The wagon crossed the gates of the capital.

Thinking about the capital alone made Claire feel tired . She would not have returned to the capital if possible.

No matter how complicated the business would have become, she would not have come here if she had been alone.

But when you have children, things are different.

“Auntie! Auntie!”

Elliott, who is four and three months old this year, shouted at Claire, who was lost in thought.

Claire opened her eyes. Elliott flushed his plump cheeks with excitement and climbed onto Claire’s lap.

“I can’t see the sky! The building is so tall!”


Claire answered bluntly. It’s an 8- or 9-story building at best, so you can’t see the sky. She had lived in a 48-story apartment so it wasn’t surprising for her.

But it would be a shocking sight for a child who has lived in a rural area like Delford all his life.

For more than a hundred years, the tallest building in Delford was a 3-story permanent residence. The church spire was also lower than that.

The new upper building used to be 4- stories high, but now 3- stories high building have begun to be raised.

Martha took Elliot’s hand.

“The baron is tired, sir. Please show me.”

“The clouds are covered by the roof of the building!”

Elliot said excitedly, as if it were the most shocking thing in the world.

Claire smiled.

Five years ago, nine months after fleeing from the capital, Elisha had a baby.

When I found out she was pregnant, I was out of my mind.

Claire scolded Elisha for telling her to save the baby instead of her, but Elisha smiled brightly and said it was a great pleasure.

I couldn’t stop her from giving birth. Contraception was difficult, and it was also not easy to change Elisha’s mind .

The employees who thought Elisha had been cursed were worried and careful that they would be in trouble too. The relatives treated Elisha as a waste, saying, “You are now dirty by going through that before marriage” and “Your value will become very less in the marriage market .”

But Elisha was never faltered by their words.

[It’s the child of someone I love. So, It’s a very, very precious child.]

[You need to think about your life too.]

[My life has already ended after being able to meet him. I don’t mean it’s over, I just feel like my purpose has been fulfilled.]

And she smiled brightly at Claire.

[You’re going to help me , right? You’re my only family and he will become your only nephew. Please take care of him too sister.]

And how could Claire not love the baby?

When the angelic Elisha died while giving birth to her baby, she didn’t have the slightest desire to rebuke or hate the baby.

I was dumbfounded when I saw a friend who forced me to look at 100 pictures of a baby because I didn’t have a nephew in my previous life, but I understood now how he felt.

He wasn’t my child, but he was really adorable.

Not because Claire was her sister, but Elliot was actually a really pretty baby with fair blonde hair and blue eyes like jewels. Well, his mother was also very pretty.

Claire had no intention of getting married anyway, so she decided to adopt Elliot as her successor. She came to the capital because he had to enter the family tree in order to become a successor.

However, the adoption process was quite complicated. Especially for successors.

This was because it was necessary to protect the aristocratic lineage and also protect the rights of the spouse, but it also affected the family tree of the spouse’s family.

It was completely impossible for her to enter a child out of wedlock on her own, and even if he was adopted from her relatives, she had to pass a number of difficult conditions.

So she had to come to the capital to deal with the matter.

‘After all, Elliot has to come to the academy someday, so I can’t avoid it forever.’

Every aristocrat in the Romel-Aren Empire is obliged to attend an academy in the capital, Rothenburg, at the age of 16.

To do so, she had to put his name on the list of aristocrats in the capital before he becomes ten years old.

It’s going to be okay.

Five years have passed. The aftermath of the assassination of the Crown Prince must have already disappeared.

It was not nearly 15 days after she left the capital in a hurry to make her journey that Claire heard the news. Elisha didn’t say anything at all, and Claire didn’t say what she was guessing.

We haven’t been tracked for 5 years. I know that they know there’s a witness, but I don’t think they know who it was.

‘The Empress and the 2nd Prince must have forgotten by now.’

Five years is not a short time. They won’t be endlessly looking for an already fallen political opponent.

