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  • Beauty of Lies [Quick Transmigration]

    Beauty of Lies [Quick Transmigration]

    Don’t believe in beautiful women. The more beautiful women are, the more deceitful they are. Tong Ling, an interstellar SSS-class wanted criminal who treats lying as her food, cheats and fools others all the time. In an accident, she was bound to a female cannon fodder acting system numbered M577 and was sent to various small worlds to become a female cannon fodder who was about to be abused. However, there seems to be something wrong with the abused script—— 1.She is obviously a stand-in, but becomes the white moonlight who is even more authentic than the real white moonlight. 2. A rich second-generation boyfriend who pretends to be poor, meets a poor girlfriend who pretends to be rich. 3. The fragile dodder flower that was dismissed in Survival in the wilderness collapsed the entire team. 4. After the male protagonist had the ability to read his mind, he was heavenly deceived. 5. After the Gu girl who was called to kill was killed, dogs were everywhere in the rivers and lakes. 6. The cannon fodder in the Infinite dungeon eventually became a heartthrob big Boss. …………………………….. Seeing that the plots of the small worlds collapsed, the hand of the M577 holding the cigarette lighter, who could not replace the host, trembled: Big…big boss, when can you stop? ? Tong Ling quietly breathed out a smoke ring: What should we stop? I just help those who have dreams realize their dreams. People who were deceived:…..

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  • For My Derelict Favorite

    For My Derelict Favorite

    I entered my favorite romance-fantasy novel, which I have read many times. Thanks to the body of a wealthy commoner, I bought the status of a fallen aristocrat, attended a noble family’s gathering and observed the romance of the characters in the original novel. I wanted to return to the real world after witnessing the ending. But somehow, even after the ending, I was not freed from the body I possessed and remained living in the original novel. As a result, I acquired the stories behind the scenes that I refused to comprehend. My favorite sub male lead, Kaelus, has died. Living impoverished in the original work without him, I eventually fell ill and died. Now, I wanted to return to reality. However, the irony of fate has returned me to the end of the novel overnight. This is definitely… to save my beloved, right?

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  • I Accidentally Seduced the Male Lead’s Younger Brother

    I Accidentally Seduced the Male Lead’s Younger Brother

    She possessed the 19-year-old mistress of the male lead in a regret novel. In the original novel, the male lead was a trash who abandoned her after getting her pregnant, saying that he belatedly realized that he loved the heroine. Fortunately, it was still before the original work started. I decided to scrap this shit by myself. *** “No, I don’t want to.” I flatly rejected Killian’s offer to have an affair with him. When he asked me why, I smiled brightly and answered. “The Young Master is not my taste. If I must say, your younger brother is much preferable.” “What? You prefer my younger brother?” Yeah. Not you, but your brother. *** Unlike the original, I firmly set up an iron wall, took care of Lexion, the younger brother who was abused by his older sibling, and protected the original female lead who has low-esteem against that shitty male lead. And now that I’ve already done what I have to do, I’m off to go. But a few years later, Lexion, who pushed his older brother and sat in the Duke’s seat, came back to me as a beast with a decadent beauty. On top of that, he’s even holding the engagement document that I signed as a joke during childhood. “I’ve never forgotten you for a moment. Please marry me, noona.” No, wasn’t that just for playing house? Everytime I refuse his marriage proposal, he will gently hug me around my waist, and ask in such a cold voice. “Did your taste change while I was away?” Lexion’s eyes were full of life as he asked. It’s as if when he found out who my type was, he’ll kill it right away.

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  • I Grabbed the Leash of the Blind Beast

    I Grabbed the Leash of the Blind Beast

    Unexpectedly, I grabbed the collar of the blind beast. Grand Duke Eléon Clevent fell into the abyss from the Empire’s Greatest Knight. Rona succeeded in making Eléon, who is obsessed with anger and frustration, into a human being again. Soon after, Rona found her family and left his side.… When the Grand Duke’s eyes were healed, he was desperately searching for her through the entire empire. “Young Lady, have we met somewhere?” “It’s my first time meeting you, Your Highness.”

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  • Janda yang “Merindukan” Mendiang Suami Antagonisnya

    Janda yang “Merindukan” Mendiang Suami Antagonisnya

    Setelah kematian Fu Sinian, hati Yu Duo hancur berkeping-keping. Sebagai jandanya, dia adalah penerima warisan Fu Sinian yang berjumlah besar. Dia menghabiskan hari-harinya menenggelamkan diri dengan alkohol dan depresi sepanjang waktu. Dia meratapi mendiang suaminya ditemani tas-tas dan perhiasan desainer, serta uang yang bisa ia habiskan hingga tujuh turunan. Namun hanya Fu Sinian yang tahu kebenarannya – bahwa setelah kematiannya, wanita ini mengadakan pesta, tinggal di mansion mereka, mengendarai mobil sport mahal, keliling dunia, dan menggoda para pria. Dia menikmati hidupnya. Fu sinian tidak semarah itu hingga jiwanya lenyap; sebaliknya, dia sangat marah hingga dia hidup kembali! Fu Sinian, yang kembali hidup, menatap Yu Duo yang sedang berkabung dan tersenyum jahat. “We are on! Watch me make you fall in love with me for real this time!” “Kita mulai! Lihat aku membuatmu jatuh cinta sungguhan kali ini!”

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  • Mr. President, Your Wife is too Overbearing!

    Mr. President, Your Wife is too Overbearing!

    He is the president of a powerful company, strong and overbearing, unable to be slighted. The cold and lofty him, on a whim, protected her by bringing her to his side, gradually becoming a habit. Indulging her became his cause, his deep infatuation with her preventing her from escaping. “I will allow you to be willful, but it must be within my scope of permission. At that time, you had gifted yourself as a birthday present to me so you are mine in this lifetime! From head to toe, you are mine! Every single strand of your hair is also mine!” He says.

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  • Only Realized After Losing You

    Only Realized After Losing You

    Ellie was a girl who couldn’t talk or even write well. By chance, she begins listening to three people’s secrets. The three start to develop an interest in Ellie who hearken to their words. However, a couple of days later, Ellie disappears without leaving any traces. With Ellie’s disappearance, Haiden, who confessed that he has a crush on a man. Lennon, who enjoys games involving riddles. Labrador, who has a secret fetish. The three men start searching for her, yet no one comes to figure out where she had left. Since they would only talk about their own stories and had no clue about hers. Voiceless Ellie. That was my name. ***(After the tables have turned)*** I began to speak again and by the favor of someone truly dear to me, I became an “Earl”. The commoner Ellie who once couldn’t talk, can now let out a voice as “Lady Phever”. And when the time came to reunite with the three people, “……Ellie?” The Ellie you know from the past is now gone. “You’ve got the wrong person.” Perfectly spoken, the words echoed throughout my body.

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  • Phoenix Descends – Queen with a Thousand Pets

    Phoenix Descends – Queen with a Thousand Pets

    The Maritime Queen has arrived. Losers get out of the way! Father and brother ruined, mother dead in vain, family fortune stolen. Crossing over from another world, Ling Qingyu swore to the heavens: you will return all that you have taken from me! She relies on her talent, knowledge and tremendous courage to build a merchant empire step by step. By coincidence, she attracts many talented, handsome men to her flag: traveling abroad requires a loyal and cold-blooded killer, a gentle general who sweeps through thousands, a peerless and free-spirited scholar…

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