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LMY Chapter 3



Wang Dian thought that it was both scientific and not very scientific to have traveled through this sort of thing. He thought of Einstein’s theory of relativity and thought of several popular time travel dramas he invested in and filmed in the past few years, and then seriously thought about why he had no language barrier with these ancient people. His body, being placed in the ancient times, should have been a large pathogen, but as a result, an eighty-year-old man was stronger than himself…such kinds of questions…

Has no solution.

Of course, what made him most regrettable was that after half a year of hard work, he still failed to win the land in the east of the city–the land was very suitable in terms of geographical location and preferential policies, and the development prospects after the completion of the CBD would also be very promising. Future benefits would be immeasurable.

Wang Dian sighed, the fresh air, bright flowers and blue sky around him couldn’t make him feel better.

Yun Fu, with several eunuchs and maids following him far away, didn’t dare to get too close, but the habit of these people kneeling at every turn still made Wang Dian feel uncomfortable.

Although he was used to being the chairman of the board, he had never come into contact with such a cautious subordinate.

This “temperamental” His Majesty suddenly stopped, and Yun Fu and the others also stood on their spot with their heads bowed.

“Yun Fu.” Wang Dian waved at him.

Yun Fu hurried forward, “Your Majesty.”

“Tell Zhen about the current situation of the court.” Wang Dian felt that idleness was idleness. Compared with being a chairman, being the emperor was a high-risk occupation after all. Since this was so, he should just accept it. It was still necessary to understand. According to his observation and to the information he heard in the past two days, Yun Fu was temporarily promoted after the death of the former eunuch, becoming the scapegoat, and there was no such thing as working for anyone, which was different from those next to him.

“Your Majesty, have mercy!” Yun Fu knelt down and began to kowtow.

Wang Dian felt weak for a moment, “Get up and talk.”

Yun Fu got up with trembling legs, his round face was as pale as a piece of faded moon cake, “Your Majesty, this servant dare not talk about government affairs.”

“Zhen will allow you to make unreasonable remarks for the time being.” Wang Dian turned around and continued to walk forward, “Speak.”

Yun Fu followed behind him bitterly, feeling that his life was not long, thus he could only force himself and answer.

Wang Dian listened as he walked. He barely got a rough idea as he listened. This dynasty was not any of the dynasties he was familiar with, but the central government system was not bad. From his rough calculation, the three departments and six ministries system- Zhongshu Department, in charge of government affairs, Mexia, the second department, in charge of passing the resolution, and Shangshu Department, in charge of implementing it.  Under the command of the six ministries- Ministry of Officials, the Ministry of Households, the Ministry of Rites, the Ministry of Punishments, the Ministry of Industry, and the Ministry of War and the Twenty-Four Divisions, these were the main institutions of the central government, plus a supervisory institution such as Yushitai.

On the local level, it was a little chaotic, officials residences, prefectures running side by side, counties under a county, townships. More specifically, it was beyond the scope of Yun Fu’s familiarity, he stuttered and could not tell.

Wang Dian did not force him. After all, professional things needed to be done by professional people. After thinking for a while, he felt that it was necessary to hold a meeting to recognize the heads of various departments, thus he said to Yun Fu, “Afternoon————Weishi period in the afternoon, let the three departments and Yushitai’s senior officials, also the six ministries Shangshus and assistant ministers to come to the Political Affairs Hall for a meeting, no, to discuss matters.”

(t/n Weishi, a Chinese term, means one to three o’clock in the afternoon.)

(t/n Shangshu-high official / government minister; minister)


Yun Fu was stunned for a moment, but Wang Dian was still walking forward, he hurriedly followed, and then heard His Majesty say again, “At Shenshi, let the heads of the various departments in the palace come to see me, go. ” 

(t/n Snenshi-the period of the day from 3 pm to 5 pm)

Yun Fu trotted behind him, his head was a little dazed, and he looked like he had seen a ghost, “Yes, yes.”

Although the statement of the heads of various departments was a bit strange, it was still within the scope of his understanding.

