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LGMAP Chapter 5


Chapter 5 – Mother Su and Father Su

The white-bearded doctor also thought that it was not a good time to say this, but that medical book was a priceless item that countless Chinese medicine practitioners could only dream of.

His old face flushed and he accidentally yanked off a few of his normally most precious beards.

Su Yao took a deep breath and sorted out her emotions. She said politely yet also slightly detached. “Don’t worry, Dr. Fang. Only that’s just that the medical book is with my friend now, I’ll send it over to you in a couple of days.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” The white-bearded doctor was overjoyed. She looked at Su Yao who was stubbornly standing, turned around, and sighed. He closed his eyes and shook his head, “Ms. Su, you have to know that there is no path that cannot be taken in this world and there are only people who think they cannot. You study medicine yourself and know that obsession will hurt your body.”

Su Yao knew the truth, but how many people in this world could do it?

She was also just a commoner.

Su Yao walked out and gently closed the door of the ward.

A slap came up to her face. Su Yao’s body was thrown and hit the wall, and her elbow was instantly bruised.

The hair behind her ear fell back and blocked the bright red handprint. The pain in her face was fiery but less than a millionth of what she felt in her heart.

Su Yao tilted her head to the side and allowed the woman to continue to insult her.

“Su Yao, you ungrateful thing. You dare to stab Ruoxue. What kind of enmity does our family have with you? Poor Ruoxue, she still wanted to hide it for you. If it wasn’t for Yunchen, we would still be kept in the dark until now.”

She was wearing a red mandarin gown and silver high heels. Jiang Yumei was very well maintained and you could vaguely see that she was a peerless beauty when she was young.

She looked at the silent Su Yao, and hatred and remorse rose in her. If she had known that Su Yao was such a person, she should not have agreed to adopt her in the first place.

At first, she still regarded Su Yao as her own daughter, but now it looked like she was blind.

The usually pampered Jiang Yumei cursed her over and over again until Huo Yunchen and Su Ruoxue walked out of the ward.

“Mom, my sister was careless too, so take it easy.”

From afar, Su Ruoxue who had just came out was leaning on the wall. But before she could take a few steps, she covered her wound and frowned.

“Yunchen-gege, can you carry me over? My wound hurts.”

Her delicate voice was clearly audible in the hallway, Su Ruoxue slightly bit her lower lip and stared at Huo Yunchen charmingly.

Huo Yunchen’s hands were in his pockets and he frowned slightly, he wasn’t quite used to physical contact with people.


He heard Su Ruoxue’s urging and Huo Yunchen’s face turned a few more shades colder.

He impatiently drew out his arm for Su Ruoxue’s hand to rest on.

Su Ruoxue reluctantly did as she was told, but still pretended to be delighted, as if to uncover the embarrassment of being rejected by Huo Yunchen just now.

Jiang Yumei was distressed by her daughter and hurriedly sent her back to rest.

What a harmonious picture, yet in Su Yao’s eyes, only irony remained.

Su Yao looked at Su Jian’an, who had been sullen and silent during this time— who was her nominal father.

Her real father died a long time ago and Su Yao has always respected Su Jian’an as her real father.

Su Jian’an’s face turned ashen. He glanced at Su Ruoxue and hurled, “Enough, that’s your brother-in-law. How long are you going to hold on to him?”

After being reprimanded by her father, Su Ruoxue let go and stood by the side, pretending to be pitiful and her eyes even were filled with tears.

Su Yao’s nose turned sour as she listened, not expecting Su Jian’an to be willing to protect her at this time.

“Su Jian’an, what do you mean? Su Yao is not the child you had with a wild woman outside, right? Your own daughter has been stabbed and you are still biased towards Su Yao.” Jiang Yumei was furious and cursed persistently.

After saying that, Jiang Yumei froze in place, and looked nervously at Su Jianan.

Su Jian’an’s eyes narrowed as he slapped Jiang Yumei’s face, enraged, “You’re crazy, Su Yao is both of our own daughters. How could you say that?”

I had promised my benefactor that no matter what happened, this matter must never be told.

