MYGIP Chapter 36


Chapter 36 : Someone’s misfortune

Yuria was born and raised in the Countess of Nigor area. She had a strict but caring mother and a benevolent father, and one younger sister.

“Yuria, everything else is fine… But why are you not very good at math? Mom always said that the only way for commoners like us to succeed is by studying. Mathematics is especially important. If you’re not good at math, you’re going to have a hard time going  anywhere.”

My mother, Laisha, was a person who valued studies. Occasionally she would frown upon seeing her report card from her school.

Layla has always had great scores, so Yuria was the only one to be pointed out.

Yuria, who came out to the kitchen to have breakfast before going to school, rolled her eyes without even thinking of making excuses. Then she smiled broadly like her father.

“You’re trying to move this matter with a cute smile like that again…”

“Honey, honey. calm down. What do grades matter? She just need to grow up well.”

In comparison, her father, Martin, was tolerant in that respect. As he smiled, his face lit up. Having left Yuria with an outstanding beauty, he knew very well how to use his own face to soften his wife’s mood. Then, Laisha struggled to raise the corners of her lips.

“It is important to grow well, but it is also important to live well.”

“And Yuria dreams of becoming a costume designer?”

“Mathematics is also important.”

The two chatted for a while and ended the fight with a short kiss. Although both their personality and their appearance were polar opposites, her parents were so close that they were rumored to be a lovebird.

Yuria was very fond of her parents’ expressions of affection. She even thought that if she ever got married in the future, she would want to live like that.

But her younger sister, Layla, didn’t seem to think so. She sighed and then used to whip up her breakfast and lunch box that was on her table.

“Wait, kids, before you go…”

After receiving their parents’ kisses on the cheek in turn, the sisters left the house.

When we go to school, we go to class until twelve o’clock. After eating their packed lunch, they can go home right away. Yuria hated it while Layla liked going to school. Because she is able to play with her friends.

“Hey, don’t bother me…!”

“Hey, what? I can’t hear what you’re saying? ugly. Are you crying again?”

“She cries all the time.”

“Hahaha! ugly.”

It was because the boys were teasing me by pulling my hair or giving me weird nicknames.

Even the teachers and parents yelled at them to no avail. So Yuria didn’t like boys very much.

Who likes a man when he cries and throws things at him when she pretends to ignore them?

“Hey! These children!”

It is thanks to her two-year-old younger sister that he is able to withstand the bullying.

“Hey, it’s Layla!”

“Run… run away…!”

“Hey, don’t run away. There are five of us, so why run away? Last time we lost because there were three, but this time it will be different, right?”

Layla couldn’t stand the person who bullied Yuria. She said, “No violence at all!” She couldn’t help but raise her fists when she saw what boys were doing.

“You can’t do this to young children…  You don’t know! Then don’t touch other people’s family. Little kids learn only bad things….”

Her pretty braided hair is all messed up, and her nosebleeds are ridiculously spread. Every time she sees Layla’s mischievous smile while beating up boys, Yuria feels sorry and realizes her love for her again.

It is a common story now that the boys who bully Yuria will get beat by Layla during school hours and the boys who hit Layla are called by their teachers.

After returning home, Yuria treats Layla’s scarred face, or bursts into tears after applying bandages and medicine to her face.

“Why are you crying?”

“Sorry… It hurts because of me and your face looks like this… ugh…”

“Why is that for you? It’s because of those naughty kids who bully you, and it’s my fault that I couldn’t hold back my anger.”

On such days, Yuria’s eyes were so swollen that it was difficult to open them properly.

To comfort her, Layla gave her a tasty treat or wet a towel with cold water and placed it over her eyes.

On days when Layla and the boys did not fight, they played with their peers or wandered around the village before entering the house.

Yuria liked to hang out with her friends and spend time doing things with her sister, but the thing she loved the most was drawing and making various clothes at home.

My sewing skills aren’t that good yet, so I didn’t get a good result.

Yuria’s parents were fabric merchants.

To be precise, They were employees at the top of a large fabric factory. They worked mainly in sales by visiting various customers and showing fabrics.

As a child, Yuria followed her parents to various clothing stores and workshops.

As a result, I was able to see a variety of clothes from everyday wear to dresses, and I fell in love with the world created by intertwining lines and cotton and dreamed of becoming a costume designer.