Wang Dian stopped and turned to look at him, “Don’t be idle, also give Zhen a copy of the job list arrangements of eunuchs and servants.”

Yun Fu was stunned, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, this servant…”

“What, have difficulties?” Wang Dian frowned.

Yun Fu didn’t dare to take a breath, and froze in place.

“If you have any difficulties, go to the relevant person in charge.” Wang Dian waved his hand, but upon seeing that he was not yet very old in age, he reminded him a few more words, “Ranks of eunuchs, salary, place of origin, these are indispensable. Deliver it to Zhen tomorrow morning. Remember?”

Yun Fu nodded with a confused face.

Generally speaking, when an airborne chief leader first arrived at a company, he must understand the situation and cultivate manpower, but what airborne Wang Dian arrived at was not a company with hundreds or thousands of people, but a situation of suddenly taking over a country. Not only was he unfamiliar with the official system, but also with the country’s political affairs, financial condition, and its social culture. He was ignorant of the surrounding situation.

The most terrible thing was that he had no idea whether the real emperor was dead or alive. This was simply like a ticking time bomb. In order to ensure the safety of his life, he must bear the name of the other party and gain power as quickly as possible and eliminate potential hidden dangers.

If you think of it as a game, then its opening is a hell-level difficulty.

In the Political Affairs Hall, there were more than 20 people kneeling neatly. It was the first meeting where people could come together.

At first glance, most of them were bearded old men who were over half a century old, and only a few were in their thirties, thus in the end, the young man with a handsome appearance and good character appeared particularly eye-catching. Wang Dian couldn’t help but take another glance.

Everyone knelt down according to the etiquette, Wang Dian looked at the group of elders and felt ashamed, especially when he heard that the Imperial Preceptor was already weeping bitterly, he waved his hand, “No need, it’s too cumbersome, Yun Fu, give all Zhen’s dear subjects seats.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Everyone looked at each with anxiousness and uncertainty, looking at Wang Dian as if they were seeing a ghost.

Is this still the same lunatic who only knows how to cause trouble every day, who kills and beheads people?

“A few days ago, Zhen suffered a severe head injury, and was stuck in life and death for a while. Zhen is deeply aware of the absurdity of the first half of life, and is ashamed to be the sovereign of the country.” Wang Dian said slowly. If it weren’t for his limited vocabulary, he would like to scold “him” with two more sentences. He paused at this point, thinking that it was necessary to express their thoughts and gave them a meaningful glance to come out and build a step, but everyone was silent, and no one responded.

Wang Dian could only clear his throat, and continue, “What happened yesterday can’t be pursued. Zhen felt the ancestors in the dream, and quickly and completely came to realize the truth. Zhen decided to work hard in the future and be diligent in political affairs, also hoping that Zhen’s dear subjects will help.”

The ministers looked at him, he also looked at them, Wen Zong stood up tremblingly, and burst into tears on the spot, “Late emperor, Your Majesty finally…..finally……..”

“Your Majesty is wise!” A group of people knelt on the ground, and most of the old men shed tears. “This minister will do his best to assist Your Majesty!”


Whether it’s true or not, Wang Dian admired their ability to shed tears at every turn.

“Everyone, please get up quickly.” Wang Dian sat up straight, facing the gratified gazes of the crowd as if watching a pig turn into a human, while being confused, then said “Zhen has also forgotten a lot of the past, hence it was also necessary to get acquainted with you all first.”

The ministers below were silent for a while, just when Wang Dian thought they were finally going to intimidate him and showed their strengths, Yun Fu next to him came up and whispered, “Your Majesty, you have never recognized them before.”

Wang Dian twitched the corner of his mouth.

“Subject, Shangshu Zuopushe, Wen Zong, Wen Hefeng, kowtows to His Majesty.” Wen Zong was still very reliable at critical times, taking the lead bravely and not afraid of difficulties.

(t/n Zuopushe- just basically means left minister)

After him, several ministers sequentially left their places in the ranks.

“Subject, Shangshu Youpushe, Yan Ze, Yan Hongguang, kowtows to His Majesty.”

