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LHCM Chapter 4


I’ve heard that the Hazels’ ancestors were very well known for their snake magicians. Perhaps the ability of that ancestor was passed on to me, though I could only guess.

It is thanks to the snakes that information can be gathered. Jjorongi is the smallest and lightest snake I take care of, so I took it with me when I was secretly moving like today.

“Wait a minute, Mel.”


He spoke to me and then left for a moment. His figure was too dark to see well.

Not long after, Ronen returned.

“What so suddenly?”

A white creature in Ronen’s hand came into my eyes as I asked curiously.

“Then can you take care of this guy too?”

“… That.”

The long thing that was lifted up and swaying was a pure white snake. The white snake stayed in Ronen’s hand without moving.

No, rather than that, it looks like it’s dead and droopy…

“Isn’t he dead? No matter how much I am, I can’t deal with a dead child.”

“No, it’s alive.”


“When you touch him, you can feel his body temperature. Maybe he came here a few days ago, but I found him when I came here today. But I don’t know where he got hurt. He’s just hanging out like this.”

“You have to go to the hospital. What do you want me to do?”

“If you like it, you can raise it. I’m lazy.”

This guy! It’s annoying to take him to the hospital and take care of him, so he’s handing him over to me!

Before I could even shoot back at Ronen, a pale hand that came out handed over a white snake to me.

I took the white body by surprise. As he said, I felt his body temperature in my palm.

“Take good care of him. Because it’s our precious first child.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Besides, it’s not precious, it’s just annoying.

I murmured discontentedly to myself.

Maybe Ronen knew how to handle snakes and left it to steal information about me. I was suspicious for a moment.

‘Don’t you think that’s it?’

The white snake was really hanging like a dead man.

I said no and left the snake on the bar table and started to leave. But I was concerned about the snake that was sticking out his tongue.

“… You owe me one!”


Ronen smiled lightly at the words I uttered with my teeth clenched. I turned around not wanting to listen to his laugh any longer. Now that I’m done with my business here.

Behind my back, I heard the sound of a cigarette being lit.

“He’s addicted.”

I muttered and shook my head. The white snake was put in the bag first. As soon as I got out of there, a long snake that was secretly hiding came to my side. The sound of movement tickles my ears.

“You’ve been waiting for a long time, Daerong?”

Daerong is a snake the size of an adult. Sss, he shook himself to welcome me.

[It took a long time today.]

“It must have been because Ronen wanted to chat.”

Daerong’s appearance seemed to threaten me at first, but in reality he was just joking around. The snakes I’ve been with since childhood show off their tricks in a seemingly strange way.

I lightly tapped the bottom of Daerong’s chin with my fingertips and walked away. I heard that Daengi is a snake with a strange name, but it was difficult to memorize.

In the end, I gave it a simple name, which the snake liked more.

“Shall we go back at once?”

There was a flower garden where the snakes I dealt with lived. Although the rental cost was high, it was not a loss because the children were able to obtain information.

Today, I was going to go back to the mansion after checking the condition of the still white snake that I had in my bag.


After checking the list of husband candidates received from Ronen, I narrowed the final candidates to four.

It wasn’t a random choice. I had my own conditions before choosing the final candidate.

‘First of all, someone who is not engaged!’

I didn’t want to ruin an engagement that was going well, and I didn’t want to increase the number of rumors after breaking up with Hector. It’s a big deal if it’s just a scandal. It will make finding a husband more difficult.

‘The second is someone with a medium amount of power.’

I don’t like people with a great deal of power because I feel burdened. It’s a big deal if you lose power from using it. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have any power. He must have the ability to drive out the family who is trying to steal money and drive out Hector, who would regret it later.

‘Third is the person who doesn’t believe in love!’

It’s hard if he wants me to love him. I also had no intention of asking him for love, and my relationship with my future husband is only business! It must be a contractual relationship.

After that, when the right time comes, we will get a clean divorce. I don’t even think about it, but it’s a big deal if the other person has feelings for nothing.

