ITMCC Chapter 66


“Fay, are you okay?”

I put my hand slightly on Fay’s little trembling fist.


Fay flinched wildly when my hand touched it.

Fay soon gave a placid smile at my worried gaze.

It meant he was okay.

“But it’s a little strange. All three of them die in similar forms. It looks like it died just before it was made.”

I turned my head to Elvin’s voice as he looked at the dead ballroom.

As Elvin said,  closely at the ballroom, I could see that the body was incomplete and empty in the form of bubbles.

It turned into a ballroom and died in that state.

I wondered if the energy flowing through the northern mountain range also affected this place, but I shook my head soon.

The Pardo’s estate is too far from there.

If the energy from the north had been shifted, it was right that the body of the ballroom would be found nearby.

“Is there nothing you can see after that?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Cardin exchanged words with Elvin.

Cardin said he would increase the number of wizards and shrines residing here.

Ballroom was a creature that would only die if it was attacked using magic and holy power at the same time, so if there was a wizard and a priest, there would be no danger.

The baron was surprised, his eyes widened at Cardin’s words. 

Wizards and priests were very valuable personnel, so it’s understandable.

“Let’s go back now.”

Cardin reached out to the body of the ballroom.

Soon afterwards, black magic erupted from Cardin’s fingertips and quickly wrapped around the ballroom.

The ballroom, wrapped in black magic, began to shrink in size and turned into a bead small enough to fit in the hand.

“Oh, I’ll bring a carriage. Please wait!”

While the baron went to get the carriage, Elvin carefully opened his mouth.

“Are you not going to tell the princess?”

My eyes grew on my story that came out of nowhere. Elvin continued, with a slightly complicated look on his face.

“You already know that the princess is very different from children her age. She’s very clever. Like the Merkets, perhaps the princess can find a clue to solve the problem of the ballroom….” 


Cardin cut off Elvin’s words and answered, looking down at the bead in his hand.

“She’s still a child. I want her to grow up a little more normal.”

Elvin shut his mouth as if convinced by Cardin’s words. The sound of a carriage drawn by the baron in the distance approached.

“I don’t want her to see such a hideous thing.”

Cardin smiled quietly and loaded himself into the carriage brought by the baron. The carriage carrying the three men quickly headed for the mansion.

Having unintentionally listened to Cardin’s innermost thoughts, I stood tall in place for a while.

That’s what you were thinking…….

For some reason, my whole body felt ticklish, so I swept my forearm once.

Apart from Cardin’s wishes, I had already seen a hideous sight, but I decided to pretend I didn’t see it.

I was lost in my thoughts for a while.

“We should hurry up and go, too.”

We have to get to the mansion before Cardin arrives.

I called Fay, who looked a little dazed.

“Oh, let’s go quickly.”

I looked at Fay with a slightly worried look, but I didn’t show it as he was trying so hard to behave as usual. 

Fay’s magic allowed us to return to the mansion much faster than Cardin.

“See you tomorrow, then.”

On the railing, Fay smiled calmly and crossed over to the next room.

Somehow I felt sorry for his lack of energy. Do you have any bad memories with the ballroom?

“What’s wrong?”

Ad asked me, who was looking anxiously at the side where Fay had disappeared.

“No, I just thought Fay looked a little surprised…….”

I think we shouldn’t have come together.

If he has a bad memory with the ballroom, it must be a trauma.

“That’s possible. I was a little surprised, too. That’s why the Duke came here.….”

I nodded at Ad’s words.

“Sleep tight tonight. Thank you for coming with me.”

“Okay. Good night to you, too. There’s a lot of surprises today.”

I laughed softly and left Ad’s room.

Cardin has not arrived yet because I returned to the mansion so quickly.

I grabbed the doorknob to enter my room, but the door gap was slightly open.


I’m sure it was closed when I left……. Right?

After looking through the gap in the door, I immediately lost interest. Maybe the door didn’t close properly. There’s no way someone came in at this late hour.

I threw off my robe and threw myself on the bed.


I realized something when I saw the truth of the rumor with my own eyes.

I stretched my hand up and spread my fingers, I reflected on what Teacher Teto said the other day.

“If the day comes when the princess uses both her magic and holy power, there may be a power that mankind has never seen before.”


“Basically, purification is an area of holy power. However, if you can use a purification containing mana at the same time as your holy power, the way you treat the ballroom will also be very different.”

