ID Chapter 28


Chapter 28: Golden Dust Butterfly

“Hua’er, you haven’t left Heaven Mountain Sect since infancy, but in the past years, you’ve been really popular. More and more marriage proposals are being sent to you.”

Actually, Xue Lian had received hundreds of application letters over the past few months. What he showed Lianhua were letters that came from those with great backgrounds in the cultivator world.

“Master, I…” Bai Lianhua didn’t know how to react to seeing these application letters.

“Don’t worry, Master has already rejected all applications—except for these three. They are from a ten-star sect.”

The marriage proposals in Lianhua’s hands were from the Holy Sun Palace, White Tiger Pavilion, and Golden Sword Sect. These three sects’ strengths were not much different from the Heaven Mountain Sect, so it was not easy for Xue Lian to reject the proposals outright.

“If you are not interested, your master will reject them when the time permits.” Xue Lian could see Lianhua was annoyed by this proposal.

Lianhua breathed a sigh of relief at Xue Lian’s statement. “Thank you, Master, but this disciple still wants to focus on cultivation and has no intention of having a relationship with the opposite sex yet.”

“Not yet?”

Xue Lian glared at Lianhua when she heard the word “yet” from the girl’s mouth. Lianhua gulped. For a teenage girl, it seemed natural to have dreams of living a long life with someone she loved.

Thanks to the romantic stories she often heard from Fairy Fei, Lianhua didn’t plan to follow in the footsteps of her master who had lived alone for five hundred years, even though Lianhua actually knew the reason behind Xue Lian’s choice.

“Don’t tell me this has something to do with Longshan. Hua’er, Master will accept your choice except those with the surname Ji.” Xue Lian’s voice grew colder.

The Longshan that Xue Lian was referring to was Ji Longshan, the only son of the Patriarch of the Heaven Mountain Sect and the number one genius of Bai Lianhua’s generation.

Ji Longshan was born with two Spirit Roots that each possessed one element of earth and fire, making him the most talented cultivator in the entire Eastern Star Continent’s younger generation.

Having abundant resources from birth, Ji Longshan was believed to be the next person to form the Heaven Foundation.

“Master, this disciple and Longshan don’t have any relationship. Master doesn’t have to worry.” Bai Lianhua smiled bitterly, since for the past few years, Xue Lian’s relationship with the higher-ups of Heaven Mountain Sect, especially those surnamed Ji, had indeed been bad.

Xue Lian snorted in annoyance. “If the Heaven Mountain Sect had the best manual for metal elemental Spirit Root, you wouldn’t have been left behind by Longshan. This is all Master’s fault, unable to provide the best for you, Hua’er.”

“Master, this disciple has gotten the best. This disciple will try not to disappoint you, Master.”

Xue Lian looked at Lianhua for a moment before letting out a long sigh. “Hua’er, if you were born a hundred years earlier, I’m sure all the sect’s resources would have been used to develop you. You are so talented but born at the wrong time…”

Bai Lianhua smiled faintly, not answering but understanding her master’s intentions.

Xue Lian shook her head. “Master herself doesn’t understand what happened to your generation. Apart from you and Longshan, so many geniuses were born together.”

If the Heaven Mountain Sect had Ji Longshan and Bai Lianhua, every other ten-star sect also had geniuses that were not much different in potential from the two. For example, in the Holy Sun Palace, there was a young man who possessed a fire elemental Pure Spirit Root, while in the Four Ocean Sect, there was a girl who had a special body that made her skilled at using water elemental Daoist Magic.

“Master, this disciple will always try their best.”

Xue Lian sighed softly before stroking Lianhua’s head. “In the end, your master only wishes you a good life. In order for you to live a life like that, you must have sufficient strength so as not to be stepped on by others.”

Bai Lianhua tried to put on a cheerful face as she nodded slowly.

“Hua’er, you’re already grown up, and your abilities are also above the average of a child your age. It’s about time that you go out seeking experience outside the sect before entering the Foundation Realm.” Xue Lian added that she would prepare everything so that Bai Lianhua could avoid something that threatened her life.

Bai Lianhua looked enthusiastic. She had long wanted to explore the outside world that she had only heard of and read about.

Normally, Heaven Mountain Sect disciples would leave the sect to complete missions in order to earn contribution points, which could be exchanged for resources that aided their cultivation. Lianhua, however, obtained all the needed resources without doing any of these activities.

Carrying out missions were filled with risks and dangers, but it was important for every cultivator to gain experience.

“Not long ago, you reached the 11th level of Forging Qi. Master has already prepared a gift for you.”

Xue Lian had always given Lianhua a reward every time her disciple advanced to the next cultivation level. Previously, she had given her the Snow Sparrow Sword when Lianhua reached Forging Qi level 10.

Xue Lian took out another jade box which contained a pair of butterfly-shaped earrings made of shiny golden-colored crystals.

“Master, isn’t this…” Lianhua recognized the pair of earrings.

“These are the Golden Dust Butterfly Earrings. They will help cover up the shortcomings of those who can’t use Daoist Magic yet.” 

That pair of earrings was exactly the same as the earrings that adorned Xue Lian’s ears. To Lianhua’s knowledge, there were only two pairs in the entire Eastern Star Continent.

“Master, this disciple finds it difficult to accept this…” Lianhua hesitated to accept it. She knew very well the value of the pair of earrings Xue Lian had given her.

“Why? Because this is my twin sister’s only legacy?” Xue Lian stroked Lianhua’s head. “I’m sure she will be very happy to have this earring given to a girl as beautiful as you, Hua’er.”

Bai Lianhua tried to refuse once again, but Xue Lian insisted on giving her the earring. Xue Lian had a hard time accepting rejection, especially from her own disciple.

“This disciple will try to keep the Master’s gift as good as possible.” Lianhua sighed softly, realizing that she couldn’t change Xue Lian’s decision.

“Hua’er, your master has high hopes for you.” Xue Lian stroked Lianhua hair gently.

After finishing saying all that, Xue Lian walked back to the lotus pond as Lianhua followed her from behind, but this time, Xue Lian’s gaze was not on the lotus pond but the crescent moon that adorned the night sky.

“Hua’er, do you know what day it is?”

Bai Lianhua thought for a moment. She didn’t remember the importance of this day, but before she could think of an answer, Xue Lian answered the question herself.

“Today marks the fifth year since Grand Elder Fang disappeared.”

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