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Looking for My Fiancé’s Lover

Nezar, as usual, was sitting on the sofa in the drawing room. He was sitting still and reading a book, he slowly closed the cover as soon as I entered.

Cloudy, low-saturation dark-red eyes stared at me through the lenses of his glasses. Even though I saw his face again after only two days, he had harmonious and splendid facial features that always felt new.

He looked at me silently for a moment, then took off his glasses and placed them on the table.His stiff eyes and his closed mouth were uncharacteristically very bleak.

Did something bad happen? I closed the door timidly and opened my mouth.

“Oh, hello, Nezar. Did you eat?”

There was no response from the greeting.


Nezar looked at me with an unchanging cold face, and I didn’t know why, but I wondered if it was my fault. I spun around near the door, looking into his eyes.

“What are you doing now?”

“Yes? Oh,I just think it’s a little cooler around here… … .”

“Did you eat some wrong food? Don’t be silly, come quickly and sit down.”

I became a docile dog and threw myself in the front seat of Nezar. As soon as our eyes met, I started imitating Katrina from the past in order to not hear things like I did during lunch . In other words, it meant being noisy.

“What’s going on, Nezar? You don’t usually come this often! Oh, you came because you missed me! Right? Right?”

I just went back to being like how I was two days ago, but I don’t know why I’m so exhausted already. I looked at Nezar with twinkling eyes, but his expression grew colder, as if he had seen a scene he had never seen before. I quietly removed the strength from my eyes.

“Kate, I heard you were reading a book just now.”


His question reminded me of the moment I was drinking tea, just before I met Rick.

“Yes, that’s right. Rather than reading it… I just opened it up to read it.”

“Why all of a sudden?”

For a moment, I was caught up in a sudden worry. It seemed like a trivial question, but when he was in a bad mood, Nezar wasn’t the type of person to talk about trivial subjects.

What should I answer? I have to be a perfect lady in order to find your lover? That’s why I started reading?

It was an answer that would hurt Nezar’s pride. I worked hard to get the best answer by rolling my brain that I didn’t usually use.

“I want to have a female friend.”

The atmosphere in the drawing room became quiet.

At the same time, Nezar examined my face step by step. His gaze was persistent , I felt my cheeks were tingling. I quickly turned my eyes away before the cold sweat broke out. Nevertheless, Nezar’s eyes were still on my face.

“Did I hear you wrong? Did your just say you wanted a female friend?”

“Uh, yeah. I don’t know how to get along with girls because I only play with my brothers every day. So I read some liberal arts books related to tea ceremony etiquette.”

“What’s with the change of heart? You told me a week ago that you didn’t need a friend.You said that even if the world collapses, you only need me.”

I definitely remember saying that too. Thinking back on it, it sounded so naive that it was really creepy. There were many things that I wanted besides Nezar!

“That’s… I think I need at least a friend or two. I’m always alone without you and my brothers and that’s, like, a very miserable feeling.”

Yeah, this is right. The feeling I’ve been feeling was not loneliness, but misery. Looking back, I always pretended to be okay, but in one corner of my heart, I was always ashamed of my hated position. I wanted to hide that feeling, so I hung on to Nezar harder.

It felt a little strange to admit my true feelings at an unexpected moment. And it was cool. I’m glad I became a new Katrina and 100 times better!

But I felt like I was the only one who thought so. Despite confessing my long-standing sincerity, Nezar’s gaze was still persistent and cold.

“Is that why you are practicing embroidery that you don’t usually do, visiting the famous dressing rooms, and memorizing the names of handsome aristocrats Young-sik? Does that really help you make a female friend, you say?”

For a moment, I felt like all the blood in my head was escaping.

“Well, where did you hear that?”

“From Lockherd. These days, he has been talking about you every time I meet him, so I’m getting a scratch on my ear.”

Lockherd and Nezar are both 19-year-old and close friends. Lockherd left for the Imperial Academy to become the sword of Nezar shortly after the successor of the family was selected as Eden. That day was the starting point.

My passionate unrequited love for Nezar started when Lockherd brought the beautiful boy home as a close friend during his first year at the academy. Of course, I didn’t know that love would last for a long time, leading to an engagement vow.

I inhaled slowly. The problem now isn’t that I’m in an unrequited love. It was that Lockherd was reporting every detail to Nezar that I wanted to hide!

“Lockherd, that damn punk!”


Instinctively, I rolled my fist and clenched it against the table. But soon I stiffened my shoulders and hurriedly withdrew my hand.

“Sorry for making you keep hearing that. From now on, I will make sure that Lockherd’s lips are tightly closed.”

It’s quite a pain to keep listening to stories of uninterested reason. It was obvious that Nezar’s face was listening to Lockheed. Boring, boring, sleepy, I guess, and sleepy. Sweeping his chin with his arms crossed, he slowly opened his mouth.

t’s quite a daunting task to keep hearing stories of the opposite sex who you aren’t even interested in. It was obvious how Nezar had been listening to Lockherd’s story. Bored, uninteresting, and sleepy.