(t/n Youpushe-left minister)

“Subject, Zongshu Ling, Cui Yun, Cui Mingda……”

(t/n Zhongshu Ling-court secretary)

“Subject, Menxia Shiling, Bian Cang, Bian Xiuqi…….”

(t/n Menxia Shiling- prime minister or deputy)

“Subject, Tong Zhongshumenxia Pingzhangshi……”

(t/n Zhongshu and Menxia refer to Zhongshu Department and Menxia department; Pingzhangshi means discussing and handling (state) affairs. Therefore, the ultimate meaning of this word is “to preside over the handling of state affairs like the chief officials of Zhongshu Department and Menxia Department”.)

“Subject, Shangshu of the Ministry of Household……”

“Subject, Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Household,….”

Sitting on the dragon chair, Wang Dian, who was listening to this series of official names and watching their aging faces, felt dizzy and his head was also dizzy, however, he had to force himself to remember.

“Subject, Shangshu Assistant Minister from the Ministry of Rites, Baili Cheng’an, kowtows to His Majesty.” A clear and bright voice sounded, and Wang Dian raised his eyelids to look at it. He felt that the name sounded familiar. 

This was Baili Daren who Wen Zong strongly recommended for disaster relief.

The assistant minister was under the Shangshu, but even if he was second in office of the Ministry of Rites, he was a fourth-rank position. He must have some ability to reach this position at a young age.

“What does Baili Daren think about the breach of the Yun river embankment in Hexi Prefecture?” He went straight to the point, wanting to see what this young assistant minister could do.

After that, he heard Baili Cheng’an’s neither humble nor overbearing, neither urgent nor slow, orderly and well-organized, well documented, and spoke with eloquence about the thirty-six strategies for flood control and disaster relief.

“…Your Majesty, that is this humble minister’s opinion.” Baili Cheng’an said with a slight smile.

Although he could barely understand most of these half-modern and half-old words, it was undeniable that he was indeed a rare talent.

“Baili Daren was only fourteen years old when he became the Number One Scholar during the Imperial Examination, and he is also the youngest minister in our dynasty.” Yun Fu whispered in Wang Dian’s ear.

Wang Dian nodded in satisfaction. Although he was young, he had been immersed in the officialdom for more than ten years. If he could be the assistant minister, he would not be a person with talent but no practical work. He said, “Good, then the disaster relief and flood control will be entrusted to you. Draw up a constitution, for whatever you need, just ask the Six Ministries. Be sure to solve the problem of Hexi Prefecture’s breach of embankment in Yun river.”

Baili Cheng’an was unavoidably shocked for a moment, and immediately suppressed the horror in his heart. He knelt down and kowtowed, “This subject accepts His Majesty’s decree.”

Wang Dian had a brief understanding of the situation of each department. The originally planned one-hour meeting was dragged into two hours. Seeing that the group of old men couldn’t sit still, he leisurely opened his mouth, “Alright, let’s stop here for the time being. Before Xiu Mu, the Ministry of Households will sort out the household registration, land and taxation of the last ten years, and the Ministry of Officials will sort out the appointment and removal of officials in the past three years. It must be simple and clear.”

(t/n Xiu Mu- Take a rest and take a bath, just like taking a vacation. In ancient times, officials took a bath every five or ten days.)

“Your Majesty.” The Shangshu of the Ministry of Household, a chubby fat old man, said with a bitter face, “When the late Emperor was here, the Ministry of Household has been out of use for a long time, and all tax and other affairs are managed by the inner court. I am afraid that our Ministry of Household will not be able to collect it.”

“At present, it’s under the control of your Ministry of Household.” Wang Dian’s face darkened, “Could it be that you still want Zhen to ask for it for you?”

“This subject dare not.” The Shangshu of the Ministry of Household trembled in fright, glanced at Yan Ze on the right again, and said bravely, “The household registration for the past decade, land and tax situation are complicated, and one sentence may not be enough at the moment.”

“If not enough at present then just simply join hands.” Wang Dian squinted his eyes, “If you don’t want to do this Shangshu, there are people who are willing to do it.”

