ITMCC Chapter 61


Before getting into the carriage today, Cardin’s mouth seemed to protrude slightly, so I kept looking at him. Elvin, who was looking at the condition of the horse nearby, smiled and whispered in my ear.

“The duke must have wanted to spend time with the princess.”

I sighed softly at Elvin’s words. If Cardin wanted to play alone with me, I understand why his mouth is sticking out like that now.

I didn’t think of that.

Now he even looked strangely droopy. When we got into the carriage I thought that I should pay more attention to Cardin as we travel together.

After traveling, I’ll spend a lot of time with Cardin. 

In time, Fay and Ad arrived in front of the Duchy and the carriage departed.

Cardin said visiting the Pardo estate would be carried out in secret as much as possible, so they all moved in one carriage.

Wow, I can’t even see the scenery properly. Is Elvin in the coachman’s seat okay?

I glued myself to the window and was amazed at the scenery outside. The scenery outside the window was changing minute by minute at a speed that people could never follow. It was because of the magic that Cardin cast on the horse and the carriage before the carriage departed. Thanks to this, the carriage quickly got out of the capital at an incredible speed.



It’s good to go fast, but there was one big problem. The carriage away from the capital gave irregular vibrations as the road began to enter a rough mountain range. It was a slight tremor compared to the tremendous speed, but my body was shaking.

I’m going to get sick! If it goes on like this. I’m going to show you what I ate last night.

After two hours of fine vibration, I’m reaching my limit. I looked up at everyone’s face. Cardin and Ad, whose faces have not changed a bit, looked more peaceful and normal.

What, am I the only one who doesn’t feel well?

As soon as I was about to feel left out, I saw Fay, who became noticeably pale, and our eyes met.


At that moment, we had a lot of conversations with our eyes. Fay’s trembling mouth was speaking for him.

You’re feeling it too.…. Motion sickness. 

We looked at each other and felt a strong sense of homogeneity.

It was really the limit now.

“Papa… Stop the carriage, please…….”

My urgent gesture stopped the carriage in the middle of the forest.

As soon as the carriage stopped, I dashed out of the door.


I didn’t know that the calm land felt so precious. I waited for this rumble to subside with my head down. Coming up to me at a brisk pace, Cardin swept my back with a worried touch.

The big hurdle seemed to have been overcome.

When I turned my head and looked to the side, I saw Fay, who was in the same position as me, and Ad, who was patting his back behind him.

Even if you were a genius wizard, you could get motion sickness too.

“Are you all right, Princess?”

Elvin handed me water.

“Yeah… I feel better now that I’m stepping on the ground. Fay, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine……. Don’t worry, Liel.”

He said he was okay, so I decided not to ask anymore.

Actually, I didn’t have the energy to ask. Ad also handed Fay water. Fay, who was handed the bottle with a shaky hand, slowly moistened her throat and thanked him. 

“I think it would be better to take a break and start again.”


Elvin pulled a map out of his arms.

“A short walk from here leads to a small town. Shall we stop by?”

“Yes, I want to go.”

It was my first visit to a village outside of the capital. Rather than arriving at the destination, I wanted to look around other places in between like this.

This is the beauty of traveling.

“Let’s go to the village!”

I stretched out my fingers and shouted, pointing forward. Everything looked beautiful out of the carriage. We decided to park the carriage in the forest and walk to the village.

Since the village was near, the entrance began to be seen shortly after walking. Elvin explained that this place is famous for fruit crops. The village was small in size, but it had everything. The buildings here were all single-story, which also made the village look more friendly and peaceful.

I was busy looking around the town.

I’ve only seen sophisticated buildings so far, but seeing these friendly houses and shopping malls made me realize that I was really traveling.

Entering the shopping mall, a row of stalls was piled up with fruits. Even if you don’t decorate around the stand, the colorful fruits will catch the eyes of the people around.

“Wow, that looks delicious!”

I ran to the glossy apple stand among them. It looked like sour fruit juice would burst just by taking a bite.


The man who appeared to be the owner of the apples welcomed us.

“Little girl. You’re an outsider, aren’t you?”

“That’s right.”

The man with healthy tanned skin laughed and asked, “Did you come on a family trip?”

“This is a stopover for a short break and I have to get back on my carriage.”

At my words, the man’s eye sparkled and offered an apple.

