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LHCM Chapter 1



Without realizing it, I missed the teacup I was holding in my hand. The teacup, which was out of my hand, colored my skirt with tea and fell to the hard floor and shattered.

But no one turned to the broken teacup. I was still staring at him, he was still staring at the table.

“… Now, what did you say?”

“Sorry, Amelia. Please break off the engagement with me.”

My lips trembled slightly at the words of my fiancé, Hector Assid. I tried to raise the corners of my mouth, but I couldn’t even form a proper smile.

“Hector, what do you mean all of a sudden? What do you mean break the engagement?”


“We’ve been fine so far. Tell me if you have a problem. Whatever it is, I’ll fix it.”

“No, it’s not your problem. This is only my problem.”

“Why, what the hell…”

While staring at Hector with confused eyes, something suddenly crossed my mind.

“No way…”

A year after being engaged to Hector, the time was approaching. But it was earlier than expected. I’ve tried so far to avoid it.

‘I tried, but was it all useless?’

Hector slowly raised his head. My fiancé, childhood friend and first love, who I haven’t seen in a long time. His red eyes only have feelings of guilt for me.

There was no affection anywhere.


“I can’t do that.”

Having noticed what Hector’s words were to follow, I shook my head and replied. But he went on without caring, and dropped to his knees

“… I have someone I love.”


Hector’s knee was crushed by a broken teacup and red blood leaked out, but he did not change his posture.

“Get up, your legs are…!”

I tried to force him to his feet, but he didn’t seem to budge until he heard my answer.

“I-I understand. It’s okay if you don’t love me. So please, don’t just abandon me.”

My childhood friend, my first love, my political marriage, the first kiss of my childhood, and everything that made up my mind go around.

I spoke to Hector imploringly, but his expression did not waver.

“She has my child.”


“I’m sorry, Amelia.”


“I don’t think I can be with you.”

He rose slowly. Hector’s eyes looking down at my face shook for a moment. His feelings for me showed in his eyes for a moment, but he then turned his back coldly.

“I’ll tell your father.”

At the end of that, Hector left the drawing room. Red blood trickled in the direction he passed. as if leaving a trail.

“At the end of the day, it was meant to be like this…”

Only my vain voice rang in the space where Hector disappeared.

Sitting in a chair, I buried my face in both hands.

I knew this from the time I was born Amelia Hazel. When I meet Hector and get engaged to him, he wouldn’t choose me, he’d end up with her.

But I thought it would be different if I got close to him since I was young, if I could get away from such a formal fiance. At least I knew he’d be swayed by my plea.

“… Hector.”

Hector Assid. He’ll realize his feelings for me later. And he’ll find me, who’s already the wife of another man. But I was already…

“Hector… you son of a gun!”

I screamed as I removed my hands that had covered my face.

I knew this would happen, so I met Hector before I knew it, and I hurried to get engaged. So it’s like there’s never been a time in his life when I didn’t exist!

“How dare you cheat on me when you have a fiancée?”

I wouldn’t have had time to meet other people like in the original novel. What the hell happened?

I clenched my teeth.

“I have to throw away the man who will regret it.”

I was reborn as Amelia Hazel, the heroine of the novel of regret. The original work was thoroughly analyzed to eliminate all crisis situations I thought! Hector was just a dog.

Damn it!

I’m doomed. At this rate, the Hazel family would marry me off to pay off their debts.

“With a madman who wants my strength.”

How can you meet Hector again when you’re losing your energy? Do you think I’m going to suffer that?

I thought that and quickly rolled my head.

It can’t be helped. Now that it’s like this.

“Going to Plan B.”

Let’s find a new husband.

To hide me from my family, Hector, and all the crises that will come to me in the future…

Recruitment notice: I’m looking for a husband to lock me up.



Tepine, the only maid of Count Hazel, knocked on the door and listened quietly. She was a girl who would normally have come straight out, but Tepine couldn’t even hear her voice today.

“Miss Amelia?”

