MYGIP Chapter 28


Something hot and sticky fell to the floor.

“… It hurts…”

Originally blood is red, but it looked like a deep purple in the dark prison where only the small torches the knights had lit in the hallway dimly lit up.

I’m glad it looks purple. It was because I did not want to see the red color reminiscent of Isley Emers now. It seemed like I would scream when I encountered such a vivid red as his pupils.

I sat with my head against the wall and closed my eyes.

How did it come? Why did me and my sister end up in a prison? It all happened so quickly that it still doesn’t feel real.

I just feel like I’ve fallen into a terrible nightmare.

I woke up in the mansion’s infirmary after being forced to do something terrible by Isley. I couldn’t get up, so I lay in bed for a while, staring at the ceiling. It wasn’t to the level where I wasn’t feeling energetic. It was melancholy, painful, and terrifying, and I felt like I was going to die. As if it were a bug that burrowed into my brain, Isley’s face and the voice that said he liked me kept coming back to my mind, and I felt like I was going crazy.

As I was screaming in my heart, the knights suddenly entered the infirmary. They grabbed me and forced me to the women’s dormitory. After that, I was framed for stealing and this is what it is.

Could it be Isley’s fault that I was imprisoned? Did he punish me for not accepting his heart? Or is he holding me back from leaving? I was already convinced in my mind that the culprit was Isley.

Several maids gave false testimony that they saw us stealing.

The person who could move the maids like that must have been the person in power sitting on it.

The head maid and dukes of each servant, the duke’s sons. The range is noticeably narrowed because the housekeeper, the butler, and the duke couldn’t have done this to me. The Duke’s son, the most suspicious of them, is Isley. Even in the original story, he was one of the culprits who imprisoned my sister in the basement, so there was no law for him not to do the same.

Disgusting, Dirty bastard,Garbage. Did you do this because I look like a beggar? If possible, I want to take out his heart and cut out all the feelings of love. That’s why I hated you guys. They’re just like Count Nigor. A garbage that uses his power and status to punish others just because he loves them!

If this is Isley’s fault, then it is because of me that Yuria was accused of being a thief along with me, and that she was imprisoned in a dungeon. Come to think of it, all the bad things that happen to her have always been because of me. She was horrified by Count Nigor, imprisoned in a dungeon, everything.

Because of me

Something swollen in my chest.

It is a kind of emotion that cannot be defined simply because it is hot, stuffy, painful, and mixed with various kinds of things. It exits the body in the form of tears. Blood and tears mixed and ran down the jawline.

Wiping the tears away with my sleeve, I leaned my back against the wall and sat down.

Don’t t Cry. I mean don’t cry. You don’t even deserve to cry.

At that moment, I heard a voice that sounded like it was being pounded against the walls of the prison.


It was Yuria’s voice.

“What is that sound? Are you okay? Why hasn’t there been an answer before? I was worried.”

I didn’t want to be found crying, so I cleared my voice once and answered slowly.

“… I fainted a bit, yes. I must have banged my head in the wall the wrong way when I was locked up.”

“Oh my gosh… What the knights do to you… Are you sick a lot? Isn’t it possible to bleed? Medicine, medicine…  Ah… not here…”

A worried voice is so kind. Yuria has always been kind to me. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t know what I’ve done. If I’m going to save her and find out what happens, it’s clear that even her obviously good girl will resent me.

‘It’s all because of you that my life was ruined. This wouldn’t have happened if you stayed still!’

My heart throbbed at the thought that that pretty face would be distorted with anger and disgust. A small mumble of sorry was blocked by the wall and could not reach her.

Yuria continued to speak in a bright voice.

“Were you scared?”


“Don’t worry too much. It will be fine. We never really stole anything from the masters. The truth will come out one day, right? Soon the maid will find out that we are innocent and will set us free.”

Lie, without thinking that way. Her voice was shaky, so I could tell she could pretend and try not to worry about me.

She has a foreboding. Some great force has pushed us here, and there’s no way we’ll ever be released. You must be acutely aware that you may soon be marked as a criminal and rot in prison or, if you are unlucky, tortured.

We are not… 

“… It’s not okay.”