“Then you need more snacks! I grow the most delicious apples in my town. You have a good eye customer! Hahaha.”

The man then boasted for a long time why his apple was good.

Cardin, who had waited long enough, cut off the man’s words and offered money.

“I’d like to have enough for all of us.”

“Oh, yes! I’ll give it to you, sir.”

The man put the apple into the bag.

“By the way, your children are lovely. Hahaha, handsome sons and cute daughter…… Well, I envy you!”

The man who tied Fay and Ad together as Cardin’s sons was smiling brightly. In particular, the man praised Fay, who looked the most like Cardin, saying he looked just like her father.

At the same time, even Fay, who was calm, had a small Crack on his face.

Cardin, who suddenly became the father of three children, frowned lightly but did not refute it.

It’s no use explaining to someone you’ll never see again. Cardin chose to remain silent.

I held back my laughter by biting my lips desperately. Looking aside, so did Elvin.

Oh, it’s fun.

It seemed like an interesting trip had already begun.


Leaving behind the village where the fruit was delicious,  we came back to the carriage. Elvin was the first to approach the horses resting near the carriage. Elvin took out the red beet he bought in the village and fed it to the horses. The horses chewed on the red radish and shook the mane vigorously as if they were feeling better.

“Let’s get back in the carriage.”


The thought of enduring the vibration again made my eyes dizzy and my expression dark. Elvin, who noticed, took a map out of his arms and showed it to me.

“Princess, we will arrive at Pardo in about an hour’s drive. Cheer up a little bit.”

“Yes, I understand.”

An hour or so was bearable. We got back into the carriage. Time passed quickly whether it was because I rested a little or got used to the vibration of this carriage.

“Wake up, I think we’re almost at Pardo.”


I must have fallen asleep without realizing it.

Cardin woke me up and told me to look out the window.

“Wow! It’s the sea! I can see the sea!”

Outside the window, I could see the blue sea at a glance. The sea surface in the bright sunlight was as beautiful as countless jewels. In addition, as if proving to be the sea, white seagulls were flying freely above the sky.

Ad, who is looking at the scenery with me, also couldn’t take his eyes off the window.

The slightly parted lips were revealing the surprised heart of Ad.

“Is this your first time seeing the sea, Ad?”

“Yes, it’s my first time. I’ve only seen it in pictures in books.”

Unlike his usual calm appearance, I thought he was still a child. 

“It’s a good thing we came on a trip, right?”


To my question, Ad answered with a smirk. He looked happy, so I felt better. Maybe if it wasn’t for Cardin’s magic, I would have fainted before we arrived.

Cardin cast a kind of space movement spell on the horses and carriage. Thanks to this, we were able to reach a distance that would have taken us three full days by horse-drawn carriage in just a few hours.

“When did he start sleeping?”

I asked, pointing to Fay, who was sleeping soundly on Ad’s lap. I felt like he chose to sleep to avoid motion sickness like me.

“Oh, it’s been a while. He probably fell asleep at the same time as you.”

Ad said, looking at Fay lying on his lap.

When did you get along so well?

“Fay, wake up. We’re almost there.”

Now that we’re almost at Pardo, I decided to wake Fay up.

Fay’s eyes twitched as he awoke by gently shaking his body, then slowly opened..


Fay rose up startled when he realized what he had been using as a pillow.

“……I’m sorry. Your Highness.”

“No, it’s okay.”

Fay apologized to Ad with an apologetic look.

“Fay, you sleep so well. You even drooled.”


Fay was completely deceived by my pranks. I giggled as I watched Fay wipe the corner of his mouth in a hurry.

“Liel… Did I really drool while sleeping?”

“Hmm, only a little.”

Fay rubbed his mouth in tears.

The face of Ad, who was looking at me like that, became complicated. He seemed to be wondering whether to tell Fay the truth or not. While playing around like that, the carriage made its way into the village and soon stopped in a large mansion. It was much smaller compared to the duke’s mansion in the capital, but it looked the best compared to the buildings here.

In the carriage that stopped, Cardin opened the door and got off, and immediately carried me and dropped me off on the ground. When I got out of the carriage, a man with a clear look of nervousness stood at the entrance of the mansion. Behind the man were a woman who appeared to be his wife and two children who appeared to be her children.


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