ITMCC Chapter 22


I didn’t see anything on the ground that would make him fall down.

I laughed inwardly because I don’t know what would happen if I laughed openly here again.

“Liel, let’s go.”

Fay, who was quietly staring at the little boy next to me, pulled my hand after seeing him fall.

Fay and I turned around and ran without any regrets. I heard the squeaking of the naughty little boy from behind.

I glanced back and met the little boy’s eyes in the midst of the crowd.


With all my heart, I gave a laugh to the little boy who was lying face down.

The child, who saw my expression, made a confused face at the moment, and soon I heard a shout louder than before.

‘Hey, little boy. Let’s never meet again.’

I held Fay’s hand tightly.

When we came far away, I laughed out loud realizing that I went through all sorts of strange things.

“It’s really fun. It’s the first time I’ve played with a friend like this.”

I quickly lost strength after running and laughing at the same time. I think I’ve come so far that I can’t see the boy anymore.

Even after we stopped running, I was smiling a little, but I could feel the eyes staring at me from the side.


“It’s amazing.”

Fay still stared at me and slowly opened his mouth.

“I think only Liel shines.”

“Haha. What’s that?”

Fay spoke with his eyes twinkling brightly.

I always felt better when I am with him because he only said such pretty things.

“Shall we go back now? I think it’s been a while.”

“Well… … Yes. Let’s go back.”

In an instant the noisy plaza was changed to that of a quiet laboratory.

The atmospheres of the two places were so different that I felt a bit confused for a while.

Soon after, I came to my senses and looked at the lab, the same as before I went to play with Fay.

Teacher Teto, who was crouching down, was still sleeping. I should have covered him with a blanket and left.

“Fay. When will the teacher wake up?”

“Hmm… I don’t know.”

Fay heads toward the sleeping Teacher Teto and pokes the teacher’s cheek like a curious cat.


At that time, Teto began to toss and turn his body.

After a while, his eyes trembled and gently opened wide.

“Oh, teacher!”

“This is…”

Teacher Teto staggered and stood up. He shook his head a few times and then he looked around with a puzzled expression.

“You must have been really tired. You fell asleep really deep.”

I decided to hit the player first because I didn’t want him to wonder.

Fay was gone before Teto opened his eyes.

I wanted to invite him to my house next time, but it was a pity that I couldn’t bring it up.

Just before he disappeared, he left a message that he would like to see me again next time. He was an amazing kid.

“Although I haven’t slept for a few days……”

My conscience hurt a little after seeing Teacher Teto, who gibberish and was a little confused.

The teacher apologized to me for not being able to teach.

I shook her head diligently to relieve the teacher’s regret a little.

‘Don’t do that. Do not apologize to your naughty disciple.’

Then Teacher Teto saw me off, saying he would teach me something more fun when I came to the next class.

The carriage arrived at the duke’s house in an instant. Upon entering, the attendant informed that Cardin had already returned home.

I turned to Cardin’s office.


I opened the door and went into the office. It was not until evening that I could see Cardin’s face, perhaps because there was a lot of work in the imperial palace these days.

“It’s so hard to see your face these days!”

Without realizing it, I grunted and groaned.

As I got closer to Cardin, my body floated and settled safely on his lap.

“Did you enjoy today’s magic class well?”


When Cardin asked me a sharp question, I was surprised and avoided his gaze.


“What is this?”


Cardin’s portrait in my pocket was sticking out.

The painting fell into Cardin’s hand.

Cardin’s expression looking at the picture looks like asking where I got it.

“I got it as a present….”

“From whom?”

It was clear that I would be in big trouble if he knew that I secretly went out of the magic tower and went to the square without taking class today.

I cleared my dry throat once.

“From the wizard?”

“The wizard?”

Fay is also a wizard, so it was not wrong. After hearing my story, Cardin looked at the portrait of himself in his hand and made a strange expression.

It was obvious that Cardin was misunderstanding something, but I chose to remain silent.

Because Teacher Teto said he respects Cardin.

As a result, I decided to tolerate the little misunderstanding that Cardin had with Teacher Teto.


It has been three days since I played with Fey at Vinset Square.


