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MYGIP Chapter 15


Chapter 15

“The three of you have to go out and buy some of these. These are items to be used for the Duke’s birthday party tomorrow. Johansson forgot to buy it…. pathetic guy. Sometimes, I want to strip him of his butler position.” The head maid told us as she showed us a list to buy.

Did she really permit us to go out and run errands? Can we really go out?

Yes! I love this. I love going out to do errands. But…

“Layla, Marie, and Lemon, you have to go out in town together.”


Why do I have to go with her?!

Lemon suddenly whined, “No, I don’t want to! It would be better to go together with Yuria!” She gestured distastefully at me.

I rolled my eyes at her statement, “I don’t like going out with you either. If I go with Lemon, I will end up biting my tongue to death!”

“What? Biting your tongue to death?”

“What do you mean when you say you’d rather go out with Yuria?”

“It means that ‘garbage is better than food waste’; she’s still better than you.”

After giving her a disgusted look I turned to the head maid and pleaded, “Head maid, please reconsider what you’ve said earlier… I’d rather go with mas…”

I hurriedly bit my tongue down. Was I seriously about to say that I would rather go to town with the master? No! I don’t.

It’s a terrible idea. No matter how much I hate Lemon, she is still a far better companion than the master.

“I’m going to die with my nose in a plate of water! No… this is worse than washing my hair with a clothespin!”

As Lemon and I continued to exchange curses at each other, Marie laughed awkwardly between us, “There, there… Don’t fight guys, calm down… Well, how about asking the butler for his opinion?”

Lemon and I looked at the butler’s wrinkled face at the same time. 

He smiled kindly at us, but the atmosphere he gave off was rather unusual and somehow made me anxious. Just then, he opened his mouth and spoke in a lighthearted tone, “I suggested to the head maid to send you three on an errand because it seemed like you guys didn’t have much to do… But you don’t want to go, do you? Well, if that’s the case, then don’t go. Instead, you should clean the stables and toilets for a week.”

After hearing that, the three of us decided it was far better for us three to go out together and run the errands in the downtown area.

I hated cleaning the stables! 

To be honest, not even the stable keepers liked doing their job, as they too get fed up with it. Every day, one has to scrape off the feces on the stables and even those that clung to horses’ hooves and legs. It was so smelly and just reeks like any unclean toilet would. Threatening us maids to do that work is just too much, isn’t it? Isn’t the butler abusing his power too much? It certainly is inconvenient to do chores with Lemon, but at least there is Marie, somehow having her around makes this task a bit bearable.

Truly, there was no other option for me but to relent.

Clinging to Marie, I glared at the Lemon. Lemon also stared back at me angrily as we boarded the carriage.

As we continued to glare at each other, one thought crossed my mind; ‘Anything that can go wrong will go wrong’.

In the silence, Marie’s eyes bounced back and forth between Lemon and I. She then smiled awkwardly and said, “Hey, let’s see what errands we need to run first.”



“Don’t follow me, stupid.” I spat at Lemon.

“Don’t follow me… idiot! You are as dull as your grayish brown hair. Whoops, now that I am seeing it up close, it’s not brown, it’s poop-colored…”

“Well…yours just resembles banana shit.”

Lemon and I snapped back at each other like any seasoned rivals would.

Marie grinned and read the note with the items to run on an errand, “Yeah, I’ll just take it from here.”

As Marie decided to take the lead on our task, Lemon and I continued our fight with our veins popping out.

“You’re lying, right? Isn’t my hair color so pretty? My sister said that my hair color looks like milk chocolate and looks delicious?”

“Pfft, you are one to talk, my mother said that my hair color reminds her of summer because it is so warm and bright…”

“Banana Poop! … cough!”

“Don’t spit, you’re dirty!”

Even though it seems Lemon and I will never get tired of being at each other’s throats, our fight didn’t last long because the coachman suddenly pulled on the reins and angrily opened the carriage door and stared at us in exasperation, “You two! I’m dying because of the noise! Why is it that people of your age still make such a fuss?!” he shouted. 

