ITMCC Chapter 21


“Have you ever been to Vinset Square?”

Vinset Square is the largest commercial market located in the center of the capital.

It was a venue where numerous merchants carried out various commercial activities that utilized their individuality along with the sale of exotic goods imported from each country.

I was instantly sucked into Fay’s suggestion.

Even after Cardin returned, there was no chance to properly look outside because of the big and small incidents that broke out.

Fay’s proposal was as sweet as sugar because I always see the view of the plaza out of the carriage window while going to and from the magic tower.

“Well… … But if I didn’t attend class, Elvin would think it’s strange.”

I remembered Elvin standing as an escort outside the lab.

“Then you can go out without being noticed.”

“Huh? Argh!”

Even before I could ask what that meant, he took my hand then the scenery of the laboratory disappeared with familiar nausea.

Before my dazed mind became clear, a buzzing noise pierced my ears.

“Come on, the armor made of Ballroom’s leather, which is harder than ore, has arrived!”

“It’s a specialty of the Davins region. Go ahead and get in.”

I could hear a loud noise vividly.

It was the liveliest place I’ve been to since I was born.

I was busy looking at the scene without knowing that my mouth was open.

I could see the faces of people passing by. Not a single person had the same facial expression.

It was clear at a glance that everyone was busy living their own lives.

“What do you think? It’s a good thing you came out, right?”

It was Fay’s soft voice that woke me up.

“Yeah. But Fay, can you also use teleportation magic?”

“A little bit.”

“You’re a genius.”

Fay shrugged his shoulders once and said it wasn’t a big deal.

“What do you mean it wasn’t? I’m having a hard time moving a single doll.”

When I complained, Fay, who was kind-hearted, gave me sincere words of support.

“At your age, just moving a doll is already amazing. I’m sure you’ll become a great wizard later on.”

“Okay, okay, thank you.”

Hearing such a thing from a genius, I felt embarrassed for no reason, so I quickly changed the subject.

“Let’s go take a look there!”

Since I came out, I decided to enjoy it without regret.

“Go slowly. Liel.”

I grabbed Fay’s hand and led him to the center of the market.

As we got closer to the center, there were more people, so I held his hands tightly.


The close view of the market presented a variety of things to see.

I now understand why Vinset Square is called the Central Square, there’s a lot of things to see including foods that I had never seen before, things I had no idea what they were used for, and splendid silks.

“What’s that?”

There was a store that caught my eye while I was looking around.

As I approached the store, I could see many wooden boards with pictures on them.

This must be a store that sells paintings. Except for the entrance, the store was filled with woodblocks and papers with various landscapes and portraits.

“This is…”

I was looking at the paintings of outstanding skill, and the more I looked at them, the more subtle my expression became.

The protagonist of the portrait, which was lined up at the entrance of the store, looked very similar to someone I know.

“The Duke of Bardion.”

“Huh? What did you say?”

I answered in surprise, wondering if I had spoken out my thoughts again.

Fortunately, Fay was staring at the picture in front of me, but there was no response.

“There are a lot of people selling portraits of a person who are the spiritual pillars of the people. Of course, a picture can be considered blasphemy and would result in punishment, but I heard that a portrait which only contains the characteristics of the spiritual pillar like this is implicitly acceptable.”

“Spiritual pillar…….”

“Well, it’s the first time I’ve actually seen it. It’s cool.”

As expected, it was not a useless guess. The subject of the painting is Cardin.

It made me think once again whether Cardin was heroic enough to receive the support of the people.

‘Cardin must be an amazing person.’

About half of the portraits were occupied by Cardin, and a person with black hair and golden eyes occupied the rest.

Fay was gently sweeping the corner of the painting.

“Then the person in this picture is…”

“Hey, little guests. Did you come to buy paintings?!”

The store owner, who found us looking around, began to explain the painting.

“Come on, these days, this is so popular that even noble girls buy them one by one. This is a picture of Duke Bardion, who came back after sweeping the ballrooms from the northern subjugation.”


“Ah! Little guests, I think you were looking at this earlier, this is a consistently popular painting. It’s a painting of Fade, the first archmage!”

Looking at the owner, who was explaining in a fuss, I suddenly had a question.

