ITMCC Chapter 20



[What is that? Hahaha!] 


It has been about 3 days since I received the kokeshi from the tower.

In the meantime, I practiced and practiced hard with Cardin to freely move the kokeshi.

[What kind of weird dance is that? Even if I dance, I dance much better than that!]

Merket was now almost out of breath from laughing at me.

She turned her head and looked at Cardin who was sitting in front of her, but for some reason, it was strange to see his hand touching his mouth.

I couldn’t hide my sadness as I looked at the kokeshi doll performing a bizarre break dance right before my eyes.

Of course, on the first day of practicing at the duchy, the doll’s head hit the ceiling just like it did in Teto’s lab.

But with my bloody practice, I can now move it within a radius of my desk.

If it wasn’t for that flashy break dance, it could be said that the result was quite satisfactory.

tick, tick tick.

The sound of each joint was very clearly heard as the doll moved so hard.

I thought it was sending magic to the legs, but in reality, it was a dazzling joint dance that broke the joints of the body.

It seemed that it was still difficult to control the detailed magic power.

“If this is a talent, then it’s a talent.”

Cardin, who had been covering his mouth suspiciously before, coughed a few times before opening his mouth.

He must have been laughing. There was still a hint of smile that had not yet disappeared in his voice.

“I hate you. Papa was just laughing!”

I smirked and glared at Cardin fiercely.

Cardin just laughed and picked up the kokeshi in front of him.

“I wonder if I can get them to dance like that.”

Cardin looked at the doll’s joints, fiddling with them. Obviously, he is making fun of me.

I crossed my arms and appealed to Cardin on how difficult it was to move the doll.

“Papa. If you were my age, you won’t be able to do this too. Do you know how difficult it is to make someone dance like that?”

Cardin, who had quietly listened to my absurd bravado, nodded his head gently.


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For some reason, he easily agreed.

“Don’t make fun of me, papa.”

Seeing Cardin holding the droopy kokeshi doll, I felt a bit of anguish.

Then, the doll in Cardin’s hand started to twitch and got up in a natural posture like a human.

I told him to just do it.

The doll came out of Cardin’s hand and approached me with a light footstep.

The doll, who arrived right in front of me, bent his knees, jumped, and landed easily on my legs.


The doll raised its hand and showed its fingers fluttering.

It waved its hand as if asking to come closer. I lowered my head and brought it to the front of the doll.



The doll’s hard wooden hands lightly flicked my nose. My eyes reflexively closed and then opened.

‘Now me… … Did you hit me?’

He looked at the culprit with a puzzled expression. Cardin was deliberately avoiding my hot gaze and smirking.

“Papa… are you having fun?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. It is difficult to move the doll as you said.”

Cardin, who was determined and pretended to be having a hard time, I couldn’t argue with anything.

The anger that had risen from within was also extinguished at the childish prank.

Originally, I always played pranks on Cardin and had fun watching his blunt reaction, but lately I have always been suffering from Cardin’s pranks.

When I quarreled with Cardin like that, the laughter of the nanny who was by my side would end up tinkling.

“Stop it. I’ll never see you again if you do that!”

“That’s terrifying.”

I had exhausted a lot of energy today from magic training and arguing with Cardin. My body is screaming at me to eat something sweet to replenish my sugar.

“I’m hungry.”

As soon as the words were finished, a cookie appeared in front of me handed by Cardin. 

Cardin held out a cookie and waited for me to receive it. Are you sorry for joking around?


Although my anger has not yet been resolved, he was being generous so I accepted the cookie.

When I ate the Crunchy Cookie, I felt better at once.

‘By the way, I haven’t been able to bake cookies lately.’

Lately, I’ve been concentrating on my magic training, so I’ve neglected baking.

“I’ll have to go to the kitchen later.”

“Why are you going to the kitchen?”

I was talking to myself while eating cookies, but Cardin seemed to have heard it.

“Bake some cookies, I haven’t been coming for a while now.”

“…baking cookies?”

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“Yeah. I’ll make a lot this time and bring it to Grandpa Mejihos and Teacher Teto! You like it, right?”

I was happy to share what I love with others.

As I was contemplating which cookies to bake, I heard Cardin muttering softly.

“It’s so good, I almost cried.”


The day of training at the tower came again.