She tilted her head and knocked on the door again. Still, only silence met Tepine. At this point, Amelia was clearly not in the room. At least she, in the house Hazel, couldn’t have ignored Tepine.

“Where did she go?”

She asked the chef and butler, but no one saw Amelia. In addition, it was even more questionable to hear that she had not eaten since yesterday.

Did Amelia leave the mansion yesterday or did she have an accident without coming back? Her concern for Amelia deepened.

“How can this be? Hurry up and let the butler, no! The master know!”

Tepine’s complexion quickly turned pale.

Amelia Hazel, the count’s mistress, was about to get married. Hector Assid, the Grand Duke of Hector, whom she’s known since childhood. Count Hazel had already held banquets for more than a few months at the fact that he became a master craftsman of the Grand Duke.

However, it was a big deal that Amelia, the person involved, disappeared. Tepine was going to go straight downstairs and tell the Countess of the mansion, who was enjoying tea, and laughing.

But then the door opened with a click.

“Oh my!”

“Sorry, Teppie. I couldn’t hear you because I was sleeping.”

As soon as I checked Amelia’s face, Tepine’s face returned. She shook her head in relief.

“No, Miss Amelia. You don’t usually sleep in, so I thought something happened.”

“… I couldn’t sleep well yesterday.”

Tepine, staring at Amelia with a bitter smile, hardened her face. It’s strange that she overslept unlike usual, but Amelia’s face seemed to be slightly swollen. In particular, her eyes were red as if she were crying all night.

“Did something happen, miss?”



“I’m fine, Tepine.”

Amelia shook her head to Tepine, who hesitated. It’s not that important, which means it’s not her business. Therefore, it was a sign that there was no need to inform the count couple.

“All right, miss. Can I get you some ice?”

“Thank you, but it’s okay. It’ll be all right in a little while.”

Tepine nodded with a dark face. Unlike other owners, Amelia took good care of her, so she used to feel more comfortable. Yesterday, my fiance Hector Assid came to see me, and what happened to him? For no reason, only Tepine’s mind became complicated.

“But what’s going on?”

“I heard that you have been skipping meals since yesterday, and…”

As she hesitated, Amelia nodded as if to keep talking.

“The hostess said that we should start preparing for our wedding to Archduke Assid, and that we have something to talk about.”


“Should I tell the lady that you’re not feeling well?”


“Yes, miss.”

“Oh, Teppie.”

Tepine, who was about to go back after finishing her conversation with Amelia, stopped walking at her voice. She opened her eyes wide and looked back at Amelia, who was still standing by the door.

“What’s the matter? Miss?”

“If you have an invitation that came to me recently, can you bring it to me?””

“Invitation? Okay.”

“Thank you.”

After a short answer, Amelia closed the door first this time.

Tepine, who moved slowly, was still wondering.

“You said you were fine, but…”

In addition to Amelia’s unusual condition, she, who had not cared about the banquet so far, asked her to bring the invitation first.

“What’s really going on?”

The maid murmured softly and kept looking around Amelia’s room.



I exhaled loudly, leaning my back against the closed door. I had closed the door and stared at the ceiling for a while. I organized my mind by drawing the ceiling pattern meaninglessly with my eyes.

“All right, calm down.”

When I turned my head, I could see my face in the mirror. I could see why Tepine was so surprised a moment ago.

“It’s like a carp.”

Since last night, no, to be exact, I’ve cried my eyes out not long after I broke up with Hector yesterday. Countess, seeing that my mother didn’t say anything, she didn’t seem to know about the breakup yet.

Count Hazel seemed to be meeting Hector today, so they’ll find out soon!

I approached the bed with a bitter smile. Soon, I threw myself on the fluffy bed and laid down. It’s not wrong to feel a little shaken.

The House of Count Hazel was one of the few families considered a historic aristocrat in the Ronelid Empire. However, if there was a flaw, it was that the Count has been indulging in gambling and entertainment for several generations and has been gradually bleeding his wealth away.

Of all things, the Count’s wealth was at rock bottom in my life. In the end, Hazel only had the title of Count, but he was in a very poor state.

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