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“Someone’s study?”

“I mean, other rooms besides this one are filled with things other people have read in their entire lives.”

Pi’s face was puzzled. She didn’t seem to understand what Ariadne meant.

“Another room, someone else? There is no one else.”

“No, I don’t mean that.”

“Illusion library, nothing but Aria. Aria, the only one. Only visitor. The only inhabitant.”

“…Is there really no one in here except me?”

“Every day, waiting, searching, investigating. does not exist. Human, Absence.”

Pi was sullen for a moment, then brought a book back to her.

“Aria please, it was fun! I searched hard! Big discovery! Great success! Great Victory Lee!”

“Huh? Did I ask for it?”

She accepted it once in the throes of Pi thrusting her book. The moment she opened it and saw her front page, she was speechless.

‘It’s the letter L.’

Unlike the books in her library written in Korean, it was written in the common language of the continent. The first line was:

-Larashua Labyrinth Subjugation Report.


If it’s Larashua, wasn’t it the name of the mountain behind the blizzard castle? The place where the ice cap crown dwells. There was a labyrinth there?

‘No, no way, it must be about the labyrinth that was created before. But where the hell did Pi get this book? A book that someone in this world has read? Is the study of the people of this world somewhere here?’

“From here! Aria, I see you from here!”

Pi interrupted and flipped through some of the pages. Her little finger pricked it in one place.

– The first subjugation failed, the defense line collapsed due to the pouring demon water, and a large amount of damage occurred in the castle. (Attached at the bottom of the list of deceased)

“Aria request, please, Veronica, here!”

-Veronica Brante (24 years old, female, Snow Catcher Knights): Killed while protecting Count Erich Weaver from a monster imitator.

‘This is the past… It’s not.’ her eyes twitched.

Pi couldn’t even imagine Ariadne’s shock and chattered brightly.

“I found all 10 novels! The name Veronica, no. No result. So I looked at the other books! Extend search range, retry, re-expand, re-seek. discovery!”

Ariadne looked down at the little boy, his eyes twinkling for her praise. The fact that Pi found this report was more surprising than the contents of the report. So, Pi said that the ‘information on the death of Veronica Brante’ she asked for was not in the original work, so she searched all the other libraries in the fantasy library to find this.

From the study of a person who lived in this world somewhere in the fantasy library. And that, too, about the future that didn’t happen in this world right now.

‘A book someone else read. It’s also in a different time zone.’

The first thing that came to mind was the use of this ability. If he could even find records from other worlds and other times, Pi may have access to almost all the information and knowledge that exists.

‘This is a complete cheat.’

She got goosebumps. Ariadne washed her face dry to calm herself down. Her legs trembled, so she put down her report, sat down, and took a deep breath.

‘…In a way, is it like a search engine from a previous life? If the other rooms are like my study, I won’t be able to find any material that someone hasn’t written down.’

However, no search engine has been able to retrieve future records. It was definitely more powerful than that.

“Aria? It hurts?”


“This, isn’t it? Error? Wrong result? Failure?”

Pi asked sullenly. Ariadne shook her head hastily.

“No, that is correct. Nice work, Pi. thank you.”

“Success! Answer! Solve! Happy!”

Pi smiled brightly and jumped. She looked away at the little boy, who was unidentified, presumably the Great Spirit of the Illusion Library.



“Can you find something else? Even if it is not in my library.”

“Huh! I’m bored! Bored, free, leisurely. What does Arya want to know?”

Her innocent golden eyes turn to her. Ariadne brought out the top of the many questions that welled up.

“…Information regarding the death of Gloria Weaver, Duchess of Eldaire.”

Did Duke Franz Eldeer really kill the Duchess? If he killed her, was there any evidence of that? She had a heart attack, but no physical symptoms. Perhaps the Archmage or the Marquis were in a similar state. There was almost no mention of Ariadne Eldeer in the original work, so she had to be assumed that there was no information about the death of the Duchess.

‘It could just be an accident, but if it wasn’t an accident and there was evidence of it.

She looked at Pi nervously. Pi tilted his head and nodded meekly.

“Gloria Weaver? Yea, I got it! Receive, check. Look for it!”

“Thank you!”

Ariadne hugged the little boy. Pi laughed and burrowed into her arms.

“Aria, okay.”

“Yeah, I like Pi too. Oh, this is a gift.”

She took out the elixir bottle she had brought with her. Pi’s eyes widened when he saw the small glass bottle.


“Oh, it’s the first time I made it.”

“Letter on the ribbon. My Name.”

“Because it is a gift to you.”

