ITMCC Chapter 25


Cardin was eating the cookies at a fast speed as if it was really good.


Elvin, who was watching me and Cardin’s affectionate appearance, had tears in his eyes.

The atmosphere instantly warmed up. I felt rewarded again after Mogris ruined the moment.


I forgot to ask Cardin about Mogris as I was distracted by the cookies.

“But who was that woman earlier?”

“The emperor’s wife.”

It was such a concise answer. 

“She’s a dangerous woman. It’s not good to be interested in her.”

Cardin, who had finished all the cookies brought, quenched his throat with tea and called Elvin, who was next to him.

“I think something annoying will stick to me. Take care of the child more seriously.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“I hate being bothered.”

I sighed automatically at Cardin’s words.

“We should go back now.”


I can’t believe he’s going home with me. 

When I opened the door, I saw three zombie men who were busy processing documents.

They all looked like vagrants who had been homeless for a few days on the street.

“I’m leaving now.”


“Well, now…….”

“Oh my god…”

They looked deeply moved as if they had received gold and silver treasures.

They were looking at each other as if they were in a passionate romantic movie.

“You can now leave too and come back tomorrow.”

“Gasp! I will soak in water for five hours and then come back!”

“I need to take care of my skin too.”

We left the office and headed for the carriage, leaving behind those who were thinking of washing their body cleanly without giving in to Cardin’s cold gaze.

“They are funny guys.”

Their appearance was still vivid, so I giggled a little. 

“Even if they looked like that, they are considered the best in the Imperial Palace.”

“It would be better if they didn’t have noisy mouths.”

Cardin added to Elvin’s words.

“Still, everyone likes Papa.”

I knew it from the way they treated Cardin.

Even though they looked scared, they also looked like someone who had a great trust in Cardin.

Perhaps Cardin is not such a bad boss for them.

At my words, Cardin snorted lightly as if telling me not to say something useless.


My body quickly lifted up and landed on the carriage chair.

“Don’t be so surprised.”

Cardin, who then boarded the carriage, smiled and put a blanket on my lap.

While sitting on the carriage going back to the duchy, I look at the scenery outside the window.

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve had dinner with Cardin at home. Thinking about that made me feel hungry. What’s on today’s menu?


As I was spacing out. The view from the window outside the carriage suddenly stopped at a remote alley. 

“……Wear this.”

I thought there was a problem with the carriage, so I was trying to look outside, rubbing my cheek against the window, when a black robe was pushed in front of my eyes.

“Aren’t we going home?”

“I had some time left, so I decided to look around the square. If you don’t like it, we can go right back.”

Cardin was staring at me, wearing his usual robe.

“No! I want to go! I want to go!”

It’s a surprise for me! I can’t believe you know how to hold an event like this.

“It’s so nice, Papa. How did you come up with all this?”


Without realizing it, I spoke to Cardin with the tone of a grandmother praising a child.

It was a pity that I couldn’t see Cardin’s expression because he was wearing a robe. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen his grumpy look.

“Can we go over there?”

At the end of the dark alleyway, a loud noise was heard.

“Hurry up. Papa.”

Feeling excited, I ran to the end of the alley first. Oh, I should tie the robe well so that it doesn’t come loose.


I bumped hard into something. It was because I was busy tying the robes for a while and couldn’t see where I’m going properly. 

When I came to my senses and looked in front of me, I saw a boy dressed like me.

“Oh, my. Sorry! I couldn’t see properly.”

I remembered what happened in the alley last time. This time it was my fault, so I quickly apologized.

“It’s okay.”

The boy’s robe was slightly loose because of the strong blow.


For a moment, a golden thread of hair could be seen through the gap in his robe.

“Golden hair…….”

The child was startled by my murmuring, and quickly put on his robes properly.

It was a brief moment, but his hair was like a flowing golden waterfall, it was not a common hair color.



Elvin’s voice was heard from behind.

