couldn’t come to her senses. She wanted to cry, but strangely, no tears came out. She couldn’t even breathe properly.

‘It was a lie… Lies, lies, lies, lies… That, someone tell me…  Say it ‘s not Lala. Yeah, that’s not Lala. There’s no way she’ll be caught here. It can’t be like that. Didn’t Lala escape from the mansion? Lala is happy on the outside. She writes to me once a week…. She felt sorry for the me, who stayed in the mansion instead of herself….’

Someone gently grabbed Yuria’s shoulder.

“You saw it. How what’s it?”

Yuria turned her head to the side. Oberon was looking at her with a smile.

“How does it feel to see your sister again? After all, would you be happy to see your precious little sister again?”

Yuria’s eyes clouded. Soon tears will begin to form. Oberon pulled her closer and whispered into her ear.

“Did you know that I purposely told Emma about your sister? It seemed that you were becoming more and more important to the Count. I’m worried that my stupid business partner will say something strange about this. So I deliberately talked to Emma and made you escape from the annex. She seems to care a little about you. I thought if I told you about torture, no I would definitely tell you. You seem to cherish your sister too, so I thought you might escape to see your sister. The Count hates people who break his word. He asked you to never leave the room, but you escaped and came all the way to the basement… you can’t stand it without leaving her, right?”

Yuria’s hand trembled and approached Oberon’s neck. I want this person to die. It was the first time in my life that I had this thought. Although he is shocked by himself, he is unable to control this feeling.

“Garbage… Die, die… !”

He gently grabbed the hand that was aiming at his neck and pulled her down.

“I didn’t expect it to be this good, but anyway…. I’m glad it went as planned.”

Then I heard the sound of urgent footsteps behind me. Oberon got up from his seat and looked at the knights who had come to catch the intruder and the Count who came forward through them.

“I told you never to come out!”

The Count forced Yuria to get up and shouted. His screams stopped when Yuria’s soul seemed to have escaped. He bit his tongue in annoyance and took Yuria to the annex.

Contrary to Oberon’s thoughts, the Count didn’t abandon Yuria. He just shoved her into the annex’s room and started swearing at her. Yuria quietly listened to insults, and then she burst into tears. She didn’t even raise her hand, but since it was the first time Yuria had ever cried, the Count seemed to be a bit perplexed. That feeling was heightened by the screams that followed.

“Why! Why! Why?”

Yuria screamed and began to destroy everything in the room.

Curtains tore, pillows tossed around, and vase on the table shattered. The agony that she had been deceived, the anger that her dearest sister was not safe, the sadness that she didn’t do anything, the resentment towards the Count that my younger sister had made me, and the conviction that I was sure to die now that I had disobeyed the Count. Made me act like that.

Yuria was insane.

“How could you lie to me like that?! You said that if I do well, my sister. You will let her go!”

Yuria lifted up a piece of the broken vase. It looked pretty threatening. The Count stepped back.

“Huh, are you going to threaten me with that?! Then your sister….”

The Count didn’t say that. Because Yuria’s anger was directed at herself, not the Count. The blood dripped from Yuria’s long, bruised neck.

“Why me? Why is it me and Layla…?”

Yuria screamed.

“… Am i pretty … I, I, I… Is it because I am pretty?”

A scratch was formed on Yuria’s white face.

“What if I do this? So, isn’t it pretty when I do this? will you let me go now? Will you let me and Layla go?!”


The Count screamed. His face is blue. Yuria had never seen him like that. When she saw it, she felt strangely good.

“Please stop!”

Yuria did not stop holding it to her hand. Then, as if miraculously, the arrogant and selfish man fell to his knees with tears in his eyes.

“Yeah, I was wrong! So stop now….”

Even in the blurry vision, there was a hand approaching me clearly. There were begging hands. It’s the Count’s hand. It is the hand of a man who deceived and insulted her.

Yuria hurriedly hit it off.

Then, suddenly, my head started spinning. Her eyes darkened and her breathing began to suffocate, and her body grew colder and colder.

You’ve shed too much blood.

Yuria stumbled and dropped a piece of the vase. It was at the same time that she curled her body forward. She lost her mind when Yuria last counted as she ran to her.

When Yuria woke up again, she was lying on the bed. All her wounds were healed. He seemed to have poured a lot of potions.

Turning her head, she found the Count sitting next to her. He was holding Yuria’s hand with a painful expression. It was so disgusting, but I couldn’t shake it off. It was because the Count gave her a lot of sedatives and sleeping pills while she was fainting, so she was weak and her mind was confused.

“Don’t die…  Wake… up… please. I… I… like… No, I love you…. I don’t want to lose you…”

Yuria heard the Count’s words and opened her mouth.


You say you love me?

“… Are you saying you love me now?”

The words flowed out slurred from the hardened mouth as the medicine was circulating. The Count suddenly raised his head and met Yuria’s gaze. He frowned for a moment and said:

“… Yes, I love you.”

Love. How could those words feel so terrifying? Yuria liked the affectionate words that Layla sometimes whispered while holding my hand.

My heart used to warm when I heard the words of love, but when I heard the Count’s words, my heart began to get cold as if it were frozen. The disgust was to the point that I was nauseous without realizing it.

Yuria looked up at him blankly.

“… Me… Do you love me? Nonsense.”

“What do you mean nonsense?”

“… Can a person less than an animal be able to love?”


The hazy mind did not go through the filter and showed the inner heart as it was.

“How can you hit someone you love? How can you kidnap and harass the family of your loved one? How can you lock up a loved one and do such a thing? that…. Is that love?”

Yuria spit it out like it was terrible.

“What you are doing is not love…”

To her, love is caring for each other. It’s about giving up and loving what she wants. To give her the most precious thing of her own for that person. Believing and trusting them. So Yuria can be sure. What the Count does is obviously not love. It’s just a disgusting feeling that I don’t understand at all.

The Count’s face contorted. He slammed the bed hard and jumped up. He pointed his finger at the woman who ignored and rejected his feelings, and opened his mouth as if he was about to scream. But he doesn’t say anything. It was because Yuria immediately said this.

“… Please don’t say I love you, I hate you. I hate you terribly. Disgusting, You are violent and selfish. There’s no way you can love someone like that. At least you shouldn’t even think that we might have the same feeling just because you have a sense of shame…”

Yuria raised her trembling hand and brought it to her ear.

“It’s so terrifying to have to be told that you love me…. I want to rip my ears off… If I could, I’d like to go back in time to before I heard those words…”

Gradually the volume of the voice decreases. Yuria could not overcome the medicinal effect and lost her mind again. The Count looked down at her with a shocked face and then sat back down in the chair. As if, perhaps, at any rate, he had the illusion that he and her might have had the same feelings. Like someone who thought he would never listen to her saying he was absolutely disgusting.

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