ID Chapter 27


Chapter 27: Peak Lord Xue

“Thank you Sister Fei, I learned a lot today.”

Bai Lianhua paid his respects to Fairy Fei after the two of them finished training. Fairy Fei patted Bai Lianhua’s shoulder with a big smile.

“Don’t be so humble, Sister Bai. only a few Forging Qi cultivators can fight like you. You will make Master proud.”

Fairy Fei didn’t overpraise Bai Lianhua because she was at the peak of the Foundation Realm. Still, although her younger sister was still in Forging Qi, their battle technique was almost on the same level. 

“If Sister Fei uses Daoist Magic, I…”

Bai Lianhua hadn’t finished expressing his opinion when Fairy Fei pinched her cheeks. “Little Sister Bai, if people found out you were complaining about having a Pure Spirit Root, they would curse you even though you’re so pretty.”

Bai Lianhua was born with Pure Spirit Root of a metal element, and this condition made her a genius. Moreover, she was also born with one of the seventy-two Heavenly Eyes, the Violet Cloud Eyes, which could see all kinds of illusions.

One could say Bai Lianhua was a genius among geniuses in the world of cultivators, but Bai Lianhua had one weakness: Daoist Magic.

Metal elemental Daoist Magic was extremely rare. Even the Heaven Mountain Sect didn’t have much record or metal elemental knowledge, and even if there were, it was only useful to Body Cultivators.

“It’s only natural that you have a weakness. Sister Bai, if you become an expert in Daoist Magic with all the strengths you currently have, then I will protest against the heavens. Others might do that as well.”

Bai Lianhua smiled faintly. She was a little sorry for bringing up the topic since Fairy Fei started lecturing her, but luckily, shortly after another disciple approached the two and said that their Master called for them.

“What does Master want from us?” Fairy Fei gulped, feeling bad.

“Perhaps Master noticed our practice using Divine Sense and found out that Sister Fei said she was playing favorites,” Bai Lianhua teased.

When a cultivator reaches a certain level, usually at the Nascent Soul level, they would have something called Divine Sense. This additional sense was related to the power of the mind and soul, generally used to see from a distance.

“Sister Bai, don’t scare me! You know what Master looks like when she’s angry.” Fairy Fei pinched Bai Lianhua’s arm in anger.

“Ouch! Sister Fei, maybe Master is looking at us right now. Watch your mouth.” Bai Lianhua was in a bit of pain but couldn’t stop teasing her big sister.

Fairy Fei froze and covered her mouth, then pulled Bai Lianhua towards the peak of Hundred Snow Mountain.


At the top of Hundred Snow Mountain was a simple building that had several ponds filled with lotus flowers.

Fairy Fei and Bai Lianhua came to the largest lotus pond where a woman in a snow-white robe was standing gazing at the beauty of the lotus flowers.

“Disciple pays respects to Master.” Fairy Fei and Bai Lianhua gave greetings at the same time.

The woman turned around and looked at the two of them. At first glance the woman looked like she was in her early thirties. Her beautiful face that didn’t have a single wrinkle would make it hard to believe that this woman was around five hundred years old.

Fairy Fei and Bai Lianhua’s eyes trembled slightly when they saw their master’s expression. Over the past few years, that expression had never changed. It was gloomy and depressing. Bai Lianhua had forgotten the last time she saw her teacher smile.

Bai Lianhua and Fairy Fei’s master was none other than Xue Lian, one of the Heaven Mountain Sect’s strongest cultivators who also served as the Peak Lord of the Hundred Snow Mountain.

In the world of cultivators, Xue Lian’s name was highly respected, especially since she was one of the strongest female cultivators in the entire Eastern Star Continent. Many thought someone in Xue Lian’s position would have it all, but in fact, this heroine hadn’t smiled in the last few years.

“Fei’er, Hua’er, your abilities are well developed.” Xue Lian studied her two students before nodding slowly.

“All thanks to Master’s guidance.”

Xue Lian took the two of them to her residence. Compared to other Peak Lords, Xue Lian’s residence seemed very simple. This was because Xue Lian rarely took disciples and felt that she did not need a large residence.

Normally, Xue Lian took a disciple once every hundred years. Bai Lianhua was the only exception to this habit.

“Fei’er, you’ve reached the peak of the Foundation Realm for a long time. Your foundation is mature enough, and it’s time for you to try to enter the Core Formation.” Xue Lian waved his hand and brought up a small jade box.

The jade box then flew from Xue Lian’s hand towards Fairy Fei. Xue Lian snapped his fingers, and the box suddenly opened and revealed a sky-blue pill that emitted intense qi.

“Master, isn’t this…” Fairy Fei’s hands trembled slightly after learning the contents of the jade box.

“Fei’er, your master believes that with your talent, you can reach the Core Formation without difficulty. I hope that with this Sky Core Pill, you can form a Blue Core.”

“Teacher, I… this Disciple won’t let Master down.”

Bai Lianhua, who was watching from the side, was also stunned by the pill. Both she and Fairy Fei recognized this Sky Core Pill and knew it was a top-tier Earth pill. This pill was not easy to obtain even for Xue Lian.

“I’ve started preparing this pill ever since you entered the Foundation Realm. Your master isn’t as selective as you think, right?”

Xue Lian’s question made Fairy Fei freeze and break out in cold sweat. She could only respond to the question with an awkward smile.

A moment later, Xue Lian allowed Fairy Fei to prepare to take the pill. Fairy Fei didn’t miss the opportunity and immediately left her master’s residence, not even saying goodbye to Bai Lianhua.

Seeing her older sister’s attitude, Bai Lianhua tried his best to hold back her laughter until her face turned a little red.

“Fei’er is a good girl, but there are some attitudes that I hope you don’t follow.” Xue Lian glanced at Bai Lianhua who was still lowering her head, hiding her face that was holding back laughter.

“Disciple understands…” Bai Lianhua stammered slightly.

Xue Lian shook her head at her disciple’s attitude. Bai Lianhua was indeed a genius in the world of cultivation, but her young age still made her inexperienced.

Xue Lian waved her hand once again, and this time, a pile of letter scrolls appeared in her hand. Xue Lian gave the scrolls to Bai Lianhua to look at.

“Master, what is this?” Bai Lianhua looked on in confusion.

Xue Lian signaled for Bai Lianhua to unroll the letter. Bai Lianhua’s expression froze after reading its contents.

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