MYGIP Chapter 30


Love, indeed, germinates in trivial occasions and blooms in insignificant things.

The short and long time we spent together, a face full of anger over trivial pranks, a smile that is barely painted on a piece of cookie, the pointy puddles that you see every time you open your mouth, curly hair, your cheeks dyed red like a delicious apple, and your body shape. There will be times when his heart sinks when he looks at the wrinkled maid clothes as if they are not neat.

It meant falling in love.

But Isley Emers had once loved someone so badly that he had been rejected so coldly by that love and he never thought he would love anyone again. He was too tired for that. It was unavoidable that he thought the trembling of his heart was just an illusion for a moment.

Furthermore… It was only one month. She had only been in this mansion for a month, a little more than that! Isn’t it too short to fall in love?

So Isley Emers didn’t know.

Why do I get so angry when her face, which was always full of favors, is twisted toward me, why do I feel my heart pounding when I see you looking at me with tears in your eyes as if I was terrified… he had no idea why he was choking when someone told him that she was leaving. He doesn’t know why he’s so resentful to prepare for a breakup without telling him.

Isley had been friends with Layla. They have a similar personality and like the same thing, so we got along well. Is He sad because such a maid suddenly changed her attitude and she began to hate him?

Yeah, maybe that’s it. It’s like he’s annoyed when she suddenly sees another man one day.

Or it’s sad that he feels like he lost a close friend when she says she’s going far away? It was common for an employee. I was close to quitting their job. He has already gone through too many breakups to be sad about this.

Am I angry at the thought of her ignoring me? If I say that, will she throw it away as soon as she is appointed as an exclusive servant? It was the result of forcing the head maid to obtain it, so it was absurd.

All of them were convincing, but they didn’t seem to be the answer. So what is this feeling? What’s this? What is it that makes my head hurt so much? What is it that makes it so hard for me?

Incomprehensible emotions bring fear.

Isley became terrified of Layla after she burst into tears at his words.

No, to be precise, he was afraid of himself, who would become strange just by meeting Layla.

So, even if we ran into each other and pretended not to know, and deliberately avoided each other.

Such an effort, unfortunately, was wandering around the garden and ran into Layla.

I really didn’t want to meet you.

As I stood far away and looked at the round head, joy for an unknown reason began to fill up. He approached the girl as if possessed. Even with the intuition that it is not an action that will bring good results.

With the sound of grass being crushed, Layla turned around. When she saw Isley, her eyes, in utter embarrassment, she plunged into fear and confusion.


Isley couldn’t quite understand.

Why are you looking at me with those eyes? Why aren’t you smiling? Did I do something wrong?

Beyond incomprehensible and scary, now I am starting to get angry.

I didn’t do anything wrong, so why are you doing this? Why do you hate me so much?


Something he had been holding down exploded. The first words that came out were not words of resentment towards the opponent. Ironically, it was a question mixed with sadness, “Why are you leaving?” After that, Isley poured out all the words he had kept inside in turn.

The form of the words was different, but all of them were hiding their inner thoughts, ‘don’t hate me’ and ‘don’t leave’. Even if it’s one thing, it won’t reach the other side. In her annoyed eyes, Isley could see it.

It was like talking to a wall. There must be Layla behind the wall, but the wall between them is too huge and can’t reach the sturdy barrel. So I forced a kiss. I was wondering if something would change if I did something.

Acquaintances who have lovers would sometimes talk about their feelings about their love affairs. When I first held her hand, her whole body trembled as if an electric current was flowing through her body… The touch on her lips was amazing, and it was fantastic like a fireworks exploding right in front of his eyes.

But the kiss wasn’t that fantastic.

She couldn’t feel what I felt like to touch my lips, and nothing exploded in front of her eyes. He didn’t understand anything, he didn’t know, and a desperate feeling of being swept away by a huge wave hit him.

A feeling of not being able to control yourself.

It feels like a mess. The emotions I am feeling now are the same as the stuffy feeling I felt when I was young.

Oh, I see. 

I realize it only after I feel a feeling I never want to feel again.

“I, I, I think I like you…”

That the emotion I was feeling was love.

Horrible. such a feeling.

Disgusting, insignificant, hateful, messing up people, and yet unable to let go… 

“… I like you.”




Haha… you’re in love again stupid Isley Emers!

Even for someone who hates him terribly… 

“Then don’t leave…”

Isley laughed in deep despair in his heart.

The puzzles begin to fit one after the other in my head. So it was. I hope you don’t hate me because I like you. It was painful to see her cry because he liked her, and he wanted her not to quit her job because he liked her.

He only woke up after completing the puzzle, and only then was he able to see the face of the person he liked. Layla’s face turned white.

She look at me as if she were looking at a very ugly looking monster. And she made her stomach ache as if she couldn’t stand the disgust in her eyes.

Isley was shocked as if his heart had been thrown to the floor. In an instant, the despairing smile twisted into pain.

Layla passed out in agony. As he accepted her falling body, Isley’s mind went blank.

I don’t know what happened.

All I can tell is that I have done something terrible, that I have made a big mistake, and that I have been rejected.

I lost strength in my legs. I couldn’t stand properly in the pain as if something in my chest had been shattered. Unable to collapse while holding Layla, Isley barely stood, leaning against the wall.

He laid her down on the infirmary bed and returned to the room. As he leaned his back against the door and looked into her room as he walked away, he slumped down. His threads were hanging like that of a broken puppet for a while.

Until the light fades, the world turns blood, and the veil of darkness falls. Isley really wanted to cry.

