MYGIP Chapter 24


“Don’t cry….”

I was always weak against my sister’s tears. It’s been the same since childhood. Isn’t everyone like that? When a child much younger than me bursts into tears, I’m doomed, and I’ll either bring a toy to pacify the child or hand over a snack.

But there was a day when it rained that I really couldn’t stand her face.

That day, Yuria cried so long, so much, she couldn’t even tell if it was rain or tears that flowed down her face. She grabbed the black umbrella rolling on the floor, the rain-soaked hair, and the coffin that contained the icy body as she cried out, “Mom,” “Dad.” I still can’t forget her moans. Behold, among the partially missing memories, this memory clearly revealed its form

That day, I thought that I had to protect this delicate and weak child several times younger than me.

Seeing your crying face reminds me of that day, and the events that happened in the mansion that followed with disgust.

“… Okay. I will tell you.”

So please don’t cry in front of me

Then I will…

“So please stop crying. It was wrong of me…”

I have no choice but to apologize to stop those tears.

“… I’m sorry for being selfish. But really… It was really all because I was thinking of you, sister.”

Like a clown saying unintended things and acting like a fool.

As if she wanted to say something, she opened her mouth but then shut it again. She replied, wiping away the tears with her hands.

“Are you really going to tell me? That isn’t a lie?”

“Yeah, really…”

Now I really have no choice but to say it.

There was no other way. If I try to avoid answering, she’ll get angry, and if I give her the same reason, she won’t believe me. Unless I tell her the reason for my actions, there will always be fights and they might get violent over time. There is no time to fight.

So, Layla, tell her now.

You know I have no choice but to speak. And my sister is begging me to tell her …

Oh? This is for the best.

I couldn’t be sure of this the whole time I grabbed my sister’s hand and dragged her to the bed. She seated next to me as I organized the story, I had to tell her in my head. It took a long time for me to open my mouth, as constant thoughts flooded over me while I was organizing. I took in a deep breath and exhaled. And looked into my sister’s blue eyes. My face reflected there was very distorted. She looked very distressed, like someone stabbed her a with a knife.

“… Sister, I met Alexander at the Duke’s birthday party.”

“… Alexander?”

Yuria’s expression darkened in an instant.

“… He didn’t do anything to you…?”

The previous quarrel made it clear that she didn’t trust Alexander at all. She probably never will. From my sister’s point of view, the loyal dog who was waving his tail at the Count suddenly changed his attitude and made her escape and gave her money to leave for a foreign country. I wouldn’t trust it too.

“He didn’t. Don’t worry, Alexander is a trustworthy person… He even helped us.”

But I was different from my sister. Before escaping, there was a story I had heard from him, and was able to trust Alexander a little.

I can’t remember the details of that story, so it’s hard to tell my sister.

“That person told me. I don’t know why, but the Duke said she wanted to be friends with Count Nigor. She plans to invite a lot of people to this mansion in the future.”

Just hearing Count Nigor’s name made my sister’s body tremble. She clenched the blanket tightly.

When I saw that, I regretted it deeply. I had made her scared just because I’m telling her. What is this situation? Why am I was trying to solve it on my own…

“Sister, are you okay?”

Just as I was about to stop talking, my sister raised her head.

“… Don’t worry. I’m fine.”

Cold sweat dripping down her face. She looked at me with the fear she was struggling hide. Those blue eyes shone brightly.

“Yeah, I got it. And?”

As I stared into those eyes shouting at me, I felt strange.

What are you trying to say? I don’t get it.

Unwilling to look any further, I lowered my gaze.

“He said he doesn’t seem to have forgotten you yet… When the Count sees you, I don’t know what he will do.”


“We can’t stay here any longer. We have to run away.”

“So you…. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? If you had, I would have been able to write a resignation letter. If you just said…  I am….”

Yuria sighed.

“… Okay, let’s go. You’re right. If the Count comes… we can’t be here anymore.”

My sister jumped up from her seat. She approached the drawer, opened the compartment on top, and as soon took out the quills and ink I had been given.

“To be honest… I… It’s hard to believe what the Count’s aide said. But because you believe him, I will too.”

