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LHCM Chapter 6


“I know you’re doing stupid things without even thinking about it, but be careful. What if your family business goes bankrupt in 10 years? You’ll just be sitting on the street.”

“… Oh.”

“It’s not you that’s great, it’s the family business. What would you do if you didn’t even have that? You have to do better from now on.”

Young Luke seemed perplexed as I was crouching down from above.

“Ha. Luke, Luke Randy. Calm down.”

“Are you done?”

“I haven’t finished it yet. It’s the elders of your family that I’m afraid of, not you. I’m angry with you. I’m angry.”

Shock appeared on Luke’s face, as if he had heard something he couldn’t hear.

“Damn, you’re angry?”

“Next time, I won’t stand for it either.”

“Yes. What will I do then? After all, you’re just like me, a child who can’t do anything!”

Luke’s self-esteem seemed to be hurting as I spoke. It was like admitting with his own mouth that he was a child with no powers.

“If you keep doing that…”

I still looked down at Luke and raised the corners of my mouth. Immediately, I tapped Luke’s neck with my index and middle fingers.

“I’m going to let it bite you quickly.”

Slowly, the little snake I was taming at the time came down on my wrist. He rubbed the cool skin on Luke’s neck. I could see goosebumps growing on the boy’s skin.

“What, what is that?”

“Well, what do you think?”

Fear grew in Luke Randy’s eyes, terrified by the touch of something unknown.

“Let’s do our best. Huh?”

I whispered and got up. Until I left the place, Luke laid on the dirt floor and didn’t move. After that, I thought it was over because he didn’t come close to me and there was no bullying.

It was my mistake.

When I next saw Luke Randy, who had been quiet since that day, rolled his round eyes and looked into my eyes, I thought there was a pretty cute side. For a moment, I thought that I was being too harsh on a child.

It must have been the face he was planning to use to screw with me over the course of a lifetime.

“How have you been?”

Little Luke’s face disappeared, and the face of a handsome smirk took its place. I sighed as I looked at the shameless Luke’s face.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes? Weren’t you busy preparing for the wedding?”

“It seemed to be going smoothly until I heard from you last time.”

As Luke spoke, he watched my reaction.

Unlucky child!

It’s like talking to Hector while already knowing that I was engaged to Hector and that he broke up with me. I just wanted to spit at him.

The first thing young Luke Randy did to realize his ruse was to approach Hector Ashid, a close friend of mine. Especially at that time, Hector was in full swing around me who saved him. It must have been that he became friends with Hector and got some information about me.

In the end, Luke and Hector became my childhood friends, and I had a bad relationship until now.

“If I said something to screw you over, you misunderstood. I’m sorry, but I’m fine now.”

At my indifferent answer, Luke gave a surprised expression.

It was at the age of twelve that Luke Randy in sheep’s clothing revealed his true nature. He approached my father, Count Pladd Hazel, not me. He lent money to Count Pladd, who had no place to borrow money, through a place that Luke had built for himself as a hobby.

Named ‘Haylandiron!’

It was a financial business for aristocrats with bad credit. It’s called a finance business, but it is no different than a loan business. It was a place that only operated loans. In the end, more than 60% of Count Hazel’s debt came from Haylandiron.

From an early age he should have known Luke’s nature.

“To get revenge, you’ll stick with me from now on.”

“Yeah. I thought I was going to cry for a few days because of the breakup with Hector again.”


I did cry. It wasn’t a few days, but a day.

“Because you’re good at it. There’s no way Hector will marry someone like you.”

He started laughing out loud. Seeing his exhilaration made him want to smash his head.

“However, I can’t imagine participating in a banquet like this so quickly.”

Luke’s comment, which stopped his laughter, slowly looked at me from head to toe. His golden hair fluttered in front of his eyes as he moved his head.

“… What.”

“Are you trying to find a new candidate?”

‘Cause I’m quickly moving from one person to the next?’

I turned my head without saying a word. His brow wrinkled, and his lips quivered.

“Who is next? Is it that guy?”

Damian Detronil was where Luke was pointing. It was as if he had drank alcohol wherever he was, staring blankly into the air as he sat down on a chair in the banquet hall.