Pi, who had been fiddling with her yellow ribbon with her fingertips, ran to one side of her bookshelf. It was a compartment where he collected things he liked among the things Ariadne had brought, such as cookie shells and teaspoons. Pi carefully placed the elixir bottle in the middle of it, and then she carefully unwrapped the ribbon from it. She ran and held the yellow ribbon and held it out to Ariadne.



“A ribbon, in my hair, like Aria. Tie a ribbon, teach me!”

“Do you want to tie your hair in a ribbon? Then I’ll bring you some of my ribbons next time.”


Pi shook her head and eagerly held up the yellow ribbon with her name on it.

“I hate other ribbons. I like this ribbon.”

“This is not that kind of ribbon. I just wore it as a name tag. I’ll bring you something prettier.”

“No! Objection, dislike, rejection. Pi wants this ribbon.”

Pi held up her ribbon string resolutely. Ariadne eventually gave up her persuasion and tied her white hair with a yellow ribbon. Pi smiled broadly, her cheeks blushing.

* ♦ ♦ ♦ *

After leaving the fantasy library, Ariadne came out of her room with the glass bottles. Veronica was dozing off in the hallway outside the manufacturing room.

‘She’s easygoing for an escort knight.’

Ariadne smiled and approached. As soon as she got within a certain distance, Veronica silently opened her eyes. Her jet-black eyes rolled over to Ariadne, and only after confirming who she was, her eyes slowly opened.

“So cute… no, miss. You’re done… Hmm… What?”

Slowly waking up, Veronica raised her spirits and let out a yawn. Ariadne, frightened at the moment she glared at her, regained her composure and held out a glass bottle to her.

“Huh. This is a gift.”

“What is this…?”

Before the existence of Elixir was announced to the world, it was impossible to explain in detail. So she groped around.

“I use it when I get hurt while carrying it and there is no other means. You can drink it or apply it.”

“Portion… Is it for recovery? Ah, did you make it yourself?”

“Yes, I made it with the help of my grandfather. It’s the first time I’ve made it, but the performance should be fine.”

“It’s amazing that the lady made it… thank you!”

Veronica looked curiously at the small glass bottle with her name on its tag and put it on her waist.

‘According to the records Pi found, Veronica will die at the age of 24, eight years from now. It’s been a while, so there’s no need to worry for a while.’

“Oh, brother Erich, do you know where he is now?”

“That little bastard.. Why do you ask?”

Veronica frowned at her. Ariadne took out another glass bottle.

“I’m going to give this to my brother too.”

“He… He wouldn’t even know how to be grateful. The lady’s first potion made by herself is sincere… He can’t even understand properly… It’s a waste.”

Veronica slashed Erich off without hesitation with her slow, quiet voice.

‘Even when I first saw her, she treated Count Erich very comfortably. Actually, the Marquis was also very comfortable with her.’

Considering that he was an orphan from a commoner who was rescued by the countess, his attitude was incomprehensible.

‘Oh, no. You said you were already a spirit knight when we met, right? I just got into practice. Then it would be more like being scouted than being rescued. If it’s something like that, it’s different.’

The temple has been held for over a hundred years. And spirits knights in Elysium were considered a very rare talent. Such people, regardless of their background, were treated as aristocrats, and if they made a contribution, they were given a title and became real nobles. Therefore, the spirit knights belonging to noble families did not have a master-servant relationship based on an oath of allegiance like the knights before the appearance of the labyrinth.

‘It’s rather close to the relationship between the boss and the professional employee who pays the salary in the previous life. It makes a little sense now.’

Ariadne replied with a smile.

“It’s okay because I want to give it to him. It’s not a gift he would you want to return.”

“You are really nice, Miss.”

Sighing, Veronica led the way ahead. Ariadne was speechless.

‘Nice, who?’

The reason why she was giving a gift to Erich was to appease him, who was reflecting because of her. By showing the elixir, she planed to raise Erich’s interest and build a foundation for trust.

‘If I had been really nice, I would have already returned the blank contract my uncle gave me.’

She should release the Elixir right away and save people’s lives, would she think of making money with it? Even the fact that she had memories of his previous life, in a way, was no different than deceiving everyone around her.

‘…Effort while dealing with people. I’m not good at calculating non-profits and losses.’

Looking back at herself, she felt embarrassed. She thought she was really selfish and suspicious.

‘In the future… Using the information the main character found out in the original work, I will recruit the main character’s colleagues, and I will accomplish what the main character accomplished instead.’

Then, wasn’t it tantamount to usurping the main character’s place? She felt a guilty conscience. Even the elixir she was holding in her hand was an item that the protagonist had obtained after struggling to defeat the mighty Duke of Eldeer, and had read the book and followed it exactly. Of course, this potion itself was made with Ariadne’s blood and life.

‘…By now, the protagonist must be risking his life to cross the line of death.’


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