ITMCC Chapter 24


I poked Cardin’s expressionless cheek and giggled.

“Oh my!”

“The duke’s…….”


Instead of Cardin, who was staring at me, I heard the gasps of the employees standing behind me.

“It’s been a long time since I last saw her, I think she grew up a little.”

“Really? I don’t know.”

Using Cardin’s forearm as a chair, we talked about everyday things after a very long time.

“But isn’t Papa busy? Can I stay here?”

“It doesn’t matter.”


I turned my head and looked at Cardin’s subordinates behind me.

They were staring with their blood shot eyes as if couldn’t believe it.

Now, this gaze was not unfamiliar.

“Let’s take a break.”

At Cardin’s words, the faces of his subordinates brightened.

How much did they suffer to look like that?

Looking at them, I felt sorry.

I thought I should at least tell Cardin to take it easy later.

“Let’s go in.”

Cardin moved to the door attached to the office.

When I opened the door and went inside, I saw a space that was smaller than the office in the Duke’s House, but quite spacious and neat.

A bunch of documents are piled up here and there, so it feels a little messy, but compared to the document hell that unfolds outside, this place was heaven.

“Papa… When will this end?”

I mumbled a little as I looked at the tall paper tower. It didn’t seem like it could be finished in a few days.

“I can finish it in a few days. Why? You must be really sad without me?”

Cardin raised one corner of his mouth and spoke in a playful tone.

“Yes, I missed you a lot because you weren’t there.”

Cardin paused for a moment at my answer and then shut his mouth. Maybe he thought I was going to get mad and say no.

“Like the princess, the duke also wanted to see the princess. Actually, bringing the princess with me today… …”


Elvin shrugged once and avoided Cardin’s fierce gaze.

Did Cardin ask Elvin to bring me here?

“Papa misses me too!”


“But pretending not to be.”

I laughed wildly as I hit Cardin on the shoulder.

“Now let me down. I want to take a look around here.”

“There’s not much to see.”

Cardin’s face showed signs of unwillingness.

“But I still want to look around.”

In response to my answer, Cardin carefully put me on the floor with a reluctant look.

As I was walking around Cardin’s office, I felt a disturbance outside.

I was looking toward the door wondering what was going on, and the door suddenly opened.

A woman dressed up in red from head to toe appeared through the open door.

Behind the woman, I could see Cardin’s subordinates staring at her with restless eyes.

“Are you very busy today, Cardin?”

The woman rolled up her red lips and approached Cardin.

As the woman approached, a strong scent of roses filled the office, giving me a headache.

Isn’t it heavy if you wear it like that?

Her red hair was woven with expensive jewels and her dress also had excessive gems hanging all over.

Looking closely, the woman’s eyes were also red, but strangely enough, she suits it so well.

When I saw the woman armed with such intense color, a person came to mind.

‘If I’m right, this woman….’

“You are here again. Her Majesty the Empress.”

Cardin explicitly showed signs of annoyance.

‘What? Is she the empress?’

I couldn’t hide my surprise at the unexpected title.

Once again, I looked closely at the woman up and down.

This woman was Nine Mogris, the daughter of the Marquis of Mogris, who constantly interfered with the meeting between Kardin and Reina.

Nine Mogris,

Born as the only daughter of the Marquis of Mogris, a woman who has a luxury of enjoying what she wants to do or wants to have.

Naturally, a person should have a heart to be grateful for what she has.

However, this noble lady who lived the world easily was the kind of person who was so self centered.

For Nine Mogris, the social world was her stage.

Mogris, who rated all men like products on the shelves, also had an ordeal.

It was Cardin.

Mogris who fell in love with Cardin at first sight, like many young girls, she
naturally believed that Cardin would become his man.

Morgris’ enthusiastic flirtation was consistent was disregarded giving her a sense of shame and loss for the first time.

Actually, there were a lot of hardships and trials Cardin and Reina had to face.

It is no exaggeration to say that 60% of the hardships were caused by Mogris.

But the main character always wins.

After Reina and Cardin’s happy ending, there was no more Mogris’ story.

“I brought a tea that’s good for fatigue. Do you want to share it with me?”

Mogris was in front of me now.

