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LFMFL Prologue


My name is Katrina Ezelot.

The only youngest daughter of the Count of Ezelot, located in the northeastern part of the Caval Empire.

No, it’d be more accurate to say , a 15-year-old Young-ae known for her bad luck.


“Yes,Your Highness.”

“Take out the oath.”

I’m sure that some people will freak out the moment they hear my name, and others will show their displeasure as soon as they hear my name but what is certain is that no one will  respond to my name in a  positive way.

In reality,my personality was like that of a spoiler brat.

“Where is my seal?”

“Here, I have it.”

“The fountain pen?”


My nicknames in the nobility were very unique, from the invisible lady, the selfish lady to the stupid girl of Ezelot.

I laughed thinking about it, for them to swear behind my back I guess they really did not have enough courage to say it to my face after all, but the truth was that the llisted expressions were not false either.

Even I admitted that I am selfish and unlucky.

“Give one to Kate too.”

“Yes, Lady Katrina, here’s your fountain pen.”

There was a good reason for my confession.

Coincidentally, it wasn’t because I  was caught doing something bad and wrote a letter of remorse, or because I  was determined to become a new person by undoing my evil deeds of the past.

“Katrina Youngae?”

It was hard to believe, but… I just remembered a previous life I had forgotten for 15 years.

And that also  while receiving the engagement vows from Prince Nezar!

“Hey, Kate. What the hell are you thinking about?”

I raised my head shuddering at the sudden voice. Nezar, sitting across from the drawing room, was looking at me with a cold face.

“I  brought you an engagement pledge because you cried and clunged to me. Don’t tell me you’re protesting because I  didn’t prepare a bouquet?”

Nezar’s voice, accompanied by a sigh, was colder and harder than the frozen snow in the middle of winter.

I shook my head hastily at his words and received a fountain pen from Ron. Now, if I sign at the bottom of this parchment, I will be engaged to Nezar, which I have hoped for.

The engagement, for which I  threw away my pride as an aristocratic young girl and cried with tears and runny nose.

“Don’t get carried away and sign it quickly. You know, I’m not that idle.”

Nezar once again criticized me, but my hands were stiff and I couldn’t move.

In my previous life, I was a 17-year-old high school girl, but I couldn’t remember clearly how I lost my life. What was certain, though, was that I was not a human being of this world in my previous life.

In fact, it was not a big deal that my previous life was of a high school girl who died young.

I was born here as the youngest daughter of a prominent noble family, and I was enjoying good food day by day with all the food I wanted to eat and clothes I wanted to wear.

Yeah, the real problem isn’t that I was born again….

“Kate, do you want to sign or not?”

The fact was that Crown Prince Nezar, who was supposed to be engaged, didn’t like me.

“Now, hold on a second. It’s because I suddenly feel dizzy.”

I tried to delay signing as much as possible.

In aristocratic societies, political marriages between certain families are rampant.

However, it was usually something that the heir or eldest daughter of the family had to deal with, and the youngest, who grew up being loved like me, usually chose the man she wanted to marry.

In my case, the ‘man I wanted’ was Nezar Audrine Caval, the crown prince of the Caval Empire.

However, this was only my case, and Nezar, my crush, often disapproved of me chasing after him like a goldfish.

He was a noble man who forced me to eat paprika, which I particularly hate, to not act like a child. He forced me to read the book of knowledge by force, causing a game at my shallow level of knowledge, and late at night, he hid in the bedroom disguised as a ghost and made me cry.

“What else did you do last night that made you dizzy?”

“Well, I really didn’t do anything. I slept soundly yesterday.”

When I thought about it one by one, it was very clear that he didn’t like me.

If I sign this parchment and marry Nejar in the future, it was obvious that a terrible marriage would be waiting in front of me.

You won’t even sleep with me, so I won’t be able to have children with you, and then your concubines will increase one by one, and my place will disappear forever.  If that happens, my old age will be lonely and delressing, like an old woman living alone.

What a lonely old woman! How awful. I really didn’t want to imagine such a future.

Whether or not he knew my complicated mind, Nezar urged me to keep signing. Now, unlike before, his voice was quite heavy, so I  could no longer delay this.

I held the fountain pen to the parchment with trembling hands.  Like ink spreading black, it felt like mold was growing in my heart.

But I had no justification to refuse to engage Nezar. This engagement was the result of my months of visiting and chasing him.

How can the culprit who committed the crime dare to claim that it is null and void?

“Did it, I did it.”

I left my signature on top of the finest parchment with the emperor’s seal.

Yep, I ended up leaving it.  Right next to Nezar’s elegant handwriting, my shabby handwriting was engraved like a painting.

Ha, I’m done now. I’m sure I’ll  be bullied for the rest of my life and then abandoned….

“Tch, If you were going to do it anyway, you should have done it quickly.”

