ITMCC Chapter 33


ITMCC Chapter 33

“This northern mountain range is the highest and most difficult mountain range on the continent. The map currently used for subjugation of the north in the Empire has a lot of errors because it was made before the Ballroom appeared, that is, about 300 years ago.”

Nevertheless, the reason why such an old map is still used is that it was the most detailed map to look at the northern part of the country.

More than 300 years have passed since Ballroom appeared on the continent.

As time passed, the mountain range has also changed a lot from the topography of 300 years ago, but it is almost impossible to grasp the changed topography due to the ballrooms that exist. 

“But look at this map! This map shows the height of the terrain and the surrounding plants!”

“Elvin, calm down.”

“That’s the mountain range in the northern provinces!!”

I patted Elvin’s leg a couple of times, as he was splashing his saliva while speaking enthusiastically.

Only then did Elvin come to his senses and ask Jacques what his teacher was doing.

“I don’t really… I’m sorry.’

Jacques was very sorry for not being able to answer the repeated questions.

Jacques described his teacher as a man of the wind. 

He helped him, who had nowhere to go, and taught him about herbs and the ability to earn a living, but he said he didn’t know much about his teacher.

When Jacques became an adult, the teacher disappeared like the wind and then suddenly appeared next to him at some point.

“Maybe he’s coming to see if I’m doing well. He was playful and kind.”

“I’m really curious about that person.”

Elvin, who heard Jacques, murmured quietly with a curious face.

“May I borrow this map for a while?”

“Oh, yes! As much as you want.”

“Thank you.”

Elvin, who was amazed at the map, had a bright expression.

“What? Elvin is the only one who gets good things.”

I came to the candle shop for the Merkets but I ended up going home empty handed. 

Taking unrecognizable research data won’t help anything, so I thought it’s better to go back to the duchy today.

They came down to the first floor of the store to go back.

“Wait, princess.”

Jacques headed to the display where the medicinal herbs were gathered and came up with a small scented candle.

“This is a medicinal herb that I made with all my heart and soul. Try it.”

A subtle scent passed through the tip of my nose from the greenish scented candle.

“It’s a very good scented candle for mental and physical stability.”

“Wow, thank you.”

The unexpected gift made me feel a little better. At least I didn’t have to go back empty-handed.

“Please stop by again next time!”

Elvin and I, who left the store, held candles and maps in our arms preciously.

“I got something amazing today. I can’t wait to show it to the duke.”

Elvin praised me, saying, “It’s all thanks to you.”

“Then let’s walk home.”

It’s been a while since 3 came out, so I wanted to look around the square where the preparation for the harvest festival started.

“Yes, that’s a good idea. Haha.”

Elvin, who was in a good mood with a big harvest in his arms, readily accepted.


“Elvin, what’s that?”

Unknown objects were being installed at the top of the fountain in the center of the square.

“Oh, that’s a magic tool that will activate when the harvest night comes. When the magic formula is activated, the night sky will be filled with fantastic landscapes. 

It’s very spectacular.”

It’s like fireworks.

“And the magic tools that are installed there. They said it was made by Tato the Wizard.”

Elvin also added that the magic tools made by Teto could not be sold in the Empire.

“The wizards are the only ones who can make tools like that.”

Teacher Teto. He is a very capable person. I can tell just by looking at his lab.

It was surprising to see Teto’s reputation outside the tower.

A row of buildings and streets along with magic tools installed in the fountain have been transformed into colorful figures.

The harvest festival, which lasts for a total of three days, brought all the imperial people together.

“Elvin, can Papa come to the harvest festival with me?”

Suddenly, I remembered the back of Cardin, who was busily going to the palace.

At least during the harvest festival, I wanted Cardin to enjoy the festival with ease.

A playful expression came over Elvin’s face when he glanced at ne sullen expression

“Great, princess. I know a secret. If you’re curious, I’ll be happy to let you know.”

He shrugged his shoulders, saying, “Now that I’ve become your escort knight, I can tell you this secret.”

“What is it?”

“The Duke ordered the administrative officials to finish all the work before the harvest festival.”

Laughing out loud at Elvin’s humorous question, “What do you think the reason is?”

“Papa is really stupid.”