When a Ballroom is attacked using mana, then purify it using holy power it will die completely and disappear.

This is because unless they receive both powers at the same time, they will be revived again.

Teacher Teto said that if I could use the magic-mixed purification ability, it could cause a big uproar.

He seemed to think that I could stop something fundamental, unlike anything he had ever done to deal with the ballroom.

In order to achieve that, I must not neglect my training. 

I looked at one side of the drawer in the room.

It contained the seeds of death that Nelvasto had given.

I tried to purify the seeds from time to time, but it didn’t work out.

This is because the senses used when using mana and holy power were completely different, so it’s hard to adapt.

The only way to get used to it was to carry it in my arms and practice.

I was excited about the trip for the past few days and neglected my training, but I thought I should start training again tomorrow.


“……why do you look at me like that? Papa.”

I couldn’t stand Cardin’s eyes looking at me since this morning.

Cardin only looked at me with his eyes narrowed further to my question.


“Huh? What did you do yesterday?”

“No, nothing.”

Cardin turned his head.

I feel like I’ve swept my chest a thousand times inside. Is this how it feels to be released because there is no physical evidence?

I had to pretend I didn’t know anything.

As expected, of a magic swordsman.

It wasn’t just a coincidence that Cardin looked our way yesterday.

I was surprised to see Cardin grasping the flow of other energy to the extent that it was scary.

Due to Cardin, Fay had to use quite a lot of energy yesterday.

He had to use stronger magic so that we wouldn’t be noticed after Cardin’s gaze stayed in our direction.

“Oh, I’m hungry”

I pushed Cardin’s legs and urged him to go to the dining room.

When I left the room, I found Ad and Fay waiting at the door.

We all came down to the dining room, but the atmosphere inside was not as usual.

The baron and his wife, who found us, tried hard to smile, erasing their serious expressions.

“Good morning.”

For a person who was saying good morning, their expression was not good.

“Well, Baron……. What shall we do?”

“Be quiet for now……! Hurry up and call the doctor m.”

The gaze of the servant next to the baron stayed toward me and quickly fell off.

“What is this?”

The baron quickly pushed the servant’s back and smiled awkwardly again.

“What’s going on?”

Recognizing the chaotic atmosphere, Cardin asked the Baron.

“Well, it’s…….”

The baron blurred his words with his countenance.

The baroness, who noticed the baron agonizing, carefully opened her mouth.

She said that Amy, their daughter, became sick this morning.

As time went by, her condition got worse and worse, so they called a doctor. 

“Even in the midst of a fever, my daughter cried and asked for something……. It’s a request I can’t afford to do.”

The baroness said, lowering her head with a serious look on her face.

“What kind of request?”

I wondered what kind of demand she had made for him to be so self-conscious.


Baron Medgel opened his mouth cautiously, looking sideways around me.

“The two…….”

“ Yes?”

I asked the baron back because he evasively spoke.

“She’s looking for your friends. She’s been crying since morning because .….”

Earlier, the servant did not look at me, but looked at Fay and Ad next to me.

The baron and his wife apologized to me and changed the subject, saying, “If we call a doctor and give her medicine, she will calm down.”

I remembered the child I saw in the garden yesterday.

A child who seems to have grown up infinitely peaceful in a fence built by her parents.

“May I go?”

“Yes? Princess?”

“Yes, of course, with my friends. She wants to see them and I hope she gets well soon.”

I wondered how much she wanted to see them. 

The baron bowed his head to thank me.


I began to eat with a shrug.

We arrived at Amy’s room after the meal with the guidance of the servant.

When I opened the door, I heard a sad cry.

“Bring them! I’m going to my father!”

Amy was seen screaming with her face dyed red.

Whether the word “sickness” was real or not, the doctor next to her was stopping Amy, saying she should not get up.


Amy collapsed helplessly on the bed and breathed heavily.

“You must be in a lot of pain…….”

Amy’s eyes flashed open to my voice.

Amy’s eyes passed me and reached Fay and Ad behind me.

Amy said, lifting her arms with difficulty and stretching towards us.

“Oh, brother….”

Like a baby, she called them the two of them big brothers and cried to them to come her way.

“She’s still a child. Please go.”

I don’t think I’m visible.

Fay and Ad were gently coaxed to Amy’s side.


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