He’s a really mean guy.

After that brief commotion, the three of us continued the carriage ride in silence.

When we arrived at the downtown area, I realized that today was bustling with a lot of people flooding the shops while a few more were lounging in cafes, sipping tea and chatting.

Perhaps because the birthday of the Duke who ruled the land was approaching, so banners that read; “Happy Birthday” were hung along the street poles with the rose pattern representing the Duke Emers. Each store was also waving those streamers proudly. The Duke’s birthday certainly seemed like a whole festive town affair more than it just being a noble’s party. 

I looked at all those birthday greetings which we managed to pass through and then shouted at Lemon and Marie, “Guys… I need to go to the bathroom.”

Actually, I have been holding it in since we boarded the carriage but I don’t think I can stand it any longer. Lemon sighed in disbelief, while Marie said she would wait at the street entrance, and reminded me to do my business quickly.

I went to a nearby restaurant and rented a bathroom. I coughed more than ten times while I was relieving myself.

“Why are you doing this…” I asked my body.

Seriously, I think something is wrong with it. It’s creepy, and I keep coughing. Is it because I got cold water on me too? It’s not a cold, is it? Ah please! A healthy person like me wouldn’t catch a cold that easily!

Besides, I had the heavy burden of monitoring Count Nigor’s deputy who was to attend the party while my sister was locked in our room. I mean, I cannot afford to be sick.

I sniffed and left the store with a stuffy nose. Thankfully, the lady of the store handed me a handkerchief because I was coughing too much. 

I sprinted towards the entrance of the downtown area and saw Marie who was sitting on a nearby bench and waiting for me. Seeing her there made me wonder…

“Lemon, where did she go?” I asked as soon as I arrived.

“Ah, her… She said she didn’t want to be with us and left with the errand notes…”

“Lemon, you’re stupid girl, I’ll kill you. She’s so rude.”

“Oh, no! You can’t kill people though! Let’s take a deep breath, Lala.”


“Have you calmed yourself?”

“A little?”

“Don’t be so mad, Lala. I’ve memorized all the things we need to do while we were on the carriage, so why don’t we go and buy some of the stuff together? Alright?”

“Yeah, okay. It’s even better without Lemon!”

Marie sighed as if she was relieved too. What is that reaction?

Did Marie really think I was going to kill Lemon? I don’t really mean to kill her. At most, she’s only going to be verbally beaten up. Wow, her image of me is really …

Since we were in agreement, we proceeded to do our first errand; to buy birthday firecrackers. While we were on our way, I stopped in my tracks when I heard a strange but familiar scream cutting through the crisp air and quickly turned my head towards it.

It sounded like a whip that was hit and it came from a shop that rents out carriages. I saw that the coachmen for hire were gathered around there giggling and swinging out their whips.

The moment I caught sight of the sharp curve drawn by the whip, I suddenly stopped breathing. It seemed like I couldn’t remember how to breathe. It wasn’t hot, but sweat was suddenly pouring out of my pores. Unknowingly, I wiped my face and found that my palm was completely damp. 


When I recovered my senses, I found myself running away from the spot and Marie’s voice telling me to wait. She was chasing after me from behind but my legs did not falter. 

I ran and ran for a long time and then stopped in an unfamiliar place. I leaned against the nearby wall and held my breath for a while. My legs were trembling so I crouched down and sat on the ground.

Why am I doing this? Am I reacting this way because of the whip? But why? I’m okay, right? Am I not okay? Is none of it okay? No way. I should have been okay. If I’m not okay, who is my sister and who supports me?

I feel dizzy. 

Many passersby started to notice my panicking self and started to ask if I was alright. With a smirk, I waved all their concerns off and told them that nothing was wrong. After doing this for a while, I finally regained a bit of my strength and got up. I brushed the dirt off my butt.

‘Now I have to go back to Marie…  Was she surprised that I suddenly ran out? I’m sorry.’

