ITMCC Chapter 67


“Heuk. Hold my hand, please.….”

When the two came close to her, she reached out for their hands.

Fay and Ad looked at the hand for a moment and turned around and looked at me. I gave a small nod.

The two held Amy’s outstretched hand from both sides.

Only then did Amy sob and lie down on the bed.

“Oh, my, baby.”

The baron and his wife, who came to the room belatedly, cried while looking at their daughter’s sweaty face.

They asked the doctor next to me about his daughter’s condition, but the return answer was not very good.

“I, I really don’t know the cause. How could her condition deteriorate like this overnight……. The symptoms are similar to the flu, and she’ll feel better after a few days of good rest.”

Amy, exhausted from crying, fell asleep.

Taking advantage of the gap, Fay and Ad slipped out their hands from Amy.

At that moment, Amy’s eyes opened again and began to water as she looked at her empty hands.


Amy looked at the Baron with a sad expression.

“Oh, my dear…….”

The baron ran at once and grabbed Amy’s hand.

“Oh, Amy.”

Amy shook the baron’s hand at once.

“Not my father, but my brothers!” 

Amy shouted in a sorrowful voice, looking at Fay and Ad. 

“Amy, they’re not people you can control……. I’ll call Eight instead. Yes?” 


Amy coughed as if she had choked while breathing heavily.

The baron, looking at his nearly dying daughter, turned around and approached Fay and Ad and talked to them.

“I’m ashamed to ask you this, but can you stay with me until my daughter is all right……. Please.”

The baron bowed his head slightly.

“What should we do, Liel?”

Fay looked at the Baron for a moment, and asked me. Ad also gave me a look.

Both of them seem like they would go outside without regret if I said no.

Then the baron looked at me.

His eyes were filled with desperation.

“Stay with Amy until she’s a little better……..”

The baron’s face glowed.

“Thank you very much. Princess!”

I waved my hand to the baron who kept bowing.

Amy quickly grabbed Fay and Ad’s hands then looked at me.

It’s pitiful to see the small child drooping like that.

“I hope you get well soon. Amy.”


Amy just pulled Fay and Ad a little more towards her without saying a word.

The baron smiled awkwardly and lowered his head more.

I said goodbye to Fay and Ad and left the room.


“Where did you leave them?”

I went back alone and came into Cardin’s room.

“I think Amy likes them so much. She’s crying and begging for them not to leave her, I couldn’t say no coldly, so I just left them.”

“The Baron’s young lady must be very sick.”

Elvin, who was organizing documents by Cardin’s side, said.

“Yeah, she was fine until yesterday, but the doctor said she suddenly had the flu.”

“The baron and his wife must be very worried.”

Elvin said in a slightly worried tone.

“She’ll get better in a few days.”

Cardin replied indifferently.

It was a completely different tone than when I was sick.

As I looked at Amy, I remembered the baron who was fidgeting with a worried face.

Cardin, who has the position of being the best swordsman on the continent and has the title ‘cold-blooded Bardion’, is a father too.

The face I saw when I was wandering in death and the Baron’s face a while ago were not much different.

“Right. Kids get sick easily. She’ll be alright tomorrow.”

I felt sorry for Fay and Ad, who would suffer by Amy’s side today at my request.

I have to tell them, they worked hard tomorrow.

I sat next to Cardin and thought.

However, contrary to my expectations, Amy showed no signs of getting better after two days.


“She still hasn’t recovered?”

I asked my Ad, who sneaked out of Amy’s room.

“Yeah, I think she’s getting worse.”

“What’s wrong with her?….”

“I don’t know. She cries more when she can’t see us.”

There was some shade under his eyes.

Amy’s condition has continued for three days.

In the meantime, Fay and Ad were held by Amy’s side.

Amy insisted that they eat together in her room or play with her toys despite being sick.

Especially, she wanted to stick with Fay all the time.

Thanks to this, Ad was able to relax a little bit from Amy’s watch.

For two days while they were being held by Amy, I walked around the estate with Cardin.

Cardin seemed to be in a rather good mood to see the estate alone with me.

“We’ll go back to the empire capital after tomorrow, so work hard a little more.”