With his arms crossed, he stroked his chin and opened his mouth slowly.

“So what is the answer to my question?”

“… … Question? What question?”

“Is it necessary to memorize the name of a handsome nobleman Young-sik to get a female friend?”

Still, his deep, low tension voice was heard more earnestly today. This was the first time he showed such a bad feeling. What the hell happened? Thinking that I should relieve his melancholy, my usual stomach answered in a lively voice.

“Of course! How important is that! Women need empathy when they talk. When men get together, they talk about women, right? When women get together, they tend to talk about men. So I have to memorize it.”


Speaking briskly didn’t seem to have much effect. Rather, Nezar leaned back more as if he were thinking deeply about something. Thinly opened eyes sweep me up and down. The shape of the corners of my mouth and the angle of my eyebrows seem to be examined more closely.

“All right. You say you need to make friends, but since I’m engaged to you , I can’t just sit still. I will be your special practice partner for today, so just say one of the names you memorized.”

It was an unwelcome consideration.

“Thank you, but I’m really fine.”

“Say it.”

It was an embarrassingly firm demand, so I immediately uttered a memorable name.

“Well, Pancion Entera.”

I remember hearing from Daisy that Pancion Entera is the deputy head of the 2nd Knights of the Imperial Knights. A master swordsman who became deputy chief at the age of only mid-twenties. Not only the young girls, but the ladies also say that he is a capable single man. Of course I’ve never seen him.

“Pancion Entera, …….”

Nezar, who closed his eyes for a moment, suddenly asked me.

“Kate, Youngae, what part of Lord Pancion did you fall in love with?”

Was it a skit that meant to help? For that matter, Nezar’s way of speaking was a little strange. No aristocratic lady in the empire uses that kind of coercive tone. And I have a crush on him? I’ve never seen the face of Pancion Entera in the first place.

His gaze, which was even cold, now stood as if it were about to bite me. I shrugged and answered.

“Hey, I never said I was in love.”

Did I deny it too firmly? Frustrated, I hurried on to make the most plausible lie.

“But very well… … .”

Is he handsome? He must be handsome because he is popular.

“He’s handsome, he’s a knight so he’s very strong…….”

“Whenever I see him, my face turns red. Which person are you attracted to?”

Like a lady, I made eye contact with Nezar, paying close attention to each and every action and I wanted to show that I was trying my best. That way he won’t have any doubts.

But for some reason, Nezar was silent without saying a word.

I’m sure Nezar didn’t like something. What is it that makes him uncomfortable? No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t figure out the source, so I quietly waited for his mouth to open.

I did not know how much time had passed. After letting out a heavy sigh, as if suppressing his emotions, Nezar spoke to me.

“Kate, you need to take responsibility for your words. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so, am I?”

What do you mean? I feel bad now. I couldn’t understand even the slightest bit of what Nezar was saying now. His voice, soft and sweet like freshly baked Castella, had become dry in that short time.

“People in high positions have as many responsibilities as they have rights. The reason why I, the Crown Prince, chose you as my fiance over no other young girl…”

He suddenly stopped talking. Nezar, who briefly rubbed his forehead with his hand, slowly distorted his expression. Then he immediately asked me.

“How old are you this year? sixteen?”

“It’s fifteen.”

“Ha, terribly young. What the hell am I doing with a 15-year-old… … .”

It was the third sigh. I wanted to say it to his face, that the spirit is seventeen, not fifteen. But it won’t sound normal to anyone.

“Do you know how old I am?”

“Of course. Do you think I’m an idiot who can’t even count? You’re 19 this year.”

When I answered confidently without any hesitation, Nezar raised one eyebrow. It was a subtle change, but the gloomy atmosphere seemed to have softened slightly. Thanks to that, my breathing, which had been tense, was relieved a little. Why do I have to crouch in front of my fiance all day?

I closed my mouth tightly and took a deep breath. That’s why you lose if you like someone first.

She punched the 12-year-old Lockherd in her head who had brought Nezar in their house. It’s all because of that unlucky second bastard.

“…Great. There is no need to rush.”

Nezar, who said so, beckoned lightly. It meant to come closer, so I took the seat next to him.

Why are you asking me to come again?

Pretending to cough, he opened his mouth.

“Did you say you need a female friend?”

Low saturation and dark red eyes looked at me.I nodded eagerly. His straight nose came close, and it felt suffocating. I pulled myself back in case he heard my pounding heart. Nezar, who pulled my arm as if not to move, flicked my forehead lightly with his finger.

“Don’t do weird things by yourself like memorizing men’s names, and I’ll introduce you to Ezaret so you can hang out with her.”

What? Are you talking about the princess?

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