“Have you seen the person in that painting?”

“Huh? That can’t be. How can I see them in person? Little guest. I draw after listening to everyone’s stories.”

The uncle surprisingly had a conscientious part.

In fact, if you look at the paintings, most of them were drawn by emphasizing only certain colors of the hair and eyes.

“So, are you going to buy it or not? I’ll give you a special discount.”


I wanted to buy a picture of Cardin as a souvenir.

However, all I had in hand was the platinum bracelet I received from Cardin and the necklace I received from Teacher Teto.

“Liel. Pick one. I have money to buy it.”

Just as I was about to tell him to go back because I didn’t have any money, Fay pulled out round coins from his clothes.

‘It’s not polite to refuse this.’

I quickly picked up the picture I had been eyeing.

“I want this.”

“As expected, you have a good eye.”

Fay paid the price to the owner.

“Thank you so much.”

“What? It’s been a while since I’ve done this, so it’s fun.”

Fay responded with a caring tone.

As I was about to leave the painting shop, I felt Fay stopped.

His gaze was focused on the portrait of Fade, the first archmage.

It was the picture Fay had been fiddling with a while ago.

“Come to think of it, Fay has black hair and gold eyes, too. If you say that the man in the portrait, is you, I would believe it.”

As I looked at Fade’s portraits, I made an absurd joke.


I guess I was the only one who found it funny. Fay was staring at the picture without responding to my joke.


“Ah… I do. It really is.”

Fay, who had been spaced out for a while, nodded and replied to me.

Fay said to take a look at other places, and he took my hand and led me in the opposite direction from the painting shop.

I was puzzled for a moment as I looked at Fay, who was spacing out, but as soon as I saw him smiling brightly enough that the corners of her eyes closed, those doubts were shaken away.


After getting out of the painting store, we were busy eating snacks sold on the side of the road. Of course, all expenditures came from Fay’s pocket.

Feeling a little sorry, I said I would pay for the next time, and Fay only replied with a small giggle that made me wonder if there’s anything funny.

The square was too wide for a child to walk around and there was much more to see.

I had never felt such an excited feeling in my previous life, so this time, I considered it more meaningful and precious.

Tap tap.

There were so many people walking around the square that it was not uncommon to bump into each other’s shoulders.

However, while I was busy turning my head hard looking around without having time to pay attention to such things, a hand suddenly appeared from somewhere and grabbed my shoulder roughly.

“Hey, you!”

Surprised, I looked back, a boy who looked about eight years old was huffing with a frown.

Judging by the colorful embroidery on his clothes, he seemed to be a son of a wealthy nobleman.

Even so, I didn’t know why he looked so angry, so I just looked at him without saying anything.

Then the boy’s face crumpled even more then he pointed at me and shouted loudly.

“If you hit my shoulder, you should have come and apologized”.


Isn’t it inevitable that our shoulders touch each other in such a crowded square?

If you can’t stand it, you shouldn’t have come out.

That’s a fact I learned, coming to the Plaza for the first time today, but the boy in front of me didn’t seem to know that.

‘No, there was no need to know.’

Behind the boy, a well-dressed old gentleman could be seen hurriedly approaching this way.

“Young master Nexter. If you suddenly run….”

“Oh, I don’t know! You can just follow me.”

The old gentleman who came towards this side with a lot of things in his arms seemed to be the companion of that spoiled little boy.

The way he looked down on people made it seem like he had a considerably higher status than expected.

“That hit my shoulder and passed by!”

‘When did I? I didn’t even know I hit you on the shoulder.’

The little boy’s face turned red when he looked at me. No, even if I hit you on the shoulder once, is that something to argue about?

When I looked at it with an expression of disapproval without saying a word, I could see his eyebrows wrinkled even more, perhaps because he didn’t like it.

“You, hurry up, come forward and apologize.”


Can that kid be this rude if he knew who I am? I suddenly wondered.

“Yeah, I’m sorry I hit your shoulder.”

I couldn’t wait to get out of this tiring situation quickly.

He said he was so angry that I hit his shoulder so I apologized so I could leave quickly.

“Ha. That’s cheeky… Ugh!”

Even after hearing my apology, the little boy approached me but he suddenly fell forward.

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