The Shangshu of the Ministry of Household’s knees softened, and he knelt on the ground and kowtowed, “Your Majesty, cease your anger! Your Majesty, cease your anger!”

Wang Dian stood up, scanned the group of people, and said coldly, “That’s all, disperse.”

Until Wang Dian’s figure disappeared from the Political Affairs Hall, the group of people seemed to only react now, each stared speechless at the other, with uncertainty.

On the way out of the palace, Wen Zong was stopped by Cui Yun and Bian Cang.

“Imperial Perceptor, His Majesty’s sudden change of character is a great joy for our dynasty,” Cui Yun followed behind him slowly, “merely seeing what His Majesty means, I’m afraid it’s necessary to abandon the inner court.”

Bian Cang said, “The people of the inner court have been fighting against us for many years, and the forces of the former dynasty in the harem are intertwined. I am afraid that His Majesty’s move is inappropriate.”

Wen Zong merely answered slowly, “His Majesty naturally has his own considerations for this move, how can us courtiers be able to comment on it.”

“Imperial Perceptor, what are you talking about?” Cui Yun sighed, “We have seen how absurd His Majesty has been in the past two years. If His Majesty really–”

“Imperial Perceptor Wen, stop!” A high-pitched voice came from behind them. The three stopped and looked back, and saw an emaciated eunuch walking forward quickly.

“So it’s Eunuch Yang.” Bian Cang said with a smile.

Yang Man’s wrinkled face burst into smiles, “Imperial Perceptor Wen, the Empress Dowager, invites you to have a talk.”

Wen Zong and Cui Yun looked at each other then nodded slowly.

Not far away, Yan Ze, the Youpushe, and Xu Xiude, the Shangshu of the Ministry of Household, who was so frightened just now, happened to see this scene. Xu Xiude snorted lightly, and gritted his teeth, “What’s the use of playing with power and prestige, feign madness and act like an idiot, Empress Dowager, how can that old woman still allow him to drag out his ignoble existence, such today, coming forward, I am afraid that he won’t survive next year.”

“Xiude…” Yan Ze gave him a cold look.

“This student made a slip of the tongue.” Xu Xiude closed his mouth.

“Let’s think about how to hand in things before Xiu Mu.” Yan Ze snorted and smiled, “That guy has a good head, I’m afraid it’s not easy to deal with.”

“Yes. “


Xu Xiude raised his head suspiciously, and saw that his master’s face was slightly distorted, and he immediately realized, “Teacher, this student has ordered someone to prepare the meal, please, let’s continue, Teacher.”

As night fell, the old men who had been detained by the emperor until now had not yet eaten dinner, and they seemed to be feeble when walking just now.

Wang Dian, on the contrary, felt somewhat unable to eat.

Although he acted strong in the Political Affairs Hall, he actually had no confidence in his heart, and in reality, it was also the case. He didn’t expect to hold a meeting and see these old foxes clearly, but it was no more than just sending out a signal, those opponents hiding in the dark would naturally wait for the opportunity. Finding out the forces of all parties was not something that could be done overnight, nevertheless, he had to exert great effort.

Offense was the best defense for him.

Therefore, no matter whether it was the former ministers or the people in the harem, since it was discovered that the perverse emperor seemed to have suddenly changed his mind after losing his memory, and became extremely diligent and hardworking. At first, most of them would naturally be delighted, but with His Majesty going to early court sessions every day, sending out daily assignments, their fear of Emperor Liang would gradually evolve into another fear.

“This student has not been able to spend two sessions of Xiu Mu. I haven’t been home for half a month, don’t sleep until after Zishi every night and have to get up early before dawn.” Xu Xiude complained to Yan Ze with two dark circles under his eyes. “Teacher, does His Majesty want us to die naturally?”

(t/n Zishi-the period of the day from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m)

Yan Ze twitched the corners of his mouth, was also obviously lacking in sleep, and said in a weak voice, ” His Majesty’s diligence is a good thing.”