The boy glanced behind me and quickly disappeared into the opposite alley.

“Are you okay? It’s dangerous if you go around alone.”

“Yes. I’m sorry. Elvin.”

“But the kid who was with you just now……”

“I was running and bumped into him so I apologized.”

It was a short time, but the child’s golden hair was strongly embedded in my head.

Is it because I have never seen such clear, dark golden hair in my life?

“That’s right. From now on, you must go with me. It’s dangerous out there.”


Elvin rearranged my clothes. Cardin was also approaching my side.


Cardin looked at the alley on the other side where the boy disappeared with a meaningful look.

“Papa. Why?”

“……it’s nothing.”

Cardin turned his head after hearing my question and led us out into the alley. 


I felt an intense pain in my nose because Cardin, who I was following, suddenly stopped walking.

“Why did you suddenly stop?”

Cardin didn’t care about my scolding.

I was so mad that I punched his leg as a punishment.

Tap tap.

“I forgot something before I went out.”

While I was possessed by a Boxer giving a sleek jab at Cardin’s leg, he suddenly put his hand in front of me.




Without realizing it, my hand went up reflexively. I looked like a dog right now.

“You’re like a dog…”


I was thinking the same thing, but nevertheless, hearing it in person made me feel really like a dog.

It didn’t sound like a good word, so I shook my hand and said a word to Cardin.

“That’s good, Papa has a dog-like daughter.”

“No, I mean…”


Cardin needs to learn how to speak gently. I deliberately turned my head and snorted several times.

“I’m angry!”

“Hmm! I guess the princess was as cute as a puppy.”

At that time, Elvin, who was covering his mouth with his hands, stepped out carefully.

“Papa said I was like a dog, not a puppy!”


I could feel the strength in my hand holding Cardin. Are you thinking about what to say?

Cardin stayed silent for a while and finally opened his mouth.

“…… you’re not a dog or a puppy.”

The voice was so small that I almost couldn’t hear it. Elvin turned his head with his shoulders shaking weakly.

“I’ll forgive you this once. Papa should be grateful for having a nice daughter like me.”

“… That’s right, thank you.”

Looking at Cardin’s expression, he seemed to have a lot to say, but soon closed his mouth.

“Let’s go to the square.”

Cardin pulled my hand, which he was holding, and led it forward. The hand he held after a long time was still full of warmth.

Soon after, the scenery of Vinset Square unfolded in front of me.


It was a really lively place even though I’ve been here before I still wanted to run around and look at everything.

“If you let go of my hand, you won’t be able to go back home.”


When I tried to run, Cardin’s terrifying warning flew into my ear.

I calmly gave up my hand to Cardin and turned my head around and began looking around the square.

The square still had a lot to see.

“What’s that?”

One thing that changed was that the streets of the square were decorated with red and gold flowers.

“Streets and houses are decorated for the upcoming harvest festival.”


At that time, a few verses of the novel came to mind from one of the forgotten memories.

For Cardin and Reina, the harvest festival was a day filled with special memories of them.

Cardin, who was not interested in the harvest festival, and Reina, who had never experienced the harvest festival. The day the two of them had a date for the first time at the day of Harvest Festival. Just like any other ordinary couple.

Clearly, there was a scene in the novel’s side story where Cardin and Reina went to a harvest festival.


I sneaked a look at the Cardin. He was looking at the flowers embroidered on the street for quite a long time.

I got the feeling he wasn’t just looking at the flower.

Maybe he remembered someone while looking at that flower.

“On the day of the harvest festival, there will be a lot to see.”


I tilted my head not understanding what meant.

“If you hold hands well today, I might take you out on the day of the harvest festival.”

Cardin smiled once, and then gently waved our clasped hand in front of me.

“Never mind if you don’t want to.”

“Oh, no! I like it. I’ll hold onto it well!”

Cardin, the master of push and pull, I quickly replied thinking he might change his mind. 

I showed my will by giving more strength to the hand holding Cardin. 

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