ITMCC Chapter 23


“………Are you the real Princess?”

“Then do you think I’m fake?”

“I didn’t expect to see you like this. Hahaha.”

I frowned like Cardin and pointed out his negligence at work, but he showed no sign of remorse.

Instead, he tried to laugh it off.

“People don’t usually come here. Can’t you overlook this?”

The servant wrinkled his nose and gave me a pitiful expression. I wasn’t actually offended by his pretty warm attitude.

“Okay. I’ll give you a special chance just this time.”

I decided to end this playful conversation, and I brought up my original purpose again.

“Find me a book about Merket.”

“Hmm? Merket. Yes, I understand.”

The servant confidently got up from his seat and headed to the library.

He found a book about Merket at once and took it out.

“Here, here it is.”

“Thank you.”

The servant, who brought the book using a fairly long ladder, told me that this was the only book related to Merket.

If I did not call the servant, I wouldn’t be able to find it by myself. 

I thanked the servant for handing me the book.

“You must be very interested in Merket.”

“Yes, I’m interested in it these days.”

“I see. That’s cool. Haha!”

When I saw him flattering me, I couldn’t help but laugh. I didn’t hate his carefree attitude, so I decided to leave it as it is.

I thought it would be good to know the name of the servant because I would come to the library often in the future.

My eyes went a little bigger than usual as he didn’t answer my question.

“I’ll let you know the next time we meet.”

The servant smiled and delayed the answer.

The smile on his lips looked cool.

“Then, bye.”

It disappeared to the other side of the road where the servant came.

“Oh, wait!”

I rushed to the road where the servant went, but the servant was nowhere to be seen.

“Where did he go? Did he need to go to the bathroom urgently?”

He was a playful servant.

When I returned to the library, I sat on the floor using the bookshelf as a backrest.

If my nanny saw me like this, she would nag at me for hours, but since she’s not here I decided to stay here because it was comfortable.

“Let’s see…”

I put the book on my lap and opened the first page.

[If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Merket expert! I hope you don’t talk about this to anyone after reading it.] 

The first chapter was very intense then I turned to the next page.

The next chapter was surprisingly normal.

It mainly deals with the time when humans discovered Merket, extroverted characteristics, and habitat.

“There’s nothing special.”

The story about how humans discovered Merket less than 50 years ago was a little new.

Turning through the book, only the generally known facts about Merket were mainly written.

“The content of this book doesn’t help at all.”

[I knew it. It can’t be helped.]

There is a little disappointment in Merket’s voice pretending to be calm.

Even the flower buds looked a little droopy.

Even when I scan the last page of the book, there is nothing about the curse on Merket.

“Phew… Huh?”

As I was about to cover the book, my eye caught a small letter written on the last page. What is this?

“Pet, Les Chaurem.……?”

Is it the author’s joke? The small letters were a series of strange words that had no meaning at all.

[…What did you just say?]

Merket, who had been gloomy, asked me with a trembling voice.


[Just now! You just said it!]

“Oh, there was something weird written on the book.”

[Read it again!]

Merket said in an excited voice.

The stems and flower buds were shaking wildly again as if its emotions had intensified.

As Merket said, I read the strange sentences written in the book aloud again.

“Pet les Chaurem?”


Merket fell silent in an instant. I had no idea what this meant to make Merket so excited.

“Are you okay?”

tock tock.

I carefully touched Mer’s buds.



[It’s our language. What you just said.]

Merket’s unexpected words made me shut up.

[Come find me]

Merket’s voice showed a serious light for the first time.

[That’s what It means. It’s because you read it weirdly, but that’s definitely right. We don’t have separate writings like you do.]

“Then the person who wrote this book is someone who knows something about you, right?”

I took a close look at the book. The book, which looks like an ordinary plant book everywhere, had a big secret hidden on the last page.

If it is true that the characters, I read were the language of the fairies, it was clear that the person who wrote this book knew what Merket was or something.

“But there’s a problem.”

[What’s the problem?]

“I can’t find the person who wrote this book on my own.”

The child’s body is subject to many restrictions.

Even though I have memories of my previous life, in reality I was only a six-year-old kid.

No, let’s say I’m a little powerful kid.

[Then you can’t find it…?]

Merket’s voice was filled with disappointment. I felt sorry for the kid who was always chattering and suddenly looked weak.

“Don’t be too disappointed. I can ask Cardin or Teacher Teto to find out.”


I pulled up my lips and gave Merket a confident smile.


When I was talking quietly with Merket, I was surprised to hear a voice calling me.

I turned my head towards the voice.

