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Ariadne tilted her head and looked out the window. A raging blizzard was humming against the window panes.

“When will that blizzard stop?”

“When spring comes. Your aunt and cousin will be back by then.”

The little Count and Countess would return. Ariadne was reflexively nervous.

Erich Weaver… The reason why the Archmage and the Weaver family were mentioned in the novel was mostly because of ‘Erich Weaver’. The successor of Weaver and apprentice of the Archmage. And, one of the companions chosen by the protagonist. As much as the recurrence was repeated, there were many colleagues with the main character. Most of them were trash that betrayed or became the main character’s burden, but there were a few really talented people. They were the key supporting characters in the novel.

‘People who stay sane and do their part no matter what the situation.’

One of them was Erich Weaver. A genius wizard recognized by the protagonist, Axel Valentine.

‘He had a rough personality. He often quarrels with the main character. ’

Axel Valentine wasn’t very nice either. To be honest, he was close to being a demon. Originally, the protagonist that was not very good, repeatedly regresses, was betrayed, and suffered all kinds of hardships, getting worse and worse. So, if Erich Weaver got into a fight with him, there was no way he would leave it alone. He almost killed him on one occasion. Of course, Erich Weaver, whose disposition was the same even when the main character shoved a knife into his stomach, far from fainting, was also a formidable human being.

‘His skills are so strong that he didn’t even kill Axel until right before he killed him.’

Erich was also the person she needed to change the ending of her novel. She had to earn his trust.

‘…But how do we get close?’

Ariadne was in serious trouble. It seemed to her that she should go to the Illusion Library and review the Erich Weaver stuff. When she was quiet, the Margrave smiled.

“Don’t worry. Everyone will welcome you.”


The answer was calm, but she had no intention of relaxing. Now that her body was much better, she had to move slowly. Her maid of honor had promised to protect her, but she was uneasy about letting go.

‘Let’s start with the elixir. I’ll have to ask her to get the ingredients.’

The Margrave came out of the greenhouse. Ariadne was embarrassed that he did not put her down even in the hallway.

“Please get me off now, Marquis.”

“I will take you to your room.”

The eyes of the employees widened when they discovered the Marquis with a child on his shoulder. One of the servants dropped the vase he was carrying.

Ariadne, somehow embarrassed, lowered her head.

“Okay, everyone is here.”

The maid dropped her off in front of her door.

“Play in moderation and get some rest. You have to get permission from your doctor to go on a picnic in the spring.”

“Ma, Marquis.”


“I need something…”


Just as she was about to bring up her story about the ingredients, the butler rushed over. He’s a decent guy who didn’t run for too long, but it seemed like he was in a lot of urgency.

“What is it?”

Marquis Baek asked curiously. The butler, who was about to answer right away, found Ariadne and changed his words.

“…A guest has arrived.”

“A guest? In this weather?”

The Marquis raised his eyebrows and turned to Ariadne.

“I’m sorry, Ariadne. I’ll hear what you need later.”


She went into her room and leaned against the door, listening to what they were talking. She heard the butler and the Marquis move quickly. A low voice came and went.

“There is no one to come. Who came without news?”


The voice quickly drifted away and she couldn’t hear more. But the first letter was enough.

‘The Duke of Eldeer is here? already?’

Ariadne sat down and covered her mouth. Faster than expected. She thought he would come at least after the day has passed.

‘…It may not have come directly. It must be a messenger.’

Her mind was relatively calm, but her body trembled. The blood drained all over her body.

‘I’m fine. It will be fine.’

She barely calmed her fear as she recalled her contract.

* ♦ ♦ ♦ *

The Marquis entered the drawing room with a frighteningly stiff face.

“Nice to meet you, Lord Weaver.”

The one who was sitting stood up and took a bow. She was a kind and likable woman. She politely introduced herself.

“My name is Bellbarret Rictus. I have a place in the Knights of the Golden Horn, albeit faintly.”

She was a knight under the Duke of Eldeer. The Marquis looked expressionlessly at the woman named Belle Barrett.

“You are too humble to be a spirit knight.”

“To be able to recognize it at a glance, it is indeed the northern shield.”

“It must not have been easy to come. What have you come for?”

“I’ve heard a lot of rumors about Weaver’s Blizzard, but it’s more than I imagined. I thought I was really in distress in the middle. If my lord hadn’t been so thorough, I would have come more leisurely.”

