MYGIP Chapter 27


Chapter 27

Aunt Emily yelled at the head maid.

“Head maid, think again. There’s no way these kids would do something like that, would they?”

In front of the room was the maid, Lala, Emily Pouch, and a maid with a familiar face. It was Monica, who was ten years older than me, who lived in the next room. The first thing that caught my eye was the appearance of Lala, who was crushed by the maids and screaming loudly, rather than the chaotic room with the door opened and Emily being held captive by the maids.

She was dripping with tears.

When I saw it, my heart felt like it was going to fall.

Where did she get that strength? Yuria threw away all the men’s hands holding her and ran to Lala. She violently pushed the maids who had subdued Lala, and she quickly raised Lala to make sure she wasn’t hurt. Normally, she would have given them a brief apology, but now she doesn’t feel like doing it at all.

Yuria concentrated her whole mind on checking her sister’s body. His cheeks were red as if she had been hit, and blood dripped from her knee, which had been scratched somewhere.

“Layla, Lala, my little sister… this…  What’s happening…? What happened? Who hurt her? Do these people hurt you? Is she okay?”

Layla looked at Yuria with a blank face.

“… Master Isley suddenly came to me…  When she woke up, she was lying in the infirmary… Suddenly the maids brought her here…  I am… I do not know… I don’t know anything anymore…”

When Yuria met those eyes as if she had given up everything, she felt more anger than sadness. He said that Yuria had already seen the same eyes as Layla in the mansion of Count Nigor. She would hide Layla behind her and shriek her screams at the people, unwillingly.

“What are you doing!”

“What do we want to ask? I’m really disappointed in you guys. I’m sorry I wrote you a letter of recommendation! How dare you steal the master’s belongings…? I feel sorry for Emily who recommended it to you.”

“… I have no idea what you’re talking about? All I know now is that you are being rude to my sister.”

Yuria struggled to contain her anger and spoke. She let out the laughter as if the maid was absurd. The words that came out of her mouth were so full of nonsense that it was hard to listen to them.

One day, Monica, who was living next door to us, said that she witnessed an unbelievable sight. She saw Layla, a mere commoner, entering the room with a brooch made of jewels. It wasn’t once or twice. It is said that Yuria or Laila went into the room with expensive items every day.

Monica found this suspicious and decided to search our room today. Then, a lot of things that seemed to belong to the masters were discovered. When Monica realized that we had stolen the masters’ belongings, she informed the head maid.

The head maid said that she did not believe it at first, but after seeing the testimonies of Monica and other maids and the items from the room, she couldn’t help but believe it. So she called the culprits Yuria and Layla, and she decided to investigate and punish them.

This was the end of this thing.

Did she steal? It’s false. Why did this happen?

‘Did the Duke take revenge because she didn’t like my answer? I hope it is. She said she would give me more time.’

Yuria bit her lip.

“… We never did anything like that.”

Yuria thought that she was suffocating in this situation.

“Really…. Investigate again. All those who testified are lying. We are not guilty.”

“The evidence is here, but you keep getting away with it!”

The maid grabbed Yuria’s wrist and forced her into the room. She showed her the ornate dagger that was in the drawer. She spilled the accessories inside her torn pillow, and took out the books hidden between the clothes in her closet.

Yuria saw Osses’s favorite books in it, and found a dagger that Isley was circling a lot, and an earring that Arthur occasionally wore.

Witnesses, witnesses, and evidence all came out. Even if it isn’t us, it’s no use. The words she brings out are just plain excuses. She doesn’t know what will happen to her if she covers her sins like this. If we get kicked out, we may be lucky, and if we are unlucky, we may be imprisoned somewhere because you dared to touch a nobleman’s belongings. Yuria clenched her fist.

“… Not really… Believe me…”

Head maid didn’t do anything.

What should I do? What should I do? Is there any way out of this situation? Can you solve it? Layla, what would you do if it were you? I, I have no idea I don’t know what else to do. If it had been you before you lost your memory, it would definitely have been able to solve it. I’m pathetic. stupid. Even if I think I want to be like you and try to be like that, I always end up like this.

It was then.

“…Yes. I stole it.”

Layla opened her mouth with a dry smile.

“But there are some things that people say are wrong. Actually, the two of us didn’t steal it, I stole it all by myself. The masters say they are greedy when they see things. Isn’t it funny to put a fish in front of a cat and hope it passes quietly? So please leave my sister alone. Because there is nothing wrong with Yuria.”

“No… What are you talking about…?”

You can’t admit that.