Nezar, lightly clicking his tongue, took the parchment from me.  After carefully reading out the contents of the pledge and my signature, he hands the parchment to the aide who was standing next to him.  His aide, Ron, bows down and accepts the pledge.

Reddish brown hair and dark copper eyes.  Ron’s wrinkle-free face, which was enough to discolor his middle-aged age, contained a satisfied smile.

As I stared blankly at the series of processes, I suddenly remembered the day I first met Nezar.

How did I end up falling for Nezar? Why did I end up digging a tunnel with my hands?

To be exact, I wasn’t immediately in love with Nezar at the first meeting.

At that time, I was thirsty for affection, so I couldn’t do anything to get the attention of my family. However, Nezar was the only person who soothed the loneliness and emptiness.

The first time I met him was when my desire for affection was at its peak.

On a snowy, midwinter night, I was cremating a teddy bear that had been damaged by washing.  In a snow-covered garden, with my teddy bear tightly wrapped around me, I alone lit a dry branch on fire.

Soon after, a boy I saw for the first time suddenly appeared over the Belgan cotton doll, which was burning. Years later, I still remember clearly. The white face, which can barely be seen by relying on the bonfire, was delicate and elegant like glasswork.

‘Who are you?’

His lips, which were drawn as beautiful as a picture, slowly opened to my question.

Your brother’s friend.’

Unlike his beautiful appearance, the boy with a foreign atmosphere had a low and still voice.

However, whether the boy’s appearance was close to an angel or a devil had nothing to do with me. I rather didn’t like him, who cut in and peeped in while I was saying goodbye to the bear.

I’d rather have a conversation with my mother or brothers that I haven’t talked to for days. I gritted my teeth and shouted in a nervous tone as soon as I ran out of patience.

‘What do you keep looking at? Can’t you see I’m sad here?’

Again, until I remembered my previous life, I was an aristocratic young girl who was selfish and selfless.

I thought that if I say it this way, he’ll disappear. Usually, the servants of the castle would run away being frightened or fed up with a few swear words. This boy would be no different.

However, my wishes and the boy’s reaction were slightly, no, very different.  Far from being surprised, he raised his handsome eyebrows once and opened his mouth with an expressionless expression.

‘I think you don’t know but  if there are many guests during the mourning, your grizzly teddy bear, destined to burn to death, will also be delighted.’

Oh, and how the hell did you know that I was saying goodbye to the bear?

In embarrassment, I shouted at him harsher words, but the boy didn’t even blink an eye even if I cursed.  Rather, he just shook his head while snoring loudly  that it could be heard in my ear.

While jumping up and down in the snow and making a fuss, I ended up catching a bad cold. My mother, who was angry at the end  because of the  considerable disturbance, eventually punished me.

It was a night where I hid in a blanket with tears in my eyes and soothed my loneliness and pain. The boy I thought had disappeared, Nezar came to me again.

He seemed to feel very sorry for me, who was on a rampage day after day to get attention. He showed no malice by talking about this and that, and suddenly asked a strange question.

‘What do you want to do?’

What do I want to do? I frowned, lost in agony, and shook my head slowly.

There is no such thing that I particularly want to do.’

If you don’t have it, then think about it.  For four days in Ezelot, I’ll play with you all day.’


At my question, Nezar crumpled his brows for a moment.

‘There’s no reason. Well, if you really don’t like it, you can say no.’

That’s right. I didn’t say no. I got up from my bed and jumped and grabbed Nezar’s hands.

He was the first person to show interest in me in this vast castle of Ezelot. I couldn’t express my  happiness and even my heart was beating fast.

‘I don’t hate it at all!’

Since then, I have been chasing Nezar sometimes even by following my brothers.

I didn’t need anything else. From that day on, the biggest meaning of my life was Nezar, not me or my family.

Yeah, well…. on second thought, it was worth falling for.

I swung my head from side to side, stood  up, and stared straight again. Because I was not confident in making eye contact with Nezar, I had to pretend to be okay. Ron who had  accepted the parchment, somehow filled with laughter.

“Finally, Lady Kate’s long-awaited engagement came true. I will give this  to His  Majesty. Congratulations on your engagement, Young-ae.”

Nezar snorted softly at Ron’s words.

It’s complicated to think about my past life, it’s frustrating to think about the  future I will have, and he is seriously snorting in front of me.

I wraped my face with my hands, feeling sad for no reason. I was just trying to hide my distorted face, but was it because my vision got dark? Unintentional tears trickled down my cheeks.

“Oh, Young-ae! You are crying because of happiness, please don’t!”

Ron’s voice, which said so, was filled with joy.

I’m not crying because I’m happy I’m crying because I’m worried!

In this case, there was only one way. Finding a woman Nezar could fall in love with, making him break this engagement himself.

I swallowed my tears and made a firm commitment. I’m going to find a magical woman who’ll make him fall in love.

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