ITMCC Chapter 65


I thought she was a quiet child when I saw her eating quietly during the meal time I encountered her. I heard she was the same age as me, but Amy holding a rabbit doll felt much younger than me.

No? You’re supposed to be like that at that age. 

I looked back on what I was like before I recalled the memories of my past life but quit soon. Even if I think about it I can’t go back to that time.

“Fay, Ad.”

I approached the place where Fay and Ad were.

Then Amy, who was standing in front of them, glared at me silently and soon ran to the other side.

“Huh? What? What did you two talk about with Amy?”

I felt something was wrong, so I asked both of them.

“Nothing. He came up to us first and asked us to go play with her in the room.”

Ad replied indifferently, looking at Amy running away.

“So, what did you say?”

“We said we should be with you.”


Now I know why Amy glared at me.

I looked up and down at the two standing side by side. I nodded quietly as I saw the two showing off their different charms like black and white.

Her brother was the only one around her age, so she wanted to be close to them.

In addition, both of them had outstanding beauty, so people would want to approach them more.

I should talk to her first when I meet her next time.

It’s my first time meeting a child the same age as me, so I actually wanted to talk to her at least once.


“Wow, Papa. What’s that? The shape of the cliff is very unique.”

“It is a cliff that has been carved out by waves over a long period of time.”

“I see. That’s amazing!”

I was watching the surrounding cliffs on the sea by boat now.

The sea area of the Pardo territory, where the waves were calm, had beautiful natural scenery.

My mouth didn’t shut at the first sight.

Everything was full of wonders. It was my first time in my life to ride a boat, and it was my first time to see a cliff in the sea so close.

When I lowered my head, I saw fish swimming leisurely in the clear blue sea.

It was full of strange and beautiful things.

“It’s really good.”

I laughed and said to Cardin.

Cardin, who had been looking at my face for a long time, looked up at the sky with the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

“The weather is nice today.”

As Cardin said, people’s moods were also swaying along the gentle sea breeze.

“Oh, my.”

At that time, the hat that I was wearing came off because the wind blew a little hard.

Fortunately, Elvin grabbed the flying hat with a quick move.

I was amazed to see Elvin across the boat’s railing as if he was doing a close stunt.

“Haha, this is nothing.”

It was when Elvin was about to come down from the railing.

Suddenly, a fish the size of an arm jumped from the surface and collided with Elvin’s leg.


Elvin’s body, which lost its balance in surprise, tilted toward the sea.

“Elvin, no!”

I instinctively hung on to one of Elvin’s other legs but it wasn’t enough to pull him.

As it is, my body tilted towards the water surface with Elvin, a hand suddenly grabbed both my shoulders.


Water splashed on my face.

Eventually, it was only Elvin who fell into the sea.

“……You’re so mean. You could’ve caught me.”

Elvin from the sea murmured low.


Cardin replied, sneaking away from Elvin’s resentful look.

There was a dark green algae on Elvin’s head.


I desperately tried to hold back my laughter, but it wasn’t enough.

Starting with me, Cardin, who was next to me, also coughed small.

Fay and Ad, who were sitting opposite, were also seen smiling quietly at Elvin’s ridiculous hair.

Soon, Elvin burst into laughter as if the situation was funny.


“Go to bed early, you must be tired from walking around a lot today.”

“Yes, yes.”

It was late at night when we returned to the mansion.

We ate at a restaurant that we happened to find while walking down the street. It was a pretty good place, so I felt like I ate more than the amount that I usually eat.

The darkness has now settled down outside. I wash off the saltiness from the sea breeze and sleep.

Cardin came to my room, covered me with a blanket, and left the room.

“I’m sleepy…”

When I lay down on a soft bed, my whole body seemed to be sucked in.

If I fall asleep like this, I’ll be able to sleep well…….

“No, I can’t sleep!”

I raised my eyelids, which became heavy as if they were weighted, and murmured.

How long has it been?

The night was deep enough for the blue moonlight to sink by the window.

A faint sound from outside came into the lonely room.

It was such a fine sound that you wouldn’t hear unless you had your ears open.

After a faint sound, I lay still for a while and rose.