“The things His Majesty asked us to hand in are of little use, and he also said to use some strange and eccentric statements and reports, I’m afraid he is deliberately tormenting us.” Someone sighed sadly, “Recently, I had less hair that I can hardly use hairpins to hold it. Yan Daren, even the donkey in my backyard is not tired like this, please do me a favor and help me find out what His Majesty’s intention is.”

The Shangshu of the Ministry of Rites passed by them with a smile, “Zhao Daren, this is because His Majesty placed you in an important position, and it would be too late for us to be happy if it was me.”

Xu Xiude smiled and said, “Feng Daren, your Ministry of Rites is always idle, how about you give a temporary transfer to a few of your people over to us?”

“It’s not idle.” Feng Qing said with a smile, “The new branch will be released soon, we are awfully busy, the Ministry of Industry has a lot of staff, Xu Daren, please go to the Ministry of Industry to have a look.”


“Won’t read!” Wang Dian threw the booklet on the table, and the veins popped up on his forehead, “It’s all nonsense!”

Seeing this, Yun Fu hurriedly served tea, and boldly persuaded him, “Your Majesty, you have been sleepless for a month, it’s time to take a good rest.”

Wang Dian narrowed his eyes, “Take a few people to the Imperial Garden.”

Yun Fu, who followed him and lost a full two laps and became emaciated, was miserable, “Your Majesty wants to watch the garden?”

“No.” Wang Dian flicked his sleeves, “Go and have a look at Zhen’s green beans and sweet potatoes.”

Yun Fu, the eunuchs and maids who were helping to sort out the materials were almost weeping with joy.

Finally! Finally, I don’t have to draw those horrible tables and statistical charts anymore!

The news that Wang Dian took people to the imperial garden to see beans and sweet potatoes spread throughout the palace and harem in an instant. Some people were happy and some were worried.

A place somewhere in the harem.

Yang Man bowed in front of the screen, and said to the figure inside, “His Majesty, for the past month, was only watching them arguing every day, and they only do whatever comes to mind without a comprehensive plan, there is no pattern, just simply yell several times, giving a headache. The things that came out are also weird and eccentric, and are unlikely to be successful. According to this old slave, His Majesty still has a childish temperament, and today he can’t help but go to the Imperial Garden to see the field he has planted.”

The shadow inside moved slightly, “Speaking of which, where is that child named Chong Heng next to Ziyu?”

“Perhaps….perhaps His Majesty sent him away.” Yang Man said with uncertainty.

“Go and check carefully.”


That child named Chong Heng was squatting in the bushes on top of the wall in anger at the moment. He lowered his voice and said angrily, “Master! That fake, your green beans!”

Liang Ye was taking off his clothes on the other side of the wall that was stained with cocklebur on the hem. Hearing this, he asked, “Do we look similar?”

(t/n Cocklebur-The whole plant is poisonous, the young buds and fruits are the most toxic, and the stems and leaves contain substances that are toxic to nerves and muscles.)

“Can’t say it’s similar, I can only say that you’re exactly alike.” Chong Heng gritted his teeth and said, “The scars on the back of the hand are also exactly the same.”

“It’s really troublesome.” Liang Ye squeezed a cocklebur and rolled it on his fingertips. The fine and dense pain made him a little excited.

“Master, I’m going to kill him right now.” Chong Heng squatting on the branch, said.

“No, I’ll meet him.” Liang Ye threw the cocklebur into the water next to him and said lazily, “What if he’s really my twin brother?”

“If not?” Chong Heng jumped down, a little worried.

“Then cut him into a human pig and put him in a jar.” Liang Ye clapped his hands, “and let him sing me a little song every day.”

(t/n Human pig-refers to cutting off the palms and soles of a person, gouging out the eyes, injecting copper into the ears to make them deaf (fumigated), pouring phlegm into the throat, cutting off the tongue, and destroying the vocal cords. Make them unable to speak, and then throw them into the toilet etc.–meaning brutally persecuted.)

Chong Heng rubbed his arm vigorously, and said in admiration, “Master, you’re really deserving of yourself.”

“Go.” Liang Ye turned around.