“Yes, it’s me who’s crazy.” Jiang Yumei covered her cheeks, her beautiful eyes containing tears, and turned to Su Yao viciously, “Su Yao, once that child is born, you will divorce Yun Chen. Don’t say that I, as a mother, am biased, this is what you owe to Ruo Xue.”

Feeling doubly disappointed, Su Yao said in a sullen voice, “If I really owe her something, I will definitely pay her back.”

Jiang Yumei didn’t understand the deeper meaning of Su Yao’s words and glared at Su Jian’an, puffing up and pulling her daughter back to the ward.

With an exasperated sigh, Su Jian’an followed suit and flung his sleeves.

For a while the only two people left in this farce were Huo Yunchen and Su Yao.

Huo Yunchen’s gaze was tinged with inquiry, Su’s mother’s words just now didn’t seem like a lie, so Su Yao might be the child born to a mistress?

Then the rumour that Su Yao grew up with poor health and was sent to her grandmother’s house in the countryside to recuperate seemed to be false as well.

Because of Huo Yunchen’s mother, he had always been disgusted with junior, and his face was even colder at that moment, “Tomorrow is grandpa’s 70th birthday, he wants to see you.”

“Okay, I know.” Su Yao didn’t look at him and nodded wearily.

Huo Yunchen pinched Su Yao’s chin, his thumb fiercely wiping away the blood on her lips, and smiled abruptly, sorrowfully, “Su Yao, Grandpa, and the others definitely won’t agree to our divorce, so when the time comes, be sensible.”

He shrugged off Su Yao and left in stride.

Su Yao’s body crouched down helplessly, her palms tightly covering her mouth, yet the suppressed sobs leaked out.

Her heart really hurts…


At noon.

In an old building, Su Yao repeatedly confirmed that the slap marks on her face disappeared before raising her hand and knocking on the door, two long and three short, which was their code word.

There was a creak and the door opened.

A small head with cool headphones and a boxer braid was the first to poke out.

She looked around sneakily, then pulled Su Yao in and closed the door with a bang.

“Oooh, Yaoyao you’ve finally come to see me. Otherwise, I’d be hacking the surveillance to see which nook you’re dead in.”

Xia Mingmei’s arms and legs were all grasped on Su Yao’s body, and her small, unpowdered face rubbed against Su Yao’s breasts, just like a toddler.

Hearing Xia Mingmei’s whining voice filled with aggravation, Su Yao laughed from the bottom of her heart. “Behave, did you just eat takeaway again when I was away?”

She strolled around the kitchen and stuffed the food she had bought into the empty fridge.

Xia Mingmei also followed behind Su Yao, looking around curiously.

Su Yao turned to get something from the table, and when she looked down she saw the book at the foot of the padded table, the very Chinese medical textbook she had promised to give to Dr. Fang.

She pulled the book from under the table and patted the dust off it, laughing in exasperation, “Do you how many people wanted to see this book but couldn’t, and you’re using it to pad the foot of the table?”

“It’s the thickest book.” Xia Mingmei even said and gestured, then put both hands behind her body and lowered her head in a manner that allowed her to be beaten and scolded.

“Okay.” Su Yao stroked Xia Mingmei’s head, the corners of her lips slightly raised, her smile was shallow, and looked sad. “I came to find you for something else, help me find out who were the doctors on duty at the central hospital’s testing department on May 4, three years ago.”

“Okay.” Xia Mingmei nodded her head repeatedly and pulled Su Yao into a room.

The room was dimly lit with the curtains tightly closed.

Xia Mingmei skillfully touched the switch on the wall and the room was instantly lit up.

An endless number of monitors are set up in mid-air, dazzling with dense numbers changing at high speed.

However, Su Yao was not surprised. Her best friend went abroad and disappeared without a trace, Hacker X, who could see and find everything.

Countless people wanted to take her on as their own, but no one could guess who she really was.

Because no one thought that Hacker X was just a young girl who had just turned 18.

Xia Mingmei’s small hands deftly wandered over the keyboard and it did not take long for the results to come out

“I just checked, there were three of them.”

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