Yuria hugged Layla into her arms and covered her mouth. And she screamed out loud. She said no, she was too scared to tell a lie, and she actually said she stole it all by herself. She said in a weeping voice that she would do anything if you forgive her. The head maid said she no longer wanted to hear excuses from the two of us, and she gave instructions to the knights.

The knights captured Yuria and Layla and locked them in the mansion’s basement.

Emily’s shouts and Yuria’s rebellion were of no avail.

Yuria and Laula were separated and locked in a cage. In the prison on Layla’s left there was Yuria. Yuria rolled rough on the floor because she was thrown by the knights. With only two knights left, the rest went back to the ground.

Yuria bumped into the floor and grabbed her chin and approached the iron cage.

“Lala! Lala, are you okay?”

No voice could be heard from the other side.


Yuria was nervous. Lala, like herself, was thrown into prison.

Could it be that she bumped into something and lost her mind? So why can’t you talk? Or are you so shocked by the current situation? Yuria also wanted to collapse, but she couldn’t because she was worried about Lala who was next to her. She asked the knights about the condition of her sister, but there was no answer.


My name is Layla Hanson.

I was reincarnated in the romance fantasy novel “The Secret of the Rose House” with memories of my previous life. Because it was a novel I liked, I was able to deduce that I was reincarnated in this devastated novel by combining the facts I knew.

You don’t know how surprised I was when I found out. Oh my gosh! How could God do this to me?! Even though I didn’t believe in God, I often went to church with my parents! There are many other good novels, but why is it a devastating novel? Still, I loved my family in this world.

In particular, I loved Yuria, my older sister and the protagonist of this world. She’s nice, she’s pretty, she smiles well, she looks cute, and she’s a lot younger than me in previous life, but how can I not love this little girl who is my older sister and wants to take care of me?

In my previous life, I got closer because I had a younger sister with a big age gap. That’s why I was even more desperate that “The Secret of the Rose House” was a devastating novel.

Why are you tired? If it’s a mistress, it’s good! It would have been very happy if we could see our cute Yuria being loved by handsome and talented men.

There is no use in suffering. The future has already been decided. What I can do is use the memories of my past life to change the future. The first thing I decided to change was the death of my parents.

In the original story, our parents, who were fabric merchants, were attacked and killed by a back alley gang while bringing fabric to a clothing store in the Marquis of Vermore. So I advised my parents never to do business with clothing stores in the Marquis of Vermore.

My parents listened to me well because I had a history of using memories from my previous life to show them a lot of smart things that were not my age (my parents thought I was a genius) and pretending to have developed things that existed in the world of my previous life by myself. They didn’t even go near the Marquis of Vermore, as I said, and the case seemed to be settled that way.

But one day, after work, the carriage my parents were riding in slipped and fell down a cliff. The coachman and our parents died. It was sad and painful. Despair that I couldn’t even put into words came over me. I couldn’t help but fall down and cry stupidly. I had someone to take care of. Yuria, my family, a girl who is like my little sister.

I didn’t give up. Even if I couldn’t change the fate of my parents, I thought that I could change Yuria’s fate.

Originally, Yuria went to Emily, our mother’s friend, right after our parents died. And it was the storyline of her working for the Duke of Emers on her recommendation. So I don’t want to leave my hometown, my parents’ graves here miss us, etc., and using all sorts of coercion, She said that it was a woman in the Countess of Nigor.

Yuria, who was particularly weak to me, eventually decided to follow my advice.

We each found a job and made money. I was confident I could live really well.

I was thinking of saving a little more money and leaving here to become a tutor or run a business with the business items I had in my head.

Yuria and I were happy for a while.

Until Countess Nigor died of a sudden heart attack and his son became the new lord.

Even if I didn’t say it was a man in the Count of Nigor… I, we, Yuria wouldn’t have had to go through that.

So it’s all because of me.

It’s because of me.

If I know the future and can’t use it properly, what’s the point? Did I ever think that I could change the future with just one piece of knowledge? If nothing could be changed, it would have been better not to know. It was more painful to know.

When I opened my eyes, the gloomy past had disappeared and a cold reality greeted me. I was lying on the floor with my head leaning against the wall of the prison, tears streaming from my eyes. It was after quite some time that I began to feel a tingling pain in the back of my head, soaked in negative emotions.

Apparently, when the knight threw me, I accidentally hit my head and passed out.

One of the memories of the past that I forgot to mention that I did not remember and I had a shock to the head came back. I moaned and sat leaning against the wall.

I stared blankly at the iron cage for a while, then slapped my head with my hands.

I stood up, bit my arm and pinched my thigh. I banged my head against the wall several times before laughing. The hatred of me grew so strong that I couldn’t stand it without punishing me.

It was really because of me. It happened because I was the person behind that reason. Haha.


I want to die.

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