It was a leisurely day with no schedule for the first time in a long time.

It was not the day to go to the magic tower for mana training, nor did I have any other schedules.

I was lying on the bed in the most comfortable position in the world.

“Hmm, but I’m a little bored. There’s no Cardin either.….”

It was also a moment to lie in bed and enjoy relaxation. I was slowly itching to move around.

Recently, Cardin is nowhere to be found.

Since he returned to the capital after the northern subjugation, Elvin hinted that it was because he had a pile of things to deal with.

He said that whenever he returns from a subjugation, the administrative work to be handled such as the situation in the damaged area, recovery materials, and deployable manpower piles up like snow.

When I asked if he had that much work to do, Elvin said with a troubled smile.

The speed at which Cardin handles things is beyond that of ordinary people, and subordinates who have to process the documents are dying these days.

Fortunately, he said, the speed of work is unmatched, so in the next few days he will be able to solve all the big problems.

Listening to that, I remembered the days when I was working overtime. With my resignation letter in my arms every day.

I felt very sorry for Cardin’s subordinates, who I didn’t even know, and I felt sympathy.

“Hmm… anyway, I’m so bored.”

[Me too! I’m bored too]]

I heard Merket’s voice basking in the sunlight by the window.

In terms of the voice itself, it was a beautiful aesthetic that could not be distinguished whether it was a woman or a man.

But I couldn’t even feel the beautiful aesthetics because of all the words that were coming out.

[Isn’t there anything fun? If not, just listen! The sunlight is too strong, I can’t stand it now.]

Obviously, teacher Teto said that Merket likes dark and humid places.

But when I first heard Merket talk it said, they like to wander in the warm sunlight.

Of course, some of them like to go around on shady paths depending on their taste, but most like warm environments.

“Shall we find something about you? There were a lot of books in the Duke’s library. There must be something about you.”

[Great. Let’s go!]

I grabbed Merket and left the room.

The nanny went out as a duchy because she had something to do today.

On his way to the library, Merket began to sing in an unfamiliar language like he was in a good mood.

Actually, I’m not sure if it’s a real language. Each word of the song sounded like a collection of fine musical instruments.

As I walked with Merket’s song as the background music, the road to the library felt like I was walking through a flower garden full of petals.

“This song is good.”

[Hmph. You’re probably the first person to listen to our song. Think of it as an honor!]

“Yes, I am very honored.”

Merket was surprisingly simple. It was a bit of a nuisance at first when I complimented him, but after that, he became more passionate while singing.

The flower buds swayed side to side again as if it felt better.

It was so cute that I secretly swallowed a laugh. If I laughed out loud, he would grumble again.

As I walked while listening to Merket’s song, I soon reached the floor where the library was located.

Since one floor of the mansion building is made of a library, the first thing you can see when you arrive on the floor where the library is located is this huge brown wooden door.

I squeezed my hand on the door and pushed it inward.

It was a little heavy, but as I pushed it with all my strength a small gap was created, so I quickly put my body into it.


I wiped off my sweat once. The door of the Cardin office, which looks much heavier than this door, opens easily.

“They made the library door heavier than I thought.”


When I opened the door, there was a seat for a servant who manages the library.

Is it because there aren’t too many people? The male attendant was in a state of deep sleep with his chin on his desk. While snoring wildly.

I did not wake him up. I quietly walked into the library.

Should I go to the plant library?

Right, it’s a plant.

Since I’m the only one who knows that Merket is actually a fairy trapped inside a flower bud.

I raised my head and looked around. The plant-related library seemed to be quite inside.

“Here it is.”

I arrived at the plant library. Two huge bookshelves were full of plant-related books.

I’m a little at a loss how to find books about Merket here.

Looking up, I shook my head as I saw the books full up to the ceiling high enough to make my neck stiff.

“As expected, this isn’t it.”

I ran back to the library entrance. The servant was still dozing and snoring violently.

I knocked loudly on the desk.


At the sound, the servant opened his eyes, looked around and covered his mouth with his hands then he made eye contact with me.


I said to the servant who was still dazed even when he opened his eyes.

“This is negligence at work.”

His eyes completely widened as he saw me looking at him.

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