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IRD Chapter 12


    When the drama on the stage was over, the sun was slowly setting, and the cruise ship had become quiet. Charles was in high spirits from the beginning, but midway through, he became bored and fell asleep on his chair.

    He was tall and slender, but it wasn’t awkward to be such, and he was surprisingly soft. Seeing that he was sleepy, Jing Yu planned to bring the two back to the mansion directly, but was stopped by Jiang Wuyi who said, “The prince will go back to the mansion first.”

    Jing Yu thought about it and then asked; “Is there something important for the immortal master?”

    Jiang Wuyi nodded slightly; “Bring the cub some new clothes and we won’t bother the prince.”

    Jing Yu still wanted to propose taking the two with him, but Jiang Wuyi looked at him lightly, which made him feel dumb. He had no choice but to nod and leave.

    The little dragon cub slept until the sun went down in Lucheng, unlike other areas at night, showed even more fireworks during the day.

    Charles opened his eyes in a daze and got up from his chair only to realize that he was wearing a black cloak. Grabbing the cloak, he sat up straight and looked at Jiang Wuyi beside him in confusion, only to realize that there were only two people left on the boat with a group of servants guarding the cruise ship.

    “Where’s Jing Yu?”

    He rubbed his eyes, his already fluffy hair was curled up, and a strand of dull hair stood on the top of his hair. As the breeze swayed from side to side, Jiang Wuyi’s eyes softened and he said; “He went back.”

    The little dragon yawned; “Then shall we go back?”

    “Little dragon, do you want to go shopping?”

    Charles immediately cheered up: “Where?”

    “To a shop nearby.”

  Stretching out his hand, he rubbed his head, and pressed it on the small dragon’s horn. It felt very good. Charles immediately ducked back and glared at him accusingly; “Don’t move!” There was a very uncomfortable feeling that the territory that belonged to him was invaded, and the dragon cub suddenly felt a strong sense of insecurity in his heart.

    Jiang Wuyi withdrew his hand and didn’t force it anymore; he just got up and left.

    Charles hurriedly chased after him and handed him the cloak; “Is this cloak yours?”

    Jiang Wuyi stopped and was about to retract the cloak, but when he saw the gazes of the servants around him falling on Charles, he felt a little sadness in his heart. Collecting the cloak, he shook off the dust and put it on Charles again, and put the hat on for him again.

    The fact that his dragon horn was covered also made Charles feel a lot more at ease. The two reached a consensus by accident and walked to the bustling street together.

    Although Jiang Wuyi said that he would take him for a walk, he was still very surprised when the dragon cub pointed to the robes in front of him and asked, “Jiang Wuyi, you want to buy me clothes?”

    Jiang Wuyi, putting his hands flat into his sleeves, nodded “Go and try it on”

    Charles looked at the robes and was a little stunned. After tossing for a few days, his clothes were indeed a lot dirty. But for him to wear these kinds of clothes… well, it’s not that he doesn’t want to… it’s just that he can’t.

    Seeing that the child was not moving towards the clothes, the store owner was well-informed. Looking at the two carefully, he realized.

    The cultivator had never been worried about food and clothing. Even the beasts that followed him must be well-dressed and good-natured, so he stepped forward to save the scene; “These clothes are complicated and troublesome to wear, I’m here for the young master. Just change it.”

    However, as the shopkeeper stretched out his hand to pull Charles to the dressing room, he was slapped by something; it wasn’t heavy, but still left a bit of a burning pain. The shopkeeper immediately took a step back in horror, casting a horrified look at Jiang Wuyi.

    Jiang Wuyi pulled the little dragon cub to his side; “I’ll change it for him.”

  The two entered the dressing room and Jiang Wuyi looked at the clothes, and then looked at the little dragon cub. He then started to take off his clothes while Charles was there. When Longdao was still naked, he often used a fork to catch fish like a fisherman. And as fun, those sea monsters would occasionally swim with him, so Jiang Wuyi played with him and changed his clothes, so he didn’t feel ashamed.

    It was the first time that Jiang Wuyi did this kind of service. He quickly arranged his clothes for him, raised his eyes and asked “Remember?”

    The little dragon thought about it and shook his head honestly, “No…”

    Jiang Wuyi sighed in his heart.

    Seeing the little dragon wearing this robe, so delicate, he paid the bill with satisfaction, and bought the same type of style at the same time. The dragon cub was not used to playing with the collar.

    “Jiang Wuyi, this neckline is too tight and so uncomfortable.”

    Jiang Wuyi thought about his half-exposed collarbone clothes, and was silent for a moment. He then said: “Wear it and don’t move.”

