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LGMAP Chapter 4


The long Maybach quickly arrived downstairs.

The waiter rushed over, respectfully greeted him, and pulled the door for the man in the back seat.

Su Yao, who had been waiting for a long time, looked down from the window above and met Huo Yunchen’s gaze. The man was standing tall and straight against the wind. He looked very different from the passers-by rushing around him— forming his own world.

This was the man she loved so much.

When Huo Yunchen’s figure disappeared, Su Yao turned around and faced the white-bearded doctor. She bowed her head and said respectfully, “Doctor Fang, please testify for me.”

The white-bearded doctor was so flattered that he didn’t know where to put his hands and feet, and the folds on his face were all piled up, “It’s just a little effort. I can meet such a highly skilled apprentice, so I have no regrets.”

Despite such high praise, Su Yao only shook her head. “Please still keep it a secret, Doctor Fang.”

When she was almost done speaking, Huo Yunchen’s footsteps came closer. She recognised the sound of these footsteps which had always been calm and confident.

“Yunchen.” Su Yao hurriedly called out to him. “I have something to tell you. It’s about Su Ruoxue, so you should care a lot.

Huo Yunchen twirled the silver ring with his hand. He looked extremely cold.

“Are you threatening me?” Huo Yunchen tugged at his bow tie. His face also got even colder and his voice became deep and fierce.

He stepped towards Su Yao, pinched her chin with his big hand, and sneered. “I’m warning you, don’t test my patience.”

Su Yao wasn’t able to retreat and was forced into a corner by him. Her entire body was shrouded in shadow, only her eyes were pure and bright.

Huo Yunchen recalled the past— he was fooled by these eyes. He loosened his hold on Su Yao and said with a blank face, “You have three minutes.”


Three minutes is enough. Su Yao took a fruit knife and shoved it into Huo Yunchen’s hand.

“You should know that I want to kill you.”

Huo Yunchen played with the knife in his palm and sneered.

Su Yao forced a smile. “Then I’ll give you a chance.”

With that, she grabbed Huo Yunchen’s hand and pointed the tip of the knife straight at her stomach.

Just before she got stabbed, Huo Yunchen yanked his hand violently and they both froze in place.

Huo Yunchen’s eyes grew colder. The veins on his forehead became bulged, looking as if he was looking at a dead person.

For a moment, Su Yao felt that if it wasn’t for the child in her belly, Huo Yunchen would really kill her.

Does he hate her that much?

Su Yao lowered her head and looked gloomy. “Look, the blade was pointing downward when you stabbed me.”

Huo Yunchen’s gaze followed her. He loosened his grip and said with a sarcastic smile, “So what?”

“If I had stabbed myself the blade would have pointed upwards. Su Ruoxue’s wound was upwards, Doctor Fang can testify.” Su Yao looked at the white-bearded doctor who was on the side.

The white-bearded doctor nodded.

“Old man, this is the turf of the Huo family. Nothing you do can escape my eyes.” Huo Yunchen glanced meaningfully at Su Yao, his smile was cold and morose.

The white-bearded doctor immediately lost his temper. He glared at Huo Yunchen and pointed a finger at him. He was so angry that they couldn’t stop trembling, “I, this old man has been practising medicine for fifty years and has never done anything against professional medical ethics!”

Su Yao was grateful for Doctor Fang’s help, but nothing good would happen provoking Huo Yunchen, so she timely spoke up. “Yunchen, if you don’t believe me, you can check Su Ruoxue’s wounds, and the poisoning three years ago, which was also self-directed by Su Ruoxue.”

Huo Yunchen hesitated for a moment, but came to his senses; Su Yao had been leading by the nose to suspect Ruoxue.

He was furious. He held back his emotions and clenched his fists. With gritted teeth, he said, “Su Yao, do you think everyone is as malicious as you?”

“Huo Yunchen!” Su Yao’s face was ashen for a moment. She gritted her teeth to keep her tears from falling, “I just don’t want to see you continue to be deceived by that woman!”

“That’s enough! I advise you to stop being unreasonable.” Huo Yunchen stepped closer, his brows were furrowed as if he was looking at some annoying filth.

When Su Yao met Huo Yunchen’s gaze, the tears in her eyes finally fell and her mind became blank.

She covered her face, her shoulders trembling, sobbing, “Huo Yunchen, did you ever love me in the past two years?”

Even if only for a minute.

She knew that if she asked that question, she was already defeated—no matter what his answer was.

“Never,” said Huo Yunchen. The sarcasm in his eyes was evident, without any trace of pity. He was like a devil from hell, “I just felt very disgusted.”

Su Yao’s body swayed. She shook her head in disbelief.

Hu Yunchen especially chartered cinemas to celebrate her birthday and even took her on a trip to Love Island on their wedding anniversary.

All these arrangements were made according to Su Yao’s preferences.

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