ID Chapter 29


Chapter 29: One Leg

Li Hao and Little Dragon found themselves in the middle of the wilderness after passing through the boundary wall of Peach Blossom Mountain.


As Little Dragon turned his head left and right, Li Hao followed suit. The scenery around them felt so foreign and different from Peach Blossom Mountain.

The two of them looked around for a moment before Li Hao led Little Dragon to follow him.

Li Hao got some assignments from his two teachers but didn’t know where to start, so his first priority was to get out of the forest.

He and Little Dragon continued to walk straight ahead. After walking for several hours, however, the two of them had not made it out of the forest. Li Hao felt as if he had passed the same place several times.

“Little Dragon, looks like we got lost.” Li Hao scratched his head as he looked up at the increasingly darkening sky.

“Oak…” Little Dragon quickened his pace. This time, he was in the front while Li Hao followed.

The two of them continued to walk despite the reduced visibility due to the darkness of the night. Only when Li Hao’s field of vision was only a few meters did he see a bright light in the distance. He quickened his steps towards the source of the light.


The light that Li Hao saw was actually coming from a bonfire, where a man carrying a bow and other fairly complete hunting equipment sat nearby.

So far, Li Hao only knew the figures of Uncle Liu, Fang Mu, and Xiao Fan, so he was enthusiastic to see a human like him. But the man’s reaction was not the same as his.

The man was cutting a rabbit when Li Hao walked over. Upon noticing Li Hao’s presence, the first thing he did was to raise his bow and point it at the young man.

“Hold on! I come in peace. I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

The man’s demeanor was a little surprising, but Li Hao was able to keep his composure and try to communicate well.

The man exuded murderous intent as he aimed the bow at Li Hao, but upon seeing his youthful face, his expression softened.

“Sorry, kid, I thought you were a beast. I didn’t mean to scare you.” The man lowered his bow, heaving a sigh of relief. He thought Li Hao was not a dangerous person.

“There’s no need to apologize. You’d be naturally alert in a location like this, Uncle.”

Li Hao then stroked Little Dragon’s head, who had been ready to attack ever since the man aimed and drew the bow.

The two then got acquainted. Li Hao didn’t forget to introduce Little Dragon as well. The man claimed to be a hunter who made this forest his livelihood. He added that he had been visiting the forest for many years but had only recently encountered other people.

“What are you doing here, boy? You don’t look at all like someone who has business in the middle of the forest like this” the hunter said after taking a closer look at Li Hao’s clothes. The red robes seemed luxurious and made of fine materials—clothes that nobles usually wore.

Seeing the sword on Li Hao’s back, the hunter guessed that Li Hao was a young master from a noble family who was traveling as a swordsman. The hunter heard that children of noble families had such a hobby.

But he was just a little doubtful because Li Hao was bringing Little Dragon, which looked nothing more than a dirty donkey to the hunter’s eyes. He felt that if Li Hao was indeed a noble, then he should be able to get a better mount.

“Ah, I…”


Before Li Hao could explain himself any further, a fairly loud rumble rang out from his stomach, as though protesting to be filled. He had indeed not eaten anything since leaving Peach Blossom Mountain.

Hearing that, the hunter laughed amusedly and picked up the rabbit he was slaughtering as Li Hao approached him.

“I had a poor hunt today; I only caught this one rabbit. What if I gave you one of its legs? It’s soft.” The hunter pointed at the rabbit’s quite fat hind legs while smiling broadly.

“Thank you, Uncle, but I have a big appetite.” Li Hao then looked back and pointed at the bushes not too far from where the two were sitting. “I’ll eat that.”

The hunter looked at the bushes then looked back at Li Hao in surprise. “You mean for your donkey?”

The hunter didn’t catch Li Hao’s intention until the bushes suddenly swayed and something appeared from behind it. The hunter immediately paled when he found a wild boar that had a pair of large and long tusks walking slowly towards them with a ragged breath.

During his many years of hunting in this forest, the hunter had never met a wild boar as big as the one before him. He froze in fear as Li Hao rose from his seat.

Seeing Li Hao’s movement, the boar showed a reaction by running fast, intending to hit him.

“Watch out!”

The hunter panicked. He thought being hit by such a heavy boar would instantly kill Li Hao, but all Li Hao did was to stand still while taking the steps to deliver a punch.

Just as the boar nearly hit him, Li Hao unleashed a punch aimed at the boar’s nose. The instant his fist hit the target, the boar was knocked back before its body exploded into dozens of pieces.

“Ah…” Even Li Hao was surprised to see the result of his punch. “It looks like this pig isn’t a Demonic Beast…”

Little Dragon approached the splattered flesh, sniffed it, and turned to Li Hao as he shook his head. “Oak… Oak…”

Li Hao scratched his head with an awkward smile then turned back to the hunter, only to find the hunter’s mouth wide open and his eyes looking at Li Hao with fear.

The hunter’s entire body went limp and couldn’t stop shaking. His vision slightly clouded; the only reason he was still conscious was because of his survival instinct. His fear of the wild boar just now was nothing compared to the fear he now felt toward Li Hao.

Li Hao coughed softly then pointed at the splattered flesh. “Uncle, how about I give you one of its legs? The meat is probably quite tender after getting hit by me.”

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