    What else did Charles want to say? Jiang Wuyi, after pausing, seemed to look behind him, then putting the purse in the hands of the dragon cub, he said; “You can go shopping by yourself, buy whatever you want, I’ll be back soon.”

    After that, he didn’t wait for an answer, he just turned around and left. Charles took the purse and was left alone feeling a little dazed for a while.

    However, within a few seconds, Jiang Wuyi returned to him. Shaking off the black cloak again, he covered the little dragon cub tightly and then left satisfied.

    Charles touched the brim of his hat and saw that they were walking in the direction of the lake. He vaguely guessed that Jiang Wuyi was probably going to get the dragon scales there.

Charles threw the purse into the air and reached out to catch it. He wanted to run straight away, but he suddenly remembered the dragon pattern on his wrist and was discouraged, so he had to walk along the street.

    Heron City was very lively at night.

Charles had never seen anything like it and was full of curiosity about all kinds of gadgets. He likes to eat and drink a lot, so, some unscrupulous merchants saw his ignorance and overcharged him a lot of money. Fortunately, Jiang Wuyi gave him a lot of money.

    However, with a pile of things hanging in his hands, he still had to squeeze through the crowd and join in the fun of watching the show. Taking a closer look, Charles’ eyes suddenly widened.

    This shadow puppet artist who blew and beat was actually the one who played the shadow puppets on the opposite boat during the day.

    It was different from the regular performances before. Charles was knocked back by the gong in the hand of the boy next to the artist. His ears hurt so much that he couldn’t help covering his ears, and the artist, seeing that he had attracted enough people, waved at the crowd. Retiring the child, he started the show.

    Speaking of shadow puppets, it was not really suitable to watch them from a distance. In the afternoon, Charles was hypnotized by this scene and slept sweetly, but when he arrived at the market, the lights were shining and his ears were full of noise. It seemed to have changed the flavor again, making the shadow puppet show seem to be infused with magic and had become extremely attractive.

    “…This kind of love can’t be separated. Although Qiao Shusheng knew that Yuniang had died tragically, he didn’t have the courage to sue the official. He was an enemy of the Lin family, so he just gave up!”

    The voice sang the lyrics with tears and grief; “The concubine had already become a ghost in the underworld, how dare I ask QiaoLanggu? There was no pitiful corpse left; it really gained the people’s hatred.

    After two or three sentences of love and hatred, the audience shook their heads: “This man is really not smart. His lover was killed, but he was more worried about his future and refused to accept the corpse.”

    “No, I want to. If it was me, the ghost would follow him and haunt him!”

Little Dragon didn’t quite understand it, so he tried to analyze the meaning of these words, and before he could figure it out, the scene over there had already ended.

    The little boy beside the artist took the silver plate with a smile on his face to collect the money, but at that moment, the people who were filled with righteous indignation turned around and left one after another. The people who were gathered in a circle were immediately reduced to less than half their original number and the place immediately seemed a little empty.

Charles imitated the others and took out a piece of silver and put it on the silver plate and, regardless of the child’s surprised eyes, he asked curiously, “What happened later?” 

   The child was still surprised by the excessive amount of silver and his reaction was slow. A few seconds later, the shadow puppet artist looked over, and smiled: “Young master, do you still wish to hear the rest of the story?”

    Charles nodded: “I want to.”

The little dragon had no inheritance, so he preferred to watch and listen to stories. There were a lot of storybooks on the ship, all of which he had read.

    The entertainer smiled and said proudly: “I work during the day, and I just have fun at night. I only perform this scene once a night. If the young master likes it, he can come back tomorrow.”

    However, Charles curiously scratched his head, and after thinking for a while, he leaned forward and took out another piece of gold from the purse. He looked at the artist eagerly and said; “Do you want to act again?”

    The shadow puppet artist stared at the gold as the smile on his face faded, and the boy came to his senses immediately and hurriedly stepped forward and bowed: “Little Master, my partner here has always said that he is one-of-a-kind, very principled. He’s happy you really liked it, still…”

    “Still, I will not act!”

    The artist interrupted the child with an expression he had expected.

    But then the artist coughed lightly and waved to Charles.

    “Although I won’t play shadow puppets, I can still tell you the story. Young master, could you come over here and wait for me to collect my things first.”

    Charles laughed immediately in response and the boy, who was holding the silver plate, looked stiffly at the number of people around, which was more than the copper on his plate, and fell silent.

    The author has something to say:

   Little Dragon: “I seem to have been deceived by my mother.”

    And he shouted: “Jiang Wuyi, if you don’t come back, your wallet will be empty!!!”

E/N: I’ve been Sick, its that time of the year again so there’s nothing I can do about it… Sorry for the slow update, things should start to pick up now. 

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