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Chapter 1 – Pregnancy and Divorce

Huo Family Hospital, luxury VIP ward.

“Let’s get a divorce when the baby is born.” An indifferent voice rang out.

The man was sitting on a dark red couch next to the bed, his black hair was meticulously combed behind his head. He was nonchalantly turning the thick silver ring on his left index finger.

The smile on Su Yao’s face froze. It felt like her heart was thrown into a frying pan, it was painfully hot.

She just got tested pregnant and Huo Yunchen proposed to divorce her?

“What?” Su Yao trembled and grabbed the bedsheet. At the moment, she was having a hard time accepting this.

Huo Yunchen raised his head slowly, revealing indifferent eyes. There was a small red cinnabar mole under his right eye, which made his chaste black suit slightly bewitching.

His gaze was full of danger and his sexy thin lips parted as he spoke. There was not a bit of change in his tone like he was just explaining a task to his subordinates. “All the assets will be divided into two.”

“One request.” Huo Yunchen’s voice was a bit deep and said indifferently, “The child belongs to the Huo family.”

He and Ruo Xue did not need this child, but the Huo family did.

Huo Yunchen still wanted to say something, but when his eyes fell on Su Yao’s tearful face, he paused for a moment, but his voice became even colder. “Marrying you is just to complete the task of inheriting the family name, now we can end it.”

A task? Su Yao couldn’t believe what Huo Yunchen said. In his eyes, their two years of marriage and staying together day and night were just to complete the task of inheriting the family name?

Su Yao’s beautiful face turned pale, she even choked as she sobbed. “It is for Su Ruoxue, right?”

Huo Yunchen suddenly became furious. His hands tightly grasped the edge of the sofa, making hideous marks.

There was a displeased expression on his white jade-carved face. The hatred in his eyes was not concealed, and his indifferent face became fierce. “How dare you mention Ruoxue? If you hadn’t hurt Ruoxue, we would have been married long ago.”

He stood up and looked down at Su Yao who was on the hospital bed.

Su Yao reached out to grab Huo Yunchen’s palm, but he quickly shook her hands off.

Huo Yunchen looked disgusted. He slowly took out a black square towel from his breast pocket, wiped the non-existent dirt on his hands, and threw it into the trash.

This action completely crushed Su Yao’s heart and covered her painfully aching chest. That’s right, everyone thought she did it.

Even marrying Huo Yunchen and giving him a child was to atone and make amends.

Su Yao was very helpless as lay on the hospital bed like something fragile.

Huo Yunchen’s eyes saw Su Yao’s saddened face, and his heart suddenly shook. He turned around and thought to himself that he was only worried about the child in her stomach.

“I’m warning you. Don’t touch this child, or I will make your life worse than death.”

He straightened his tie and regained his calm and chaste aristocratic look.

He waved his hand and called the nurse to come and watch Su Yao. Huo Yunchen mercilessly walked out and completely disappeared from Su Yao’s sight.

Su Yao shut her eyes. How could she be willing to hurt her child? She curled up in pain from her stomach and whispered, “Baby, you’re the only one I have.”

When Su Yao woke up again, the sky outside the window was already dark and dreary and nothing could be seen.

“Wake up.” A stern female voice sounded.

Su Yao’s eyes focused on the woman’s face as she struggled to sit up.

Bai Yulan held Su Yao’s arm. Her well-maintained face showed no signs of ageing and said as if teaching, “Now that you are pregnant, you should always be careful of your body. You should know what you should do and what you should not do.”

“I understand, mother-in-law.” Su Yao answered in a low voice, somewhat distracted.

Bai Yulan lovingly fiddled with the orchid on the bedside table, admiring it before crushing it with her fingertips. “Do you know what Yunchen is doing now?”

Su Yao looked at her blankly and shook her head.

Su Yao never asked about his affairs. Su Yao had always been submissive in front of him.

“He’s having dinner with that woman.” Bai Yulan looked at Su Yao’s angry face and continued to crush her emotions. “A candlelight dinner, it’s only natural for something to happen.”

Su Yao collapsed and covered herself with the blanket. She did not want to hear anything more about Huo Yunchen.

However, Bai Yulan did not allow Su Yao to escape. She lifted her quilt, held her shoulders, and looked at her fiercely. “Su Yao, my good child. You are now the legitimate daughter-in-law of our Huo family. Who can touch you? You should know your status, no one will say anything about what you do.”

“But, he already wants to divorce me,” said Su Yao as she covered her face with her hands and sobbed.

Bai Yulan’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. She stood up straight and sneered. “What a joke. He thinks that if you have a child, he can marry the woman who cannot get pregnant.”

What a surprise. She did not expect that Huo Yunchen was the type of an affectionate person.

Bai Yulan tidied her messy hair, slowly picked up the mobile phone on the sofa and sent a photo to Su Yao. The high heels tapping on the floor along with her cold voice reached Su Yao’s ears. “Remember this, I child can be a bargaining chip if you want to keep your man.”

Without this child, Huo Yunchen still wanted to marry that woman, dream on! Just thinking about Huo Yunchen’s indomitable face made Bai Yulan’s teeth itch with hatred. She couldn’t wait to see Huo Yunchen’s reputation ruined.

Until Bai Yulan left, the words “candlelight dinner, child, chip” were still lingering on Su Yao’s mind.

“I don’t want that.”

Su Yao shook her head. When her eyes caught sight of Huo Yunchen and Su Ruoxue’s photo on the phone, she was taken aback.

They had been married for two years. Huo Yunchen kept the promise he made when they got married and never met Su Ruoxue.

Now that she’s pregnant, he’s very impatient?

But this was her Yunchen-gege, whom she had met when she was young. How could she let go of him?

Why are they all forcing her? Su Yao’s trembling hand fell on the screen, and after a while, she made a call.

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