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LMY Chapter 4



It’s not that Wang Dian never thought that the real emperor would show up, but he never expected that Liang Ye would appear looking like this. Moreover, the wanton and unruly behavior of this person from top to bottom made him dislike him very much.

He was hesitating whether to kill the person directly–killing was naturally the safest way. Since he had already appeared in front of the officials, he was doomed to be unable to retreat from the palace. To take a step back, fleeing under the household registration system and the harsh living conditions in ancient times was also not a good choice, but as a law-abiding modern citizen, killing people was a bit difficult for him.

Considering one’s status like that of a bird in a cage covered in cloth as the owner strolled around holding it was also quite difficult, thus he stared at Liang Ye vigilantly, then said in a deep voice, “Put on some clothes.”

Liang Ye sighed reluctantly, turned around and murmured, “Haven’t come after waiting for three days, and you came when Zhen was taking a bath. Zhen is afraid that you didn’t want to see Zhen’s dragon body intentionally.”

The blue veins on Wang Dian’s forehead twitched violently. Just as he was about to tell him to shut up, loose obscene clothes were thrown towards him. He dodged subconsciously, but his wrist was firmly grasped.

The strength was terrifying, his entire arm seemed to lose strength in an instant, but fortunately, he reacted quickly, following the opponent’s strength, he suddenly lowered his waist and turned around, and the other elbow slammed on the opponent’s leg. If it were an ordinary person, he might have already knelt on the ground, but Liang Ye’s body only shook slightly. Kicking open his legs, Wang Dian’s boots slipped, and the whole person was about to fall to the ground, with sharp eyes and quick hands, he grabbed his hair.

The two eventually fell heavily to the ground full of water.

If it were a shooting of a TV series, this would be the kind of tussle that wouldn’t be justified without a kissing scene, but the reality was quite different.

The short arrow with a cold light was only a finger away from Wang Dian’s left eye. His neck was loosely held by someone, and his whole body was crushed so that he could not move.

This poison was formulated by him with a little effort, and it could kill instantly with just a small cut.

Wang Dian’s pupils reflected Liang Ye’s happy smiling face. For the first time, he knew that his face could look like a pervert when he smiled. He also understood why people in the palace were full of horror when they talked about Liang Ye. 

“You don’t know martial arts.” Liang Ye lowered his head and smiled closer to him, “Really interesting, this face is just like the real one.”

Wang Dian subconsciously held his breath, and Liang Ye’s warm breath sprayed on his face, making him feel uncomfortable and in a dangerous situation.

Liang Ye seemed to have confirmed that his strength was not high, thus he loosened his grip on his neck, he then felt his face and neck, kneaded his chin and the back of his ears with slightly rough fingers, and soon, caused his delicate skin to redden.

“Huh?” Liang Ye was a little surprised, “It’s really not a mask.”

Wang Dian’s hair stood on end with his touch, and was about to explode, goose bumps appeared on his arms, but the poisoned arrow that was always firmly in front of his eyes made him dare not move.

He couldn’t beat this man, and he absolutely couldn’t just sit and wait for death like this. Wang Dian exhaled slowly, and just as he was about to speak, his throat was gripped gently, which almost made him groan.

“Zhen heard that there is a secret method for changing faces in the southern border of Zhao State, which can be done seamlessly, but only women can learn it.” Liang Ye pressed his chest again, and as if feeling that it was not very credible here, he then stretched out his hand to untie his belt.

“Wait, wait!” Wang Dian felt that this man was simply playing cards not according to common sense, and said through gritted teeth, “I’m a man. This matter, I can explain.”

“Oh.” Liang Ye raised his head and glanced at him, “But Zhen doesn’t want to hear it.”

Then he mercilessly tore off his belt and touched him, the vitals were caught, Wang Dian lowered his head uncontrollably, but was forced to stop by the poisoned arrow in front of him. The blue veins on his forehead almost burst out, “Liang Ye! Don’t go too far!”

Liang Ye looked at him curiously, “So you know Zhen?”

“Don’t know.” Wang Dian had never talked to anyone in such a strange situation since he was a child, and he didn’t know whether he was angry or embarrassed, but his face was flushed red, “You let go first.”

Liang Ye curled his lips, squeezed it in disgust, and let it go, then wiped his hands on Wang Dian’s inner garment carelessly, “Zhen feels that your size is almost the same as Zhen’s, why are you suffering from kidney deficiency? It also caused untold harm to Zhen’s reputation.”

As soon as the man opened his mouth, he used such cowardly means. Wang Dian endured for a while before swallowing the swear words in his mouth.

You are the only one with kidney deficiency!

Liang Ye waved the poisonous arrow in front of his eyes, “Could it be that you are really Zhen’s twin brother?”

Wang Dian’s mind was spinning rapidly, and just as he was about to open his mouth, the poisoned arrow suddenly approached and paused in front of his eyelashes. Liang Ye looked at him with a mournful smile for a few seconds, then the smile on his face suddenly disappeared, and a voice as if carrying icicles, sounded, “Think it over and speak again.”

Wang Dian took a deep breath, “No.”

“Then, it can be easily arranged.” The smile on Liang Ye’s face bloomed again, “Zhen will reward you with an intact corpse.”

“Wait!” Wang Dian said quickly: “Your Majesty, are you really willing to be controlled by others!?”

Liang Ye smiled and tilted his head, “Huh, why don’t you call Zhen Liang Ye again?”

Huh your uncle!

Wang Dian had never felt so irritable before, he gritted his teeth and continued, “The Empress Dowager has been controlling the political situation and the power of the imperial government for many years, her relatives are powerful, the inner court is controlled by eunuchs, and the factions in the outer court are constantly in conflict. You, the emperor, are as dispensable as a puppet. Don’t you want to seize back your own power?”