In order to show Teacher Teto of my efforts, I practiced with a kokeshi until just before I fell asleep yesterday.

I don’t even want it to move properly, I just wanted it to stop doing that weird dance.


“Welcome Princess.”

Teacher Teto welcomed me with a smile.

I was looking forward to what else I would learn today, so I looked up at Teacher Teto with her bright eyes.

“Did you practice for a while?”

“Yeah, I worked really hard!”

She nodded vigorously.

‘She’s ready to move the doll at any time the teacher wants.’

Teacher Teto laughed out loud at my enthusiasm.

“Then I’ll check it out after today’s class is over.”


Teacher Teto headed to the corner of the lab, saying he would bring the things he needed for today’s training.

In the corner of the lab where all sorts of things were laid out, it looked like things that were thrown away, but he said, he just laid it out according to his own rules.

I swayed my feet while waiting for Teacher Teto. I turned around and looked at Teacher Teto’s back, sitting in the corner of the lab.

But for some reason, he looked a little strange, he suddenly stopped moving. 

I called Teacher Teto for some strange feeling.



The teacher did not answer. I looked at the teacher for a moment and then cautiously got down from the chair.

Step by step, the steps towards the corner of the lab were heavy.

It was even more strange to see the teacher up close.


She lightly tapped the teacher’s shoulder, who didn’t even move. She tapped really weakly.



Teto’s body slid and fell to the floor.

‘Is he dead?’

I was so startled that he suddenly collapsed, but soon I felt a little relieved by the sound of his regular breathing.

I bent my knees to look closely, Teacher Teto was calmly in a deep sleep with his eyes closed.

‘No, how tired was he to be able to fall asleep so suddenly?’

I confirmed once again that he was really asleep after I put my hand under the teacher’s nose to check his breathing.

“Hah… oh my”

I was so flustered that I sat right next to Teacher Teto.

He seemed so tired that he suddenly fell asleep, so just as I was thinking about whether I should go back, I felt something approaching with a gentle breath in my ear.

“Hello, Liel. It’s been a while.”

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As I was being vigilant, the sound of someone else’s voice in my ear gave me goosebumps.

I shook my head and looked back quickly.

“Huh? Fay!”

When I turned around, there was a nice person standing there.

Fay, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time, had a mischievous smile on his face.

The goosebumps that had grown on her backbone disappeared before she knew it, and she smiled so much that the corners of her lips rose wide in her delight.

“I read the letter. I came here to see you, but was it a hindrance?”

Fay tilted her head slightly as she asked, and she quickly shook her head.

“No, it’s fine. I missed you too!”

Oh. Was I too rude? Fay, whose eyes widened slightly as if surprised by my passionate confession, smiled bashfully.

The corners of his eyebrows are slightly raised, which reminded me of an adorable kitten I had.

“But how did you get here?”


I was so happy that questions that I didn’t think of at first came up one by one.

How did you get into the tower, how did you know Teto’s laboratory, and why did Teto, the current owner of the laboratory, suddenly fall asleep?

As soon as I asked the question, Fay looked away from my eyes which he had no problem looking at earlier. 

“What are you doing?”

“He slept really deep.”

Now, he even raises Teto’s arm and then lets it go.

The teacher’s arm fell to the floor helplessly.

He was not surprised even after seeing the teacher sleeping on the floor, I asked Fay.

“Did you make him fall asleep?”


It’s no use keeping your mouth shut with a smile like that. I know you’re the culprit.

“Fay you… … Are you a wizard?”

It doesn’t look like we have a big age difference, he must be a wizard who could use magic skillfully.

Somehow, from the first time we met, he was looking at books that even adults find difficult to read.

“I can use a little bit.”

“That’s a little bit?”

I wonder if it’s easy to put an advanced wizard like teacher Teto to sleep without notice, but I’m sure it’s not.

It was surprising that my first friend was a genius wizard.

However, I wonder if there was any reason for putting Teacher Teto to sleep.

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“But why did you put the teacher to sleep?”

“Because he’s interrupting the class…?”

Why is that a question?

Fay looked blankly at Teacher Teto, who was in a deep sleep, before he suddenly let out a small sigh as if he had remembered something.

“Liel. Do you want to go play with me?”

“Huh? Suddenly?”

Fay slowly grabbed my hand with a smile on his face.

The touch of his hand was quite cool.

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