Thanks to Hector, no one seemed to be able to believe it.

“Who has the same interests as me?”

In other words, I have to be a person who can offer something.

That way, we can sign the contract on an equal footing. A one-sided relationship doesn’t last very long. Walking across the banquet hall, I organized the information in my head.

“I heard that Prince Ashid broke up with Lady Hazel.”

“They didn’t break up the marriage officially, did they? It’s just a rumor.”

“But wouldn’t the rumor be true considering that Lady Hazel came alone today without Archduke Ashid escorting her?”

Every step I took, I could hear the aristocrats whispering.

The rumor had already spread!

I don’t really care. I expected this to happen when I came to the banquet. One of my purposes today was to examine my husband candidates.

When I looked for corners to occupy, the aristocracy’s buzz grew even more. Soon their heads turned to the entrance of the banquet hall. I followed them and glanced at the entrance.

“Ah, damn it.”

Was Hector going to attend this banquet?

There was a woman who smiled shyly with Hector. A woman was seen entering the banquet hall linked in Hector’s arms. There was a soft, happy smile on her face.

It may be a smile that I or Amelia in the novel once made.

The reason why Hector was engaged to Amelia in the novel I read, The First Love That Doesn’t Come True, was a simple sense of duty.

A childhood friend, his closest understanding. In addition, Amelia was hurt trying to save Hector when she was young, so he thought he had to protect her.

Meanwhile, the Hazel family mentioned the engagement first, so you wouldn’t have even thought of refusing. Of course, he accepted Amelia because he thought he was responsible.

Amelia knew all about Hector’s heart. Still, she had hopes that she might have it in the end.

She had a glimmer of hope that, over time, her fiance would love her.

‘And me too!’

I laughed bitterly as I recalled Amelia’s actions and my situation in her novels.

I even tried to change my life as Amelia. I initially changed the point where I met him and I decided to become a real fiance. However, conflicts arose several times a day. In the end, there were times when I didn’t want to be friends because I thought it would be better to stay away.

‘I couldn’t ignore Hector in a dangerous state, but I saved him!’

Because of that, I began to harbor troubled feelings that Hector had to protect me, but I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t let him die.

Still, I wanted to live a life different from that of Amelia as much as possible, but from the moment I got entangled with Hector, I couldn’t escape.

Anyway, now that he’s engaged, I’ve been doing my best to reach an ending that is as different from the original as possible.

“A ruthless bastard.”

I mumbled this with a grin.

The former lover, Hector, and the woman walking with a bright smile grew closer and closer.

For a moment, my eyes met with Hector, who had raised his head. His smile disappeared and he flinched and stopped his steps. The woman with her arms around his, puzzled, “Hector?” she called.

It seems she hasn’t noticed me yet.

“It’s nothing. Vivian.”

Hector smiled at her painstakingly, and I could even hear his answer to her.

With his expression on his face, he met my gaze again. I was the first to turn my head this time. There was nothing wrong with seeing the two of them who are affectionate lovers themselves.

I had feelings for Hector, but he made it clear to me.

“… I have someone I love.”

“She has my child.”

She, a woman named Vivian, had Hector’s child.

I glanced at her still slender abdomen. Now that this has happened, I hope that the two of them will eat well and live well. If it’s a novel, it’s not like that.

‘Because I’m no longer interested in that man. If only the two of us lived together!’

People think that they can be swayed by other people without knowing their feelings and mistakenly believe that they love them. In fact, I could accept that he had someone in his heart.

The only thing I can’t forgive is spending the night with someone even though he had a fiancée.

‘At least you should have sorted out your relationship with me first!’

A night without measures should not have been spent. At least as long as you were engaged to me.

However, thanks to Hector’s actions similar to the original, the extent to which it was present was reduced.

“… Dirty.”

Of course, the physiological disgust did not go away, so I muttered without knowing it. No matter how long it’s been since they broke up, they’ve already brought her back.

‘Isn’t it bad manners?’

I didn’t like Hector’s behavior more than the relationship between the two.

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