But like when I was a child, tears did not come out.

The news that Layla was imprisoned in a dungeon because people were barred from entering and even eating food was a fact that he learned later.


There is a hidden room in the mansion’s study.

This room is used as Arthur’s laboratory and exclusive study room. Arthur went out to the room to get some air today as well, looking through the documents sent from the kiln tower. He left the room and headed straight for the dungeon. It was because he had heard a certain story flowing from the employees who were murmuring with anxious faces. Today, the story of a maid who stole things from the masters and was imprisoned.

Layla Hanson.

A maid who suddenly caught his attention one day.

Eighteen years old, woman, family, one older sister. Her parents died in an accident. Moved to the capital after living in Count Nigor’s estate.

Arthur had a hobby of memorizing whole books and documents when bored.

When I got tired of looking at major books and poems in the library, I memorized the job application documents written by the employees. Therefore, he knew the names of Layla and Yuria, as well as the names of all the employees in the mansion. I knew it, but I never had to think about it.

But after meeting Layla, who was playing hide and seek with Isley in the library, Arthur continued to recall information about her. He kept recalling information from the papers, such as what her name was, how her family was made up, and where she had worked in the past. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because something interesting other than magic or mother appeared after a long time.

Her actions, facial expressions, and eyes that were evident in his reluctance to himself or his other brothers drew attention. When I think of muttering in the study room, telling my brother my fake birthday, or throwing bread at Isley, I can’t help but laugh. Still, it pretends not to be. Even if it looks like I hate it.

At first, it was absurd and angry that employees and commoners had such feelings, and that they could not even hide them all.

At some point, instead of feeling anger, I wondered why I felt that way.


No one had ever shown him such deep hatred. A deep and deep emotion, different from the kind of jealousy displayed by the magicians of the Tower. What is the source of that feeling? Interest follows curiosity.

Arthur was a wizard, and wizards were even more inclined to do so.

As the other brothers began to care too much for her, Arthur recalled his childhood, when all three of them craved affection for the same person.

The more I thought about it, the more my interest in Layla grew.

When I heard the news that she was leaving the mansion, my heart sank, just like when I found her crying alone, hiding in the garden. It felt like I didn’t want to miss it. So Arthur, half-impulsively, asked the Duke not to let Layla as a maid out. Then it did exactly what I wanted.

Most of the requests were granted by the Duke’s. Requests that the Duke thought was wasting her time, such as asking for a meal together or asking for walking, were often rejected.

Arthur was very interested in Layla and struggled to identify who she was. She even brought a cat to the room for me, her relationship with people around her wasn’t that bad, and she didn’t seem like a bad person. Thus, in spite of his dilemma, Arthur, as he slowly walked down the halls like aristocrats, concluded that Layla Hanson was not the kind of person to steal.

But I wasn’t completely sure.

Because you can’t judge a person’s everything just by looking at his or her appearance. No one knows what she is thinking inside her.

Isn’t it common for commoners to steal something expensive in front of them? He remembers his nanny, who was beaten and driven out for coveting the duke’s wealth.

The maid secretly rummaged through the jewelry box saying she had debts in the house, and the servant who stole ornaments from the guest room.

So it was necessary to ask directly what had happened to her.

Arthur frowned as he stepped out of the mansion and entered the garden. It was because he suddenly had doubts about his actions.

Why am I doing this? Normally, he would have thought that a commoner had an accident because they was blinded by wealth.

But why do you want to hear the details of the incident directly from her, and if she has only been misunderstood as the culprit, are you even thinking of trying to resolve the misunderstanding yourself? Even if she was the culprit, he didn’t want to be penalized. Even if she lied that she hadn’t stolen it, he seemed to believe it.

“… But it’s kind of weird.”

The amount of wealth found in Layla’s room was considerable. She would have stolen over a long period of time. The maids said they had been witnessing their crimes, so why did they report it now? Thanks to the reporting now, she was able to prevent Layla Hanson from leaving the mansion in good time.

‘As if someone wanted to make this happen.’

As he reached the entrance to the dungeon, he found a familiar face.

“Older brother.”

His brother Osses stood there with his servant. At the entrance of the warehouse seen in the distance, knights were standing. There is a prison under that warehouse.

“It’s fine. What’s going on here? Are you going to go to jail?”

“Yes, that’s right. I have someone to meet…”


“I am going to meet a maid named Layla Hanson. I don’t think the commoner would have stolen it. I can’t believe anything unless I meet and talk to her in person.”

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Don’t do that. There’s nothing good about meeting a sinner. By now, mother will be so mad that you’re in prison without even thinking about the sins they committed? What would you do if you went in and got uncomfortable? It will only hurt you.”

Osses smiled and suggested that he should go back. Arthur read something in his eyes. So he just spit these words out without knowing it.

“… Brother, by any chance, what did  brother do? Is Layla Hanson innocent?”


“Did brother do something?”

Osses’s red eyes rolled to the left. He had a smile on his face, but inside him was thinking that it was annoying.

Since the Emers brothers usually behave similarly, we could figure out what each other was thinking and what they were going to do with a little thought.

Arthur, in particular, had a good brain. Whatever excuses are made now, he will surely come to light in the near future.

Behold, isn’t his face almost certain now? After thinking for a while, Osses decided to tell the truth.

“Yes. I did.”

Soon after, Osses spoke quietly about his plans, and Arthur’s face became distorted as he heard it. Seeing his angry face, Osses didn’t think he’d ruin his job.

After all, all of the Emers brothers are the same.

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