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Veronica went to the castle without looking back, and the boy glared at Ariadne with a more ferocious face than before.

“Hey, Skeleton. Who are you?”


“Why are you looking down at Weaver’s heir? Dare to do that, riding in a blizzard!”

The boy approached and grabbed Ariadne’s arm. It was, of course, the right hand.

“Get off.”


“Get off.”

An unhealed wound remained on her right arm. As her wounds were compressed, her eyesight turned around for an instant. The boy, unaware of her condition, tugged and shook her arm relentlessly. Her little body staggered and swayed.

“Get off immediately!”

“Erich! What are you doing!”

The voice of the angry Marquis came. As the boy was about to turn around, a rough hand grabbed his wrist and pulled it away from Ariadne.

“Father, what the hell…?”


When the Marquis ignored his words and called for Ariadne, the boy’s face turned red.

“Is your arm okay?”

The Marquis looked at Ariadne’s arm in his haste. She quickly shook her head.

“I am fine.”

“Are you not hurt?”

“Yes, I was a little surprised, but not hurt.”

“Let’s see.”

The Margrave, who took off his coat and checked her arm, was in awe. There was light blood seeping through the blouse.

“It doesn’t hurt like this!”

“It doesn’t really hurt…”

The Marquis wrapped Ariadne back in his coat and blanket and carried her in his arms.

“I’ll take Aria first, ma’am.”

“Is it so? I’ll have to say hello later.”

The Countess, who had approached, nodded her head and turned to the boy.

“Erich Weaver. To bully a child like that, did I teach you that?”

The sight of her coldly scolding her son faded away.

Returning to the castle in an instant, the Marquis took Ariadne to the doctor.

“Oops, you’re out of luck. All in all, the last remaining wound has opened.”

Jaylen clicked her tongue and sharpened her bandages.

“You must be hurt.”

“Not much.”

She wasn’t really sick. She was just a little surprised that she was dizzy. Jaylen, busy with her hands, stopped and looked at her.

“I kept thinking, maybe the lady…”


“…No, nothing.”

The doctor swallowed what she was trying to say and only treated her.

When Ariadne came out of the doctor’s room, Lucy was waiting instead of the Marquis.

“The Marquis Baek went to the young lord. It looks like he will be punished severely.”

“Brother Erich didn’t know I had a scar on my arm. I guess he didn’t even know who I was. Is he still being punished?”

“Knowingly or not, he shouldn’t have treated you that way. He was incredibly rude. The young master needs to be scolded.”

Lucy said firmly. Ariadne sighed inwardly.

‘We should be colleagues who will trust each other from now on, but it’s the worst from the first meeting.’

Erich Weaver’s personality was expected to be formidable, so she wasn’t too taken aback. It must have been because he was young that he was more selfish than the original.

‘I was 16 this year, right?’

The adult standard in this world was 18 years old. That meant it was possible to inherit the title and get married from the age of 18. However, to participate in the subjugation, as long as there was skill, age did not matter. It was a custom that came about during the long years of the temple.

‘A 16-year-old is still the age of a child even by the standards here. It’s also the period of adolescence with gale-force rage. The only way to get close for me is to match them well.’

Ariadne forgot her age was 8 and made that decision.

“What kind of punishment will brother receive?”

“He will probably be banned from going out until summer.”

“That long?”

“Not very long. There was a time when the young master was in probation for half a year in the West Tower.”

Half a year probation. She knew for sure that the Marquis and the Countess weren’t soft as parents.

“Oh, do you know a knight named Veronica? She looks young, but is she also a spirit knight?”

“Oh, she is. Sir Veronica Brante.”

Lucy’s expression became a little frightened.

“She is young, around the same age as the young master. She was the one whom Madam saved from the contaminated area two years ago, and since then she has already been a spirit knight.”

“You said she was a spirit knight from such a young age?”

“Yes, from the first time she came, she immediately joined the suppression team. She was 14 at the time… The knights who went to the subjugation together said that Sir Veronica was as strong as a monster despite her young age.”

Ariadne opened her eyes wide. The main character, Axel Valentine, became a spirit knight at the age of 12. If she was 14 years old and started fighting, it meant that she was a great genius even if she wasn’t at the level of a main character.

‘Why is such a talented person not even mentioned in the novel?’