I didn’t expect Cardin to do something cute behind my back. Because he has a lot of work even before the harvest festival approaches.

“It’s been a long time since the duke went to the harvest festival.”

When I looked at Elvin with a sullen voice, I could only smile. 

“I thought I’d never see the Duke again. The duke when Reina, your mother was still alive.”

“How was Papa then?”

This was the first time Elvin brought up Reina’s story in person.

That must mean that Cardin is returning to his old self.

Elvin laughed in between, telling the anecdotes of Cardin’s days with Raina.

Thanks to this, I was able to hear about the small daily lives of Cardin and Reina, which were not seen in the novel.

When the harvest festival was held, the two of them went around the square every day and enjoyed it.

“I see the happy duke every day.”

Elvin, who was looking in the air as if recalling the past, turned his head toward me after finishing the story.

Elvin’s eyes were more transparent than a calm lake. It’s so transparent that you can even see the emotions inside it.

The complex emotions are clearly conveyed.

Joy, affection, longing, relief…….

“I want Papa to be happy.”

As if I was seduced by his eyes full of sincerity, I brought out my feelings that I had always kept in me.

“I’m sure he will. Together with the princess.”

Elvin smiled brightly at mt words.


This place was no longer a space in a book.

There can’t be only happy moments in life.

Someday, there would be a painful moment to the point where you wanted to fall on the cliff yourself.

But at that moment, if there’s even one person who can hold your hand…

You’ll be able to live a happy moment again.

I immediately remembered a cowardly father who had been standing on a cliff all his life.

“Let’s go back quickly. I miss papa!”

From now on, there will be no moment for you to jump into the pit of fire.


“His master owned this map?”

“Yes, it is.”

It was Elvin who welcomed Cardin back from the palace more than she did.

Elvin showed Cardin the map that Jacques’s master had, and he spoke enthusiastically, saying that with this map, the suppression of the ballroom would be several times easier than now.

“It’s certainly a detailed description of the mountain range in which the ballroom resides. But what’s the probability that it’s not fake?” 

Cardin had a point. There was no map anywhere on the continent that showed such a detailed map of the mountain range where the ballroom currently resides.

“Yes. So, I took a closer look at the rest of the map except for the north side. Please take a look here.”

Elvin placed the map from Jacques’s store in the middle and placed several maps round by round.

I was also sitting on Cardin’s lap, so I could see it very closely.

“These are the most accurate maps in the Empire right now. It’s the same map, but each has its own characteristics that are expressed in greater detail.”


Cardin’s eyes narrowed after looking at the maps for a while. He showed signs of interest in the map. 

“Each characteristic is all gathered. It’s in great detail, too.” 

“That’s right, even more accurate. At this rate, the northern topography shown here is likely to be real.”

“You have a point.”

Cardin ordered the map to be copied first.

I don’t know when it will be, but it seemed like Cardin was thinking of checking it out for himself during the upcoming northern subjugation.

Elvin hurried out of the office, saying he would take orders right away.

Sitting on Cardin’s lap, shaking my legs, I looked up at the owner of the knee.

“Papa. Are you going to hunt ballrooms again?”

“I suppose so.”

I couldn’t help but feel restless about the future that hasn’t happened yet.

“Why is your mouth full?”

Cardin asked, poking her sullen cheeks.

“Hunting. I won’t see you for a long time if you go again. And don’t poke my cheek.”

“Then should I not go to the next subjugation?”

The finger that poked my cheek gently receded. Then I asked back, surprised by Cardin’s remarks.

“Really? You won’t go?”

Honestly, I don’t want Cardin to go.

“Well, even if I don’t go, the best knights, wizards, and retainers in the Empire will be formed as a group for the subjugation.”

“Wow, then…”

“The number of casualties will increase, and although it will take two years to five years, the subjugation will end well and return.”

She forgot for a moment that Cardin is said to be equivalent to tens of thousands of knights.

Cardin was the only one who dared to step forward in a matter that could endanger the people of the Empire.

“Then I’ll go there too.”


Cardin’s brow frowned at my answer and looked like he had a lot to say.

If Cardin can’t escape the next subjugation, then I’ll just follow him.

“I’ll practice mana hard and protect Papa.”

I wanted to look cool and reliable, so I raised my head and shouted proudly.

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