“Oh, Elvin.”

It was Elvin who called me carefully.

Elvin, who found me, approached me and bent his knees, making eye contact with me, then asked.

“Are you reading a book?”

“Yes, I was reading something about Merket. Then you saw me. Elvin, what were you doing?”

Elvin plays the role of Cardin’s secretary and escort, but under the name of Cardin, he was currently in charge of my escort.

“Princess, don’t you want to see the Duke?”

I smiled meaningfully at his question.

“I want to see Papa. These days, I only see him briefly at night.”

My lips are sticking out without realizing it.

“Then shall we go see him?”


“Yes, princess.”

Elvin smiled calmly and nodded. If it’s where Cardin is now, it’s inside the imperial palace.

“Really? Can I really go?”

“Yes, the Duke will like it.”

“Well… But.”

After returning from the subjugation, I heard that there was a lot of work piled up, and I am worried if I could just go there.

“The Duke doesn’t work all day, so it’ll be fine.”

As I was hesitating, Elvin, who noticed that, reached out to me and said it was okay. 

“Would you like to go?”

I glanced at the hand that was sticking out towards me.

My hesitations didn’t last long.

I grabbed Elvin’s hand and got up from my seat.

“Yes, I want to go!”

As the words came out, I felt like I missed him more. Just wait Papa, a surprise is coming. 

* * *

“Just a little bit more and we’ll arrive.”

“Yeah, yeah! Wow…”

I answered Elvin’s words roughly. 

This is because the central palace of the imperial palace we visited boasted supreme splendor.

Looking at the golden statues standing magnificently outside the window, I wondered if they were made of real gold.

“Isn’t the central palace very glamorous?”

Elvin talked to me, who was engulfed by the magnificent view. 

“Yes. It is very different from the road to the tower.”

The road to the tower was also spectacular, the quiet atmosphere suited it more than this kind of glamor.

“Your Majesty the present emperor is so…… He likes things like this, so it has become even more glamorous since he took the throne.”

A trembling expression crossed Elvin’s face as he brought out her story about the emperor.

I wondered who the emperor was now and who painted the imperial palace gold like this.

Maybe it was someone I knew.

It reminded me of Cardin who was the male lead and the first prince, the second prince, and the first princess, three siblings fighting fiercely for the throne.

It would never be the second prince, who was clumsy and vain, it would be either the first prince or the first princess, but I had no idea who had taken the throne.

“Princess. We’re here. Would you like to get off?”

“Oh, yes!”

Elvin opened the carriage door and stepped out, reaching out his hand.

I took Elvin’s hand and stepped out of the carriage and looked around. It was definitely the central palace; I could see a lot of people passing by.

There was a wide variety of people wearing luxurious-looking clothes, including the servants.

“You can go this way.”

Elvin took the lead and walked. The central palace was not a single building, but several large buildings attached.

Among them, Elvin explained that we should go to the building in charge of administration.

As I entered the room, I could see gold decorations here and there, just like the glamorous outside.

To be honest, I felt that excessive flashiness was rather poisonous.

Looking at the decorations that did not blend in harmoniously, I felt like I just collected expensive items and threw them.

“This is the place.”

I arrived at the door with colorful white-toned wood decorations attached.

Alvin knocked on the door a few times before guiding me inside.


“Where did the documents I processed earlier go……”

“Hey, I think the numbers are wrong.”

“What? Where are you talking about?”

Hell was unfolding where he opened the door and entered. The hell of documents.

In the large office, there were like about five zombies wrestling with papers with their eyes wide open.

It was not so different from the way I worked overtime in my previous life.

“What, who……”

“You still haven’t processed the documents that the Ministry of Finance will take?”

Those people…… There’s no focus on their eyes.

They muttered as they saw Elvin suddenly entering her office.

“You idiots! It’s Sir Elvin.”

“Ah, huh.”

“You’re here, Sir Elvin.”

At that time, one person who still had vitality in his eyes recognized Elvin and kindly spoke to the document zombies.

As soon as they recognized Elvin, the zombies, they murmured in a small voice, like they were saying they couldn’t eat him.

“What are you doing?”

The Administrative Staff grabbed Elvin and began to cry but they suddenly became quiet as they saw me entering the door to the office. 

My eyes found the main reason I came here. It felt like it was a long time ago since I saw his face during the day like this.

“Papa! I missed you!”

As soon as I saw his familiar face, I ran to Cardin. As I ran to him with my hands wide open, he lightly grabbed my body and lifted it.

“Did you miss me?”

I was so happy that I couldn’t stop smiling.

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