MYGIP Chapter 29


These are the words that Osses uttered bitterly.

“Layla. Your forehead… Why? It hurts badly.”

What? forehead?

It was so ridiculous that I couldn’t even laugh. Is it normal to worry about my forehead in this situation? Are you still pretending to be nice when you come all the way here?

He is a cold-hearted person. He just wants to look good in front of Duke, and he is wearing a kind person’s mask just because he likes the longing eyes of the people around him.

According to his original personality, he would have to take off his mask and show his true self to the prisoner, but why is he still pretending to be good?

I thought that it was because he was in front of Yuria, but I had a foreboding feeling that it wasn’t strange.

I suddenly remember what Osses said that he was interested in me, and I get goosebumps all over my body.

At the same time, the wounds I had forgotten about Osses’ words began to sting again. It must have been scratched because I had driven my forehead to the wall earlier. Blood was oozing out, so you can roughly estimate how severe the wound will be.

He didn’t feel the value of an answer, so he kept quiet and opened his mouth to the knights next to him.

“Did you do this?”

Osses suddenly pretended to be angry.

He urged the knights how they could touch a young girl. They silently listened to him without any sign of injustice and apologized. Osses ordered one of the knights to bring something to heal my forehead, and he followed the orders and headed to the ground.

It was a very strange sight. If you ask me where it’s weird, I can’t pick just one.

“Layla, are you in a lot of pain? Be patient. Soon the knights will come with medicine.”

I couldn’t figure out why he was being kind. It seems a little crazy because I don’t understand.

Yuria’s worried voice could be heard along with the rattling of iron bars next to her.

“Lala… Are you hurt? You never said that before.”

“… It’s no big deal. Only a little hurt.”

Osses frowned and raised the corners of his lips. Glancing at my forehead, he seems to be sarcastic, saying, ‘It’s not a big deal’.

Yuria, who had been worried about me for a while, shouted “Master” once again to Osses. Then he turns his gaze to Yuria.

“What’s going on, Yuria?”

“… Help.”

He approached the prison where Yuria was held.

“We didn’t steal anything. Really. How could a commoner do such a thing without knowing the consequences? There is something wrong with this. Can you please help us? Please reveal the truth of the case. Please trust me just this one time.”

No use. He won’t help, and he won’t be able to help.

Isley is involved in this. If he helps us, It means he is pretending to be with us. He doesn’t have the guts to do such a tedious thing. And, if you ask for help, that’s more dangerous than anything else. I don’t know what that sleazy bastard will ask you to do on the condition of your escape.

Osses spoke in a soft voice that showed seriousness.

“I believe. I know Yuria and Layla aren’t the kind of person who would do that. Clearly someone must have used the maids to trap the two of you.”

“Young master…!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of it. To catch the culprit who did this, and to get you out of here.”

A rotten cord is swaying in front of you. It’s tempting even though you know it’s rotten because the sky doesn’t give you another rope. It must be dried so that Yuria does not catch it.

I crawled and reached the front of the iron cage, but I couldn’t tell Yuria not to ask for help, or tell Osses not to turn it off.

I have to say it, but I have to… 

I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do. What if something goes wrong again? Whatever the outcome, it would be better to remain still. In any case, with his help, we will be able to get out of prison.

In the end, I couldn’t do anything and sat down. Osses met my eyes and laughed terribly.

Then the knights returned. With a first aid kit, water, and a towel in his arms, he opened the iron cage door as ordered. Osses came in alone with a pill.

The knights tried to come in, but Osses prevented them from doing so.

He put down the basin of water and the first aid kit, and knelt in front of me and sat down.

Osses gently wiped my forehead with a wet towel. The area that the towel touched was stinging and a moan came out of my mouth. Each time that happened, Osses’s hand became more cautious. My stomach churns at the feeling of being valued.

Their similar behavior, always in their favor, annoyed me. Unwanted favors from people you don’t want to come with pain.

He was very good at applying medicine to the wound and bandaging it. A nobleman heals wounds, which doesn’t suit him at all. This was usually done by subordinates.

Like someone who had read my thoughts, Osses opened his mouth, fixing the bandages with tape.

“As a child, Isley was a very accidental child. He has wounds every day. He ran around when his employees tried to heal his wounds. But it’s amazing. He was quiet in front of me, so I used to heal wounds for him.”