I patted Ad on the shoulder.

I visited Fay and Ad several times to see them, but Amy was not very welcoming, so she had no choice but to leave soon.

“So Fay is with Amy right now?”

“Yeah, she doesn’t want to be away from Fay.”

After finishing the conversation, Ad rose from his seat.

He said he should go back because she may have noticed that he has disappeared.

He hurriedly moved, saying that if she cried again, it would be more difficult for Fay.

That evening.

Before going to bed, I remembered the assignment Nelvasto gave me and opened a drawer with seeds in it.

“Huh? I definitely put it here…….”

I couldn’t see the seed of death in the cloth pocket.

I even put it in an ordinary pocket on purpose in case anyone would be interested, but it disappeared.

Even if they opened the cloth pocket, what was inside was just a black stone that looked ordinary.….

“Who took it?”

I called the maid assigned to my room and asked.

The maids answered that they did not touch the drawer as if they didn’t know what I was talking about.

Then a little doubt flashed through my mind.

“Don’t tell me…”

I sat still and murmured.

The door was open on the day I returned from following Cardin.

And then Amy suddenly became ill.

I remembered what Nelvasto said about the seeds of death.

“The seeds of death have little effect on people with holy power, but they are fatal to ordinary people. If a seed is around, it will soon have a death effect on that person.”

I ran straight to Amy’s room.

Amy was alone in the room.

Fay and Ad seemed to have gone to bed in the next room.

Due to Amy’s continued illness, the baron provided a new room for the two next to Amy’s room.

I slowly approached Amy.

Looking at Amy, who was sleeping with a heavy breath, I fell into a dilemma.

What if Amy took the seed?

If my prediction is true, Amy’s body has already been affected by the seed.


As I was having complicated worries, I heard a familiar voice behind my back.

“Oh, Fay.”

Fay entered the room and walked calmly.

“Are you here because you’re worried?”

“Yes, I can guess why Amy is sick.”

Fay approached me before I knew it and looked down at Amy and opened his mouth.

“At first, it was just like a flu, but it’s getting worse over time.”

“Yeah, I think Amy has the seed of death…….”

“She will not be able to withstand the energy of death, she will eventually die.”

Fay said, sweeping Amy’s forehead carefully.

“What, Fay, you know?”

Fay turned to me, who stuttered in surprise and made eye contact.

“Yes, I knew.”

He was so casual as he spoke. I managed to spit out the words I was going to say after trying several times.

“B, but why didn’t you tell me……?”

Fay looked at my confused expression and spoke softly.

“If the seeds of death are absorbed, the chances of survival are slim. It will only complicate Liel’s mind.”


I wondered if the person in front of me was the Fay I knew.

He is announcing the death of a sick child in front of him with a calm face.

“But you could’ve told me right away! We could have called in a priest and treated her.….”

“I told you the odds were slim.”

Fay had a determined expression for the first time.

“The moment she stole the seed of death that Liel had, it was absorbed deep into her body. It’s no use being purified by the priest.”

Fay’s eyes were empty as the moonlight fell.

“And also….”

Fay lowered his head again and wiped Amy’s sweat. His hand wiping her forehead looked infinitely friendly.

“Those who covet other people’s things have to pay the price. This kid was just unlucky. If she had just coveted clothes and accessories, she could have avoided death……. Right?” 

Fay continued with a grin.

I had no choice but to look at it without saying anything.

It was because the smile looked so lonely.

“It’s right for the greedy to pay the price.”

Fay smiled at me, pulling the corners of his mouth up to the end.

However, it felt completely different from the smile he had shown so far.

“Whether it’s complete death or eternal death.”

I couldn’t help but look at Fay with a distorted smile.

It was because Fay’s eyes, which had finished speaking, contained nothing like a person who had already died.

“But she’s lucky. Thanks to Liel, she’s achieving everything she wants, at least until she runs out of breath.” 

“Don’t say that.”

I interrupted Fay.

Fay laughed weakly. It was somehow hard for me to see more of that smile.

What made Fay do that?

Fay, who talks about death, seemed to be a completely different person from Fay, whom I had known.

Somehow, after seeing the ballroom, it seemed like something had changed.


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