Then she pulled out a resignation letter from the paperwork she was holding. I watched her as she put resignation letter on the desk and put the ink on a nib.

“Can I just use this?”

“Ah, yes. I think you can write it down and give it to the head maid. She submitted the resignation letter and said we had to leave in three days. Then sister… We’re leaving the mansion, right?”

“Then after we leave, are you planning to go to the other nobles who hate Count Nigor? Where are you planning to go? Do you have any ideas in mind?”


“Then let’s think together. Originally this was…  We should think about it together.”

Soon, my sister’s resignation letter was in my hands. I looked down at it and burst out laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh. It was so easy to convince her. I was just barely telling her the reason and she was ready to go all out.

When I explained the reason, my sister accepted the situation so easily and wrote her resignation letter. Plus, she didn’t seem as shocked as I thought she would be.

I thought my sister would cry when I told her about the Count Nigor matter. She was terrified and trembling, thinking he was going to catch her. I thought she was going to cover her ears and yell at me to shut up.

But it wasn’t.

So, have I been stupid all this time? Did I foolishly hide the secrets and act like an idiot? no. No, no, no, no! My sister is just trying to pretend she’s okay because I’m watching, and she must have been very shocked inside. It’s just that she doesn’t show it. So, I have to protect my sister, right?

When we were young, when boys’ played tricks with her, she didn’t know how to resist, and cried rivers, same at our parents’ funeral, and also when we escaped from the Count’s mansion. My sister is a weak person.

She has always been. So, it’s me who is the strong one and the one that has to protect her.

As if trying to convince me to admit I was stupid, my sister followed up.

“Layla. Do I look good?”

I looked up at my sister. uh? What the hell happened? My sister’s face could not be seen clearly, as if there was a mist in front of me. My vision was blurry as if I was wearing wrong power glasses. I couldn’t tell what my sister was doing, whether she really was okay or not.

“I am not as weak as you think. Even if you say things like that, I won’t cry or run away.”


“Then don’t hide anything from me in the future.”


“You too… It will ease the burden if you are not alone”

I couldn’t answer. For now, I was forced to reply, but, if possible, I will not mention the Count to my sister. That was how I was protecting my sister. Yuria looked down at me and rubbed my hands softly, and then turned away from me.

I changed into my pajamas and went into my sister’s bed. It’s been a long time since I was a kid to sleep together in the same bed.

And hugged each other to sleep.

As I closed my eyes, buried in the warmth, my heart felt at ease. I wish I could live happily with my sister for the rest of my life like this. That’s all, it’s just a small wish. Why, why is it so hard to live?

Who wants to conquer the world? Or did I say I wanted to become the richest person in the empire? As I thought about it, tears welled up. To hide from her, I gently fell from her arms and wiped away my tears.

There was no need to be in the dark again. After all, we’re escaping from this mansion now. There was no way to meet Count Nigor, nor to see the faces of the masters. Finally free, The freedom I’ve been dreaming about… . I grabbed Yuria’a hand and fell asleep.

And I dreamed being trapped. Someone sitting with a chair in front of the gate to my cell stared at me with a blank look. I yelled at him to get out. Someone reached out and stroked my cheek. It was a man. He had red eyes. It was a very unpleasant dream; I couldn’t come to my senses for a long time after waking up.

But the reason I didn’t pay much attention to my dreams was because today was a perfect day. I woke up in the morning, my sister was smiling as usual, and a delicious chicken sandwich waiting for me at breakfast. Besides, I was reluctant to meet the three masters, and I never met Isley.

Even when I went to clean his room, it was empty, and the clothes I had usually taken out were laid out on the bed in a meticulously organized state. Arthur didn’t call me to look for the cat, and I didn’t see Osses flirting with my sister.

Even though my friends were sad that I had to leave, they talked happily about what to eat at the farewell party. With Lemon, who was always arguing with me, I shared stories about the resignation letter that had spread, and stories of everyday life.

The head maid took back the resignation form, gave detailed instructions on what to do before we left, and beckoned us to leave.

But even though everything was going smoothly, I felt uneasy.

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