“I don’t need it. As you know well, I am very busy so I hope you can go back, Her Majesty.”

Is it alright to use that kind of attitude at a time like this?

Looking at Cardin’s cold face, whose expression disappeared, I held my breath without realizing it.

‘But Papa… … That woman is the Empress. Is it okay for you to say that……?’

The sound of grinding teeth came from the mouth of the woman they called Her Majesty, Nine Mogris.

The corners of her mouth, which she raised slightly, were still there, but there were flames in her eyes that were staring at Cardin.

“Then there’s nothing I can do about it. If things get easier, I’ll officially invite you… Oh my.”

Mogris’ gaze turned to me, who was standing behind Cardin.

Her eyes widened for an instant and she scanned me from head to toe quickly.

Mogris’ eyes were fixed on my light purple hair. Looking at her face, I remembered a mask that has no emotion.

At that moment, I got goosebumps all over my body.

“You’re the lady who has been the subject of a lot of rumors these days. The youngest person ever to receive training at the magic tower…. He seems to be the same age as our prince, but he is very clever.”

“It’s not a rumor that Her Majesty would be interested in.”

Cardin took one step to the side and completely blocked the view in front of me, firmly spoke.

He was definitely speaking informally, but it was not that worse.

Cardin, who looks the calmest in this close atmosphere, threw the final wedge.

“Aren’t you busy?”

Cardin turned his head weakly to one side and asked, showing signs of annoyance to his face.

No matter what she did, she was the empress. How could you treat such a mercilessly a person who can exercise all control of the state, including the imperial palace, in the absence of the emperor like that.

“… Thank you for thinking about my busy schedule. Next time, if I have time, I will formally invite you to the Empress’s Palace.”

I could see the corners of Mogris’ mouth twitching up.

She turned roughly and disappeared with a quick step out of the office.

“She is like a tenacious woman.”

Cardin’s click of tongue rang in the office where silence had fallen.

“Hey, where are those documents….”

“I’ll find it too!”

“If only you can find it. I’ll help too!”

The subordinates who looked out the door showed tears of camaraderie and disappeared from view in an instant.

Cardin, standing tall in the middle of the office, was exuding a terrifying energy that gave me goosebumps just by looking at it.

When I was slowly reading the air, I met Cardin’s cold eyes with a whiff. Oh man, it’s cold.

“Should I go out, too?”

“Why would you?”

“No. Papa seems busy.”

“Who said that?”

‘Didn’t you just say it with your own mouth!’

“Come here.”

Cardin approached the sofa on the other side of her office, sat down, and patted the seat next to him.


In case Kardin’s mind changed, I quickly ran to the seat next to him with my short legs and sat down.


As I sat down, I remembered the fact that I had forgotten completely because of the feeling I felt in my pocket.

“Oh right!”


“I brought a present for Papa. I forgot about it!”

“Hmm, a present?”

At first glance, a weak curiosity passed by Cardin’s eyes, looking at me searching through my pockets.

“I brought it for Papa again. Here you go!

What I took out of my pocket was a chocolate stick snack that I have been practicing hard these days. It looked a little burnt, but when I tasted it, it was worth eating.

“This is…”

“I made a new one this time. I thought you liked it last time!

Perhaps because he was so moved, Cardin was quietly appreciating the bag of sweets held in his hand.

It was a bit embarrassing to look at it so closely. It’s still not pretty, though.

“Don’t just look at it. Just eat it! I’ve been baking a lot.”

“……I can see it even if I don’t say it.”

The end of the voice heard was slightly split.

Is it that good?

I decided to pretend not to know that I was touched and choked up. For some reason, I felt emotional at the tip of my nose.

“Hmm. Don’t worry and eat a lot. I’ll make as much as you want.”

Rubbing the tip of his nose and shrugging his shoulders. Cardin opened a beautifully wrapped bag with a ribbon and picked up a stick snack.


“I put too much flour, so it’s a bit dry, but it’s delicious, right?”

The sound I heard was so stark that I decided to voluntarily pay the tax.
I decided to voluntarily pay my taxes because the sound I heard was too harsh.

It was unintentionally made with a feeling more like a crumbling pastry than a crispy cookie.

Still, I decided to think positively because pastries are more difficult to make than cookies.

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