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MYGIP Chapter 40


Chapter 40

Layla returned home immediately after hearing the news that the Count had visited her house, and looked at Yuria, who was sitting on floor with the broken door and legs loosened up without saying a word. There was silence in the house, in contrast to the noisy surroundings of the house. Yuria’s trembling voice broke the silence.

“Lala… The Count wants me to come to the mansion tonight, tonight….”

“It’s okay.”

Layla interrupted her. And she sat in front of crying Yuria, she said once more.

“It’s okay.”

Yuria would always fall into the illusion that when she heard Layla say “It’s okay,” she really felt like it was going to be okay.

But she was hard to be mistaken for today.

Am I going to be okay? Really?

Her tears did not stop as she thought that she might become like the women who were dragged into the mansion. They were all locked up in the mansion and then kicked out in a ruined state.

Any action that a nobleman commits against a commoner is not a crime. So they were all helpless.

No matter how much Layla tried, there was no way she could defeat the nobles. Layla, who was still looking at Yuria’s face, spoke once again, powerfully.

“It’s okay, Yuri.”

“… Lala….”

Her tears blurred her vision, so Yuria couldn’t see Layla’s face properly. She became oblivious to whether her sister, who kept saying it was okay really thought so, or just trying to calm Yuria by hiding her anxious feelings. Layla wiped  Yuria’s tears and whispered quietly.

“Let’s run away tonight.”

It was then that Yuria could see Layla’s face.

“I will protect you. I’ll never let that bastard touch you. So stop crying.”


It was only when she heard her powerful voice, and determined face, and her eyes that were sure her own words would come true, Yuria was relieved. Although she is pathetic and can only cry, she can’t help but hold her in her arms. she couldn’t help it. How could she not depend on such a strong girl like Layla?

The first thing Layla did to comfort Yuria andwas fix her door. Perhaps because it was forcibly opened, the lock on the door was broken.

Layla roughly fixed the dangling door, barely hanging on her crumpled hinges, and took Yuria up to the second floor.

She took her older sister to the storage room. Seeing what she had hidden on the other side of the warehouse, Yuria couldn’t help but mutter this without realizing it.

“… Really, there was nothing I could do.”

What Layla was carrying was a suitcase for two person. Inside the bag were money, clothes, and various necessities.

Layla had already made the preparations for escape.

Layla, who handed the bag to Yuria, briefly shared her plans.

She said, “The soldier I dealt with is guarding the wall that surrounds the estate. We can find it by going to the fifth pillar from the right of the entrance. The soldier’s name is ‘Charlie’ and he has a long cut on his cheek, so it’s easy to recognize. I’m going to see that person and ask him to open the gate. Let’s go at night out of sight. For night… It will be just a few more hours.”

Layla rolled up the curtains and looked outside.

“I have to go to the soldier and tell him we’re going out tonight,” she said. “You wait here until I come back.”

But she went out when the sun went down and the sky turned red, and she didn’t come back until late at night.

She said, ‘Why don’t you come back?’

Obviously we promised to run away together tonight.

‘Is the chatting longer? If not… Is something wrong?’

Yuria, who was walking around the living room feeling anxious and nervous, looked at the window where the light was coming in and realized the morning had come. She didn’t even realize that the time was passing because she was worried about her sister.

Yuria rolled up the curtains and looked out the window and she ran to the front door.

“Shall I go out…?”

She put her hand on the doorknob. Then she closes her eyes and pulls her hand away.

“… No, no. Lala told me to stay still.”

As she wandered outside, she had nothing good to do in the sight of the Count. Especially in a situation where he even told her to come directly to the mansion. Even if I can’t help, at least I shouldn’t be a burden.

Yuria repeated that to herself and not leaving.

Then someone knocked on the door.


Yuria suddenly opened her eyes. When she opened the door, the person she had been waiting for was not the person she had been waiting for, but a man with a very familiar face.

He was a man who always clung to Count Nigor’s side.

Did they say he is the aide, Alexander? He rummaged through his arms and pulled out something from him.