Liang Ye smiled even more happily, “Why should Zhen seize it back? Do you want Zhen to go to bed late and wake up early like you, to be as tired as a donkey? Dream on.”

Wang Dian froze for a moment.

Liang Ye pinched his chin and studied his face carefully, then said to himself, “Zhen really hasn’t seen Zhen’s face from this angle, it looks really good, can take it off and put it on the bedside to watch.”

Wang Dian was chilled by what he said–this man is simply a lunatic!

Seeing that he had taken out the blade as thin as a cicada’s wing from nowhere and was about to slash his face, Wang Dian suddenly pulled out the hand that was under his body to block his wrist, “I can help you!”

“Oh?” Liang Ye placed his backhand on his wrist and exerted force lightly.

Wang Dian only felt a sharp pain in his wrist, and the palm of his hand dropped limply. Liang Ye frowned, then said in a reproachful tone, “Zhen doesn’t really like being touched by others.”

Wang Dian endured the pain and said, “I can help you go to court, I can also be your substitute, at your command.”

The blade in Liang Ye’s hand slid down the bridge of his eyebrows and nose, and he coolly pressed it against the corner of his mouth then nodded, “You can speak well, if the master behind you knows that you surrendered to the enemy so quickly, will he be willing?”

“There is no one behind me.” Wang Dian tried his best to sound sincere, “My appearance at the palace was purely accidental.”

Just when he thought Liang Ye would ask about the accident, Liang Ye agreed without hesitation, “Well, that sounds good.”

Although he couldn’t keep up with this lunatic’s brain circuit, Wang Dian still heaved a sigh of relief. Without waiting for this sigh of relief to end, his stomach suddenly sank. This psychopath actually sat on his stomach. If it weren’t for the blasphemous clothing blocking the crucial part, Wang Dian could hardly imagine what kind of eye-catching picture he’d be seeing now.

Liang Ye threw the poisoned arrow aside casually, he couldn’t help but reach out to touch his face again, then his eyes flashed with excitement, “How old are you?”

This guy was unbelievably heavy, Wang Dian was a little out of breath under the pressure, “Twenty-seven.”

“I am twenty-six.” Liang Ye was a little surprised, “Why are you one year older than Zhen?”

Wang Dian thought of saying ‘how should I know’, but to no avail, he still had to answer honestly, “I don’t know.”

“Tsk.” Liang Ye stretched out his hand and tugged at his cheek, then commented, “Quite tender.”

Wang Dian simply didn’t want to say another word to this psychopath. The fear of dying just now finally made him realize that this was in ancient times when human life was worthless. If Liang Ye was alive, he would be in danger forever.

Liang Ye pinched a strand of his hair and twisted it, “Why is the hair so short? Do you want to imitate when Zhen shaved his head and wanted to become a monk?”

“Because—” Wang Dian’s heart hardened, his waist suddenly exerted strength, and the hand that was under him just now grabbed the dagger and stabbed it at Liang Ye’s neck.

Liang Ye turned over and evaded, the excitement in his eyes became brighter and brighter, then he said firmly, “And you still say that no one is behind you?”

Wang Dian’s arm clutching the dagger was trembling faintly, “Shut up!”

Liang Ye stretched out his hand and wiped his neck, leaving a light bloodstain on it. He sighed, as if a little regretful, “You haven’t killed anyone, have you?”

“If I kill you, then it’s killing you!” Wang Dian was so annoyed at his insults just now, and the dagger in his hand went straight to his heart.

Liang Ye easily grasped his wrist without even taking it seriously, and said with disgust, “This kind of skill is not even comparable to those who are barely skilled.”

The soles of Wang Dian’s feet sank, and a sharp knife popped out from the sole of his shoe, heading straight for his thigh. Liang Ye narrowly dodged and strangled his neck from behind, and admiringly said, “Quite a lot of tricks.”

Wang Dian lost the opportunity. He forced his chin to open his mouth, a bitter taste of a pill spread inside, and before he could react, Liang Ye pressed his thumb hard against his Adam’s apple, and the pill slid down his throat.

Wang Dian coughed violently, with a burning pain in his throat.

Liang Ye let go of him, turned around and dressed leisurely, Wang Dian stared at his back, his eyes almost popping out, “What did you give me?”

“Zhen thinks you’re very interesting.” Liang Ye turned his head and looked at him with a smile, “You want to live, but Zhen wants you to die, but you suddenly give up and don’t want to live, Zhen also suddenly think it’s more interesting to let you live.”

“Psycho!” Wang Dian finally couldn’t hold back his swearing.

“Hm?” Liang Ye narrowed his eyes and took a step forward.

Wang Dian backed away vigilantly, and saw Liang Ye burst into laughter, “This is the first time Zhen has heard this word, what is psycho?”

“Madman.” Wang Dian gritted his teeth and held his throat.

“Oh.” The smile on Liang Ye’s face disappeared, and he muttered, “It’s nothing new.”

“What did you give me?” Wang Dian had swallowed the pill, and he felt uncomfortable all over his body.

“Naturally, it’s something that will make you obedient.” Liang Ye pointed at him, and said solemnly, “You are more shy than Zhen, Zhen never blush easily.”

“I’m so angry!” Wang Dian felt powerless for a while, it was too much effort to communicate with this lunatic, he calmed down his breath for a long time, and said in a deep voice, “Then what do you need me to do?”

“Haven’t figured it out yet.” Liang Ye yawned, “Zhen is tired, will take a nap first, come over and wait upon Zhen.”

This time Wang Dian really wanted to stab this bastard to death.

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