ITMCC Chapter 63


[3rd person’s POV] 

“I didn’t know that Duke Bardion was so kind. You seem to get along very well with the princess.”

The baroness opened the door to conversation again with her eyes shining.

“Does the food suit your taste? Princess.”

“Yes, it’s delicious.”=:

“That’s a relief. Our chef will be very happy.”

The baroness smiled happily.

Huh? What is it?

Looking at the baroness, she nodded her head as if she agreed, the boy sitting next to the Baroness was staring at her.

If their eyes met by chance she would have passed it naturally, but she couldn’t because his eyes were blazing.

“Oh, my. I haven’t introduced my children yet. Eight?”

The baroness touched the boy sitting next to her.

As soon as the baroness finished speaking, the boy opened his mouth as if he had waited.

“My name is Eight Pardo. It’s a great honor to have such a precious guest from the Duke of Bardion. I’ll do my best during your stay in Pardo.”

A boy named Eight said he was ten years old now.

Immediately after finishing his speech, the boy raised his head, unable to hide his proud expression.

He is the same age as Ad. 

Perhaps because Ad was so mature, he felt younger than his age.

Eight made eye contact with her again.



Eight lowered his eyebrows and smiled softly. 

No matter how much she looked at him, she could only see him pretending to be cool.

He spread his shoulders and sent her a nice smile, but she was not impressed at all.

There were already many people around her who had the beauty of the century, so Eight’s cool act was ncluded in the ordinary smile.

But why is he looking at me?

One of her eyebrows curled up at the blatant attitude.

I can’t help it because he is just a kid.

She decided to collect her nerves.

“Come on, Amy, you too.”

After Eight’s introduction, it was the turn of the girl sitting next to him.

At the baroness’s words, the girl timidly raised her head and opened her mouth to Cardin and her.

“I’m Amy Pardo. I’m six.”

The girl wriggled her hands when she finished talking as if it was her first time greeting like this.

The girl looked around and noticed that Fay and Ad’s gaze were at her, she bowed her heads in surprise.

Amy’s face flamed up.

She must be feeling shy about meeting strangers at once.

“I … I’m sorry. My daughter is still young, so she’s not used to etiquette.”

“It’s alright.”

“I know you’re six years old, but you’re very dignified. You look a lot like the Duke.”

Cardin’s gaze reached her at the man’s untimely flattering remarks.

That gaze was suggesting, ‘You? Dignified?’

She snorted ten times in her heart and decided to show a dignified princess of Bardion.

“That’s too much of a compliment, Baron. It will take a lot of effort for me to resemble my father.”

After finishing her speech, she raised her lips slightly and laughed.

She used all the knowledge she had learned in the etiquette class and visualized the image of a noble princess.

I looked so dignified and mature.

“Oh my, you’re too humble.”

The baron and his wife looked at me and praised me.

How do you like it, Cardin? My new self.

She turned her head and looked at Cardin.

I’m sure you’ll be fascinated by my dignified appearance…….


Cardin’s mouth, which was closed in a straight line, was twitching.

It was a slight tremor, but she could see everything clearly. Even his hands holding the tableware were shaking.


Elvin, who was sitting next to me, suddenly coughed.

“I’m sorry.”

Elvin, who coughed in vain, returned with a calm face.

One thing that bothered her was his tiny quivering mouth like Cardin.

She also looked at Fat and Ad, who were sitting beyond Cardin in a displeased mood with unknown sources.

Fortunately, as soon as they saw her, they smiled.

Except for the slight disruption of the tablewares around the two, everything seemed to be alright.

It seemed her aristocratic appearance didn’t work properly on Cardin and Elvin. And that evening, Cardin and Elvin worked hard to appease her, who had been filled with anger.


Squeak ~

In the port village right in front of the sea, seagulls are constantly crying and flying in the sky.

Located in the southernmost part of the empire, the port was actively engaged in trade with the northern part of the neighboring Duchy of Hiburten.

The Duchy of Hiburten, a country of academic and learning, was the top place in exploring knowledge in all fields, to the extent that the Empire organizes an academic exchange group every year to visit.

If the empire is a place where magic and holy power are realized, the Duchy of Hiburten can be said to be a place where magic and holy power are explored.

As a result, Hiburten’s main export was a specialized book of various studies, including various academic books, research books, and historical books.

