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ICYP Chapter 9


“Reward! Give us one! “

“Reward for what? A reward for having a brain?” Wang Qi raised his eyebrows.

And there was a unanimous “Che-” from everyone.

“If you don’t do it, you’ll be punished, but if you do it, don’t even think about a reward.

The atmosphere was lively enough, and Wang Qi found this the right time to speak, “Okay- okay, now let’s move on to the last part-choosing a room!”

As he spoke, he held up three cards for everyone to see. Each is written on with a highlighter: Lake View Room, Star Room, and Ordinary Standard Room.

A sparkling lake was drawn next to the Lake View Room, a sparkling night sky was drawn next to the Star Room, and next to the ordinary standard room, just two cots were outlined with a simple pen.

“We’ll use the simplest way this time,” Wang Qi’s tone was resounding, “Each pair will send a representative to guess the fist. After all, luck is sometimes also a kind of strength! “

Tong Che: “……”

What kind of fucking strength is that!


As a black hole in fist-guessing, Tong Che wanted to run away. This show’s team should not be so unfriendly to him!


“Now you will have half a minute to discuss. Each group will send a representative to decide the outcome!” Wang Qi declared, “The 30 second countdown starts!”

Tong Che looked at Mu Hanfeng like he was begging for help. But before he could say anything, he heard Mu Hanfeng spit out two words succinctly, “You do it.”

Tong Che scratched his hair. “I’m no good.” Rather than end up with a small standard room and envy others’ big lake and starry skies, Tong Che preferred to admit that he was no good, “I’m not being modest, I’m really no good.”

“That’s okay,” Mu Hanfeng said lightly, “I don’t mind.”

He came to see Tong Che, not to see the lake and the stars.


Tong Che was speechless, thinking, “But I care!” He had never even stayed in a lake view room or a starry sky room.

However, when he saw Mu Hanfeng’s eyes, Tong Che was immediately scared. He only dared to think about it in his heart, and did not say anything.

Half a minute passed quickly, and the final decision was that Tong Che, Mi Beibei, and Yin Lan would guess the fist.

Mi Beibei was the first to win, and she got the Star Room.

She excitedly jumped straight into Ning Ran’s arms, “Sister Ning Ning, we’ll be able to lie in bed and look at the stars tonight!”

Ning Ran wrapped her in her arms and smiled indulgently. Yin Lan was second, having chosen the lake view room.

“That’s good,” Xiao Yao put his hand on Yin Lan’s shoulder, “We’ll play our guitars and sing by the lake. We’ll have another new song soon! “

Yin Lan made a V-gesture towards him.

Tong Che lived up to his expectations and lost completely, getting only an ordinary standard room.

He turned his head to look at Mu Hanfeng, and saw that he still had that iceberg face. He could not see any emotion at all.

He wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything and turned his head away to look out the window.

Later on, all the way to the destination, Tong Che was not in high spirits.

It was already past 9 pm, so the team did what they said and didn’t keep the group any longer. They just gave the two Omegas, Tong Che and Mi Beibei, separate alarm bracelets and watched them put them on before letting them go to their respective rooms to rest.

Although everyone knew that Ning Ran and Mi Beibei were a couple and trusted Mu Hanfeng’s character, this was, after all, a recording of a show that required AO to share a room. So the basic equipment had to be put in place, which was a form of respect and protection for the omegas.

After the dismissal, Tong Che dragged his suitcase and took his room card, walking with Mu Hanfeng towards their room.

The two shared no words all the way. It was only when they were almost at the door of the room that Tong Che suddenly spoke. His tone was apologetic, “Teacher Mu, I’m sorry. I really have bad luck at guessing… “

Mu Hanfeng’s footsteps gave a pause. He inexplicably disliked Tong Che’s low-browed and apologetic appearance. He raised his brows and said, “Why are you apologising? It’s not your fault. I’m the one who told you to go and guess with them. If you want to apologise, then I should too.”

As if he didn’t expect Mu Hanfeng to say this, Tong Che froze before he hurriedly waved his hands, “It’s not your fault… how can I blame you for this…”

“Then it’s not your fault either.” Mu Hanfeng said solemnly, “If you don’t want a standard room, I can talk to Wang Qi and ask him to…”

Let him change the room. The investors behind the show already knew him anyway.

However, as if he had guessed what he wanted to say, Tong Che hurriedly interrupted Mu Hanfeng’s unfinished words, “No, no need, I won’t bother you, I think a standard room is fine.”

Mu Hanfeng obviously didn’t believe him and raised his eyebrows, “Really?”

Tong Che nodded his head vigorously, and even quickened his steps to the room and opened the door. Seeing his insistence, Mu Hanfeng didn’t say any more.

Tong Che was relieved. How dare he let Mu Hanfeng go and make such a request to the program team!

After entering the room and turning on the lights, Tong Che was in a slightly better mood. The room was nicer than he had imagined.

Although it was an ordinary standard room, the space was not too small, the bed was big enough, and the decoration was simple and comfortable.

Tong Che was finally not so sorry about the lake view room and the starry sky room.

Mu Hanfeng put his own suitcase away and took Tong Che’s by the hand to put it away for him as well, before speaking, “You go and take a shower first.”

Ton Che nodded politely. He took off his coat and hung it up. He then unpacked his suitcase, and took a change of clothes into the bathroom.

The toiletries belonged to the forbidden items, and the program team had already prepared them all.

After brushing his teeth and standing under the shower, Tong Che began to shy away as an afterthought -he was taking a shower here, and just outside the door was Mu Hanfeng!