It was only after I uttered those words that I realized that I had made a mistake. I raised my hand and quickly covered my mouth. What did I say now? To say something like this to someone who is trying to comfort me.

As usual, I wanted to agree that it wasn’t like that, I also believed that we would be released, but I was choked up and couldn’t say anything more. Perhaps not simply because I am choked, but because the thoughts of the terrible things to come make it hard to agree with the false hopes.

Sister, we’ll never be okay. you’re going to get in trouble,we will be convicted and tortured for stealing. Isley will tease me in every way while saying he loves me, and he might kill sister because she interferes with his own love. We’ll never get out of this dungeon forever.

I decided not to talk about the thoughts that come to my mind.

Yuria shut her mouth at my negative reply, and the dungeon was silent again. It was a breathtaking stillness.

I thought she was offended by my words. She thought she wouldn’t talk anymore. As if to make her realize that it was a wrong idea, after a while, Yuria’s voice was heard.

“I know.”

“… Huh?”

“… Still, I’ll do it anyway. I’ll get you out of here somehow. only you for sure. So don’t cry, Lala…”

At Yuria’s words, I couldn’t help but laugh. how? in what way? What can my sister do? I didn’t think she could do anything with her tenderness. Yuria was just something she had to protect, but she wasn’t the one who could protect me. Didn’t she eventually surrender to the young master in the original story as well? So I don’t believe her words that she uttered pathically.

How can we overcome this situation? Should I even beg for Isley to release me, I’ll do anything for him? Then he might release me for being pitiful. No, it won’t work. No sympathy, but a mean laugh and tell me to stay locked up for the rest of my life. He would say it looks the best when I lock up.

No matter how much I thought about it, there was no way. Now I can’t do anything. Even if I can do something, I don’t want to do it. Because now I can’t be sure of my actions. Each time I struggled to avoid a horrific event, it would come back with a more horrific outcome. So it was in the days of Count Nigor, and it is still the case today. Trying to avoid the young master, I made her run into Count Nigor, and trying not to get involved with the young master, I bought Isley’s heart and imprisoned her in a dungeon.

My existence only had a bad effect on Yuria, and every time I did something, the story got messed up. All the actions I did for her were useless, and my very existence is a living sin. Perhaps the terrible scum was me, not Count Nigor or the young masters. Haven’t you been tormenting Yuria continuously in the name of favor and help?

Feeling frustrated, I grabbed my head and wanted to scream. I wanted to hold on to the iron bars and swear at Isley. The reason I couldn’t do that was because I had lost all the strength in my body. I was angry and contrary to my heart I didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t want to do anything, say nothing, breathe and die. Next to me, Yuria called out my name with a pitiful voice.

Instead of answering, I just closed my eyes.

The sound of footsteps was heard in the distance.

The sound of clattering shoes hit the basement wall and hum. who? Wearing shoes in this mansion was usually the level of nobles or butlers. At first I thought Isley had come into the dungeon to see me. But I soon realized it wasn’t. Isley said he would die of discomfort and he never wore shoes except on special occasions.

So who are you? Did the Duke of Emers come to see the stupid maids who dared to steal from the nobles? Or did the head maid come to tell us what’s going to happen next? I could hear the knights politely greeting those approaching. I opened my eyes when I heard the knocking sound approaching. There was an unexpected person standing there. Osses Emus was looking at me with a lamp that was glowing orange. My sister, at the same time as me, exclaimed, as if surprised that she had noticed this.

“Young master…?”

A rattling noise was heard from the prison next door. There was no doubt that Yuria was clinging to the iron cage. She exclaimed, “Master!” once again, as if she was desperate, but Osses didn’t even look towards her. Just staring at me When I see those red eyes, Isley’s face comes to mind, and he frowns.

Why did Osses come here? Any reason to come here? Did you come to see Yuria? It didn’t seem like that.

It was because he was standing in front of the prison where I was imprisoned and looking at me with a strange face. If you didn’t come to see Yuria, then you must have come to see us for a while after hearing our story from the maid. I was curious to see how stupid the maids had their hands on noble things. Or maybe he came to punish the foolish maids instead of the duke.

Osses looked at me for a long time and then opened his mouth.

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