“Now, put it down this way!”

“For plants, here! Here’s the law book!”

Looking at the port where goods are exchanged at the moment, most of the goods were clearly seen as books.

The smell of the fishy sea and the lively sound of people delivered a different feeling than when they were in the square.

“Fay! Ad! Let’s go to the beach! The sand is very white.”

She ran to the beach a little away from the harbor.

“Liel, be careful. The sand here is fine, so it’s easy to fall…….”


As soon as Fay’s words were over, her feet slipped between the sand on the coast and fell.

Fortunately, the sand was so fine that she didn’t get hurt anywhere.

“Look, the sea is so blue. The water must be really clear.”

It was a clear sea that could be seen even below the surface of the water if it was a little more transparent.

Pay, Ad, and her had a good time picking up seashells or watching the washed-up algae.

When they got tired of seeing the beach, they came back to the village and played.

Like the port where trade takes place, it took more than an hour to see various foreign goods and watch the fresh seafood in a container.

They decided to sit on a nearby bench and take a break.

Fay seemed to be unimpressed by the sea, and was busy taking care of her safety, but Ad looked hard around town with her.

“Oh, my legs.”

The area near her calves was tingling because she walked around too hard.

They saw the scenery of the village when they went to the kong kong bridge earlier.

It would have been fun if Cardin came with us.

She remembered Cardin who couldn’t come today.

Cardin and Elvin said they had business with the baron today.

Maybe he went to deal with what made him come all the way to Pardo.

As she stayed still, she suddenly began to wonder. Why did he come down to the southernmost territory?

The question, which was put aside gradually grew in size.

“Tsk, is this all for today’s herbs? Why is the quantity so small!”

“I’m dying, too. I’ve been banned from entering the mountains lately, so I only managed to get this!”

At that time, she heard the conversation between the owner and the customer in front of the stand selling herbs.

Mountain… Is there a bear in the mountain?

While her consciousness was flowing freely like water, she stood up from her seat, holding her breath for a moment.


She thought she heard the name of Pardo territory somewhere, and she was right. She heard about it. 

Just before the nanny had a carriage accident, the voices of the men who were talking about rumors of a ballroom in the mountains of the Pardo estate came to mind.

This was Pardo!

Once the road opened, other puzzles naturally began to be put together.

The reason why Cardin had no choice but to come directly to the faraway place.

The reason must also be related to rumors.

She approached the herbalist who had been complaining a while ago.

“Huh? There’s a little guest. What are you looking for? I’ll tell you in advance, these are all the herbs I have.”

The merchant sighed deeply, pointing to the stand.

“I’m not here to buy some herbs, I’m just curious.”

She spoke with a friendly smile.

“What’s the question that a little customer wants to ask me?”  asked the merchant with a big smile.

“Is it hard to get herbs now?”

“Oh, don’t tell me! I have to climb a mountain to get some herbs, but the roads are all blocked now.”

“Since when?”

“Let’s see….”

The merchant folded his fingers and counted the days when the mountain road was blocked.

“Yeah, it’s been about a month. Since then, a ban has been imposed on mountain roads around the territory. Do you see the mountains over there?”

The merchant said, pointing his finger at the distant mountains. The mountains were lined up in a row, and the size of the mountain was large at first glance.

“I’m dying of frustration because I don’t know the reason and my livelihood is cut off like this. Uh huh, what am I saying to a little customer?”

The merchant asked, “Is everything you’re curious about now solved?”

“Yes, thank you for telling me.”

She thanked the merchant and came back to her place.

“Liel, what’s wrong?”

Ad, who had been watching her behavior from the beginning, asked.

She opened her mouth looking at the mountain in the distance.

“I think I just found out why we came to Pardo.”

Did Cardin, who said he had business with the baron today, went to that mountain?

Now Cardin was the de facto head of the subjugation group set up to overthrow the ballroom. The ridiculous rumors she heard in the square last time may be true. Since Cardin came to the source of the rumor himself.

I’ll have to ask Cardin when I see him later.

She was excited thinking it was a simple trip, but it seemed like a huge fact was hidden.

Ad tilted his head as if he didn’t understand what she meant.

“Let’s finish looking around the village for now!”

She told them that she would tell them if she became certain, then walked into the village holding Fay and Ad’s hands.


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