‘He must be really crazy!’

Still, he was one of the finalists. Slightly disappointed, she adjusted the rankings in her head. Rather, how did Damian Detronil know my name? At first he even asked what my name was, which made me even more suspicious.

As I stare at Damian, Luke blocks my gaze. Then he said disgruntled.

“Stop it. He’s a crazy bastard.”

“Maybe I’m crazier than him.”

Why does he keep fussing around?

The reason I disliked Luke Randy but put him in the nomination is because there were only a few others who met the conditions. Still, I do not want to sign a contract with him, so I considered it a last resort.

I can guess why Luke persuaded Count Hazel into a huge debt. It must have been because of what happened to me when I was young. He probably just wants to see me begging and indespair.

So, I’m going to leave it to the end.

‘I don’t want to ask that bastard either!’

What’s surprising is that Luke Randy doesn’t have a fiancée yet. As far as I knew, he received multiple offers a day.

“Well, why are you looking?”

“Just because. Aren’t you engaged yet? Actually, I feel sorry for the woman you’re going to live with.”

“Never mind. Since when did Amelia Hazel show interest in me?”

Luke, who had been saying whatever, suddenly hardened his expression. Then he looked down at me and opened his mouth slowly.

“Hey, Amelia. Are you interested in me?”

“Are you crazy? Don’t say anything that terrible.”

I thought it was a last resort, but I’m absolutely not interested. I don’t want to get involved with this guy at all.

As soon as I finished my words, Luke Randy’s expression turned serious. He clearly had blue eyes, but it looked like they were bursting with fire.

“I hate you too! You’re the worst. The worst!”

“Yeah, that’s good. We’re not interested in each other.”

He replied roughly and looked at Damian Detronil again. Still, is an alcoholic better than Luke?

The alcoholic didn’t seem like it.

First of all, I didn’t attend the banquet today to meet Damian and Luke.

As I was thinking about it, I heard a murmur. When I turned my head, two men of exotic appearance were standing there.

“Finally here.”

Actually, Damian and Luke weren’t the reason I came here today. This banquet was for the princes who studied abroad, Harun Kisha and Bashar Kisha.

My goal is to prevent the poisoning of Bashar Kisha, who is further from succeeding the throne.

The Kishan Kingdom was a country located to the west of the Lefkind Empire. A huge desert existed between the two countries.

Unlike the Kishan Kingdom, where most of its territory is a sandy desert, the Lefkind Empire had a variety of climates and lands. The Kishan Kingdom, who wanted a wide, fertile land rather than a desert, has long waged war against the Empire.

The war, which had continued for hundreds of years, ended more than fifty years ago. Victory and defeat were not predetermined outcomes. The two countries held hands and made peace.

As evidence of reconciliation, the two countries each sent their princes and princesses to each other’s countries in the name of diplomacy. The time to study abroad is when a new king ascends to the throne.

‘Recently, the old king of Kishan passed away!

I heard that the age of the current king, who was newly crowned as a previous king, was over 100 years old. That is why the princes who had already held their coming-of-age ceremony came to the Empire to study abroad.

I glanced at the two princes, where the gazes of the nobles in the banquet hall gathered. Unlike the people of the Lefkind Empire, he had an exotic appearance.

Like princes from a desert country, their attire was different. His skin tone was darker than that of those in Lefkind, and his black hair stood out. The people of Lefkind also had dark hair, but the black hair of the two men felt even more black.

Among their black hair golden eyes, proof of royal blood, shined.

‘The short-haired prince standing in the front was the older brother Harun Kisha, and the long-haired prince in the back was Bashar Kisha!

I immediately recognized Bashar Kisha, whose black hair that fell down to his waist was tied under his shoulders.

“They’re finally here?”

As I was looking at the two princes from afar, I heard the voice of Luke, whom I had forgotten about for a while.

I hardened my face and turned to him.

“… You were still here?”


At my words, Luke’s expression wrinkled without mercy.

He gets annoyed when he sees me, so I don’t know why he keeps trying to stick around. If he was thinking of harassing me, that’s a pretty sure way to go.

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