Belle Barrett smiled and took out her letter.

“This is the letter that Duke Eldeer told me to deliver.”

As the Marquis received the letter, she added with a smile on her face.

“Of course, even if the lord hadn’t bothered, the Duke would have come quickly because he wanted to see the princess. I’ve only heard rumors that she’s like a fairy, but I have never met the princess in person.”

The Marquis ignored her chatter and immediately took out her letter and read it. The letter contained information he had not expected.

“…An escort knight?”

“Yes, the lord entrusted me with escorting the princess. The knights to help me, the exclusive maids who always served the princess in Eldeer, and the princess’s doctor came with me.”

As he read the letter, the impression of the Margrave became increasingly harsh. Belle Barrett smiled as if she didn’t care.

“There’s no way that Weaver would neglect the princess, but our lord worries a lot. Even while staying at her mother’s house, she was told to treat the princess as if she were at her house.”

“No need.”

The Marquis replied, crumpling up the letter from the Duke of Eldeer and throwing it away. Belle Barrett tilted her head, matching her smiling face.

“I’m sorry, but the lord told me to stay by her princess and serve her. Where is the princess?”

“She is resting comfortably. Go back and report to Lord Eldeer that there is no need to worry.”

“It can’t be. Please let me see the princess.”

“It is impossible.”

“That is strange. why are you trying to hide the princess? Or, is there any reason why you shouldn’t show off the princess?”

Belle Barrett curled the corners of her eyes.

“Certainly, the noble Lord Weaver is not imprisoning his little nephew.”

“Sounds nonsense.”

Marquis Baek smiled like a beast.

“I told you to go back as you don’t need me.”

Belle Barrett’s expression became strange. She said quietly.

“This is embarrassing, Sir. It might be misunderstood that you are really imprisoning the princess.”

“This is the last warning. Turn it off right now.”

“You are driving out the men a father sent to her daughter. Can you handle it?”

“Ara! What father in the world did that to her daughter?”

“What do you mean?”

Belle Barrett asked casually. The Marquis showed this and smiled.

“Go and ask your lord. Lord Eldeer knows very well what I’m talking about.”

“Sir, I…”

“Bring them out!”

The Marquis shouted outside as if he didn’t need to hear any more. The waiting guards rushed in and seized Belle Barrett.

Instead of rebelling, she just looked at him with strange eyes.

“Please be careful, Lord Weaver.”

Bell Barrett left those words and was dragged out.

The Marquis immediately called the Knights. Most of them had gone to subjugation, so there were only a few people left, but it wasn’t enough to drive out those who came from Eldeer, so it was overflowing.

“Please respectfully escort the guests to the outside of the territory.”

“With Weaver politeness?”

“Of course.”

“All right.”

The grinning knight saluted.

* ♦ ♦ ♦ *

Ariadne went into the fantasy library to forget her fears.


Pi nodded his head as he stuffed the cookies into his mouth.

“I didn’t know you would like it this much. I will bring it often from now on.”

Pie’s golden eyes twinkled as she looked at her. It was impossible in Eldeer, but here, at least, they were able to bring as many snacks as they wanted. Because her room was full of snacks Lucy had brought.

“Eat slowly.”

Ariadne happily stroked the little boy’s hair and pulled out the original book.

‘This must be the scene where Erich Weaver first appears… Ah, I found it.’

She re-examined all the scenes featuring Erich Weaver, looking for clues to getting acquainted with him. As she concentrated on the book, her fears quickly dissipated. Suddenly, she lifted her head as she felt her hand tugging at the hem of her dress.


She was tugging at the hem of her skirt, with Pi looking frightened.

“Aria, are you leaving?”


“Out. Danger. Aria, let’s go. Have to get out urgently.”

The little boy stomped his foot. Ariadne was taken aback.

“Is it dangerous out there? Do you know the situation outside the fantasy library?”

“I don’t know. Suddenly. Fast. A feeling, bad feeling. Strange. Hurry. Fast.”

The tear-stained Pi stood up and he covered her eyes with her little hands.


Her vision darkened, then her eyes flashed open. Before entering the fantasy library, she was lying on the bed.

‘This is how Pi forced me out, right?’

That kid could do that. Ariadne got up from her seat and looked around. Contrary to Pi’s urgent words, she was quiet in the dim bedroom.


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