I wondered if she was still waiting where I left her. Taking a deep breath, I moved my feet and started retracing my steps. While I was making my way through the crowd, I spotted a middle aged couple who was walking side by side with their arms crossed. They seemed to be acting strange so they stood out from among the other townspeople.

Is it because they seemed to be talking to each other with grim expressions or the fact that they looked anxious?

I don’t know what it was but I can’t stop looking at them.

As we got closer I heard a bit of the pair’s conversation…

“That alleyway… Aren’t we supposed to go call the guards quickly? It looks a bit dangerous…”

“Aren’t those three part of the most vicious people on this street? Let’s go and call the guards right away.”

As I continued walking, I found an alleyway covered with dark shadows. Is this the alley the middle-aged couple was talking about? As if to prove that that was the case, I saw a woman was surrounded by three men in it.

My eyes widened as realization dawned on me; that woman was Lemon! 

She was held captive by men who looked roguish. She was crying uncontrollably as she looked down at her hands. The men around her were grabbing her arms tightly and pinning her in place.

“Hey, don’t…” Lemon warned.

“It’s cute when you flirt.” One of the men commented.

“Come on, let’s go, come and have fun with us. If you play with us once, you won’t even think of other men, right?” Another added.

“Okay, when will you ever get to go out with all three of us? Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.”

The laughter of the three men filled the alleyway. Despite this commotion, no one was coming to the rescue of a woman being threatened by men. I was so angry that I didn’t even think straight.

Naturally, it was a scene that would make anyone who sees it furious, but the emotions I felt were not like ordinary anger. Something was boiling inside me and even my breathing was short. My eyes began to sharpen and my fingertips, cheeks, and back ached, as if blood was pouring out of me due to the intense pressure that was building up inside of me.

All I could think about was killing them.

As soon as our eyes met, Lemon quickly turned her head away. With that small gesture she seemed to tell me, ‘I’m fine Lala.’

Seeing that broke my heart, ‘What can a petty commoner girl like me do? All we can do is cry at their feet as they please’

What’s worse, Lemon acted like I couldn’t save her anyway.

‘Who can I ask for help?’

I felt terrible. Her helpless appearance reminded me of someone. I was suddenly attacked with a headache.

A scene plays out in my mind, it was a memory that I tried to suppress. Even though I don’t want to see it, I am reminded of a slender and fragile looking hand that pushed me away and his fiercely angry face staring back at me while his mouth spoke disgusting words.

But when I look into Lemon’s eyes all I can think of is, I know those eyes and I have seen them before. Those eyes that wanted to cry and wished to be saved.

Back then, no one in the mansion helped us.

I received some kindness, but that’s all. 

‘If you feel really sorry, if you really feel sorry, take us out of here.’ I kept thinking that.

We prayed for that, but the man turned away from us.

I’ve just been tormented day by day, holding my breath in the dark, laughing and talking while pretending to be okay when I am not.

I made a decision, I have to save her!

I felt the ache in my head subsiding and it was as if my mind became clear.

I grabbed one of the bricks that was lying around on the floor. If I hit his head with this, will he die? If I hit it hard, he will die.

If so, then he will just have to die.

I swung it forward.


The body of the man right next to Lemon collapsed. He fell down on his knees and held the back of his head. A painful moan escaped his mouth. 

The back alley, which had been noisy only seconds ago, was now enveloped in silence.

“What are you?! Crazy?”

Just as I was about to swing my hand again, someone grabbed my arm and stopped me. I dropped the brick on the ground.

At that touch, I was suddenly shaken up.

‘I… Are you going to kill someone now?’

Suddenly, I saw that Lemon was released from their grasp. I looked at the man who I had beaten and my eyes shifted to him and the brick that lay on the floor.  

I saw his body trembling and muttering something. Fortunately, he did not die. 

I breathed a deep sigh of relief.

-To be continued

E/N: Hi everyone this has been Nine Knights. It was fun editing for Chapters 14 & 15. Hopefully, Seol returns and edits this story again, if not, perhaps I will continue editing this. I hope you liked my edits though and that I didn’t make too many mistakes. Please keep supporting this story and read these fan-translations at only.

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