Before tonight, he wouldn’t have dared dream that he would share a room and a bathroom with his idol.

Tong Che quickly overturned himself. He had dared to dream about being marked by Mu Hanfeng. What else did he not dare to dream about?

He quickly took a shower and made sure that his current state of body was not in heat. He put on a special neck collar for insurance before putting on his pyjamas and leaving the bathroom.

Outside, Mu Hanfeng was sitting on the sofa by the window, smoking. When he saw him come out, he just glanced at him and turned his head away.

“Teacher Mu,” Tong Che hung his head and curled his toes unconsciously, “I’m done washing.”

Mu Hanfeng pressed out the remaining half of his cigarette and let out an “hm”. He got up, took his underwear and entered the bathroom right away.

The whole bathroom still smells like orange blossom shower gel. It was not pungent, on the contrary, it smelled very pleasant. Turning on the shower, cold water gushed from the nozzle. Mu Hanfeng closed his eyes and exhaled.

Fuck! This little Omega had a cool and aloof look to him, but the way his blonde hair was damp and his face was flushed after the shower was a whole different story. Moreover, he was wearing pyjamas with bunnies all over them!

Why was he so cute?

Mu Hanfeng tilted his head back into the cold water for two minutes and let out a long breath. At this moment, he wouldn’t have thought that something even cuter was yet to come.

Outside the bathroom, Tong Che sat cross-legged on the bed, wiping his hair with a towel until it was dry. He took out his phone and opened WeChat.

He had seen Lou Gui send him a message in the car before, but at that time, Mu Hanfeng was sitting next to him, so he didn’t click on it to read it. He knew that what Lou Gui was going to say must have something to do with Mu Hanfeng.

When he opened the dialogue box, the first sentence that caught his eyes was: “Xiao Che, are you sure that your partner is Emperor Mu?

Tong Che curled the corners of his lips and continued to read on.

Lou Gui: “How is Emperor Mu treating you? Is it different from others? “

Lou Gui: “If he came to this variety show, he was tacitly agreeing to work with you as a CP!”

Lou Gui: “If that’s the case, what are we waiting for?”

Lou Gui: “Che, you must do well! Whether or not your endorsement fees can double for the second half of the year depends on how well you get along with Emperor Mu this month! “

Tong Che pursed his lips. He also didn’t know why Mu Hanfeng was here. And he wouldn’t ask, of course. He wasn’t in the position to ask. As for how Mu Hanfeng treated him…

Tong Che recalled this short time together, especially the words that Mu Hanfeng said to Ning Ran when they first met. His heart beat two beats faster, but he still didn’t dare think that Mu Hanfeng treated him differently from others just based on such a joke. If there was really a difference, it was only a little bit, a very little bit.

He replied to Lou Gui, “Brother Lou, Mr. Mu is very cold. We basically didn’t talk tonight, and I don’t know what his attitude is towards the two of us speculating on the CP matter. I’ll first observe for two days, just in case I annoy Mr. Mu.”

After sending it out, Tong Che locked the screen and put the phone aside before Lou Gui could reply. Lou Gui was not around now anyway, so he could not be forced temporarily. Without Lou Gui on his mind, Tong Che’s head was empty for a moment, and the perception of his surroundings was infinitely amplified.

The room was well insulated, and the sound of water coming from the bathroom was not very obvious, but rather hazy. But it was because of this haze that it was all the more tantalising. As Tong Che listened to the sound of the water, it was as if he had a clear picture in front of his eyes – the bubbling stream of water spraying out of the shower, dripping onto Mu Hanfeng’s hair, then sliding down his sharp-edged cheeks, falling into the delicate nest of his collarbone. Winding down his chest and waist grooves and…

Tong Che fell backwards violently, burying his head deep into the pillow.

“I can’t think about it! If I think about it any more, I’ll really go into heat on the spot! “

He shook his head hard to get the images out of his head, but he soon remembered that he had something important to do. While Mu Hanfeng was still in the shower, he had planned to take out his “sleeping necessities” and hide them under the blanket first. With this in mind, Tong Che quickly jumped out of bed, pulled open his suitcase, and took out the blue cloth bag that he had previously hidden.

However, as soon as he opened it, he then heard a “click”. It was the sound of the bathroom door opening!

Tong Che jumped up in reflex, but happened to meet Mu Hanfeng face-to-face…

And so, Mu Hanfeng finally saw, as he had hoped, what Tong Che had previously tried so hard to hide –

It was a chubby, plush teddy bear.


Tong Che: “……”

He wanted to die. He has such rotten luck. Is it not too late to quit this show?

Mu Hanfeng’s eyes slowly moved from the teddy bear in Tong Che’s arms to Tong Che’s face. He probably saw that the little Omega’s expression was too sad and ashamed. He restrained his head and suppressed the smile on his lips.

Tong Che finally came back to his senses. After balling up the teddy bear in his arms as if to hide it, even though it was useless, he dropped a quick “I’m going to bed now, Mr. Mu.”

He turned around and bounced up to the bed in three steps.

But just after he got under the covers and covered the teddy bear, Tong Che hadn’t even had a chance to exhale when Mu Hanfeng’s low voice rang out in the room, “Very cute.”

Tong Che: “!”

He subconsciously clutched the teddy bear’s fat butt and squeezed it twice, barely calming down, “Yes, I…I think this bear is cute too.”

Mu Hanfeng couldn’t really suppress a laugh this time. His adam’s apple rolled very briefly as he slowly said, “No, I mean you.”

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