“It doesn’t look like that now, but Arthur is also quite hot-tempered and a gangster, so he fought with Isley a lot. It’s only natural that I’m good at this kind of thing. So don’t worry about messing around with it.”


“Even if it hurts, you have to endure it. It will be over soon.”

His gaze fell from my forehead to my face. The dark purple red eyes that were obscured by the darkness looked straight at me. Long eyelashes tremble with every blink of an eye.

The dark dungeon and the orange light of the flickering lamp, the man created a strange atmosphere. It was as beautiful as a painting. But it’s strange. This appearance that everyone seems to admire and praise comes to me as disgusting. So I will realize it again. that I hate him

“Why are you helping me?”

“I said it before. I believe in both of you. I know you’re not the culprit, so I’m here to help.”

I laughed. because it’s so stupid, let’s put it like that. I have no intention of believing you.

Osses looked into my face without saying a word, and immediately took the thing and went outside.

He handed what he was holding to the knight, and as if reassuring Yuria and me, he said that he would make sure to escape once again and left the prison.


As I got used to the darkness of the basement, my eyes sting from the sunlight. Osses frowned and blocked the sunlight with his hand.

An exclusive servant is waiting for him at a location not far from the entrance of the prison.

Osses walked a few steps toward the servant and turned around. The person that comes to mind is the framed and imprisoned maid, Layla Hanson.

‘Unusually, he was very gentle.’

She was a girl who usually ran all over the place to find out where the energy was coming from. But when she was put in prison, she looked as weak as a sick horse.

Seeing lifeless eyes like a dead bird or a badly ripped forehead as if it had been subjected to cruelty by a knight, made him feel strangely bad. Normally, he didn’t care who looked at him like that, got hurt, or died. 

It was the kindness that even gave direct treatment.

The recent self is so strange.

Except for the Duke, no one caught Osses’ attention.

One day, a maid named Yuria caught his eye. Her uncommon, beautiful appearance, soft words, and her kind personality who helped others with her work as if it were her own, all caught his attention.

No one will be able to take their eyes off her. She even has her bizarre grace, she wears a maid outfit, but if she didn’t, she might be mistaken for an aristocratic girl.

She had one younger sister.

A younger sister named Layla.

They must have come from the same parents, but Yuria and Layla had no resemblance except for the color of their hair. Yuria was beautiful, tall and mature. Layla was ordinary, short and stupid.

When I tried to weave it together saying that she and her sister were a good match, she was so ignorant of the subject and looked so stupid that I burst into laughter without realizing it. Who are you trying to tie with whom?

I thought it was very pitiful to have a younger sister like that. On the one hand, she felt envious that she would never feel inferior to her sister like himself.

At that time, Osses had no interest in Layla at all.

But the moment of change comes suddenly.

Osses felt deep interest in the part where she looked at him with eyes full of annoyance, unlike the previous longing and favorable gaze, acting as if she was trying to protect her sister from a monster that appeared suddenly.

Interesting. She must have liked me, but suddenly she hates me.

How can a person’s emotions change like that in a day? As if the emotions she had shown from the beginning until now were false.

It was like ‘that person’.

After that, Layla took Osses’s attention. I kept thinking about it, and my eyes followed automatically.

It makes me think, what if the eyes that always looked at me as if I were terrible would again be favorable to me, or if she could smile brightly and sincerely like before.

When he hears that she is quitting her maid job and moving out of the mansion, he wishes her to stay here.

Oddly enough.

Layla was imprisoned for stealing property from a nobleman. She might even smile like she used to in the past if he helps her get rid of the frame. It is clear in his eyes that she will nod her head in gratitude.

If I are unfairly accused of crimes and rescued from a situation where she may be handed over to the guards or tortured, she have no choice but to be grateful from the bottom of her heart.

At that time, if she is really grateful, then she will ask to continue working for the duke. Then she will stay in the mansion. This is a more certain act than asking the Duke like Arthur.

What if she still wants to leave?

I don’t have a detailed plan, but I have a rough idea.

I don’t know why she behaves like this.

But does she need a reason? He was the eldest son of a noble duke, and he had the power and the qualifications to do whatever he wanted.

If he wants to keep holding on to a poor maid, but he has to act like that.

Osses moved again and approached the servant.

“Shane. Did you give that maid money?”

“Yes, Master. I’ve forwarded everything. Of course, we also made sure the speed of joining was firmly established.”

“Good job.”

He smiled softly.

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