Moreover, I was told that the executioner had already been found dead at the time. With that, the case was closed, and there was no link with Delford.

“Martha! Look at that, he’s selling clouds!”

Claire smiled seeing Elliot so excited.

Rothenburg is the largest city in the world. It will be a great experience for a child.

The carriage soon stopped in front of the Innenth Hotel. It was a luxury hotel which was 10 stories high and even had a state-of-the-art elevator powered by a steam engine.

The manager of the hotel, who was waiting at the door, opened the carriage door.


“Young master!”

As Elliot was about to run out, he bumped into the manager. Martha panicked and quickly caught Elliot.

Claire said in a calm voice.

“Elliot, what should you say if you bump into someone?”

“Ah! Oh, oh, oh……. I’m sorry.”

Elliott put his hand on his belly and bowed to apologize.

The manager bowed to Elliott in embarrassment.

“No, Sir. If the noble master bows his head over something like this… … .”

“Just accept his apology. He should learn humanity while he is young.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll be quiet, Baron.”

The manager bowed his head at Claire’s words. Claire said.

“I am comfortable with it ,so you don’t have to say sorry.”

The manager bowed his head more as if the words made him feel more apologetic.

Elliot looked puzzled, not knowing whether he had been forgiven or not.

Roger Carson, the boss of the weaving company was waiting at the entrance with the manager, spoke in a voice mixed with laughter.

“She only speaks politely, but she is not really a gentle person. If you think about her lightly, you will be in big trouble.”

“Don’t mind him.”

The manager bowed his head.

“I put the luggage you sent us on the top floor. You must be tired from the long journey, so I also told them to prepare bath water.”


Claire answered calmly and told Martha to take Elliot up first. Elliott said it was time for him to eat snacks and then take a nap.

His eyes were shining with excitement now, but he will fall asleep as soon as he lays down on the bed.

Then she looked back at Roger. Roger kissed Claire on the back of her hand with a smile as attractive as he could on his soft face.

“Long time no see, Baron.”

“Is there something urgent?”

“If you don’t have anything to do, can you come and chat for a while?”

“You’re annoying.”

The seductive smile on Roger’s lips turned into a smirk.

He said with his sparkling green eyes full of laughter.

“If I don’t come to say hello to my peer aristocrat and my biggest client, who has a 51% stake at the top, I don’t deserve to be a merchant.”

“That’s true.”

Claire smiled. Roger took her hand and escorted her.

“The baron is a noble and one of our most highest rank client.”

The weaving company, which handles textiles, underwent a dramatic change four years ago.

Until then, most of the textiles handled by the weaving company were made in handicraft factories. Although power-driven weaving machines were developed, weaving patterns into fabrics was still something that artisans had to do by hand. Naturally, there were differences.

However, what Claire brought was a textile fabric that maintained the exact same quality with no difference.

It was not as good as that made by a skilled craftsman, but it was better than that made by a mediocre person. Above all, there were almost no defects.

Roger put everything aside and ran to Delford.

And there he saw a weaving machine with many parts automated so that only one craftsman could weave the fabric with delicate patterns.

This chance was something he could not miss.

But Claire told Roger who offered her the contract.

[I don’t intend to sell this fabric wholesale to you.]

[Then what should I offer according to you?]

[I’ll invest. Give me a stake instead.]

Claire wanted to get involved almost all the way to the final stage of distribution. And the price she offered was only half of what Roger had thought.

[Why don’t nobles or rich people who can afford to pay a lot of money look for the finest products handcrafted by artisans rather than these?]

[You are right, but the quality of this is not bad either. Textiles are inherently expensive. So, there is no reason to lower the price so far.]

The quality is uniform, and the quantity is overwhelming. A very small discount could have dominated the similar mid-range textile market.

But Claire said with a smile.

[There won’t be more money to earn from dominating the existing market than creating a new market]]

[That means…?]

[As long as the price is affordable, commoners will also dress in these clothes. I plan to create a textile market for commoners.]


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