If you are immersed in sewing, evening will come quickly.

The sister’s parents left early in the morning and returned in the evening. They always come in with presents for their daughters, such as snacks, books, or sewing tools.

At dinner time, the family shared what happened during the day, got angry at the bad things and happy at the good things, and at night they hugged each other and went to bed.

Yuria had a dream that made her laugh just thinking about it and had a lovely family. Her four families lived happily ever after. Yuria was sure she would live like this for the rest of her life.

I am not wealthy enough to do everything I want, and there will be many sad days as well as smiling days, but I will live my life in small and peaceful ways…


And Yuria finds out on a noisy morning that she’s completely wrong.

I woke up very early that day, strangely. It was dawn. The sky outside the window was a mixture of pale blue and unfinished black, creating a strange color. Usually she slept with Layla, but that day she didn’t feel her present next to her.

Yuria felt suspicious and went outside.

Whether the parents had not yet returned or whether they were in a deep sleep after returning, a lonely stillness was wafting through the house.

She visited her parents’ room and went down to the first floor to stop by the living room and kitchen. The family was nowhere to be seen. She then realizes that someone has been making a lot of noise outside.

Yuria put her feet in her mother’s shoes and went outside. The villagers had their confused faces wrapped around something.

Some wept, some contorted their faces, and some turned their heads as if they couldn’t see it. They even snatched children who were sneaking into people’s arms and sent them home.

What the hell is at the center of it? Why is everyone reacting like that? Yuria, like the other children, tilted her head and headed towards there.

“It’s so terrifying….”

“Who knew? I never thought this would happen to Laisha and Martin.”

“Yuria and Layla are like, ‘What should I do now?’  Ugh… When will the funeral director come? We need to fix this right away.”

“I think it would be better for us to move the body as soon as possible.”

“You can’t do that! The damage is so bad! If you touch it carelessly, even the undertaker will have a hard time touching it.”

The surroundings became cold. And even though it was summer, the cold, like midwinter, enveloped my body.

‘What do you mean by all that? my mom and dad…’

Yuria was belatedly aware of the existence of Layla, who was approaching me while trembling.

“… When did you come out?”

Layla blocked Yuria’s in front of her and said sternly.

“Go home.”

“Lala La….”

Yuria was startled when she saw her younger sister’s face.

“Why are you making such a scary face…? What are you doing over there? Can’t I go? Why?”

“Come in!”

“… No…!”

“Yuria! don’t go!”

Why are people born with curiosity? It forces you to check whatever the consequences may be.

The thing that killed and saved people the most was curiosity, which gave hope and plunged them into despair. She shakes off Layla’s hand and despairs because of her curiosity.

The girl did not yet know that there was a truth that had to be hidden in the world.

Yuria pushed through the people and moved forward. She occasionally came up with a hand that was trying to grab her, but she pushed it back and pushed it away and kept going. And she soon comes across two objects covered in white cloth.

Yuria became impatient with the presence of her younger sister chasing after her or the sight of adults reaching out with fearful faces, so she collected the cloth without feeling afraid of the existence under it.

Then a familiar face appears. It was her own parents, Laisha and Martin.

Yuria couldn’t scream. She couldn’t even let out her moan. It was because what was revealed in front of me was in such a terrible way.

Someone hurriedly covered her eyes and lifted her up to get away, but it was too late. Yuria was drooping like a broken doll in the arms of the man who had lifted her, and then she began to struggle.


The man didn’t even care about her fists smashing my chest.

“No…! no no… mom… Dad…!”

It was a carriage accident.

It is said that a deer suddenly appeared, causing the carriage to swerve and fall off the cliff.

The coachman is nowhere to be found, and the couple died.

If the deer hadn’t come out, the accident wouldn’t have happened. Had it not been for a cliff right next to the road, it might have ended with a simple injury. If the driver had been an older man, he might have just slaughtered the deer instead of turning.

A tragedy created by coincidence and coincidence…  Why did God create such tragedies? why?

‘God, please tell me it’s a lie. Please tell me this is just a dream. When I open my eyes, please let me return to my daily life with Mom and Dad.’

Is this fun? Seeing a person suffer? Praying with tears in their eyes?

At a funeral full of mourning, Yuria prayed but nothing could change, and shed tears that could not change anyone’s heart.

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