MYGIP Chapter 14


Chapter 14

 My sister bowed her head as if it was a privilege to do that for him, “Of course, my skills may be inadequate, but if the master wants it, then I can make it for you.” She responded like any dutiful servant would.

After their small exchange and Osses had left us alone, my sister quickly turned to me and started scolding me. 

She asked me why I was so disrespectful to him and why I had lied. Honestly, I felt upset that she was nagging me, but I was more peeved at the fact that my sister was forced to make Osses a scarf because of me.

My sister was clearly angry with me, but her furious eyes softened when I promptly acted cute in front of her. 

It’s a wonder how quickly I was able to act in such a manner when I was still reeling from the disgust I felt when we met the first son. My stomach still feels like it was going to turn over because he liked my sister so much and wasn’t even bothering to hide it.

Anyway, since my first plan failed, I decided to concoct a second plan. 

My new plan was to make my sister wear thin clothes. The goal behind this move is to make her sick, since thin clothes will let her catch a cold easily during this time of the year. Autumn will surely have icy winds and give her the chills.

Much like the school uniforms back in my former life, us maids also had two sets of uniforms; those we use for summer, and those we use for winter.

During summer and spring time, us maids would wear a short-sleeved, knee-length black maid dress and during autumn and winter season we would shift into thicker garments of long sleeve dresses that reached our ankles.

Moving forward, I will pour food on her winter clothes so my sister will be forced to wear her summer uniform.

I thought it was a good plan until I went into the kitchen and poured the sticky soup on my sister’s clothes…not only was she able to get a new change of clothes but the soup also spilled a bit on me. What’s worse, is that I almost fell over and grabbed the head maid’s neck to steady myself when she told me to put the soup down.

My plan was a failure, especially when I found out that even if I succeeded, my sister would have gotten a new set of winter uniform from the head maid and even if I pour it again, she could also still go to our Aunt Emily and borrow a new set. 

My sister is clearly determined to not wear her summer suit.

I probably shouldn’t proceed with this plan…

Especially when Arthur found out that I spilled soup on my sister’s clothes.

I still remember how the third son passed me by with judging eyes and the sound of his snickering tone when he told me; “Is throwing food at people your hobby?” 

He must have thought it was a childish pastime of mine since he also saw me throwing bread at Isley.

I rolled my eyes at his retreating figure back then, “Hobby? That’s bullshit! I mean…I was only doing it for my sister’s sake.”

‘Don’t pretend to care. After all, you won’t be able to understand any of my worries would you? So just die, Arthur Emus! You garbage! You jerk!’ I thought to myself as I continued to pump cold water into a barrel. 

I was currently at the laundry area, washing the rag that I use to wipe the window sills of Isley’s room.

As I continued on with my chores, my mind kept wandering to my failed plans, ‘It seems I can’t come up with any more ideas to force my sister to catch a cold and be sick…’

What should I do? There are only two days left…

The sloshing sounds of the running water caught my attention and I looked down, “That’s right, there is still a way…”

It is common knowledge that one can catch a cold the next day after being under the rain. In other words, if cold water gets on you, it is the perfect net to catch a cold.

I proceeded to look for my sister with a bucket full of cold water, ‘Sister, I’m going to do something harsh to you soon… Will you forgive me?’

After walking around the mansion, I found her in front of the warehouse at the end of the hallway of the first floor. She was pulling out a box full of things. 

The box looked quite heavy, so she set it aside on the floor and wiped off her sweat for a moment to catch her breath. 

Right now, her back was to me. She looked so vulnerable and unsuspecting…

Yes, now is my chance!

I raised the water pail over my head and walked over to her silently. I could feel my heart beating so loudly, perhaps because of what I was about to do. Even if I fall in love, I doubt I would be this excited. The closer I got to my sister’s back, the more difficult it was to breathe.

I’m sorry sister. 

Truly sorry. 

You know I’m really, really sorry, right? But you have to understand me. She has to forgive me.

Because this is all, it’s all for my sister’s sake!


“What’re you doing?”


Startled by the sudden sound of a voice next to me, I fell and hit my butt on the ground.

A loud thump echoed in the hallway and the pail of water I was holding in my hand, also flew up into the air. Soon the barrel flipped over and cold water was poured all over me. I closed my eyes as I felt an icy wave seeped into my bones.

The whole thing was over in a second, but that second was enough to leave my hair, clothes and skin damp. My body started to tremble and I felt something drip from my nostrils and mouth. I spat out the water I accidentally swallowed on the floor and started muttering cursed words like a river that flowed without restraint.

“Oh, I spilled it.” I sighed.

“Haha, I didn’t expect you to be so surprised. Are you okay?” I turned to where the voice was coming from, and saw that Isley was there. He chuckled shamelessly as he leaned against the window and looked at me quite amused.

“I’m okay…”

Are you okay? I missed a great opportunity because of you! I even spilled water on me. Isley Emus is probably the most unhelpful person in my life. Forever and ever.

Honestly, I wanted to swear at him, flash him my middle finger and then wave it in front of his eyes. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was nobility, then I would have done that. 

Damn, these idiotic aristocrats!

“It looks very wet, I’ll have to go and clean it.”

Isley looked at me intently and tilted his head, “It is.”

“Aren’t you mad?” 

He nodded his head and smiled with a deadpan expression in his eyes, “It got weird too.”

‘What do you mean?’ 

Before I could ponder on his words some more, I saw my sister glancing our way. It seemed like she had discovered us and was heading our way. I tossed my concerns for Isley at the back of my mind and prepared to greet my sister.