“The Count has asked me to deliver it.”

It was a letter. What is this feeling? I didn’t think it was just a letter of a love confession or a threat. The moment he just handed it over, Yuria felt a bad feeling. She still doesn’t know what’s inside the letter. When she opens the letter, the identity will be revealed. She was strangely afraid to see what was inside, so she stared at it for a while.

“… What is this?”

“… I think it would be better to open it yourself.”

Yuria hastily tore off the entrance to the letter. And before she could even check the contents inside, she dropped it. Because her hands trembled with tremor.

From the letter flowed out the braided light brown hair.


Yuria was confused. what? Why did you send this to me?

‘By the way, whose is this? Perhaps…’

Why did she think of her sister at this time? Yuria didn’t want to know. she doesn’t want to know.

“Aren’t you going to pick it up? Now that you have seen the gift, you should also look at the note inside.”

The man picked up the letter and handed it to Yuria. Yuria suddenly wanted to cry. I don’t know why I feel this way. Yuria picked up the letter and pulled out the contents inside. The note with the hair tangled was written in smooth handwriting.

‘How did you like Layla Hanson’s hair?’

She rubbed her eyes over and over again, she had a blank face and she rubbed her eyes over and over again.


She continued her act of rubbing her eyes with her hand, looking into the notes, and rubbing and looking at it again. she can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to believe it… Count Nigor was a human being capable of doing what he wanted right now. He is a human being who has done something like kidnapping and hurting people. How is Layla now? Did he really just cut her hair? Had she not been severely abused by Count Nigor? Yuria doesn’t know.

She had no idea, she didn’t know.

“Hah… hah…”

Yuria’s face is contorted with pain and anguish,


A terrible scream escaped her mouth. Yuria was taken to Nigor’s mansion, and she imagined the face of a girl whose hair was forcibly cut off, and the face of a girl who was suffering because she had been badly beaten. Then she couldn’t stand her disgust. Yuria recalled everything that was inside her on the spot. The thick gastric juices poured down to the floor. A mixture of her stomach juices and saliva dripped from her mouth.

Yuria wiped it with her sleeve and raised her head to look at the man. And she laughed. She continued to laugh as she went crazy.

“Hahahahahaha…. Nonsense… Is this a lie? This is a lie… Please tell me it’s a lie! please!”

Her smiling face was watered down.

“Isn’t it just a fake you made to intimidate me? Is my sister safe, right? This is just… just…. a dream, isn’t it?”

She shed tears and hung on the man’s leg, but nothing changed. The Count took Layla, and Yuria was a useless older sister who was confined to the house, doing nothing until her only sister became so. She can’t be her sister. She’s garbage.

“It’s because of me… Even if I-I didn’t rebel, I will go to the Count! Ah, Lala…  Lala!”

The man bowed his head and looked down at crying Yuria, and knelt in front of her.

“… Why didn’t you come? Haven’t you seen it too? What happens to those who disobey the Count’s orders?”

And he speaks calmly as someone who doesn’t feel any emotions.

“You’d better come to the mansion today. The Count is not very patient, so if you come late, I don’t know what will happen to your sister.”

Yuria raised her head. Her tears ran down the line of her face and dripped to the floor.

‘How could you say such a thing to me…? how could you…?’

To do that to a person who is suffering because her only sister has been caught?

Oh, that man is a very terrifying man. It is clear that there is no emotion. There’s no way a person can say that, he’s definitely not a person. He’s…

“… Monster…”

“I have definitely warned you.”

The man turned around and left, Yuria sat there blankly for a long time. The people of the estate looked at Yuria with a worried face, but they turned away from her because they did not want to get involved between Count affairs.

‘What should I do now?’

Like a compass that lost its direction, Yuria did not know what she was going to do, what she had to do in the future.

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  1. From this point on. I’d really want to burn and let this people experience what the servants felt. “Oh? I thought I should just follow orders, then why can’t you do the same now you are in my position?” F** bastards.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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