I got out of bed and wrapped the blanket in a circle with a pillow in case something happened.


When it’s this quiet, the noise around you sounds louder. I slipped my face through a crack in the door and made sure there was no one around.

Then I quickly entered the room next to mine.


When I arrived safely, I took a deep breath and wiped my forehead.

“Liel, we have to hurry.”

In the room, Fay and Ad, who were already ready to go out, were waiting.

“Yes, you just need to put on a robe.”

I approached the two with the robe I had brought.

I already told them in advance. We are going to follow Cardin when he leaves the mansion. They agreed to it. 

“Shall we go?”

Fay opened the window and stood on the railing.

Ad was surprised to see him run to the window and throw his body right away.

“It’s okay, so step on the railing and jump.”

Ad’s eyes were colored with astonishment and surprise when he saw Fay floating in the air.


Since Fay had never used magic in front of him, he did not know that Fay was a wizard.

He’s a powerful person who uses high-quality magic. 

“Ad, jump!”

I pressed the still rapturous back of Ad.

Ad, who climbed the railing vaguely, looked down at his feet with anxious eyes.

Soon, Ad closed his eyes and jumped into the air.


Ad’s body, like Fay, floated in the air.

“As expected, you’re amazing. Fay.”

When my turn came, I ran over the railing without hesitation.

Three bodies floated in the air.

Fay grinned at my compliment. Ad, who still looks puzzled, moved his feet a little and adapted to the magic.

“A carriage just walked out of the house. We have to leave now to catch up.”

“Yes, let’s go.”

The moment Fay made a small gesture, our bodies floating in the air flew away at a high speed.

Soon, I saw a carriage running on a dark night road in front of me.

The carriage ran along the mountain path where the ban was imposed.

The carriage, which had been running quite deep, soon stopped at one place.

Then familiar faces descended from the carriage.

“Is this the last?”

“Yes, yes, that’s right.”

Cardin, who got off the carriage first, said as he scoured the wooded forest.

What’s the last?

For a moment, Cardin’s eyes stayed where we were hiding for a while.

Fay cast invisibility magic so we couldn’t be seen, but without realizing it, I raised both of my hands to cover my mouth.

Fortunately, Cardin’s gaze soon shifted elsewhere.

“This way.”

Baron Medgel stepped into the woods. We followed with bated breath.

“This is the last ballroom found.”


I desperately blocked my voice from sticking out.

“What is that….”

Ad’s reaction next to me was also not much different from mine.

Baron Medgel led Cardin and Elvin to the place where rotten bodies of the ballroom were lying.

I’ve only heard of it, but it was the first time I actually saw a ballroom.

Even Cardin and Elvin, who were built much better than others, looked small standing in front of them.

“These are the three last ballrooms found here. Fortunately, they were all dead at the time of discovery, so there were no casualties, but to see a dead Ballroom here……. I was really surprised.”

As Baron Medgel said, we looked closely at the dead ballroom.

On the market, armor made of ballroom leather was traded at a very high price.

The first thing that caught my eye was a black body that looked as if it were covered in smooth iron.

Ballroom had a pair of arms and legs, just like a human being.

The pointed nails and toenails at the ends of the arms and legs were showing off their terrifying majesty.. 

How can you see when you don’t have eyes

There was nothing on the Ballroom’s head. Not only the eyes in charge of vision, but also the mouth to eat something was not visible, and the whole head was smooth.

It was similar to the appearance of an alien that I once saw in my previous life.

I was horrified that hundreds or thousands of such creatures were created every year in the world.

According to Sudar and Johnny, Ballroom may also be another creature caught in the energy of the northern mountain range.

However, since it became a ballroom, unfortunately, there was no way to revive it.

This is because the living ballroom only has an instinct to destroy everything that exists in front of it.

“How come… this place.”

I heard Fay’s little murmur next to me.

Fay was staring at the dead ballroom with his fist clenched.

There was a lot in the way he looked at the ballroom.

He looked confused, and then it was fear then it eventually turned to hatred. 

Unlike me and Ad, who saw the ballroom for the first time in our life, Fay seemed to have already seen it several times.


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