As soon as she arrived, she knelt in front of me and started wiping my face with the sleeve of her dress, “Are you alright Lala? What is this… Did you fall while carrying water?”

My sister glanced at the wooden barrel that rolled against the wall as she said this.

“Huh… I stumbled…”

“Hurry up and change your clothes. You’re going to catch a cold. Don’t worry about this, your sister will clean the hallway for you.”

The feeling of guilt that flooded my veins was no joke, especially since I knew that my true intention was to pour water on my sister who was now in front of me and cleaning up my mess.

It was as if a sense of clarity washed over me when I stared at her busily worrying about me, “No, it’s okay, but I…”

“I told you not to worry about it. Understand?”

“Alright… ”

After much prodding from my sister, I went to my room and looked at the window where the second master had last stood, but Isley was nowhere to be seen. When did he go? Still, if he is gone, it is better for me.

Shortly thereafter, my sister arrived in the room and helped me by wiping the excess water off my hair with a towel. I pushed her away and told her to get out but she didn’t listen to me. 

Instead she got angry with me when she found out that I was wiping the wetness with a discarded washcloth and hastily pulled out a fresh towel from the cupboards and wrapped my head and body with them.

This is unfair! Why is she taking off all of my clothes like she was wanting to see my naked body?

“Stop fussing!” She berated me, “…get out of those wet clothes and let’s take a bath together.”

‘What ‘take a bath together’?’

Taking a bath together was something we did when we were young, but I am all grown up now so I was embarrassed to show my body to my sister. I’ll feel like a child if I wash in front of others. I’d rather die. Honestly, I can die of shame if that happens. 

Even though it was embarrassing, I let my sister pull me away. I covered my face with my hands and allowed my sister to continue wiping my back.

“Lala, aren’t you sick?”


I’m not sick, I want to die because I’m ashamed, sister. 

Am I being punished for trying to hurt my lovely sister? Yeah, that’s definitely the case.

Her hands that rubbed my back were strangely careful. 

‘Are you concerned about the wounds on my back? You really don’t need to worry…’ 

My back was full of scars from previous events. It is so unsightly, I know. But there was no need to worry. The wounds on my back had healed in a blink of an eye and now, they were no longer painful.

Well to say I am completely fine may be a lie since I do still feel pangs of pain from those wounds from time to time. But these days, it has been more tolerable and I truly felt fine.

I felt my sister sweep her fingers across my back in a diagonal direction, I felt a ticklish sensation run up my spine and burst out into laughter.

“Don’t fuss, Lala…” She warned me.

I wonder if my sister meant that I should be careful with handling water in the future? She probably meant that I shouldn’t spill water anymore, right? But as I waited for her to nag me some more, I realised that she had only remained quiet.

We spent the rest of the time in silence and quietly finished the bath together.

After washing my body, I changed into my summer uniform. Unlike my sister, I had no desire to wear winter clothes even if I borrowed them from others. However, my winter clothes were still taken away because my sister said it needed to dry in the laundry room, where all the other clothes and blankets were also piled up.

I concluded that today was a great failure, but I haven’t given up on my plans to pour water on my sister just yet.

I picked up the bucket again and ran to the laundry room where my sister was. 

The maids who were earlier working on the clothes were now resting on the mats in one corner. I even saw my maid’s suit was already hung on the clothesline, and my sister was just staring blankly at the sky. She appeared to be engrossed in her deep thoughts as she just stood there, motionless.

I drew water from the well and filled the barrel up to its brim. When the barrel was full, a long shadow was casted over my head.

I looked up and saw that it was my sister.

My sister grabbed the barrel from my hands and the water shook slightly due to the sudden pulling motion. 

I stared at her in confusion, “Huh?”

For a moment I didn’t know what had happened. I was so startled that I puckered my lips and just sported a dumbfounded look on my face.

The maids at the laundry room, who were loitering in the distance, were also startled by it and asked if we were okay, but then they started to gossip among themselves when we did not answer. 

Well, how could they not whisper among themselves when my sister had just lifted the pail and poured it on herself in front of everyone! 

“…Sister… Why all of a sudden… do this…?”

Did she feel hot? Is that why she did this, to cool herself?

No, even if it’s hot, she wouldn’t do it like this?! 

Just then my sister opened her mouth and spoke in a calm voice, it was as if she did not see my confused eyes staring at her, “There, I am all wet.”

“Huh…? uh… ”

“It’s cold. I think I will catch a cold.”

“Ah…do you need help to clean up?”

“No. It’s okay, Layla. I can do it on my own.”

When my sister is angry, she calls me ‘Layla’, not ‘Lala’. 

What is happening?

Why are you mad at me? 

Maybe she caught me trying to pour the water on her? Unless she can read my thoughts, there was no way that was the case, and even if she found out, she wasn’t the kind of person who would be this angry and do something like this. So I have no idea why she’s upset.

My sister smiled brightly and entered the mansion as if she hadn’t just acted so out of character. When I saw that smile though, my heart pounded as if I had heard warning bells.

The next day, my sister caught a cold. It’s good that it went as planned… 

I was strangely uncomfortable by the whole situation but still, I couldn’t help but be happy. Besides, even though I was glad, I still felt guilty for making my sister sick.

I reminded myself that her cold will get better soon and her getting sick was for her own good.

Thinking like this, I wonder if one day, I will be able to confess to my sister my true motivations and laugh about this incident when that day comes. 

When the time is right, she will understand.

She will understand why I did all these things, won’t she?

-To be continued

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