In the novel, what the main character repeatedly tried to return to was the capture of the ‘Great Labyrinth’. Decades had passed since the start of the holy war, and by the time everyone had become accustomed to the changed world, a great labyrinth that would destroy this world had appeared. Originally, there was a prosperous country called the Cretan Empire on the continent. It was a great power leading the war against the demon world. More than ten years ago, a huge labyrinth suddenly appeared in the capital of the Cretan Empire, breaking the barrier. That was the Great Labyrinth. The biggest, most terrible labyrinth. On that day, the entire capital of the empire evaporated. Most people died overnight without knowing why. Then, contamination spread rapidly around the Great Labyrinth. In an instant, the entire territory of Cretan became a polluted area. There were very few survivors. It took less than a week for Cretan, the strongest empire, to disappear from the map.

After that, many subjugation teams left for Cretan to seal the Great Labyrinth, but none of them returned alive. The contaminated area of the Great Labyrinth came to be called the ‘cursed land’.

Since the Great Labyrinth could not be closed, the contamination continued to spread. At least, the farther away from the Great Labyrinth, the slower the contamination spread, so the speed at which the cursed land grew was not fast either. But one day pollution would color the entire continent. The whole world would become a cursed land. Everyone knew that.

If the Great Labyrinth couldn’t be destroyed, Elysium would surely perish. It was the main character, Axel Valentine, who appeared in that sense of crisis.

‘The first human to return alive after challenging the Great Labyrinth.’

It was literally the hope of mankind. The main character who returned from the Great Labyrinth immediately became a powerful person who received full support from each country and could strike power even against the king. Based on that support, the main character gathered all the talented people and formed a subjugation party to rechallenge the great labyrinth.

‘Every time he failed, he went back, created a subjugation team again, and tried again.’

The main story of the original work was that the main character headed for the center of the great labyrinth by repeating failure, death, and re-challenge.

‘The ending was like that, but…’

In order to avoid the end of the world, the main character must never return. The moment he returned, the bad ending was confirmed. Therefore, she had to clear the Great Labyrinth at once without failing. The place where the Munchkin protagonist, who received support from all continents, had failed countless times to conquer.

’It’s not impossible because we have information from the original novel. The main character’s process of trial and error is all in the fantasy library.’

Departing for the Great Labyrinth would be at least 10 years away, but the plan had to be made from now on. She only had one chance, so she couldn’t make a mistake. Based on the contents of her novel, she was planning in advance how to organize her subjugation party. The optimal composition of the Grand Labyrinth Subjugation Team, which the protagonist found out after many attempts, was 5 people. A spirit lord, a wizard, a priest, and two spirit knights. Increasing the number of people beyond that was impossible due to various problems such as supply. Therefore, each member of the punitive force must be filled with the best talent.

‘The main character is Axel, and I am the Elementalist. The wizard is Erich Weaver.’

The time to meet the main character has already been decided. Erich was her cousin, so there’s no need to look for him. The remaining priests and spirit knights had not yet been decided who to take. At least, the priest narrowed down the candidates to two or three, but other spirit knights other than the main character were the problem.

‘A key colleague who went with me from the original story to the last floor betrayed me at the last minute… That guy doesn’t work, so he needs to find someone similar to him.’

Since there was no suitable candidate, she was trying to organize all the strengths and weaknesses of the spirit knights that appeared in the original work.

‘The main character took all the talented people to the Great Labyrinth. If Veronica is such an exceptional spirit knight, there’s no way she won’t appear in the novel. It’s not like her aunts and uncles are of different ages, they’re just the right age.’

Veronica Brante did not appear in the original novel. There were two possibilities. One was that Veronica wasn’t strong enough for Axel to admit, so she didn’t appear. The other was, if Veronica was already dead at the time of the future when Axel envisions the Great Labyrinth Expedition.

‘Like the original Ariadne… At the beginning of the novel, she may already be dead.’

When her thoughts reached that point, something suddenly came to mind. What she saw after intensively searching for the part where Erich appeared.

’Erich’s dead first love!’

It was a sudden realization.

In the novel, the silver-haired sorceress repeated the story of his dead first love to the point of getting tired of it every time he drank and fell silent. Even in the episode where he gets caught in a hallucinatory trap reenacting his trauma, he says he saw his dead first love.

‘He said she was a black-haired friend of the same age.’

She remembered Erich and Veronica arguing in front of her.

‘I’m sure.’

Ariadne involuntarily stopped walking.


Lucy called her curiously.

“No, let’s go.”

‘I need to find out more about Veronica first.’

Ariadne moved her steps again as if nothing had happened. Lucy ushered her into her drawing room where the countess was waiting.


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