“Master, are we still going to the sleeping chamber to wait? We’ve been waiting for three days. This fake is staying up late every day to read memorials, and never went to the sleeping chamber to rest once.” Chong Heng was somewhat distraught, “I want to go to the harem.”

“You don’t want to.” Liang Ye walked forward stepping on the cocklebur that had been pulled out all over the ground, took two steps and turned to look at him, “How many of my green beans were uprooted?”

Chong Heng exaggeratedly stretched his arm, “Half of it.”

Liang Ye snorted coldly, “Go back to the sleeping chamber.”

“Ah? Are we still going to wait?” Chong Heng wanted to cry without tears.

“I want to sleep.” Liang Ye walked forward without looking back, “Do what you want.”

“Thank you Master!” Chong Heng jumped up happily.

Across the wall, Wang Dian stood in the field and frowned, “What kind of soil has been planted with, it’s full of bugs.”

Yun Fu said cautiously, “Your Majesty, you said that no one is allowed to move them.”

Wang Dian threw the beans in his hand, “Go, back to the study.”

“Your Majesty, just a few steps forward is your sleeping chamber.” Yun Fu stretched out his hand to support him, “It’s been a month, and you’ve been staying in the study, it’s time to take a good rest.”

If it was a month ago, Yun Fu would not have dared to talk to him like this, but after a month, he found that His Majesty was not as bloodthirsty and moody as he was rumored to be, on the contrary, he was unexpectedly easy to get along with. If he said these words out of his mouth, others might think that he had lost his mind.

“Might as well.” Wang Dian was really tired during this time. Although the bed in the study was good for sleeping, he couldn’t sleep well.

He didn’t like to be served by someone while sleeping, thus he waved Yun Fu and the others away as soon as he entered the door, “Wait outside.”

“Yes.” Yunfu thoughtfully closed the heavy door for him.

Wang Dian still subconsciously wanted to untie his tie, raised his hand only to grab nothing, and realized that he was wearing a black robe now. He pinched the center of his eyebrows wearily, and unbuttoned the complicated belt as he walked forward, while thinking about the topographic map of the frontier he saw in the morning today. The Northern Liang was besieged on three sides, the Southern Zhao, Eastern Chen and the Loufan in the north were all casting covetous eyes at this piece of fat meat, and according to his observations this month, although there were many factions in the court, but the real ruler of the Northern Liang was probably in the harem……

The chamber was filled with steam, he threw his robe casually on the couch next to him, when suddenly, he realized that something was wrong, his face turned cold, “Who!?”

There was the sound of splashing water, and a tall and slender figure was reflected behind the screen, followed by a low-pitched laugh.

“Come out!” Wang Dian snapped.

The man came out leisurely from behind the screen.

Wang Dian’s pupils trembled, and for a moment he didn’t know whether it was the man in front of him who shocked him with a face exactly like him, or the fact that someone could walk naked in front of him without changing his expression, his “bird” shocked him even more.

(t/n bird- male genital organ)

The whole body of this man was wet, and water droplets slowly trickled down his Adam’s apple and neck, skimmed over his well-defined abdominal muscles, and sank into——Wang Dian suddenly looked back, although he didn’t want to boast, but with the same face and almost the same figure, it was very much decent enough to be displayed publicly.

Liang Ye looked at Wang Dian with great interest, he didn’t care that he was naked, only folded his arms and smiled lazily, “I didn’t know that there’s such a strange thing in this world.”

Wang Dian raised his arm abruptly, “Shut up.”

Under the sleeves of the robe, a sleeve arrow glowing with cold light was obediently tied to the wrists, and its faint blue light was apparently a poison.

Excitement flashed across the bottom of Liang Ye’s eyes, he raised his hand as a sign of his obedience, lifted his feet and walked in front of Wang Dian, “Oh?”

“Don’t move!” Wang Dian flipped his wrist, and a poisoned short arrow brushed and flew past Liang Ye’s face, nailed to the screen with a bang, as a strand of wet hair fell to the ground.

Liang Ye raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “Okay, won’t move.”

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